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anotherdream May 12
Should I call myself a traitor
For not honoring my needs
When I fall for you again
When I'm struggling to breathe

In the pool of old regrets
I'm still asking what it means
As I'm sinking to the floor
As I'm drowning to be free

I lament my current ignorance
For forgetting certain things
Like when I lay down in the dirt
From admitting our defeat

There's no basis for return
If you're always in my dreams
I had finally let you go
Until I ruined everything

I shouldn't play with fire
When my heart is made of weeds
But I was so desperate for attention
And the comfort it can bring

So I'll call myself a traitor
Cause I'm only hurting me
When I'm crawling back to you
And am on my hands and knees
In this poem I lament getting back with the girl who caused me so much heartache. It's as if all my effort into moving on from her and recovering was for nothing, because as soon as I talked to her again, I fell right back to square one. After the fact, I have adjusted and just keep my distance but in that moment, I had much regret of communicating with her after years of pain.
ky Jul 2023
If you were really my best friend,
you'd know that all I needed was
for you to be there for me.
I didn't need to know the truth.
I already knew I had ******* up.
I just needed you to assure me
that everything would be okay.

But instead, you were there for him,
acting like what I went through wasn't hard,
telling me how much I messed up,
assuring me that everything that happened was
my fault.

True friends don't do that.
Ex-friends do.
justine grace Jun 2023
here i am on a train ride
on it for the first time in years
when it was supposed to be with you this year
we made plans to travel more together many times
and we wanted to make it work this time around
but now it ***** that you ain’t here

maybe it’s for the best
maybe it’s meant for me to make memories with my girls
maybe we were not meant to make any more memories and be each other’s first time for everything

you were great, but you were broken
and you dragged me down the pit with you

as selfish as I can be as a person
you were way worst than i can ever be

i loved you with you all my heart
but now all I have left to offer you is my rage
i don’t wish you the best
i don’t wish you happiness
i wish you'd cry
for all the torture you’ve put me through
it's been three weeks and i'm still in hell but deep down, i know that i am slowly healing from the heartache. days feel like nights and i feel helpless at times. but it's okay, time will heal this pain. they said you should not regret the past memories that used to make you happy, but with all my heart – i regret meeting you. i regret loving you. i regret dumping everyone for you. and i regret for not seeing your true colours since day one. i wish you the worst in life. karma might hit me but honestly, what you put me through is already feeling like i'm in hell so i'm good.
giovanna Feb 2022
inteiramente perfeito
tirava-me suspiros
és tão belo, tão doce
tal como uma miragem

com certo atrevimento
tentei lhe alcançar
porém não consegui
pois tal como uma miragem
você nem mesmo esteve ali
Adaptação de um poema que fiz em 2016, o significado é de se apaixonar por alguem que inventou uma personalidade, e na verdade, não era nada do que dizia ser.
Kamal Dec 2020
Love is a legend
Whispered in alleyways
Told down streams  
Sung among barren hills
Murmured between evergreen trees

Give up! fool
Love is a reed in windy plains  
Sprang with the morning dew
And died at the feet of dunes

Love is an impossible errand
Run from sunset to sunrise  
Between god and man

Hey fool ...
Listen and listen well
Love is a thief’s jewel
A Liar’s truth
A killer’s gun
And a Traitor’s lie

No love for fools.
Terra Levez Nov 2020
sometimes in the silent dark
when im curled in the corner
is it just
the sound of my traitorous heart
outside the
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
You were supposed to love me til death do us apart.
But Then you let go and decided to trample my heart.
You've turned love into a lie and made heartbreak a work of art.
It was something I should have seen coming from the very start.
I was so foolish. Choosing someone like you wasn't at all very smart.

I fell in love with you because I knew your heart and knew who you were.
Now everything good about you has been wiped away, now a blur.
When I told you I loved you I meant it. I didn't stutter nor slur.
Now, after all is said and done I wish this charade had never occurred.

My heart, soul, time and tears were all taken advantage of.
Oh, how you lied to me because what you offered was never love.
In spite of the suffering I went through by you, I still considered you sent from above.
You disregard the times I treated you like a queen, when you were my white dove.
When my heart utterly melted for you. When your beauty was my treasure trove.

Now that its all over, you've given love a bad name.
Now that its over, I'll never look at it the same.
Love is no longer beautiful. Its a disgrace, a pity, a game.
Because of you Ill probably never find true love and that's a real shame.
However, I do hope someday I can find another that'll light my heart aflame.
But for now its a darkness a void. Because of you that's what love has became.
I had been writing nothing but dark and depressing types of poems and wanted to switch it up. My ex wife did me ***** and apparently just "stopped loving me." That's just a garbage thing to say. So she just turned her back on me and abandoned me. This poem is what I now think of the "love" she used to have for me.
Ylzm Sep 2020
The greatest enemy is the enemy within
The most evil is one most believed as God
The Shepherd sacrificed sheep, and sheep cheered

How can anything not be what it seems
How can I mean other than what I said
How can eyes see soul, when there is none

An apple can be nothing but an apple
A patriot hugs the flag, a christian waves the bible
And the loser, unarmed, accursed, hangs from a tree

In robes of peace, prosperity and power, reigns evil
In dispersion, despair and death, are its enemies
In friends with cleaned feet are traitorous deceivers
Sreeyaa May 2020
My traitorous heartbeat,
just won't slow down,
tryin' to be discreet ,
with my fallen crown.
Aruna Jan 2020
Fire a blaze with a roar so loud, a fort
that keeps people away, vicious sort
with a corrupted mind, extort
the poor and needy, distort
the reality, the people retort
I am the bad heart, now they cavort
as I am no more, the fire fort
has done it's deeds, foolish people court
with imbecile intellect, contort
are their lives now accomplices are now turncoat.
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