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nif May 17
your gross
you Capricorn
never let you be the host
your gross

clean up
like how hard is it
harder than living locked up?
surrounded by stuff?

not my responsibility
you have some too you know
we both have to do our part
fill my heart with humility
when the family visits

living without tranquility
**** this nasty
like seriously
you talk big classy

you think I'm sassy?
I am so over it
clean up
Michelle do your dishes
Cayley Raven Mar 30
You don't know what it's like
to be born under late june's sun,
even though it's dark outside
and the moon is shining so bright
it could claim the lion's throne.
You don't know what it's like
to be a Cancer's child,
to hear the lions roar.
This is about my zodiac sign,  I am a Cancer with moon in Leo and I often feel misunderstood and choose to close into my own little world. I don´t expect anyone to understand this either.
Nigdaw Dec 2019
my horoscope holds the truth
star predicted fateful path
governed by the alignment of planets
and the honesty of their course
I cannot escape fate
it's all been written
as an actor I take my part
lines written to the end
of the universe
even this poem is up there somewhere
if you look hard enough
Anne J Apr 2019
Salut—welcome to Madam’s little fortune shop
Where you can see your own fate within an incense drop
My horns shimmer with necklaces that defeats all hexes
And my weapon is a skull of luck for both of the sexes
Now come and rest your left palm on this pentagram
I assure you that this is not a satanic scam
Cards shall give out a tale born from your consequences
As well as the horoscope that’ll mess with all five senses
I can pin a previous life and death within a single scar
I can name all your relatives as far as ones in alcazar
Withdraws are The Sun, The Moon, The Lovers, The Fool,
Listen to the revelations of storylines on your stool
With the Debut of Temperance, The Devil, the Hierophant,
Listen to the ways to avoid a man who is a sycophant
Pick a number from any of my twelve golden coins
To reveal a former lover that one day you shall rejoin
Now kindly look past the glimmers of my crystal ball
And you’ll see just how much your fortune can rise or fall
Last month, I asked a few artists if I could make poems based off their work, but I never got the chance...Until now. This poem is based on this lovely stockwork mashed up by Jasminira from DeviantArt: I think this might be the best poem I've ever written, even more than Stringed Girl, tbh. Hope you guys enjoyed this.
Maria Etre Apr 2019
I read my horoscope
each morning
thinking I have a glimpse
into the future

Little did I know
that stories change
when the writer
Meruem Sep 2018
It's hard to make decisions this week.
Am I blaming myself too much?
I know I shouldn't think I can muscle my way through,
Every impasse, every difficulty.

The sky, and the earth, even my own instincts are telling me to hold still.
I. Am. Trying.
Time is still indeed a mystery,
Stretching and bending.

Yes, everything doesn't need to happen at once.
But I just don't know what to do?
Oh God! Please give me a sign.
I wonder what's beyond that fine line?
A response to Week 39 Sagittarius Horoscope. Time check, it's 4:11 AM.

Come home. I miss you! ~
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