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if your life
changes direction
do not resist


lie ahead
once hidden
from your path

rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on change.
Nyx Sep 11
Free your spirt
Free your mind
Through a dance
Let your soul entwine
Through movements fast
And movement slow
Let the rhythm of the music flow
Feel each beat
From the tip of your fingers
To the end of your feet
Take a step, a leap
And gracefully fall
But don't forget
To catch yourself after all
Stand on your toes
Take a deep breath
Within these moments
You are able to forget
Release your troubles
Unveil your mask
As this is where
Your story starts
Just let the music take you where you need to go
EP Robles Sep 7
My sweetest Evening!
You are always welcomed.  
An entrance into my calmest moments.  
Your embrace / a long lost lover / but a  day since we made love
my dearest repriev’er
of harsh afternoons
and hungriest louder mornings.  
  Come.  Tell me how the world shall sleep.  
as when kittens cry for milk.
The purr-dreaming as rumbling
rails of clickety-clacking travelers
from unknown countries.    Dressed for each season.  A boldest boutique unsurpassed by circumstance.  My sweetest Evening kissing me!

:: 09-06-2018 ::
My kindest friend.
Steve Page Sep 4
an aqua silence
balances a reflected peace
a restrained light
while I wait in filtered hush
and the fish refuse to bite

an aqua silence
stills me, re-fills me,
tells me to wait further
to rest longer
and not wonder why
the fish refuse to bite

an aqua silence
quiets me, speaks to me,
seeps deep in me
while I weigh the possibility
that the fish have it right
when they refuse to bite

I sit in aqua peace
and refuse to bite
Fishing from the beach.  Inspired by an untitled painting by Virginia Bruno for Ealing's Art Trail.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 3

As this tremendous day comes to an end,
I cannot help but feel the buzz course through
Fear had wrapped itself around my heart,
that itched with panic.
Now, it's warm and now, I feel so happy!
A high I haven't felt in years!
The lily in my hair truly was a light in my
God had answered my prayers.
And to those who wished me well,
you have my gratitude.

Thank you so much everyone for the support! ^-^
Truly, you guys are just awesome!
My family are so excited and proud of me at the moment and my mom treated me to a Turkish meal!
Right now, I'm so excited but feeling a little drained, so I'm gonna take it slow and rest up.
Tomorrow, I'm going to continue my seasonally free-verse! ^-^
Sending everyone love and light!
Lyn xxx
Ed Russ Jr Aug 28
Lets take the day off and chill out, not stressing soaking up the lords blessings, let's go out tonight enjoy a nice meal unwrap ourselves expose our fun side peel the layers off, relax by a waterfront getting high off the emotions of us, watch fireworks toast a glass of strawberry and cream champagne to celebrate nothing bothering us

Just a night off lets communicate with our bodys flirting with the slightest touch temptation not asking for much, the night is still young so juvnille, let's make it worthwhile no dollar amount a value deal of us just enjoying us do wild stuff like we don't now how to behave ourselves, radiate is our smile viberations of our laughter makes the valley's of our heart shake, sweet lovers a savory taste

  Take the time to enjoy us we been working so much not taking breaks convicted to the grind like tired slaves, not tonight it's date night we haven't had this feeling for a while now, let's takeoff day cater to eachother feed both of us grapes do you want to split a cheesesteak, nothing much just you and us it's date night take the load off
Braxton Reid Aug 26
My Heaven is small and quaint;
A little dingy and filled with faceless saints.
It's a small bookstore with disorganized shelves,
Plenty of material to feed me well.

Comics, games, records, art,
A million things to start.
I'd sight-see amongst my creature comforts,
And read on near death experience.

Near Death: A Look Into The Minds Of The Brave, Page 152.
"It is often reported, that people who experience a near death feel only the nothing around them as they slip out of conciousness."

Even the anxieties will be there,
For without them I'd find no joy in being in small, dingy, quaint bookstores.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 25

For years, I was a sleeping child
as the nights shifted to days and
days into nights.
But now, at the crack of the rising,
this Child of Then wakes to
be a Child of Now.

Sorry for inactitivity, my mom told me LAST NIGHT that relatives were visiting today at 12pm. So I went to bed at around 9-10, woke up at 7, followed my mom to the grocery stores, came back, cooked, cleaned, served,
laughed and now, finally, I can relax!
The Gala 6 will be out today! ^-^
I'm sorry I haven't replied to many comments,
please know, I am grateful! It's just I get so many
messages and comments now!
Thank you so much!
Be back soon with Gala 6! ^-^
Lyn xxx
Rowan Ayman Aug 14
I see music

A sad violin isn’t simply melancholic,
I see,
A little girl crying in a garden
Cause her bird flew away
Then came her mother, cello
She wiped out the pain
She told her she understands
They both breathed in so deep

I see a mysterious piece
Creepy house and gloomy lights
A vibe of clowns may come by
I see a happy one
Fast then slow,quiet to catch the breath from laughing

I close my eyes to the hammering of an old piano
I see a tremendous ballad and a luxurious party
I see foot tapping then slow dancing

A whole orchestra can tell a life story
Moment of birth starts with a murmuring harp
Childhood , teenage and beyond
Grief,nostalgia and it usually ends
With a flute telling the revival
part of the story

I see lovers through their journey
I see loneliness in some melodies
I see wanders
I listen and somehow
It isn’t only sound
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