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Blue-eyed delusion;
living in the past.
I guess sanity doesn't
last forever.
Maybe she never
had it at all
I need a woman that
treats me right,
and knows how to love,
not a monster that rages
in the night.
The railroad tracks
know the truth.
So do those harsh Iowa Winters.
And talking about God
doesn't change it.
I am
not a well man,
not a madman,
nor a bad man.

But how else could I repent
without a sin to confess.
A true
Banana Republican
he claims
fraudulent results
due to
American intervention
Kris Balubar Apr 26
I am silly and crazy
I wonder if I am delusional
I hear you are beautiful
I see angels floating in heaven
I want to make you mine
I am silly and crazy

I pretend I am invisible
I would like to hold your hands
I feel your heart beating
I touch my heart, it beats for you
I am silly and crazy

I say I will give you all you want
I dream that I will never lose you
I will try to take care of you
I hope I will make you happy
I am silly and crazy
Simon Sep 25
A girl who has NO boundaries for "self-servitude", is made to calm the collective rush in their very ("sudden, immediate and unexpected") heart! A heart that isn't bounded by truer believes (than what actually should be more brought up "frequently", altogether). Before it's too late to react! (You who costs nothing...but a single "penny of hope", is more to "fail" ALL the same from within that steady heart that's going too collapse sooner rather than later!) Because something that's too (sudden, immediate and unexpected) isn't meant "to fail all the same" when everything starts to "repeat, repeat, repeat"...all over again! (For there's NEVER such a thing as a "rinsing effect"...for a doll moment when you keep repeat, repeat, repeat, "inadvertently" speaking!) Rendering your literal inability to appose upon a gutless feeling that shouldn't allow you to get the last laugh of such an impending material of obstruction...that is your own heart! Because believes are (sooner or later) stolen by that very heart of yours, after all... That's exactly why the human heart could also be called the "triple thread".... Due too it's ability to render itself towards your own mind for the utterly directionless "sudden, immediate and unexpected" drop on how your own consciousness can't prepare for it... When it was already meant too tear itself away from what (sense of duty) is even about...???
Because if you truly knew what that very sense of duty was even about, then you'd probably would have known (later on in life) when the damage had already been then. (Suppose to not officially knowing, right then and there.) Accept that's another story for an entirely different time (for another passing thought on... "A girl who has NO boundaries for "self-servitude.")
Self-servitude is a timeless retreat too officially promote you into the most diverse situation ("imaginable")!
All so it can detest ALL opportunities for a such very healthy circumstance to balance ALL the clutter that comes with having NO boundaries to a girl that has yet to come to terms with.
Bhill Sep 10
everyone has heard of the acorn tale
”Delusional thinking, obviously, the other acorns concluded.”
everyone has listened to the Little Red Hen
”she made the bread herself, she will eat the bread herself.”
not everyone has their hands stained with labor
we all need to work together
stop the bickering and name-calling
stop the delusional thinking and help make the bread
we got this - we have to get this!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 249
A R Sylvester May 25
A love like this isn't a love to miss
I visit my memories of happiness
Of Bliss
In my head
Painted fiction drowns out my vision.
The realization that ...
This isn't Love
Attachment at best
I fear
I fear
my dear , our love is but a game .. a shame
We hurt each other to feel love  we create to blind our pain
Last account @roccosilvestrie repost. I love this
Asominate May 14

I point
And three fingers
Pointing back at me

Not forgotten
Even though I plea

The knives,
They are calling
Yet I still don't bleed

No point in my destruction
Since I cannot feed them

Sharp blades
My self destruction

To pay
For loss of function

New day
Is a new problem

Cut me off
(Save me!)

I'm coming out
I'm caving in
Tell me do you like me now
Let me begin

By burning all the cradles
Uninstall the training wheels
Enstrangement's just a label
And I don't give feels

(I cut me off
I shut you out
I'm caving in
Do you like me now?

Not good enough
I've never been
I'm the alien)
👽 nation.
Hamies Mar 17
sometimes the whole world stops for lightseconds
and the air becomes stifling and it gets hard to breathe
i start suffocating
for a very long time i believed that all people perceive the world like that
that every one sometimes feels like drowning in the ocean
even when they are just standing in rain
that all sometimes feel too weak to swim against the current
but i guess i was wrong
just me is that kind of weak
& i don't really suffocate
i am just being delusional in a world i cannot escape from
help me
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