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Creator Sun Sep 9
Do you see the boy?
Skipping and jumping under the sky?
Laughing like he has no fear in the world.
Holding hands with air.

Do you notice the way he moves?
The way his feet jerks and grooves?
Moving so unnaturally,
Laughing like there's no end in things.

Lovely schizophrenia, isn't it?
The way it came from his mother?
The way he cares for someone else
Suffering from the same mental illness.

Delusions, fabrications, dreams that is unreal.
the way that he perceives the world makes me really feel.
Uncomfortable, yet I don't think that he asked me to feel
Pity for his condition.

Laugh of a thousand children,
Asking for a better future,
Those ones that seek the asylum,
And look forward for capture.
Public opinion on mental illness is changing, but is it for the better?
Creator Sun Sep 1
I don't believe that someone can be 100% honest.
Because everything you know, do, believe in, understand...
Are all lies.

All of them are lies.
Yet we live in a world, content with these
beautiful yet misleading lies.

Why are our smiles so fake?
Why are our hearts so empty?
Why are our laughs so forced?
I'll tell you why; we're just pretending to be happy.

Everything is just a fabrication of your mind.
They are as endless as time.
But why? WHY?
Why do we still believe them?

Because there is nothing such as the truth.
There are only lies, white lies, more lies.
Everything you know and believe ARE LIES!

Religion? It's a LIE!
Atheism? Such a big lie!
Humanity is BUILT to be lied to,
to have something to believe in.

But still, everything you know is wrong.
Everything you do is wrong
Everything is faked, staged, fabricated, wrong!
Everything is a LIE!

So why do we delude ourselves?
Why do we exaggerate every little tiny thing?

It is because that is what we are genetically programmed to DO.
It is our sense of REALITY.
We have no other CHOICE.
Or do we?

Airplanes used to be a lie.
Racial harmony used to be a fleeting dream.
Woman rights used to be unheard of.
So are all lies hurtful?

Not all of them.
We barely have a future worth believing in.
That's why lies are so important to our society.

We LIVE by them.
We need them to SURVIVE.
It is in our code.

But yet we lie for every single little thing.
Do we need it?

YES. Absolutely.
It is in our programing.

Lies progress humanity.
It is our judicial system.
I'm high on classic coke, don't mind me giving my literature teacher an existential crisis of a poem. Yeah, it depends if she decides to check this out with the handwritten link on a card. If so, Happy Teacher's Day Ms Choo, I hope that you enjoy some other poems of mine. In this poem, I went with an experimental style of regular stanzas but irregular rhythm and repetition. This sounded better in my mind, but I guess it took too long for me to get back home and to type this out on my laptop, so here is a humble approximation of a psychological study. Also, this poem might cause some people to be offended, so please approach with caution.
Sanidhya Rai Aug 15
What's worse?

Missing someone and
still not being able
to talk to them

Not because you
can't, but because
both are dangling
from a weak thread
A bit of more stress
to it would shred it

Maybe it's something
that I want - I'd
rather die once and
for all, and not die
a little every time I
contemplate things
in my mind..

But I can't have it
either, whilst all I
could do was put up
a charade - smile
and shut my mind
if i think of you
does it mean that you’re thinking of me
or is my innocence pure ignorance
and denial of the truth
Anastasia Jun 6
in an old
old house
there are corpses in the cradles
and an old
delusional woman.
it's reeks of flesh
and baby powder
piled with blood-stained clothes
a "husband" lies
cold in bed
with parts
from "almost-perfect" men
the floor sags
and the stairs creek
the walls echo
with the cooing
of an old
Planejane2 May 19
I can’t be another ***** falling to the same old trap...
Sitting in some ******* because I love yo ***?
Nah, this **** hurt but I’m done with that
On your part, on my part we don’t need to be involved in that.

How you give yourself physically and say it ain’t like that
But you praying with her, spiritually, how you doing that?
You out her ******* and ******* and you spending cash
On a baby, **** is crazy, hope you happy with her ***.

Siting in my face, got me thinking that
Im the one that’s doing wrong. Got me feeling sad
For your *** cuz you tricking me to think like that
Male manipulation, scary, beware cuz you’ll  end up going out sad

Praying for a sign, yea I got that
Ball is in your court, ima go and take it right back
Yea it hurt to leave, but it’s gone be more bad, tragic, Star-crossed accident, if I stay cause I will **** yo ***.
Last night,
I saw rows of men
Sat circling around you
Innocent and harmless victims
Lack of wisdom, blinded by fake persona
Exchanging ideas?
I guess not,
You keep feeding them lies
Brainwashed them
Way beyond anything I can comprehend
I don't have time to engange in repeated version
same game anyway

Used to call you my mentor.
But many little birds opened my eyes
You're only a poser
Pretends to be outwardly postive

I remember, one time you said
"Who are you? You're nothing compared to me. Don't you know who I am?"
Agony, messed me up
But I wiped my tear-stained cheeks
Oh boy, I knew it from the entire island

You are a…
Sneaky manipulator
Convincing predator
Self-interested individual
Drown in superiority dellusion
Sympathy collector
Thoughts saboteur
Sweet nothing

Wolf Racoon in sheep’s clothing
A wolf would be overly good
Smelly rotten soul
Well-oiled word
From a poisonous tounge

True self always revealed
Once you get closer to them
Others might not know & fell for your fake persona
I sit and wonder why he does it
Regardless of the reason
Clearly you aren’t ashamed

You're nothing but a
Disgushting racoon in sheep’s clothing.
120519 | 2 PM |A's kost sidakarya

semalam dia muncul dengan taringnya dn aku malas berinteraksi dengannya.
Xaela San Apr 17
He's not just a man
He can fly, he can fall
He can run, he can protect
He's a superhero

He fly, he's on the top of the world
Touching the white clouds
With his hand unto his soul
Feeling the cold spring breeze

He fall, he's covered with mud
Like any man, he can stumble and fall
But he didn't mind the cold mud
And continued to walk with life

He run, he's faster than speed of light
Though it's hard to believe
It's true he can run on water
Everything happened like bullet shot ahead

He protect, he's an invincible man
Like any other super heroes
He's strong and will protect any one
To make this world a better one

Because if you're in danger  
Like dust flying swiftly in the wind
He'll come to your rescue
And bring justice with his pride

He tries harder and harder like crazy
Fighting with effort to save the nation
With his blood, sweat and tears
He deserves a praise like of a Superhero

Though he's unaware of the realities he does
He's living in his own sweet nightmare
As he continues to bring out the best of him
And continue to save the people around him

Yet, beyond his own utopian world
Comes out the truth of his existence, he's no superhero
But he's a man, someone who can't fly
But a man that can stumble and fall

The people around him can't deny anymore
As they look into his eyes, there they knew
Everything's wonderful, but never true
And that he's held captive to his own illusions

They saw beyond his superhero behaviors
He became someone nobody knows
He only knows himself through his perception
Because he's held captive to his own illusions

Like a maze where no one can get out
He'll remain there without help to escape
If not helped, someday it will bring his end, because He doesn't need someone to save but himself.
Sanidhya Rai Mar 6
Took on a bold move,
To conquer all realms.

It was naive,
To beleive that it would suffice.

Ventured out conquering all that was left,
Only to lose what once was mine.

I was shattered,
for everything that was tethered Fell Apart.
Fell Apart into an abyss
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