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Latifah 1d
You became
the reason
my smile fades
every time
You cross
my mind.
sarah 1d
silence, my heart beats too fast for acting normal
blank stares, you catch me reliving the same daydream
where i confess and you feel the same
but, every time i wake up

i missed the part where you said you loved me
or did you even say anything?
i guess it's all in my head
why would you love me when you could love her instead?
sometimes. i live in my head so much.

i look in the mirror and
i'm an actual,
physical being. (whaat?)

and when someone comes and speaks to me,

" can see me?"
then they always say smthng like "you're bUggin"
Faith 2d
will i ever stop running?

when will I no longer,
feel the need to escape?

where are you?
are you happy there?
do you wish,
you could run too?

my life is terrifying me.
I often feel,
I have nowhere to go,

and so I run,
hoping to find something.
Black butterfly, how is your day?
Soaring peacefully throughout the waves
Crashing down with a certain multitude
It seems as you haven’t flown much today
I’m just wondering...
Are you okay?
Black butterfly look at your wing
Injured by HURT and PAIN
Unintentionally leaving contusions
Leaving the tears to heal your wing
Black butterfly
For better or worse
You still push through the storm
It’s not as clear out
As it was yesterday
How does your heart feel now?
Those clouds don’t seem so dark
Your warmth has melted the sun
No fighting anymore
Black butterfly
Where does love come from?
From the unknown
From the one who’s been through the most
Leaving every beat of your heart
In beat with your beat
Black butterfly
There’s your smile
Lightening up the fallen one
Words spoken
Without hearing a mumbling word
Yet understood
Black butterfly
Allow me to be here
Watching you as you heal
Throbbing inside me
Reaching for the ultimate thrill
Timeout the world
Punishment upon many years
Flying high
Seeking peace on your broken wing
Healing of love
Soothing to a joyous ring
Black butterfly
How high did you soar?
Did you see where heaven and earth meets?
Did you see some worth believing?
Royalty built with loyalty
Sitting on your wealth of trust
Did you meet the one that completes?
The one that mended your broken wing?
Did it hurt?
For them to see?
That life is just as fragile as it can be?
How broken was their wing?
Nice look
I now truly see
Black butterfly
It all became as one?
Realizing you have met your sun
The one who you save as the one
You are better now
Free and loved
Black butterfly
My one and only true dove
The light in my eye
Black butterfly don’t cry
For those tears don’t belong in your eyes
I’m forever to stay
Free and calm
Just like when you fly
In the blue and relaxing sky
home my black butterfly
I never knew about true love
I didn’t think true love could  come true;
I never believed in true love,
Until I finally fell in love with you..
Her Heart
In my mind,
if I
love you,
then you
love me,
that's not
always true.
My heart melts like candle wax,
Its sorrow only stax,
My heart was made of solid gold,
But it has began to grow cold,
Everything i have done,
Every heart i wish that i had won,
But all i am is all alone,
My helplessness has only grown.
Broken Hearts can be Mended. But melted hearts are soullessly blended
Gemma 7d
It’s ****** you know;
Stupidity is dumb
And if I’m dumb you may as well give up.
Tears fell like my expectations
for you , I lost my patience
And in this situation, there is nothing
that i have really won.
I earned the truth ,nonetheless
Had to look for it and
unless you understand what its like to be repeatedly lied to then you’ll probably think its not that bad.
But I wanna go back
To pretending you don’t exist because now it hurts, yet you still insist that shattered trust is not as severe as a healed heart
I have to restart
As a fight with you was more peaceful than a fight against myself.
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