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Helene Marie Feb 11
beware the angel in disguise;
for as stunning as she is,
she is not afraid
to spread her wings
Ross Lopez Dec 2018
It smells like the Titanic:
(Before everyone died)

It looks like the Hindenburg:
(Before the explosion)

Make me feel like a cloud:
(Before it rains)
Allesha Eman Sep 2018
Oh beautiful wonder, how terribly i’ll miss you,
You taught me to love in the colour blue,
With your endless brush-stroked seas,
And skies blended with azure hues.
I’ve fallen in love with your scent that trails  along sculpted roads
Even your dark corners, that I’d never dare to tread
You’ve latched on to my heart by every last thread

Oh beautiful people, how terribly I’ll miss you
You with your melodic voices, and hands of gold
Your language flowing through the wind,
pulling my heartstrings with every word.
And your welcoming faces, laced with a stunning smile.

Oh beautiful city how terribly I’ll miss you,
You with your crowded streets and busy nights.
Your nocturnal nature alive with your city lights,
bright lights that steal my every gaze,
And your laughter that will forever ring in my ear.  

Oh beautiful wonder, only for you
I’ll have to leave my love here
For it is all yours, and one day when I fall in love with another place
My heart will pull me back to you
For it it still says your name.
Katelyn Billat Jul 2018
You critique
You compare
You stare
In the mirror
You say such
Mean things
To that beautiful
Body of yours.

The magazines
They have you
You are
Not good enough.

But honey,
The way your body
And moves
And works
And feels,
Is more beautiful
Then diamonds.
You are

I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite but, you are perfect!!!
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
If only you knew

If only you knew how I feel about you,
Would it make any difference to the things that you do?
Do you always look this good, or is it only for me?
Can everybody else see what I see before me, or are they unworthy?

If they do not see your shining beauty,
Then they are losing out on the best thing they could see.
I realise they know you are beautiful,
But why are people not surrounding you to be close to you?
You are a world above, one I could love,
If I ever believed that is what you want and that you could.

If only you knew how I feel about you,
Would it make any difference to the things that you do?
I wish I could speak your mind,
So I could tell you my truth.
You could make me feel;
You could make me feel brand new.

I could fall so deep into your arms,
If you would only ask it of me.
I could stand ten feet tall, to reach up to your star heart,
If I knew that is what you wanted…
But that will never be.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
writer omsy Dec 2017
Straight at the stars
She stared in this beautiful night
The constellation reflected
In her glowing eyes
I believe I’m alive for you
For this glare every night
Early in the morning
When the sun touches her skin
I stare at her beauty
Just like her at every night
At the different stars
Shooting across the sky
Let me wish this forever
Let me hold your hands
I don’t mind the downs
Let me give my life to you
And millions of kisses
On those rose petals
On your rose cheeks
You're so beautiful darling
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