Relax For Real

Want to relax,
but feel so fckn lonely,
so I put the pen to the paper,
hoping for a connection that won’t be phony,

let’s not pretend to pretend,
let’s keep it real and act true only,
every line’s a quote the pens sets trends,
broken dreams with heavenly hopes makes reality holy,

and yes,
you can quote me,
and yes,
I’d like to quote you too please,
see I want to relax,
but I feel so fckn lonely,
so I put the pen to the paper,
hoping for a connection that won’t be phony!

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
'777' available worldwide

Dark Delusion Jul 11

I’m running out of ideas.
They never come to me.
I have to find them.
But they’re all just the same.
                            I don’t need help.
Going from place to place.
I always end up in the same spot.

Writing and writing.
Just to throw it away.

I light a cigarette.
Lean back and relax.

Clear my mind of everything.
But everything's the same.

I have a place for all my ideas.
But there’s nothing for me to find.
                                     It’s broken and old.
I’m left with only one thing on my mind,
And that’s filling up the empty jar I still hold on to.

Atta Santoso Jun 28

After a desperate night and thoughtful day I decided to re-write several facts about my crush!

First of all, chill. I know my crush won't see this because of lack signal or lack of love idk. Both reasons are acceptable.

Here, several unworthy facts about my crush that you shitty hoomans gave no shit about:
1. He is taller than me. Like 15-20 cm taller. I'm not talking about gigantic monster and won't date one, but if I have to date one it's okay lol. I have friend that tall like Eiffel tower and big as fuck and tbh I'm afraid of him. I'm sorry bro you remind me of troll even though you're fine. Ehe.
I agree that tall guys are hot, but with my body like smurf and boy like troll can't even imagine what our future be like if we were together. So, bye bye Eiffel tower.
Anyway I'm 155cm so he'll be like 170-175 cm.
And I just realized that he is tall too wtf.

2. He is deadass Einstein with attitude like Hannah Baker. He is-in fact-weirdest mothafaka I've ever met. One day he'll be like 'oh I'll invent flying shoes' and one day he'll be like 'do you guys see my motivation to live?'.

3. He is innocent. Nuff said.

3.5. His phone is the most private phone I've ever seen. One day I was too curious to know what's​ hidden in his phone and deadass found nothing. I think it's normal for boy to have porns or naked women etc and expected to found at least one and ya I found nothing.
((Found picture of me though))

3.51. His browser history is clean.

4. He loves anime tittiez.

5. We love to spoil each other


7. Same thing happened to me. He accidentally touched my boo-boo. He didn't recognize tho. But there I was standing still, stiff, wanted to die.

8. He is afraid of God. Sins ain't myth, sins are real.

9. He didn't know Lana del Rey.
D I S S A P O I N T E D.
Soon boi, I'll let you go deep in my world and meet my astral mama.

10. He isn't a fan of Paramore. Super disappointed :).

11. He lives far away from me.


12. He is one of the finest art God ever made and I love him to death.

Boi, i think i have to end this unworthy facts about you.
I'm afraid.

to cry.

I thought after I wrote this I'll be laughing or smiling etc.

In the end,
I love you.

You'll find someone better than me smh.
Don't choose me.
I've got several more reasons to love you and some of it
Hurts me
So this is the end.
You'll always be my number one boy'friend.

M Norris Jun 23

Here I sit, king of my wheeled domain, my neighbors’ kings of theirs. On a river of internal combustion, pavement and tendrils of black tar reaching. Creep forward at a pace matched by snails, dammed by glowing red lights. Free to think thoughts entirely my own. A peaceful space in a hectic world. A horn rips through the peace, someone too caught up in there busy schedule, there's nothing I can do, I’m as stuck as you. Breathe, relax, let the current flow. We will all get where we need go.

Slow down, theres alot of beauty in the world if you slow down and breathe.
Rob Redido Jun 19

Joey and the gang invited me for some bowling after our shift.
I was just about to put on my teal shirt when suddenly
I heard two titans exchanging blows beyond a field made of cotton.
This was the most action I've seen in a while.

In a matter of seconds the land was engulfed with familiar shadows.
Audiences were enthralled, sweating, setting each other on fire.
The armies of heaven are coming soon, I shouldn't go to work
And besides, traffic will go from worse to worst at best. Looking like machines dry humping each other.

Elves start tiptoeing on my roof when titan A landed a right hook on titan B
Caught a glimpse of my feline companion bolting towards the couch.
I started heating water and mixed it with my teabag afterwards.
I let this paper made of mom's warm hugs throw themselves around me.

I sat beside the window and watched the contestants race each other to the finish line.
I find peace in their chaos. I find comfort in their pain.
Watching the Earth get rejuvenated also heals my rusted body.
This is God's best creation for a weary traveller like me.

This is obviously a bad advice. Go to your work, guys. Don't be like me ditching work just to watch the rain fall lol.
alan Jun 15

I wish I could live in the coral reef,
joyful colors and ocean relief.
I wish I could swim and not rise,
hidden away from judging eyes.
I wish I could wade in oceans deep,
and to gushes of water, I'd fall asleep.

Rohan Nath May 18

There were ripples of the sparkling stream.
The crystalline water was mirroring the blue sky.
That befriended with the sun’s wonderful beam.
Beams of the dazzling looking golden eye.

The background was overflowing with mountains.
Mountains with snowcapped peaks,
Their attainment of such exquisiteness is a real arcane.
What is it above the sky that they seek?

The eagles were gloating about their wings.
O! How marvelous they were to glance upon!
Thrushes flew above the river as they sing.
Grazing on the grassland was a cluster of fawn.

There I saw the elderly yet strong fisherman.
Flinging his lure in an elegant technique.
Attracting catfish and trout as much as he can,
While sitting on the boulder beside the flowing creek.

The loveliness of the lotus was luring me,
Positioned silently on the cerulean water.
The white arrowhead was charming as she could be,
Her petals were diminutive as they always were.

Far away, I saw a grandiose tall tower.
Its peak was reaching for the high heavens.
He stood there taking delight over his power,
Amazed all travelers every now and then.

The heavens above exposed a band of colors.
Little time, after the floating dark skies cried.
I then assumed that our life is filled with squalors.
But don’t worry because later they are all bright.

After the drizzle, dews sat calmly on the grasses.
Scarcely and leisurely moving towards the ground,
The sunlight coalesces with the dew with tender caress.
How luxurious they looked wearing the golden crown!

The children played alongside the river in pleasure.
Girls were collecting flowers to make tiaras and garlands,
While boys were skipping stones on the tranquil water
Their little footprints placed themselves on the loose sands.

And I was assembled comfortably on the greens.
Beside flowed the river without paying any notice.
It cleansed all of my hopelessness and spleen.
Therefore I slept on the nature’s lap with internal peace…

She is draped over the chair like an expensive rug
Her fingers dangle gracefully over the edge
The sun has finally returned
And announced itself as only a sun can;
Brightly and warmly
The weight of its rays press her down into her seat
She should get up, she has so much to do
But summer tends to bleed the urgency out of you
So she stays, humming tunelessly,
Until the light sleeps.

julian r May 8

Everything is exploding,
my life, my paranoia foreboding.
I'm floating,
help me!

I'm floating in a vacuum of space trapped,
I am trapped in one place, there is no space
no logic,
like lace so full of holes, the
whole of the world littered with souls,
save our souls!  

So flawed, so human, they fly but
mine is dry devoid of all feeling, my
skin it is peeling with blood,
dried blood emotions in floods
it is too much.

My heart is torn, fear is born
fear so much fear I'm terrified
of what?
Of myself, of my mind,
I search and
I find nothing.

I find nothing but hurt
white shoes covered in dirt
crushed roses wilt before me
such guilt before me
make it stop!

My head, my thoughts,
it will never stop, not until I'm dead
but to die!

I am so young, barely alive
so many thoughts unsaid
the stories locked inside
suffocating in my pride, I lied.

Oh, the lies I have told!
They run through my veins like fire
burning all sense
burning all reason
terror like open season.

I love you!
I'm lying.

A snowflake in a forest fire
out of control.

Snow so pretty like lace but how,
how can I commit to paper my ravished psyche,
God! who has so little
to do with it all but so much
still, I ponder heaven and hell a
bell in my head constant
until my vision grows red,
good lord I need to breathe,
let myself feel at ease.

Let my mind fall blank
Let my eyes grow dim
Let my body fall into merciful sleep and

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