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elSe 1d
At night, under the dim darkness,
I found, the world’s best tranquilness
Under wafts of water and soap
Folding clothes, dreaming about hope.

Opened the door, felt how snug, warm,
The fabric’s touch was on my arm
As I folded each piece with care
And slowly roll socks, pair by pair.

Ballads, dolce, I am entranced.
Cantabile, as my hands danced
To the guitar's riff, the drumbeat,
Sweet heartbeat, beneath their heat.
Have you ever felt that peace when singing and folding laundry? Haha
Life can derail you sometimes
              but you just have to get

on a new track.

And at each new station of life depart,

                         relax till its time to once again

to  travel the tracks of life...
Nick Stiltner Oct 10
top brain forward eyes severed diluted
down mind feared essence ignored
star gaze rays smogged polluted
connect connect widen the gap
flow flow hand meets ice-water
growing numbness crackling bones
crack sip sigh Relax

unattended, withering, left to rot
chime chime signs direct where
why lark fly vines hide
the corner
beads dangle I move them
and they fall back into
they fall back into
their places
stages lights tread lightly across
and bow be sure to bow they like that
humming bird wings on twilight canvas
blurs blurs the paints and hues
dreams and views dreams and views
severed sinews, unabled motion
crack sip sigh Relax
lean back rising tide blanket and jaw slack
Our Love
Has been forged
From the hottest hardships
From the strongest materials
Of faith, trust, hope, and joy
We are now
The strongest item
That no sword can pierce
No ram can batter
Come what may
Our love forged
Will stand strong
What a powerful tool
It flows smoothly
Like a river
Yet after a while
Even the sturdy rocks
Slowly break apart
Seeming so innocent
Yet with a few lines
Has my heart captivated
And I yearn for more and more
Can be so beautiful
Yet so dark
Telling wondrous stories
Or horrendous tales
Seems to be forgotten at times
Yet it only lurks in the dark
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to make a change
What a mystery
Her words are like poetry
They flow so softly
Her voice is relaxing
Every word flowing
Like a calm stream
Flowing continuously
So peaceful, yet strong
Every word, warming
Like a cozy fire
Which you long to be near
In the dead of winter
Every word, almost singing
Like birds who greet
The rising sun
Her words are like poetry...
Tasks seem impossible at times
Yet when I think of you
Those reassuring eyes
That confident smile
Makes me pull through
The thick or thin
With you by my side
True love will win.
Whether stranded
On a forbidden Island
Or stuck on a spaceship
In the middle of space
I dont take this love for granted
Without you
I would slowly die
Thinking about you
You all are I need
On this Earth, or into space
I am lost in our love
Love that is true
Akvpoems Sep 16
Gray skies
Light rains tapping on the window
Getting my blanket
Relaxing under the covers

Gloomy skies don't mean a gloomy day.
Lily Sep 16
Lovers, forget your quarrels and
Listen to the flower,
The breeze,
The finch’s tune,
And find the love in them.
And win the fight within
And then, lovers, your
Fight will be
A hundred miles away.
Inspired by Robert Frost's "Wind and Willow Flower"
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