Debanjana Saha Apr 14

One more Friday..
one more weekend arrived
I would just sit back
no looking around
no more rushing
no more chasing
just me all around..
Its Time to relax &
No more hindrance
but only me & my time!

Hoping to enjoy my me time!
Light House Apr 13

I am not sure ..if ..there is.. 'a secret,'
or if one just begins.. ...fitly.. breathing.

Some head to Blackpool,
Some head to Skegness,
Some just look to escape,
From their daily stress,

Some head further,
And even venture abroad,
Some go all inclusive,
And some go half board,

Some lay on beaches,
Whilst others choose to explore,
Some sign up for trips,
That you can do,
On every package tour,

Some are not so lucky,
And barely travel far,
Maybe a day out on't train,
Or perhaps a ride in’t car,

Some visit Pubs for lunch,
And some for afternoon tea,
Maybe it’s a morning brunch,
Or a tram ride across the city,

Free time, Holiday time
Or simple times,
For pleasure,
Just some of the things we do,
To while away,
Our leisure.

God made each and every one of us into Genuine precious diamonds.
Then delivered us to earth to stand out as his creation.
Knowing that the earth was evil he made us beautiful;and Strong as the lord wants us to be.
To stand out as difference to the world to shine the light of his glory through the son.
The earth began to grow with in  us  with minerals,dirt and mud made up by evil trying to turn us into its own creation.
and to convince us we are just dirt that belong to the earth and nothing more; also to distract gods propose of life.
Over time we got so used to belonging to the world we forgot who made this ball of battleground; we began to only see what the world see’s us as. but the world lurks with evil.
we saw the world as it is and not what it could be.
We began to see only  what evil had told us,
and convinced us of.
so we forgot our father who created us and let doubts run through our spirits.
  We Slowly started to forget we were priceless diamonds and treasures of god.
and began to let people who seam to have more wealth in false success walk on us.
  and eventually for people to be so focused on them selves in this world they lost sight on the real idol.
  because they didn’t see as god did because evil took over there eyesight,
Evil convinced us of what we weren’t and was only their to bring us deeper and farther into the mud to be blinded of gods  true perpouse for us. God only wants to unburry us &lift; us up to be shown of what we really are again “Diamonds” and to be baptised washed and cleared off of all the mud on us that the world has thrown at us.
he want’s us to bring light for the hidden diamonds thats are still stuck in the mud;
and to recognize each other as precious diamonds of god and  not of mud or a stain that left a mark.

Only evil fills you with doubt and tells you what you aren’t the devil in greek is accuser.  God is always there to tell you what you are and can be.
He’s trying to Defeat the purpose of gods work.
What would a this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
If more people would stop stepping on what they thought was dirt and would think;

“ what does god think? is this dirt I’m stepping on or  are they actually diamonds of god that I’m being told aren’t worthy?  Is evil causing me to walk a life of judgments?,
Am I unknowingly  listening to evil and convincing people they are nothing more then dirt on this planet?
  evil has put wrong upon my eyes, I need to walk for god or am I walking against him.”

What would  this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
It would be tremendous but horrible for the devil… Because he would have to give up Every one would realize he was a liar and that they were diamonds of god all along.
He would be losing and god would be winning.
This would be the cure every one’s eyes would be filled with love and acceptence of each other and the eyesight of evil would disappear.
God wants you to represent him. he want’s  to tell you that you may look like dirt to evil ,
but you are in fact a valuable unique gem he made strong under pressure to be a soldier.
He want’s you to go into the world to convince people of him.
He want’s you to be a soldier  and if a mans down don’t convince him theres no hope but bring him with you to the other side. To love

and to shine a light of hope for  a hopeless world and be the cure that victims of evil still suffer by.

please give me some feed back on your views! much would be appreciated. Enjoy! <3
Dream Fisher Mar 16

I feel there are few times where I can just lie,
Lie under a large tree with no other purpose
A million things to do yet, I am doing none
Carrying a mind with no thoughts, not one.
With leaves acting as net catching the sun
Slowly rising up, knowing that time is done.

a long time coming
the snow
two weeks from April's warmth
and calming showers
it has finally arrived
mother nature's way of saying
slow down
sit back and reflect
take the day off and build a snowman
with the kids
when life gives you the cue

have always loved the snow
Light House Feb 27

He finally understood why he slept...
He assigned his mind a task, & too much.. had he focused.
...Till the sides faded; till everything tunneled in.
...Till nothing ..outside of his project & vision... made sense.
...Till he walked as a zombie, moving about as if awake,
yet his muscles looked a bit too tense.  So, only deeper...
his soul traveled....  into..  an unreachable ...unconsciousness.


Comfort Zone

Put down your pen,
Turn off the phone,
Try to locate,
That comfort zone,
Seeking a place,
Only you can find,
Close your eyes,
Set free your mind,

Background music,
Lightly plays,
A gentle breeze,
Makes the curtain sway,
Lay there still,
As still as can be,
Sense of relief,
Sense of being free,
Breathe in the warm air,
Slowly emptying your mind,
You are now almost there,
You are now set to unwind,

Replaces perplexed,
All bad things,
You hate to face,
Be still,
Be safe,
In this,
Special space,

Isolated now,
Yet totally free,
Wondrous place,
This place to be,
Mounting troubles,
Become things of the past,
You have finally arrived,
In the zone,
At last!

There are times we all need to find this little place... love to all JB

By the time I get home from rehearsal,
The world has stopped.
I'm watching the movie
You've Got Mail,
and earlier the director said
our cast had finally achieved art.
Tom Hanks is a businessman
with the heart of a philosopher.
Kathleen saw a butterfly
on the subway
She thinks it went to
Bloomingdale's to buy a hat--
I envision monarchs
preferring kimonos.

AJ Golds Jan 26

reax just breathe...  
listen to the words I'm speaking
They are what you been seeking
they will deter any voices.
but it's all your choice
be rid of that awful noise.  

I know they plagues you late at night.
From down the hall I hear you howl.
you don't need to take another pill,
you're not crazy and neither am I.
so please do abide,
look into my eyes.

relax can't you see...                
it's getting better                      
you just have to adhere.
now look into my eyes
And repeat after me                
I don't need another pill!
I am not crazy!
and I'm done listening to you!
so with that I bid you adieu!"

(then there was nothing but silence (from the voices)

mental illnesses is just a disease,
it can affect you and affect me.
so please do not judge, when somebody ask do you hear it? instead of hinder, help them if you can
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