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firestarter and match,
pitching endlessly to become more
smoke, then intense crimson flames,
aglow in my heart.
brick and stone edifices form a
fortress around abodes
leaving habitats adrift
and alone
passing and switching faces -- an
entourage that follows but yet
the girl is alone.
alas, fire ablaze, uncontrollable but
sometimes tame
marking the forest trail and
spreading the damage, sprout and then destroy
like a fiery divine being
destruction of the old path and
a clean sweep of the
trees that once seemed so formidable
the flame spreads with a staunch
persistence, to maybe prove that
yeah, the water is weaker
like a conquistador who
pillages countries leaving them
the flame continues
no concern about the consequence or
destruction, set on being set and
ever aglow, what puts the fierce fire
out anyways?
this started as a tribute to my triple fire placements, some dreams i've had, etc. i am a sagittarius sun, leo moon, and sagittarius rising. i've got a lot of fire inside of me and sometimes it feels like a relentless urge that i must repress 24/7. it's not that i feel misunderstood, just that this fire inside of me has been burning since my very conception. i am ever the more forced to live with it as i grow up and surround myself with different types of people.

Who would’ve thought that we would be reconnect after 10years.
Grew up together as babies- First lover as teenagers - Now my wife as adults.
Iroanic isn’t it?
You make life easy for me being a natural born leader.
Ruler of Sun
Gifted mindset of being passionate,
On a spiritual level.
Receiving the luxury royal treatment from me loving your flaws.
Queen of your own territory
Creativity to teach students
Striving for the same goals
& believing that the man above brought us together again.
The old saying goes, “ It’s the least person you’d expect to marry.”

So tell me Queen, what else do you seek?
What is your secret Ms. Thang 👀
Cayley Raven Mar 30
You don't know what it's like
to be born under late june's sun,
even though it's dark outside
and the moon is shining so bright
it could claim the lion's throne.
You don't know what it's like
to be a Cancer's child,
to hear the lions roar.
This is about my zodiac sign,  I am a Cancer with moon in Leo and I often feel misunderstood and choose to close into my own little world. I don´t expect anyone to understand this either.
The forgotten
The demanded
The denied
Let them eat cake
I serve no utensil
No purpose
No lavish
All but flamboyant
Make it mend
To who I am
Buried sarcophagus
Surfaced like intended
I am inevitable
Forgotten to the end
Deaf to fingers
The journey of heart
Empty handed
It's too early to start
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
There is a lion up above embedded in the stars.
At midpoint between the stars and the sea, flashes a green light.
Slightly above sea level are two people sharing conversation.
And below in the deep sea are two fish tied together.

The lion roared filling the girl up with interest.
The fish stirred up the current making sure his conversation remains interesting.
The green light flashed brighter with each passing second.
Making sure they remained safe and the night remains lit.

They connected on that night.
Soul, heart and mind.
The attraction was there.
But only poems could reveal what they felt.

Forbidden and forsaken.
Yet still driven towards each other.
Old souls re connected.
Ancient feelings re visited.
gracie Oct 2019
but for today,
i am still alive, alive, alive
and i will taste the honey
because it is sweet.
MG Sep 2019
But maybe I misread the moon.
(She never hides things for long).
You never gave me the chance
to understand why you hate me.

But maybe this is Her way of saying:
by having you completely gone
A new path can finally be cleared.
You left without saying bye.

I love music
I promise you

But I'm not
That I truly
It any darker

Or that I was
Really ready

My Lorde

"Hineni, hineni
I'm ready, my lord"
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