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LC Apr 15
He greets me with a light kiss
reminiscent of a monarch butterfly
delicately landing after a long migration.

Iced lemonade in a glass
rests on the table in front of us,
witnessing the butterflies on our faces.

Water vapor relaxes when it sees us,
and the glass leaves a culaccino
for forever and a day.
Escapril Day 15! Prompt: something very gentle.
By the way, culaccino means "the mark left on a table by a moist glass."
I loved writing this poem, and I hope you all enjoy it as well :)
oh the freedom in being
the happiness that unfolds
I release it all
I release the tightness in my hands
I release the tension in my jaw
I release the breath I’ve been choking back
I release it all

oh the joy in being
the relief that follows
I release it all
I release the creases in my face
I release the tears in the trenches of my soul
I release the smile I’ve been punishing

oh to be
to breathe
to stretch
to smile
oh to simply be
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
Let’s pretend Sundays last forever
and spend hours drowsing in the sun.
Let stress slowly fade, like a passing parade
and our cares will seem light as feathers.

I hear clouds still collage on blue canvas,
and deciduous leaves turned bright colors
we’ll picnic, we’ll laugh, and lay in the grass
and this Sunday will outshine all the others.
keepin’ it Sunday simple
Karijinbba Sep 2021
keep me posted.
I am heartstruck.
willow gold you.
you play hide and seek
I play if love is the end..
Remember my story poems
you remind me of someone
I touched your robe poet
beyond inks facade is love
I am safe with you
you are safe with me too.
to many welcome hellos.
You reign wisest poet
how shall I pen it best?
I'm not lit red ridding
hood just a fool for love.
you know I write to ghost
I am busy living like you.
my secret garden prose.
Ts better to have loved
and lost then never dear.
I paid bitter fines
for being a fool seeking love
your sky paints me loving.
and true so I am.
Sindi Jun 2021
On a ferry
Feels so lovely
Feels so calm
Gently it rocks like it will take forever
Before you know
You are asleep
And the tour guide is waking you up to get off the ferry
© Sindi Kalumba
Tony Tweedy Jun 2021
I lie upon the soft field grasses,
and look up upon the blue.
To ease the mind to rest,
and let my eyes take in the view.

Vapour shaped by wind,
that drifts high upon the restful scene.
To float upon the pastel,
leaving no trace where it has been.

Shapes of white and grey,
like soft pillows in the air.
That by some subtle contortion,
transform, 'til naught is there.

Others drift across the daylight,
as if on some predestined course.
propelled across the sky,
by a breath of nature's unseen force.

I wonder where they go,
what bidding do they do.
As they glide along their way,
until far beyond my capsuled view.

Sun's warmth in temporary instalments,
as shadows come and go.
The shade and shadow's fall,
slightly cool all that is far below.

Through my eyes now closed,
of soft patterns I remain complete aware.
As warmth and slight chill mark the clouds,
that march upon the springtime air.
Merlie T Jun 2021
I'll choose
this spot
right here.
Its mighty nice
A cool wind blowing
Chirps make up
white noise.
A field of grass
Sun streams and endless blue

I am famished.
Enjoying a beautiful day in nature
Juliana May 2021
Under a blanket of deadlines,
of exams proctored by a machine,
eye movements consistent
with a learner’s lie,
I found solace tonight.

I decided not to give a ****.

My computer remained unopened,
a calendar a forgotten application,
not a thought given
to the glare of a grade book.

My bed was warm,
the cloth of sheets and PJs
wrapping around my body like a hug,
hiding me from the ghosts,
shed from the television screen.
Ghosts that wiped my tears
after the hours of repeated drama.

While my sheets slept,
I opened a page.
No, not a page full of fact,
the monotonous monster
which is studying,
but a separate world.

I ceased to exist,
become one with a novel,
falling deeper,

I won’t even remind myself
that tomorrow, I’ll have to work.
Young bird learns to fly
By spreading his wings widely
His lungs get relax
Indonesia, 15th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Ani Feb 2021
like the waves
like the stars
like the trees or like the grass.

like the cundle beside you that gives light to your darkness

like the plate on the sink half empty and now *****

like the cup of coffee that you shared that specific morning

like the rain and like the clouds
like the sun and like the snow

like the book you've just read
or the movie you've just watched

like the arguemnts that reminds you true love
like their touch or their kiss
like their hug or their lips

that's how beautiful life is.
hard times but this is beautiful
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