JS Jan 10

The way we go
It's so calm
The life goes on
The time stops

We are constantly trying to find peace, love, happiness
Now I know - You can't find it, Let it go
Look around and enjoy

The life is here not there
Today not tomorrow
Don't waste your time
Smile, laugh and walk
Enjoy the way we go

little poem I wrote in Thailand surrounded by people who have very little but enjoy every moment of their lives

already awaiting
another summer,

in great stillness,
to spread out over

the pruned grass and
mingle with the gentle

sway of the flowering

Melodie Fowles Oct 2017

Swaying in the middle of a roaring crowd
Heartbeat steady, I can't hear a sound
The silence is deafening

On the bus with so many around
Facing forward, head hanging down
The silence is deafening

Sitting at home, family full on
Eyes shut, my mind gone
The silence is deafening

Standing in a long checkout line
Switched off, stare on, all's fine
The silence is deafening

At a party with friends on a Friday night
Standing alone, music loud, dim light
The silence is deafening

The silence we hear when our minds shut down
When thoughts are deep and in silence we drown

Enjoy these times for what they are for
An escape from the madness, till our minds restore.

Relax, everyone tells me
Just breathe, you'll be fine

When will people realize
Being told to relax
When you're mid panic attack
Does nothing?

And breathing
Is what you're trying to do
But when you are crumbling
Under the weight of the world
It can be hard to catch the breath

This is not in your control
And that is the problem
You want to relax
You want to breathe
But you can't
Without control of yourself

SBR9000 Dec 2017

Hitting the pillow.
Drifting off for the evening.
No worries for now.

© 12.06.2017 SBR9000
Rebecca Y Dec 2017
a to-do list for tense and anxious teens by a tense and anxious teen

○ breathe
○ watch the sun rise and go for a long walk
○ start a journal or side project to work on during study breaks
○ head to cafés, bookshops, festivals, bazaars and second-hand shops
○ read a book
○ play good music that makes you feel at ease
○ buy yourself your favourite dessert
○ write, draw or play a musical instrument (even if you don’t know how)
○ look in a mirror and list all the things you love about yourself
○ smile
○ watch the sun set before you finish your walk and soak in the atmosphere
mjad Nov 2017

She sits on my lap
Plump and fat
Wrinkling my dress
I pet away all my stress

(cats are not evil)

At least I know mittens won't leave me
Isabel Nov 2017

When can I sleep?
When the sun comes up.
When can I rest?
When the stars fade out.
When can I relax?
When the world starts again.

I stayed up too late again
Akash Mandal Nov 2017

Their faces never frown,
Their spirits never drown,
The Jazzmen in suits
Play from town to town.
In halls, clubs and streets,
Odd-time signatures & beats;
Proud of their roots,
Humble in their feats.
Not afraid to improvise,
Sounds too cool to criticize;
Puts a rhythm in your boots
From sundown to sunrise.
Masters of their axe,
Piano, drums, bass, sax
The Jazzmen in suits
will help you relax.

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