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Khoi 1d
You entered
the gardens
at noon

the sunflower
took a bow
and the rose bended low

it wasn't the fragrance
you wore

it was the aura
that I saw

gentle and kind

a reinvention of you
will never ever
cross my mind.
Capetown Gardens 1984
My mother, she
Knows more than me,
Though she, like anybody,
Has her own insecurities;
That she doesn’t have a degree;
But she’s been teaching me
Twenty twos years and 5 months,
My sister 5 more years;
She’s been teaching longer than  
most of my buddies;
It’s even worse
For she can’t just fail;
Give F’s and maybe a retrial
My mother,
I tell you she,
Deserves an honorary college degree
For though she says I now know more than her
She was the one helping me through
my cries and utter misery.
It is unfair how the world at large
Took away your student at heart
But I need to apologize
For that in turn
Helped me realise how to learn.
My Mom © 2020 Jana Pelzom
Dedicated to my mother for all she has been through for me. Not everyone gets as lucky but I hope some end up being the lucky strike for other children instead.
Shaneia 4d
So depressed, life is just a constant stress,my mind cant rest... pain in my chest,its either this or death.. Dreadful rest...
Is this God's test,
Or is my life that big of a mess..
This pain in my chest..
I constantly live inside my head, the boogie monsters not under my bed, hes inside my ******* head, I cant escape him,i know he ain't fake man, theres nowere to run to and nowere to hide. I look in the mirror and I'm forced to look him in the eyes . ...
I begin to cry, tears rolling down my cheek, my knees get weak.,I cant speak please god set me free from all this misery ...

Shaneia Comeaux
Anxiety triggerd
She's my sunshine in life
And my shining stars every night
Without her I'm nothing
And she's forever my
Beautiful wife.
She's My Perfect Angel 😍😍
Happily in love with you I'll be
Having you in my life and
In my heart I'm truly
As happy as any man can be
You bring happiness and joy
To my life your the beat of my heart every day
And when I'm with you my heart is smiling away
And I'm the luckiest man in the world
To you have you every day as my beautiful wife because
I'll love you forever for the rest of my life.
It's My Life 😍
David P Carroll.
I no my life isn't perfect
And I try my best every day
But the day you came
Into my life was the best
Day of my life because
You become my beautiful wife.
A Love Letter By💕
David P Carroll.
Äŧül Sep 29
My past is so blotted & blotched,
Yet, I am living this moment.

Painful or not, it'd hardly matter,
Any luck with life, I miss daily,
I miss all my possibilities,
None have I achieved,
To time I put my ode,
Ever so desperately,
Dying will be easier.

Perhaps, I'd wait until my parents,
And then I shall embrace her,
Saying, “Sorry, I kept you longing,”
This time there is no guardian angel.
My HP Poem #1889
©Atul Kaushal
Shofi Ahmed Sep 28
When I stood
before my mirror
I put my hand down
raised to touch the moon.
Still, I say it's beautiful!
Mark Parker Sep 21
Georges Seurat paints my vision,
my eyes see through his art,
but that's the nice way of saying
you are closer if I shut my right eye
and farther if I shut my left.

Somedays, I read "O" as "Q",
and occasionally, you aren't you.
You are that person whose face,
hair, and build are similar
to that other person I know.
Your voice will give it away,
unless you walk close
on a cloudless sunny day.
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