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my confidence fading
my ego is bruised
so please excuse me
while I lick my wounds
don't worry, I'll come back every bit as abrasive and headstrong as ever
Yancey 3d
Is it  worth it I wonder
Trying to look past the obvious
Going thru it
Over and over
Taking credit I feel
I don't deserve it
Was maybe once
Didn't see that you weren't
Genuine feelings no mistake I fell over
Learning nothing by looking at the cover
Hard time remembering
Repetition subtle hints
Left undiscovered
Selective memories
Hundreds of me I used to be
Countless others I'd never let happen to you
Situations not necessarily circumstantial
Always without words my end
Multiple choice
Was you I wrote in
Confused I'm not
I'll cut my ear off
Dark Feign Dec 2018
Sun Dec 2018
I began to bawl while she knew nothing
about the body to catch
"You can't do that, Leo."
For three days, I responded, "yes sir"
I knew I was in trouble

I didn't think he'd appreciate this before
us swinging the bat and slashing a guy for him
for us, he was restrained in the cellar with the bodies

He kept staring at me,
chrissake he had to know

As far as I could remember, he hit me
Go on hit me harder, I dare you!
I thought this as if to say
a beating meant that I could do nothing

but oh how he was  wrong
This was created out of sentences and words from a book, I picked out some pieces and worked them into a poem and revised it to flow collectively
Brenna Dec 2018
what do I see in her?
I see fire,
a passion so deep-rooted and
so strong that it burns anyone who dares
to contradict her
in her I see a blaze of vivid emotions,
intense thoughts,
brilliant words,
and an intelligence so grand that I’m in
utter awe
every touch of hers is heat;
every glance from her gives me a flush
in her I see fire,
for she burns bright as the sun
Latifah Dec 2018
She’s a leo,
Her strongest element is fire,
Everything she touches, turns into ashes,
Sometimes even herself, she burns.

Earth is her home,
But she lives on the moon,
Where no one else does,
At least now she knows,
She cannot hurt another soul.
Mr Shankley Dec 2018
The stars don’t define my life,
But the specs of mould on the ceiling,
I study them carefully at night,
Reading them in true light,
A sickly soul they’re revealing.

A wondering eye sees all,
And repulsion overwhelms it so
Much that one gives out a hopeless sigh.
The ceiling is too high,
To wipe Aries and Leo.
awknight Jul 2018
I write the unspeakable
I see letters capitalizing
the things I cannot say

To look at you and whisper
“I love you”
rises fear from
deep within my soul.

So like the rest of my fears
I wrote them down

Only this time,
I laid it in your hands.
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