Since when was it gross to be verbose
at my high school that was when
verbosity such a monstrosity
when you're not much older than ten

Verbiage in my vernacular was knackering
a total disgrace worth a slap in the face
four letter words a veritable life saver
comprehensively no hiding place

Running the gauntlet of the local ferals
from that other school with a different God
they say we're the weirdos with the statue fixation
transubstantiation's for the odder than odd

I got home at last at least in one piece
but my homework's at the bottom of the canal
with my broken dreams of a literary life
to survive 'til sixteen my only rationale
This relates to the third year of my high school education which was particularly tough.
2018 is bad
An artist with a silly hat
Ugly fur coat
Solemn face
Hurting and burnt

2018 our fate
Violence is now hollow
Birds still sing
Same songs and melodies
But different strings

2018 my hair
Blond now
Left dry and weak
From the drink
Making me stink

2018 I hate
Individual in despair
Needing some air
A blank slate of the mind
Creativity without care

2018 is clear
Loud as an ocean
Rushing toward land
Crushing against solid realism
Forgetting to dream
She was gunned  down
For standing in the way
Of their killing spree.
Marielle Franco
Was a rising Civil Rights Activist in Brazil
On the level of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
And Malcolm X.
The scale of Police Brutality in Brazil
Is worse than any country on Earth,
The United States
Comes close.
If you stand for the Poor and Oppressed.....
If you stand for Justice and Human Rights,
You must be prepared
To pay the ultimate price.
To pay the ultimate price.
Those of us here in the United States
Who love and appreciate
The beauty, profundity and expressiveness
Of the Culture and People of Brazil
Stand in Solidarity with you
And share your grief and anger.
Life is something
You do not revere
In an instant
The words come clear
Shoot to kill

Of notoriety
You haven't gotten
Quite your fill
The gun in your hands
Gives you an unholy thrill

The pain in your brain
Goes away once you take aim
On your unsuspecting targets

You think of the fame
The glory of your name
If you make this shot

A hardened criminal
You are not
Until you shoot to kill

You aim and squeeze
They don't even have time
To beg or scream please

Your head says engage
In this passionate rage
All remnants of humanity disengage

You think you are just acting
The whole world is your stage
You will be on the news
Make the front page

Your victims had a life
One a young child
Another a new father
The last one a housewife

You don't care
Bullets fly through the air
You feel disconnected
You feel no despair

It won't stop
Until you've had
Your unfortunate share

You don't have to play fair
No rules are there
When you shoot to kill

Inspired by actual events of a sniper in Ohio 2003
There ain't nothin' wrong with what we do, Jewboy!
Someone's got to profit
From all the killing going on.
If it ain't us,
It'll be somebody else!
Killing is the most natural thing for human beings to do....
More natural than making love,
Believe it or not!
Many people
Have to get all psyched up
For sex.
They  have to get drunk or high
Just to set eyes
On each other's  naked bodies.
To murder,
All they do is "take someone out".
That's it.
We just make it easier for them
To get the job done!
And the advancement of Women's Rights
Seemed to have
Throughout the World,
It is the most TOXIC Male figures
Who have risen
To the highest level of power.
What can account
For this discrepancy?
The Earth is our Master.
Humanity has exceeded the Ecological Carrying Capacity
Of the Earth.
Men who glamourize and idealize VIOLENCE
Like President Donald Trump
Have become quite popular,
Even among certain women,
Who worship these Thugs
As Authoritarian Groupies.
We were just kids
Still innocents
Getting dangerously close
To what’s realer than we know
We could hear laughter bouncing off the walls
When guns screamed out and friends began to fall
We didn’t know what we were doing
We never found where we were going
We were just kids,
No innocence.
Laura 5d
Bloody spittle drips from your lips
where once I tasted the proclivity
for hand rolled cigarettes and whiskey;
my saviour incarnate in a stranger’s fist.

I wear your words like welts upon my back,
five lashes, unseen by the eye yet palpable.
Lesions I pick, agape and weeping
like the feeble mouths of infants screaming. 

This was never mine to mourn.
I’m licking your wounds now, your finger in my own;
and back to you again I’m bourne.
i existed and that made you angry
i was loved and that made you angrier
i got your autograph on my body

you feel entitled to power
you look at me like some rotting trash
you hate me because you learned to

i go to school and learn all i can
i pray for my family to stay safe
i cry clutching on to the hope i might grow up

you paint people with your brush
you mould and manipulate masses
you make art only Lucifer would enjoy

i am always running in fear
i never look you in the eyes in case your disgusted by their colour
i cause the sky to rain and soak every cheek

you guard my success with brutal force
you take spirit and bottle it away to gather dust
you took my life but you still wear your uniform
clever 6d
I wasn't allowed to walk out. Walking out vs. permenant suspension on my record. Walk out vs. my family's trust. They walked me back to my classroom.  The administration locked all the doors to the bathrooms and blocked the exits. They told us that we could have free expression in those godforsaken 17 minutes. They didn't tell us we couldn't walk out. Free expression... bull crap. Walk out. Walk out. Remember. Walk out. Walk out. Rebellion. Walk out.
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