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Alp 1d
I'll write gibberish
and you just can't
throw    this poem      away
But it doesn't bother you, indeed
you Liked this one.
you liked it because
you don't look for meaning
Some gibberish to waste your time
           Relief and Relax
your time is already gibberished
and what I mean by "gibberished"
is just a simple gibberish.
But who the **** cares.
Hope you like this one. Since this is my third one published, I would like to hear from you. Waiting your comments.
Rasha 4d
Ever laid outside, still?
Starting at an empty sky..
Ever fixed your gaze,
at nothing but a single star?
Feeling the tender breeze
warping you up with silence..
And you grow big; You grow tall..
Getting too close to a single star..
Giving yourself away
to a silent moonless night..
Full of air.. Full of life..
And you start flouting in empty space..
Flying like a butterfly……. No..
More like a huge hot air balloon..!
Driven with the warm flame inside of you..
Carried by the cool soft waves of air..
You grow big with every blow of wind; With every inhalation..

Ever felt like flying?
Moving up so high?
Lifted by an inverted gravity of heavens..
Slowly drowning into the sky..
Ever felt sedated and light?
Ever felt free, in no need to fight?
Out of mind, out of sight..
Out of earth, out of light..
Nothing but you and the darkness of night..
The limitless sky and a single starlight..

Ever opened up?
Letting the whole world in?
Growing bigger and lighter..
Letting in your loved ones and haters..
All your wounds and your scars..
All the joyful reasons to smile..
The good and the bad.. Happy and the sad..
All the fears and happiness tears..
Heaven and ****, and all that’s in-between..
Just let it all in..
Let them impulse you and grow you big..

Ever felt full…. But light?
Growing bigger, but younger..?
Taller than the mountains..
Wider than the oceans..
Higher than the highest you have ever reached..
Sublimate into a white transparent cloud..
Cover the sky along the horizon..
Above everything and everyone..
Above the little weak helpless you..
For You are no longer You..
You and the universe have become one..!

Have you ever let go?
Surrender.. Peacefully.. Willingly.. And let go..
Expand… Explode to tiny grains,
and rain down on the world..
Like fairies dust.. Glow and sparkle..
Fill the atmosphere with sweet magic..

Let go…
And let the wind spread you around..
Let it spatter you upon the hills and fields..
The deserts and seas..
On a playful child skin, or a shy young lady’s hair..
On the high held noses of the reckless youth,
Or the wrinkled palms of the olds..

Let go…
And rain down on the restless you..
Fall down softly back to your skin..
Back to your limited small and still body..

Let go…
And let the wind that carried you away once,
let it now lay you back outside..
Under the empty sky,
watched by a single star..
Grab me by my body
Hold it firm and it tight
Lay your soft hands all on me
Doesn't that feel right?

Let me in your lips
Put me in between
******* flavor
Oh, ain't that sweet?

Pull me in
As hard as you can
Experience every bit of me
Again? Again!

Take me out
See what you've done
Do you feel it?
Now you've won
Josh Feb 3
With fire in the west,
Hope dances on the horizons back
The line, where colors rip and claw for life

Breath it in,
Exhale to calm
To become an artifact of choice
Infused with perception
That last bit of light illuminates a sonogram of the soul
Iz Jan 16
Vacuumed floors and
Organized dressers
This is relaxation
I know you've had a hard day;
it goes like that everyday.
And I know
the last thing you want to do
with me is play.
You can lie down,
but just listen.
Those words are stuck
inside me like in a prison.
And being heard
feels good.
So please,
just lie down,
and listen to my words.
Mohannie Jan 5
My eyelids are heavy
I close them once
They continue to fall
A struggle to lift

I stare into space
To keep them ajar
But they still continue
To fall like bricks

Or a feather to the ground
Soft and hard
Heavy or light
But continue to drop

My head is in buzz
I fight to wake
My eyelids still fall
But I stay awake

Because I cannot sleep
Must stay awake
Too much to do
And still too much weight

My eyelids will fall
Which I can't allow
Them to fully close
So I carry the weight
I deleted this one from a bit ago then decided to post it again. Hope you enjoy!
Lace Jan 1
open your mind
listen more
lend an ear
to everyone who wants to
speak their fears

never judge
continue to peer
into yourself
into all

dig deep
let your mind create
anything it wants to

creativity is a beautiful release
never cease
to let your mind

give in

give yourself

Dominique Dec 2018
Pixie dust behind your eyes
Watercolours when you cry
Your lashes scatter all the light
And droop like blossoms through the night

Pay a plant to sweeten air
Stress may choke but lungs don't care
Your mossy throat can water earth
And soil is all that your money's worth
Of course

Kiss the steam before the cup
Fill the corners of you up

And when you're caught,
Don't lose your head
If brick loves bleeding
Trust paper instead
If you can

Choose the storm before the rain
Cram your soul to full again

And when you're here,
I lose my mind
If we're wide awake
Then love can't be blind

Comet rust around your nails
Tipping smoothly off the rails
Your laces trip on bits of cloud
When idle floating's not allowed

****** a cat to thank the streets
For the wonders that you meet
And drowning sleep is not what sells
But I owe life to those dimple wells
Of yours

Learn the dance before the beat
And I'll always save your seat

So when you're back,
Don't be dismayed
Your cells have a purpose
And your dad would have stayed
If he could

Choose the first flavour you like
Even if it's not so right

And when you're here,
The stars confess
They're loving the distance
To earth so much less
For your eyes.
Nature is a delight, and so are you all <3
Will come back to edit some parts of this
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