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Emptier than space
Emotions flickering on and off
Like the trillion stars that
Are kept looking alive
Even though we know
They exploded a couple light years ago
Empty; like a bottle of Hennessy
that everyone has taken a sip of
Should I go and try to fill it with glitter
Or water and some freshly cut flowers?
But I feel out of place
Though everyone comes and takes a sniff
No one asks where the real me go
And I have no other purpose
But to be forgotten as people
Move and go with the flow.
Where’d the real me go? ©️2021 Jana Pelzom

I don’t really know what I’m writing, but I do know that I’m getting a little damp again so I did what I could to try and push it off my chest. We can’t afford therapists so we do second best, right?

P.S If any one of y’all reading this have mental health issues, I hope you win.
Hans Ho Jun 2
My family my family
We all love each other
Sometimes we fight though
We learn to forgive and forget
Kiss each other
Hug each other
Help each other
Do you like your family?
Yes I do!
My hair is covered, my intellect is not.
My feet are covered, yet I'm still going places.

My ears are covered, my hearing is not.
My back is covered, yet I'm still standing.

You've imprisoned my tongue, my words will never surrender.
You've imprisoned yourself, yet I'm still trying to set you free.
Aŧül Apr 17
First was a demo.
Second was a desire.
Third was a demon.
Fourth was a disappointment.
Fifth was a liar.
Sixth was someone who lost me.
Seventh was a charlatan.
Eighth was a Succubus.
But nineth is a different Angel,
My Angel.
My HP Poem #1925
©Atul Kaushal
Always remember
I lived life
with a certain determination
It was not always easy
It was often painful
I never gave in
Copped out
I preserved
I had my kids
I had my music
I wrote my
I shared my life
I helped others see
The beaches , I enjoyed
I collected my rhinos 🦏 & my rocks 💎
I always loved hard
you were my reason
for believing in hope
I found love ❤️
and it was good
mmm yes it was magic💖
But it ended
So my witchy self 🧙
moved ahead with grace
It took my 3 times before
that was accomplished
Why not test out those mishaps
Just to make sure
Lol 😂
Oh well
Learned the hard way
Hard headed , Stubborn
Norwegian 🇳🇴
so ALWAYS remember
AND BACK 💞🌙🌍💗💋🤟✌️🎵📝☯️
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Muse Crush

You are a flame inside me

You are far away
Yet so close
Teetering on the edge of my imagination

The yearning is the knowing
The mere knowledge of you
That you are existing somewhere
Somewhere my reality can’t touch

My words spill out of me
Like candy from a piñata
Pages and pages
Poems scattered about like hungry lovers

You make me feel good
So eager to express
To spill my inner self onto empty pages

You are my muse
My cruel inspiration
The tears that stain my pillow

I am dancing on a cloud
Unnoticed by you
As you live your life
Unaware of mine

My words are endless
My thoughts knowing no bounds
As I imagine your eyes
Penetrating through me

You are my fantasy
My never forever
My drug of choice

You are the fuel that keeps me writing

You are my special light
Turning on inside me
When all my creativity is turned off

I want to ravish you
Bite the buttons off your shirt
Loosen your soul
Drown in your eyes without a life jacket

You are my muse crush
The smile on my face
The pain in my heart
The hello that never comes
The inevitable goodbye
© Jennifer Lynn DeLong 2018
julius Mar 18
when we kissed
in the car
i hit you
across the cheek
i didn't mean it
at the same time
i did
How do I describe
True Love in life
How can I explain
True Love in life
It's so beautiful and
Touching every day
In my life my heart
Smiles so bright
And skips a beat
Feeling True Love
Every day in my life.
True Love 💗
Casey Rodger Jan 27
I can not see the end
I can not see the start
So I keep my blind fold tight
And I follow whats in my heart

I do not know how near
I do not know how far
But nothing really matters
As long as there's fuel in my car

I'll forget I ever heard
The wonders in my mind
I'll try stay 2 steps forward
So that I dont fall behind

Where ever I may arrive
Where ever I may depart
I'll do what I do best
And I'll follow whats in my heart
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