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Loki 2h
It was the around the month of August, 8 years ago.
We had just finished class and were about to go home , we had to walk a little distance to catch the bus.
To reach there we had to cross a huge junction , as we we walked out without any warning the sky went dark instantly ,
puzzled by the happenings we rushed to get to shelter before it would start to pour down ! (Wellthere was nothing special in what was happening , but it was because of her .
Yes she's my first rain , the one that could spur a smile from oneself with just a grin eagerly splashed from her face,
her presence could cast silhouettes in the air drawing me to her closer than ever,
such was her pristine yet delicate voice ,
I can never describe words of her unending charisma which knew no bounds such was the power of her presence)
we managed to get to that busy junction ! All we would think was to get that shelter ,
as we were waiting for the signal to turn green, it had already started to drizzle,
she turned her face towards mine and her crystal voice said
"when the lights turn green we will Sprint across the road!"

With my trembling tone I whispered
"I'm scared to cross the road". This time with her Stark grey eyes staring into mine,
she held my hand , my senses shook not to be rattled by the Strom but by her warmth ,
with all this going I felt a drop of rain touch my hand , yes the one she was holding,
so rejuvenating I never thought I could've appreciated the rain as much as I do now,
the magic of her touch had awakened my senses!
As we crossed the road all I could do was Wonder what was happening ,
Was it the rain? Was it her? Was any of this real?

We finally reached the shelter, she was no longer holding my hand ,
Yet I still had the same feeling wiring me into flashes!
Since that day rain has never been the same ,
Every time a drop touches my skin I can still feel the flashes thatI first felt the rain!
A kiss from my sweet
energizes my morning;
coffee's love can wait
Naeratus su silmades,
Suunurgad paitamas kõrvu
On päike minu tedretähnidele

Sa vaikselt avad oma suu
Poetad hingetõmbe
Nii su mõtted juba mu kõrvuni jõudnud
Ilma,et oleksid midagi õelnud

Kas see tunne ongi
See ihatuim
Sest mina ihkan seda veel
Ja kui polegi nii
Vaid neil mõttes mõlgub muu
Siis siiski minul ei
Midagi muud
Lydia 1d
being in love with him is the most natural thing in the world
he told me the first time we hung out,
that he just felt comfortable with me
and I knew exactly what he was saying
because his arms felt like home the very first time they wrapped around me
and honestly still do
Mirror, Mirror
what do I see?
My demon staring
back at me!

That very same demon
that gives me fright
in early day coffee
and every night!

The demon is handsome
with devilish smile
Sad, they don't know
that this demon is vile!

There's times that he buries
himself deep inside
But, when he comes out
there's nowhere to hide!

The demon is tricky
at every turn
disguised as an angel;
ready to burn!

Fantastic achievement!
You're doing great!
The demon said, "Nope!"
then pooped on my plate!

You're doing much better!
Keep up the good work!
The demon says, "Whatever!"
Man! He's such a jerk!

When I tried to fight him;
my body would ache.
I've finally learned
that that's a mistake!

I made a decision
to let my heart mend
and welcome the demon
in as a friend!

You can sit quietly;
don't ring my bell
because if you do
Everything will fade away
But I'll still be staying here
In my crumbling dream

Nothing for this ache
Bright against the light of day
The centerpiece

For the first time, in a long time
For the very first time...

Vacate every side in space
One last chance that we could take

Moth writhing in the flames
Never meant to be
Drawn up to the ledge I found
waking soulless sleep

For the first time, in a long time
Maybe for the the last time...

Take a deep breath
Sort out your answers
Take off the mask
Look through your own eyes, again
Take a deep breath
Brace for impact
surrendering to the angel you send in the night
tarnishing night with stars you set, of mementos, gems
sweetened into being by the heat of unknown
fun in the warning
sun in the worsening
need to see the warm winds
in your hair, see it myself
my vigil, diadem is a pen
decrees are on each page
that summer endings and I
lay down to
- it's dreaming
of the soul that holds my soul
GulRukh Jun 22
I fall for you
cause my heart needs love to brew
and i am aware
but i started to care
you are heavy fog of the morning
and i am of a kind that blooms in spring
I need you
to love me
cover me in this dew
I can beg you to fall
but i can't hold you at all
you'll wet everyone
but own by none
He loved someone else and I knew it from the start but I don't know why I still want him
Anya 4d
I held back the waterfall
threatening to pour
Is it passive resignation?
I don't believe so
It feels more like...
Taking joy in the little things
But clutching onto a hope
that the world
my world
my story
will just evolve into just about every book
I've read
A happy story
I mean-it is
But, it's imperfect
Filled with incessant
pity parties
I'm not friendless
I'm not heart broken
I have my family
I have talent
I have resources
I live in a great community
I have a great education
Endless opportunities
At my disposal
If I just reach
It's impossible to feel perfect
And impossible to shrug off the laziness
The complacency
The flaws
It's important to be greatful
And I am
If I had the opportunity to trade
I definitely wouldn't
It is true that sometimes
I'm smacked in the face
with the imperfections
the flaws
of my world
that I strive towards
I must keep striving towards

I feel better now.
. . . You
Fuck me, you
Are the best thing that has ever
Happened to . . . Me. . .
I thank God for you every day baby
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