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Hidden Colour Mar 23
You enter my threshold,
We conversate,
A moment of connection, a moment of the yesterday days,
The moment passes as you pull your gaze away from mine.

We ****,
Not make love, not having ***,
Simply **** !

All I wanted was intimacy,
To be held and loved,

All I got was detachment
Aloof and distance

Disappointment clinging to the straps of my bra as I pull them on
Shame stained on my knicker as they slide back up

Heavy is my heart
Desperate is my soul
Deflated is my spirit

You leave, and take a part of me once more
Ashley Apr 26
im single now.
its weird.
but i can’t lie it would only take one person
one phone call
cash and a few gallons of gas to leave everything behind
KyleB Apr 11
The limp body laid on the floor
Fairy lights outlined the cool form

To move
The weight too heavy
The whole world

the fairy lights are burning

Body and light
Will never touch
And it stings
It already burns
But it cannot warm the body

Different colours
Different brightness
Various behaviour


they will all cease
When time comes

The scene is romantic - the consequence is not
The bright success, expectations
The failure is in the middle

Nobody talks about its darkness
Lights are the hot topic.

alessandra Apr 9
I didn't realize that I had missed the rabbits so
til I nearly stumbled over one in the dark and dew

impossibly still and also bounding with movement, vibrating
a tenacious anxiety reflected back to me in more than one
lost, drunken, exasperated moment
memories inevitably left in backseats and waterlogged journals
the thorny irony of holding fervently what this life means to me
and for me
knowing I've forgotten nearly most of it
to trauma
and to time

why would I tuck away the times I've made myself the image of my parents?
why cherish and return to the slur of dysfunction and imbalance
why build myself on the moments I broke upon

each falter is palmed inside me
slick and pressed with dust
the life of every love and bond
I can't release
for fear that I will sink into the sky
for fear that I've only ever been a reflection
is it empathy? maybe it's a pervasive fear of abandonment
as you cannot leave me if you need me
as you cannot fear me if you trust me
as you cannot without me
and I, you
Hiwaga Mar 19
To be honest, I always thought that at this point of my life, I would have people who would be proud of me. Okay fine I know I don’t have much of achievements going on but I’m trying. I’m trying to be the best at my job. I’m trying to be the right person for the role. I’m trying to execute every tasks and job that was given to me. I’m even going beyond it. I’m trying to make everybody proud. I thought I’m not the kind of person who would actually crave for attention and validation from the people she loves but apparently I do. Not because I am that sad and pathetic but I just want to find a reason to keep moving. I’m slowly losing my confidence with what I do. I’m slowly turning into this unsure gal who would doubt everything she would say or do. I kind of lost my game and a little appreciation would be nice. It won’t fix whatever insecurities that I have but it will give oil to my rusty machine.

I’m tired. I’m tired of being not appreciated. I’m tired of this ******* life that I live.

And I’m slowly getting tired of people.

I really am.

It *****.
I'm done.
Spriha Kant Mar 12
Sometimes , I am unable to resist an unknown force which pushes me to go beyond my limits and makes me a deaf for listening to all the **** that others say and think about me.
(Verse 1:)
Dreaming is for fools daring to shut their eyes
Keeps us sleeping soundly
A bed of lies
Rendering us blind
Incoming demise
So confused cannot tell day apart from night
In desert searching for something to drink
What can you do out there with just your thoughts but think?
Like dreams written in your head in blood-red ink
Everything you want hard to get when you're living on the brink
Difficult roads lead each direction
Beautiful destinations if given correction
Its kind of funny
You make the connection
Best people are created from pain and rejection
No one knows what is coming until it arrives
An earthquake to shake up their life
Go to lengths to avoid destiny
You can't escape fate by going to extremes

And I ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometimes
I cry sometimes about it
And girl I know that **** hurt
Maybe if this world was perfect
We could make it work but I doubt it

(Verse 2:)
Difficult roads lead directly to our fate
Beautiful destinations that meaningfully await
Allowing to see good things are on the way
My mothers words haunt me to this day
"Underneath surface things are not as they appear"
Layers upon layers make picture unclear
100% something seen is real
You reach to touch it and in seconds it disappears
I move through life like it is all a dream
The world around me is not as nice as it seems
Mirrors leave me wanting to scream
Crying about everything
Enjoy little bit of peace I have before it fully fades away
Things fray nerves every difficult day
All we have
One life
Not a day more or less
Take a moment to pause and realize you are blessed
Is reality real?
It's anybody's guess
Either way I'm going to give it my all and try my best

And I ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometimes
I cry sometimes about it
And boy that **** hurt
And ain't nobody perfect
Still we could make it work but you doubt it

They say perception is everything
Why can't I control the things I see?
Try my hardest to grow to be the best that I can be
But my head and my heart do not always agree
What the **** do all these coincidences mean?
There has to be something more out there for me
Caught in between where I wanna be and where I am
Because if I am being honest this was never my plan
I am just trying to survive the only way I can
With a chip on my shoulder and knife in my hand
My legs are tired but I continue to stand
Don't know why I still give a ****
Guess some lessons take time to understand
Depression has the upper hand but soon that's gonna change
Because it's about **** time I take the reigns
Begin writing a new chapter and turn the page
Take control of my life make it rearrange
Grow the **** up and start acting my age
I know this is on a completely different subject than the original song but whatever
Michelle Rose Feb 13
Boys who ****
are not the same
as men who love.
Men who lie
were never men to begin with.
Boys who cheat
do not value you, ***.
don’t ****
Strong women
because strong women know
a man
would never lie
or cheat
or use
They would gracefully lead
and respectfully leave
if they couldn’t.
are not the same as men.  
Boys who ****,
are not the same as men who love.
i'd **** myself

not suicide, no, even that isn't enough
for all that i've done.

no, i'd rip myself
limb from limb
tear the muscles
that bind my long slender legs
let metal and body meet
shatter the bones that cross
inside my scarred arms
i'd tear out my ugly heart
douse it in kerosene
watch it burn and melt
bubble and turn black
i'd take the stomach
sunken deep inside
cut it lovingly apart
and feed it to the devil
i'd take razor to skin
dig out my empty eyes
shave off my pretty lips
mutilate my lovely face
til the only thing left
is pink and white
burns and scars
like the ones inside
you can all hate me, because in the end, i hate myself more.
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