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is not wanting to lose you
            really all that wrong?

is wanting to be by yourside
              really such a crime?

is waiting to see you every night
            really that bad?

i dont need you to breathe at night,
    but your scent makes the nightmares

i dont need you to have a good day,
      but your smile makes a cloudy day
          cozy and warm.

i dont need your hand in mine,
     but it does make the walk
            easier and bright.

i dont need you.
        you dont need me.
           cant we be together
                 and let love be kind?

two hands we have,
      one for each other,
              one for the rest of life.

is loving you through it all
       a pressuring act?

is wanting the same
            just the delusional way?

Nigdaw Jan 1
they want to take my toys away
'cos I won't play the game their way
but they don't understand my vision
see through my eyes of contradiction
the gatekeepers have closed their realm
standing strong for what they believe in
I know they'll never let me pass
they have a hatred that's deep entrenched
I'll carry on regardless though
in my one man delusional show
I didn't want to sleep when I'm next to you
I couldn't dare to close my eyes
Fearing I might have to sleep away my occurring living action dream
I was afraid, I might have to not see you ever again
Like a dream
It might perish

So I stayed awake
Had a closer look at your features
Tender soft looking expression
Squishy sleepy babyface
Lips that I wanted to kiss more
But I hesitated
I didn't want to wake you up

I felt peace for awhile during that day
Your presence brought peace into my personal territory and it felt nice

I touched your face
Poked your nose
Felt your beards with my fingertips
They went rushing to your chest
Your heart was beating fast
I wished the moment lasted longer

I wasn't sure
If I was dreaming
Or daydreaming
Or going all delusional from my madness
But I loved it, every single second
And I wish it could happen again

But then
I woke up again the next day
You weren't next to me

Written on 17th May 2021
Potatoes Sama 💖
Every blue moon 🌙
Brumous Apr 2023
Echoes of that lying indulgence
for the ideal world left out in the open;
calls to you.

And due to the loneliest somber room
you've kept yourself as a prisoner,
all you do is try and grip the walls

Forever looking into the lens
with a filter of that serene land in your head,
a dream that you continue...
to live through.
Talia Nov 2022
Sensing a presence in my bed
I plead that this is all in my head

My gut wrenches. Heart
once my eyes fix upon you I dare not blink

Cold, numbness proceeding
I could never prepare for this feeling

You cannot meet my eyes
now they aren’t closed in sleep.

Mirrors to a soul you violated
You ******* creep
The harassment from my perspective.
zosia May 2022
I can’t reject modernity but I also can’t reject tradition - I embrace them both
I listen to psychedelic pop classic jazz nocturne and 90’s rock
I listen to Fiona apple and then to aphex twin
and then to old polish rap  so I can feel like that post soviet building I cross every morning
I am rage I am unstoppable
But you would never get it - because your not a pseudo intellectual 16 year old girl
I am both the best and the worst version of myself
dilshé Jun 2021
Everyones the protagonist
to their deceptive movie life
made-up delusional illusions
to distract us from the strife.
Delude ourselves into
the minds- 'Hollywood'
hallucinating surrealism
numb & evasive to reality
& the creeping white noise of realism.
We lose track of fleeting memories
as we chase feign & shallow visions,
end up reviling our true form
& make some of the worst decisions.
Are we humour to the gods?
& ideals to the slaves of hell
Are you living in your minds- 'Hollywood'-
       Or are you living your reality well?
Are you living in your head or living your life?
stillhuman Jun 2021
I'm a bit delusional
but i guess we all are

like how we shut the door
to stop thinking of death and the end

just to pretend for one more second
we can outlive it.
Yep, I'm in that mood
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