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Jade Jun 12
It is not that oil paint and tears do not mix,
my dear Frida; it is that society feels threatened
by the candour of women who create
art from their sadness.
K Bee May 23
If we are so coveted
By grasping hands
Fingers prodding and pulling
Measuring and beckoning
Pushing us this way and that
Then let us also be
To their sensibilities
So that the hands
May falter in spite of themselves
And lose their grip
At least some of the time
When they go low we go high
Jade May 19
Little Miss Muffet
sat on a tuffet,
eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider
who sat down beside her,
and yet she does not stray.

Though an arachnid–
preferable sidekick,
better than being slain.

For, vacant across the room:
“A stool?” No! a tomb!
where he-wolf lies in wait.
Jade Apr 29
I don’t want to carry bear spray
because I’m afraid of being
attacked by a bear; I want to
carry bear spray because I’m afraid
of being attacked by a man.
Jade Apr 29
If I had to choose between being
alone in a forest with a bear
or being alone in a forest
with a man, I would choose
the bear. See, you can reason
with a hungry bear; you cannot
reason with a hungry man.
Jade Mar 21
The term “ghosting” is inaccurate.

Ghosts actually care enough to stick around
because that’s the only way
they can haunt you.

To say a guy “ghosts” you when he doesn’t text you back is an insult to real ghosts

(see, real ghosts are actually
capable of commitment).
Jade Feb 17
He told me:
“You should really smile more.”
So I grinned as wide as a Baracuda.

He said:
“You are so much more attractive when you smile”
so I showed him my fangs before sinking them
into the supple, tantalizing flesh
of his ego like a shipwreck.
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