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125.6k · Jan 2019
Max Jan 2019
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
6.9k · Sep 2019
Max Sep 2019
As the worlds gets smaller these days,
The distance grows.

As life is being made easier,
Why do the feelings get harder?

Why is it that when we look at each other,
That the the eyes are not the thing we look at?

What is progression if regression is it's consequence?
Thinking in a negative or realistic way, I can't tell the difference.
5.4k · Dec 2018
Love is my favorite season
Max Dec 2018
I’m falling for you
Like the leaves in
You brighten me
Like the sunbeams through
Grey clouds.
You color me
Like the trees in
The forest.
You warm me
Like the fireplace
In my house.
I’d wait for you
All year
And when you're there,
I can’t stop
Admiring your beauties.
I love you.
Autumn is sooooo lovely just like you:)
White flag
4.0k · Dec 2018
Our adventure
Max Dec 2018
Our adventures
Always made me feel
Your eyes
Always took my breath away.
Our fights,
Always made me
Your absence makes me feel

Little do you know,
loved you more
Hoped we would end up in a house
Like the plans
We made.
Our house,
Our adventure,
My past tense friend.
Our friendship is over.
3.7k · Dec 2018
Weird book
Max Dec 2018
Well I'm like a weird book,

With pages unnumberd
And stories not told.
With a cover that's bended and not carefully folded.
Sent this to a friend a while ago..
3.4k · Dec 2018
Little poet.
Max Dec 2018
Just a little poet
Who's always afraid to
Show it.

But then I met you.
Sometimes I was scared to show my poems, but then I met her and she said she was proud of me, and I felt way better:)
3.0k · Dec 2018
Whisky and my cigar
Max Dec 2018
Whisky I love,
It gives me that feeling
Of being old and wise.

The cigar I
Makes me feel
Happy, calm and in control.

I wouldn't call it unhealthy
If you do it now and then
And if it makes you happy.
Sometimes I like to drink my whisky and smoke a little good cigar... and I hate it when people say It's bad for me! Look at churchill, he lived a long life.
2.5k · Jan 2019
Max Jan 2019
Some people are like snakes
A poker game with high stakes.
This is by far not my best piece, but I felt this way about some people for a while now.
2.3k · Apr 2019
Spring is in the air
Max Apr 2019
I love you like
You make me happy
Like the colours
Of the trees that
Your smile
Makes my flowers

And therefore I only plant roses,
Just to give them to you.
I love you
2.2k · Mar 2019
Garbage man
Max Mar 2019
If I were a garbage man, then I had had a reason to pick you up again.
Meanie ******
1.8k · Jan 2019
Why I say sorry so often.
Max Jan 2019
I always want to say sorry,
Even when it's not my fault.
Because that's how it used to be,
That I'm getting blamed for everything.
So I'm sorry for being here at all.

I still try to do everything right.
I have to prove I can,
I just have to show that it wasn't always my fault.
I have to prove them wrong, even if I'll never see them again.
I just have to prove them wrong by proving my right.
I just can't fail, like the failure they think I am.
Something I had to write.
1.4k · Feb 2019
I'll be the pilot tonight.
Max Feb 2019
Life got me high,
Life got me low.
But when I dream, I fly.

And wheter I'm flying high or low,
I'll still be flying.
Because in my dreams,
I am in control.

So I never tend to miss a night, and so a dream.

Cause I don't want to lose control.
My hea made hella crazy dream last night.
1.3k · Jan 2019
Max Jan 2019
I'm not standing next to you,
Because I'm busy back-stabbing you.

Thought it was sweet, might delete later...
Max Apr 2019
Whenever I hate people, and they're being disrespectful
I say to myself: "One day, they'll work for me."
And it makes me feel better.
Max Dec 2018
Rather be a sinner
A saint.
While the sinner
Always wins

Sometimes it feels like bad people get the best things, and then wonder why the hell nice people don't get those things..
1.1k · May 2020
Long time no see
Max May 2020
I rode long enough to be alone.
But sadly not enough to be happy when I'm home.
Maybe I'll explain later
1.1k · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
There's place for so much beauty when you cut off the rotten roots.
1.1k · Feb 2019
Max Feb 2019
If this world was a ship,
I don't want to be the captain.

I want to be the pirate.
Too much of the same.
1.0k · May 2020
Fly, fly away.
Max May 2020
I'm no superman...
Still invincible
1.0k · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Max Feb 2019
Your weakness feeds my strength.
And it tastes delicious
928 · May 2019
Max May 2019
Paint it, black.

Now I get the song.
903 · Sep 2019
Max Sep 2019
As the shadows crawl behind me in broad daylight,

I'll haunt them at night.
Better not be that shadow
Max Mar 2019
I... I find pleasure in knowledge.

But I admire your ignorance too.
By W.W. Walt Whitman
821 · Dec 2018
Dusty memory
Max Dec 2018
Even your
Brain needs
Cleaning once in a
Because the bad memories will
Always shine,
While the best are left in
But sometimes
My vacuum cleaner
Breaks down.
More like a draft than a poem..
807 · Apr 2021
Max Apr 2021
Sorry haven't been on here for a while. Got no inspiration and tbh I'm not a poet just a lost soul looking for who he is. I'm almost 20 and still not the same.

Ps. Thanks for all the positivity, I got surprised with it today:)
794 · Dec 2018
What if?
Max Dec 2018
If I stayed,
Would it be the same
As when I ran?
If I gave up,
Where would I be?
If I love,
Will it last?

I feel numb,
Everytime I doubt myself.

But what's the use of all these
I don't know the answer.
what if?!
"What if" is the question I ask myself.
What if somebody reads this and hates it?
I wouldn't know the answer.
I just ask myself too many questions!
787 · Nov 2019
Max Nov 2019
I need to write a song, all help is welcome!!!
You can put verses, chorus, hooks and etc. In the comments or send it privately. Everything is welcome. Let's make this work!!
Max Aug 2019
I was still thinking about my past,

While she was already talking about the future.
Is there a correct way?
741 · Feb 2019
Max Feb 2019
My heart beats to you in morse.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-
717 · Mar 2019
The gracious rock
Max Mar 2019
I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place
So oh please, I'm in need of grace.
I have to act grown up or I have to act the way I feel. But neither one seems reasonable
715 · Sep 2019
My Compass
Max Sep 2019
Where does love go?
Does it go east?
All I know, is it’s going away from my compass
It's an unmagnetic thing in my case
690 · May 2019
Max May 2019
Just got an A+ for my English essay
673 · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
I wish I could tear myself apart just to get rid of the scars they left me.
Everything disolves and my grandma is not doing well..
672 · Apr 2019
Fuel of love
Max Apr 2019
Is love the fuel of our hearts?
Because maybe we should switch fuel.
Because our hearts are polluted.
Having some difficulties with leaving bad people.
639 · Dec 2018
Max Dec 2018
Recipe for a good night:

-Half a cup of sweetness
-Half a cup of imagination
-Teaspoon of love
-Just a pinch of vindication
-Tablespoon of memories

Mix well for a good
Reality evasion.
Just something I thought of real quick!
637 · Jun 2019
Did some gardening.
Max Jun 2019
Took a little trip down the garden of Eden

And it had the best fruit I've ever tasted.
629 · May 2019
Fury fusion
Max May 2019
Your words are like the tail of a scorpion,
Your deeds like the fangs of a snake,
Your touch like the sting of a bullet ant,
Your presence like being surrounded by hellfire.

You're satan's little helper.
Somebody is trying to sabotage something that's very precious to me.
604 · Mar 2019
Proud of ?
Max Mar 2019
I want to say it out loud:
I'm finally really proud.

Proud of you and proud of myself, proud of humanity, Proud of education, proud of my grades. And most of all:
Proud to know what it takes.
Just because I'm happy
601 · Jan 2019
Poetry has no end.
Max Jan 2019
No poetry today?
You don't say!
Many words left to read.
Poetry has no end,
It's most of the time I spend.
It's my life from beginning to end.
So many words, and I bet you haven't read them all.
With so many words yet to be discovered and said, there will never be an end.
563 · Jun 2019
Night tide
Max Jun 2019
High tides,
Low moon,
Light and water collide.
557 · Feb 2019
I quote "..."
Max Feb 2019
A simple word was all what needed. The rest followed up like a chain reaction.
More of a quote than a poem.
554 · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
Thou are one witch I shall not see in the darkest places of our existence.
I will let thee drown in water, drown in thy sorrow and burn thy children. As there should be no continuance in thy existence. Thou are evil and filled with hatred.
Burn baby burn.
Controversial? Maybe...
543 · Jan 2020
Max Jan 2020
What is happening?
I socialism the strive?

Where is the resistance, the provocation?
Where is the different mind, the politically incorrect thoughts?

I'm a proud conservative, and I miss the different views of perspective.

I miss a real opinion...
Been seeing some changes that I don't agree on, which is fine. Because that's the beauty of freedom.

But I miss a lot of the provocative old mind.
And that not everyone goes with the flow.

I believe everyone should be able to speak their minds, but I'm frightened by the fact that a few people do people do....
518 · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
Enjoy your dreams, reality is cruel enough.
513 · Jan 2019
Max Jan 2019
Before I went to bed I drank a glas of lemonade
To make my bad dreams go away
Sadly it didn't seem to work as my dreams turned into a very unpleasant charade.
Dreaming my *** off
506 · Aug 2019
Max Aug 2019
A path uncharted.
Life's ahead.

Like a car, and I'm looking in it's headlights.
487 · Dec 2018
I Wish my life was a gift
Max Dec 2018
I wish my life was a gift,
because then I would not open it
And give it to someone that actually will be happy with it.

But sadly it's not,
And do I have to live with this thought.
Had the worse christmas in my life.
470 · Feb 2019
Sender unknow.
Max Feb 2019
Such a clear sky tonight,
There were so many stars, yet one shined the brightest.

And I wondered who was it up there trying to talk and brighten my night?
Stood outside blazed by the starry night.
464 · Mar 2019
Max Mar 2019
Don't worry if things don't work out, you just gotta have a plan B.
Especially for relationships
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