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I love watching the way that all the muscles in your face relax when you laugh.
I could watch you laugh forever
I had a photo of her
A picture truly priceless
Her face usually so clear
Now because of tears it´s just a blur

Ive treasured this photo for a while
But now its ripped up on the floor
And soaking up my falling tears
For no more will your phone number be dialed
Sit, pause, relax
This journey is taxed

Destination is ought to come
The journey ought to end

Wonder if you see this again
The trees, the scenes, the mountains

I say sit, pause, relax
This journey is taxed
Where have the youthful days gone
I stumble about  searching
But cannot seem to find
The bright days are now gone for long
Why have the youthful seasons gone away
Slipped through my grasp
As hurriedly they flew
Alas the path to youth is no longer a way
Life is much shorter than we think
No more  sunny days
The days have flew away
And no longer do we feel
The bright sunny rays

Now every morning I step outside
And the cold bites my body
And the wind tears at my face
This cold, I cannot abide
For a poet inspiration can come
And you can keep on writing
Without any troubles
But every poet faces this and it isn't fun

As soon as you finish writing
You begin to think what to write about
As you go knock your head on some wall
And with your mind you keep on fighting
If you guys have advice about what to do, ill need it my mind is like really dense fog cant think what to write about!
Holding hands we dash through the alley
Laughing as we run
Panting we slowed down
And stood together in a open valley

Slowly so slowly we kissed
With our fingers crossed
Wishing the moon wont tell what it saw
And that we would be missed
The greatest mystery
In my mind
Is how I became
The luckiest man in history

Out of all the people that exist
She fell in love with me
Eyes glittering, hair flowing, smile shining
How could I resist?

Out of everyone she found me
The boring awkward man
I transformed and became happy
No longer "me" but "we"
I know she's gone
And it's all my fault
I said something I regret
But dont get me wrong

I wasn't thinking when I talked
Now I sit here with a phone
Calling and calling her
The calls unanswered, my hopes are blocked
I lived seeing black and white
Never really taking joy
In anything I do
I never knew something that was bright

Till I stumbled upon a most curious girl
She skipped to me an took my hand
And smiling at me I was filled with joy
As my head began to twirl

Ever since Ive looked at everything new
Everything having such design
And vivid with rich color
As my happiness grew
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