Michael 2d

Sometimes I notice while staring up toward something that it begins to move further and further away, I never thought my reach was so short sighted, leaving me incapable of doing something so simple which was that I could not grasp onto something so close, maybe because I’m not deserving of its touch, to know its feel, the texture it could’ve sprouted from my hand and for the wondrous explosions it may have imprinted inside my mind, it’s thoughts curating inside, it’s knowings are sacred to those who are too brittle to try, that would eventually break when seeing the truth covered with lies.
I’m a truth floating over restless waters soon I’ll live beneath these waterbeds, dropping into the depth finding myself to be the audience in witness to the moons light burning across this gallery of dazzling eyes sweeping across the water
catching me with struggling hands—like that of a child frolicking through the marsh eager to catch a grasshopper full of fraught, to every single attempt he seemingly fails miserably—slipping through her translucent fingers watching, her taut strings of light unbelievably deceiving, letting me descend, what an aura to shine through and carry me to a resting place. From you, radiance exudes from your pallid complexion, melting, pouring down, off the skies’ abstraction, leading along the ridges of this undulating ocean, piercing through the surface, finding me captivated with your everlasting prudence. Oh Luna, you embraced me with just a simple stare, letting me go, without a care, not that I was hoping to be saved by you but I never knew how cold your tendered heart was until then, saving yourself from me as the company we commonly shared. You looked me directly in my face while the shadow washed up my body and took ahold of me like iron I became heavy, suddenly gone from your presence, toppling over a vague distortion, touching the snow covered floor, it can be so cold down here that I’m missing your subtle warmth. All I know is fluid motion, I’m awaiting my release, dust particles move so slow here, losing themselves to the blackened thought lingering around, boundless-sifting into my shallow lungs, a rather penetrative experience I can’t recall permitting, my capacity to feel has but reached its limit, my abstraction to which was already nothing to begin with has been replaced with liquid dreaming, but you–oh luna, aren’t so invasive, I’m not use to this, I recall our long meetings, the visible wavelength that drew a cord from me to you, vibrations of interconnection, pulsating at a higher frequency that brought our overlapping glances together through synchronization, always meeting at the oddest of hours with many forms, and blushing orange tones , I never did forget, you always had something unprecedented about you that I come to see now. your twinkle that trickled down my cheek as our eyes intertwined, a moment that you held so dearly quickly stored away into the past once I slipped through your ever changing luminescence, the pain we shared from the loneliness laid bare, suddenly vanished away now that I sleep for an eternity, away, without the light to keep me awake. Now I’m keeping this obsidian filled space company, our fate was fainted by the interwoven obsession this bottomless sea has for me and only me.


hypnagogic; before I reach the state of being asleep this place tends to become motionlessly still and quieted to a great degree, very unsettling, so that this consonant ring finds an ear, making its way to me as I see myself in a dream staring into waves of black uncertainty—

hypnopompic; I’ve learnt that for the briefest of moments, which seems like forever, a strange phenomenon occurs, gravitating me up close to ecstasy, only to lead me toward a fragmented presence. what it is that is happening is I’m always being swept under this intoxicating breeze, serene and laced with a nostalgic undercurrent,my subconscious is presumably aware that It is growing more and more awake initiating this particular short lasting effect, engendering it really, possibly to stimulate a fully erected state of awakenings, this is precedent to waking up then the sub-sequential events take place: the water seeps through and I’m without the excitement of knowing that my eyelids would eventually open up to you not being there. I’m only seeing nothingness beside me now.
You’re only just the lie that circles my mind now  

—liquid sleeping conditions

In my own discretion I succumb to feeling numb, conforming to a liquid state where I’m moving slowly, unsteadily along the rail of loneliness, mindfully aware I’m drowning in a sentimentality, that I can no longer escape from, inevitably I always stay waiting, longing for a change in scenery, for something else, for someone else, I would need to find my self lost completely so that I can be fully found~

—defective from you (lunar mood)

I can’t tell anymore. It was clear (the night I mean). I looked up toward the only place anyone else would and found a resonating sadness. After the gusts swooped me up carrying me into the deep depth of my infinite tears. I couldn’t move for the next hour so I stayed sitting beside my car with weak legs caught by her melancholy display.

For those who can’t help but fall away while watching the moon dim and blow away.

Im aware the structure is pretty terrible since I write from my phone which acts pretty erratic.
Me Díaz 16h

Can’t make a good cup of joe out of shitty coffee-beans

M•(e). Díaz

Isn't shitty office coffee a metaphor for life?

My special dream ...

wish i could hug you ..
hold you to me chest ...
to get your lips ...
so close to mine ...
to kiss you ...
as we did ...
there into my dream ...
that dream ...
which never get as it before ...

wish we could do again ...
as that dream ...

yes sweetheart ...
it's the wish which i long for ...
which i dream to live this dream ...
for all my life ...

sweet angel ...
where were together alone ..
some where ..
i don't really where ...
but i'm sure it was ...
as we were in the paradise ...
as an angel we both were ...
together laying ...
under a big tree ...
where no sky ...
nor a ground ...
among all birds ...
flying ...
dancing ...
singing ...
with all love words ...
dancing so close ...
one to the other ...
chest on chest ...
eyes into eyes ...
kissing it other ...
as our lips do ...

Oh babe ...
come to my dream again ...
come let's make this dream ...
comes as true ...

are you coming babe ...
are you ready to do it ...
again with me ...

hazem al ...

Lydia 1d

I was always afraid of leaving
thinking that I would lose the parts of me willing to love again,

as if I had forgotten my heart was mine, still beating in my chest

to afraid of what I would become if I was alone or without you

like I thought that my brilliance was only because of you or something
and that it wasn't actually more of a reflection of myself back to me

I had forgotten I am my own
I am enough

to love again is inevitable
because I myself, am irrevocably going to be loved

You are a forbidden fruit
One that I'm undeserving of
Maybe what attracts me the most
Is how you much effort I put
Into scaling your branches
Seeking what I can't have
Without you loosing a breath
I slip and fall
Reaching out for what I can't hold
Without you knowing
I find myself held by tangled vines
Craving what I can't get
Oblivious to the approaching cloud
Of reality and fate
Fueled by a fools hope
And fleeting kisses.
- ©M

YuugenP 2d

Three knives in the kitchen.
The sharpest used,
sharp red stains.

Three blister pack of pills.
All of them empty,
distorted package.

Three strands of rope.
The middle one tied,
blood-tainted noose.

Three bleeding wounds,
three empty painkiller packs,
three-feet-long rope.

Three to the one,
three minutes have begun,
the young girl stays there.

It's been quite a while since I've written these stuffs. I'm pretty obsessed with the number three by now.

A snow white orchid blooming in the winters eve.
summoning the souls who disbelieve.

Hours pass by as people wonder.
The secrets this little flower has to plunder.

Even though is just a simple little flower in the snow.
More about this magical feeling I must know.

Its fragle petals damp with morning dew.
Its placement quite askew.

With death and fear all around.
This little flower is surely bound.

Its stem reaching into the sky so everyone sees.
The beautiful essence it surely leaves.

With the clouds rolling in with the sound of thunder.
attempting to leave the flower asunder.

People try to help it grow.
To see the powers it bestows.

even though this perfect flower is pretty new.
Its beauty is absolutly true.

And when the blazing sun goes down.
Darkness is seen all around.

The beautiful feeling I receive.
When our emotions interweave.

Seeing her fragile smile in the morning sun, I ask what spell I’m under.
As I feel i have fallen in a blunder.

Her bright hazel eyes quite aglow.
I wish I had felt this feeling long ago.

I catch myself staring into.
With this magical feeling I’m not used to.

I never thought I’d be this astound.
I’m far to gone to back down.

My heart was perfectly satisfied.
My emotions grew and flew with the thought of you.
Knowing you’d be by my side until the very day I die.
I never thought that love could be so true.

The angelic presence my eyes concieved you as was fairly new to me.
My heart was locked up tight.
But you were already waiting there with the key.
You took it without any fight.

Until the day the sky turned to silver gray.
Felt like ash was all around.
The day that destiny took you away.
My knees hit the ground and my soul became unbound.

That drop of water running down my face was just the begining,
To a extremely painful ending.

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