Bryce 1h
Keep it simple, stupid
Water your squash
groom your shit

clean your hair
make your bed
go to work
rest when you're dead

the mountain's majesty is dis-communicated on the
chaotic explosion of 680
where soccer moms and angry dads
fed direct from the tide
explode inside their cars
nobody can hear them
'till five o clock with a beer in their hand

Kids at school
learning spectra
of color and light and soul and love
so zoomed out
must be


Cartoon T.V
hey kids! remember not to talk to strangers!
quacked out in the head
they'll duck you inside their candy van
and you'll never be seen again

instill fear of the other
wait, why do they hate us?
why are they afraid?
they're supposed to love everyone
(and gays)

God is dead
we're floating through space
a rock going nowhere,
there is no place

No up or down,
just live and be gay,
there's nothing too queer,
there's no need for fear

just pay your taxes
in time to the state

Now i'm supposed to use big words
and relate somehow
deeply to a concept
we can't understand
but I've tripped far enough
and seen my heels
to know
it doesn't matter how you feel
or what you say

people are gonna keep dreaming anyways.
Goodbye, my dear friend, for now.
I’m gone for only a day,
But I know that you know how,
for our next minuet, I’ll await.

Goodbye, my dear ol’ Chickering,
‘Til the next time I’ll sit and then
I’ll listen to your diamond ring
Bless my ears again.

Thank you, yes you, my dear,
For offering your friendly counsel,
For lending me your patient ears
Over years and through tears as well.

Just a day, my dear, lil’ piano,
Until I’ll peer again into your musical window.

I realized today just how... much... I truly do love my piano. Even if I play the same, singular song over and over again, I just love to stop by the piano in my few free minutes of down time and sing and play. I often revisit the same songs just because I know how to play them while singing and do it well (or at least fairly decently in my mind) during those few short minutes. I’ve often been so overwhelmed with happiness that J’ve just wanted to play, giving me an excuse to belt the lyrics as loud as I can (lol) or play to finally release any restrained or built up stress from throughout the day. I suppose I use it to cope with many things. I suppose I use music in general for this purpose: to cope. It’s either that, or to motivate or inspire me to do something. Also, sometimes, I suppose a “Disney princess” just wants a dramatic background orchestral acccompaniment to what she does, lol... I may not have an orchestra, but I have my piano... and that’s all I need. ❤️☺️
Good bye my love ...

good bye my sweetheart ...
good bye my lady ...
whom i loved ...
loved and thought about ...
so many years ...
but she never feel me ...
she never believe me ....
good bye my lady ,,,
whom i kept always ....
so deep inside my heart ...

ooh sorry heart ...
really i'm so sorry ...
to tire you my pity heart ...
to make you always beats ...
with a lady ...
whom never think of you ...
and never feel you ...
sorry heart ...
for every beat that you did ...
for a lady whom never feel you ....

good bye lady ...
i closed my heart ...
and break my pen ...

good bye lady ....
salam ....

hazem al ...
Ludus 17h



emnabee 1d
My dad is funny.
When he sneezes
He says, “oh boy”
Instead of “achoo.”

My dad is handsome.
Tall and thin.
Gray hair, sneaky grin.

My dad has a sideways glance
That lets you know he can keep a secret.
(And he looks like a younger Clint Eastwood)

My dad is relaxed
Very chill.
Hanging at the blackjack table
Counting his bills.

My dad is a sweet granddad
To my kids.
He goes fishing with them
When we visit.

My dad had a damaged heart.
He has a massive scar.
But thankfully, they fixed it.
(His heart, I mean, with the open heart surgery.)
For my Dad for Father’s Day.
Love you so much! xoxo
You say that you want me but I don't believe
as I sit in your silence uncovering me
over thinking that you would even seldom think
my tumultuous waters were worth a small drink
I'm busted and broken and all sorts of wrong
living a sentence of the same fateful song
I've stolen and shaken an I'm truly mistaken
fearful of losing of what's been foresaken
Not worthy of much except this hand that's been dealt
where feelings were erected but are no longer felt
It's strange but not strange, as life leaves me behind
with two swollen eyes and a congenial mind
Always adapting, acceptingly backing
to a man, not attacking
this song has been sung
and sung and sung
Bryce 2d
Slumped into the late linen
sniff scent of stiff cigarette
burned into the chair
Hey, she used to be there
per fumigation
momentary into the chair

The ceiling is shifting like little snakes
whisky balm in a sweating glass
I haven't touched it, it's watering down
down into water and alco-seltzer
to ease my grumbling soul

Those snakes,
turning and writhing in the ceiling
where is she?
I smell her
forked tongue

You can't smoke inside anymore
not even in the old buildings already full
tar roof, tar boots, tar toys in the evening booth
french fries dipped in milkshake
sprinkled with salt and glucose

mmm good for the muscles
and the throat

she loved doing that kind of stuff,
weirdly enough.

sweat on my fingers
breathing heavy
studying the snakes with the bright eye
of a Darwinian belief

they will die,
I will die,
but not before we fulfill
our seething purpose

they lost their wings?
Is that why the Chinese
and the Greeks
and the Norse
and the Volks
and the Rabbinicals
claimed punishment was befit a creature
so little, yet so dangerous

(Monkey in the tree no snake will eat me)

to be swallowed whole and digested
born to die, fed to be born

slithering her sexy tail
into the mouth of heaven
for a second
then shuttled out the door

it is dark as onyx in the night
the stars shine like scales above
searching for the right snake
to emanate
and create
new life
for once
i tend to attract a lot females
is it the mystery i hold?
is it the toxic behaviour
whatever it is
they must love it
i'll use their bodies for my fun
but in reality
i only want my ex
and their just helping me drown all my pain in sex
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