The night, awash in mystery,
the sky pulsating into oblivion,
as the heart blushes beneath the pale moon;
how many kisses did it take
before the stars became jealous enough
to write our names into their infinite book of lies?
Luiz 5h
I love HARD
     I fall HARDER
          I get back up HARDEST!
Yasin 2d
I want to get to know you
I want too.
I want to possess you
I will lie to be with you
only because I love you
Love makes people sin more than anything
because people love
The ***** desires
Izzy 5d
Maybe I'll find
                          my answers
                                                  at the bottom
                                                                           of this bottle
long days are becoming more comfortable

things to do

away.... selfish me
let her be
no one to please
enlightenment to seek
dissolution of thought

seeing through the fissures

visiting the empty creeks

totsiens boo
David Bojay Jan 3
(hard to love myself when I found myself in you)

Wondering if I’ll go to ****
In my thoughts will I dwell

A beginning

been trying to sleep since 8:50
a productive day

morning jams
afternoon workout

40 minutes of jumping rope
Thank you Rupert Spira

But I’m here again, crying and the reason is a thought that I let consume my days


I miss her

Moments of awesomeness

Moments of overwhelming sadness

The days will go by

I’ll talk to you whenever

Could be tomorrow

Keeping busy

This change is one of a kind

One that makes me want to erase my mind

Start anew

But we can only go forward from here
Peter Jan 3
Everything can look
      like a poem
  The only thing
       you need
  is to put enough
   ******* spacebars
  to make it look
the moment I lay my eyes on you,
it was like putting another stone on stomp,
I buried your soul from the first heavy stair
like I'm extracting your innocence,
this is how I became a fisher of men.
Using words to finish what lord made.

All we do is Catch fish.
The mall, Campus even the street are the only occean we live in.

I decided to use a first person narrative, hoping it will be more intimate.
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
I dug around in your graveyard heart.
I took myself back.

You can take your vacuous words, your pigeon chest and balding hair.

And you can *******.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Here's another poem
About another ****
It took me way to long

After poems of love
And heart felt words written
Why the **** was i so smitten


Let another one use my heart
Let another one take me apart
Played nice and apologized


Way to flirt
With anything in a small skirt
But whine that youre alone

Way to make me feel
Yet act like there's no deal
Now you want my friend

**** it

                     ******* all

Im done with this
I'm not second best
Take my anger

And shove it up your ***
>:( dont really think this is good but Idk been feeling angry lately. People keep treating me like trash and playing with my emotions. So for now on If they're a **** to me then byeeee
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