I composed the poem "Angel?",
And its subsequent parts,
It is a magical saga.

It is indeed so much beautiful,
And the Angel in the story,
I fell in love with her.

Rhyming or not it is bountiful,
And of all the sorts of arts,
She is an eternal saga.

Roses bloom as she is dutiful,
And me she always loves,
Should she not be real.

Magical she is so screwable,
Days dim into the nights,
I long for an "Angel?".

Much I am like Pygmalion,
Do I like those moments,
I do love the "Angel?".

If I'm wrong then correct me not,
Loneliness is a deadly disease,
I am saved by the "Angel?".


My HP Poem #1602
©Atul Kaushal

In your age, my child,
Even I told the cutest of lies.
Such an imaginative kid I was,
I realize that it has been my forte.

One day, I stood on the balcony,
It was 1993 and I was so young.
I was not even 3 years of age,
I urinated there in the balcony!

My mother remembers it sharply,
She always tells me elaborately.
She was there as dad scolded badly,
"Why did you pee in the balcony?"

I was so young,
But not at all naïve.
I was artless,
But also naughty.

I live inside a research campus,
National Dairy Research Institute.
And here has been a cattle yard,
My father had shown me the cows.

So whatever came to my mind,
I just denied having peed there.
"I haven't peed here, daddy,"
"Who peed then?"

I said, "A cow did that, daddy,"
And I blamed a cow for my doing!
"How did it get here, did it fly?"
My dad asked the toddler I was.

I just nodded my head,
My father was amazed.
He looked surprised,
And my mother just laughed.

She said,
"Darling, I love your sweet little lies!"

A poem for my fictional future child.
And for my dear loving parents.
My HP Poem #1599
©Atul Kaushal
Chan S 2d

I'd given it all to you at the start
My time, my energy, even my heart.
Guess that's where I went wrong with you
But what else was I supposed to do
I gave you everything on a silver platter
But my love for you didn't seem to matter.
You took it all with a grain of salt
Leaving me with this end result
My time forever lost to someone idk
My energy's faded so idk where to go
Heart's locked in a tight fist of deprivation
I'm breathing in air at the highest elevation
Everyone deserves a second chance
but loving you is a dangerous dance
First I think that we're dancing together
Only to find you'd found somebody better
Better at this dance that you sucked me in
You used me up until you needed a win
The things you told me hold scars unseen
So how do I learn to love you all over again?
When your fingertips burn with a simple touch..
When my heart used 2 hurt bc I loved u so much
I'm so afraid bc I barely feel anymore
Mostly this suffocating pain to my deepest core
I used to love you no doubt about it 
Now all I wonder is Did I deserve it.
Bc you reap what you sow is all I used to hear
So what did I do in my younger years
Have I forgotten about some horrible task
Or in this case dare I even ask
You're a good person ringing in my ears
But my heart still won't let me hold back these tears.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

You're the beating of my heart
You're the voice of my concert
You're the rain in my drought
You're the shine at midnight
I yell if feel you're so apart.

I'm so happy and so proud
I'd find you in just crowd
Truly if I want to be fine
Just need your love on mine
I yell if feel you're so apart.

You're beauty so sweet
You're pretty so cute
Bolt, I'd say it's my enmity-
Just I need you eternity
I yell if feel you're so apart.

JAC 3d

I told you not to forget me
So you did
And I didn't want you to
But I guess I have to call it
My own fault, this time.

Wyatt R 3d

Grab each and every piece
and scramble them all up.
Make something unfamiliar,
a completely new picture.
Blow my world up,
have it all to smithereens.
Cut the ribbon
and kick it all off,
the grand opening
to a new life.
Place your hands
over my identity
and mold me
into a better sight.
Blow my mind,
amaze me in the most
indescribable ways.
Pull me by the hand
into a new light.
Raise the curtains
and reveal to me
a riveting recreation
of a life I always had,
but I could never
see on my own.
Recycle all the good
that went to waste,
please blow my world up
in the most beautiful ways.

To the future one.

Your love is like an ocean
It’s so deep with billow
Surfs slow down at haven
It hasn't line and wallow.

Your love is like a rose
It’s grown with fellow
Smells take lovely nose
It keep on sweets flow.

Your love is like the moon
It’s full with shining
Smiles flush grounds soon
It's coming and coming.

So I love you Willow
Can't leave you Bolt
You're my eyes Renee
Ray, open your window...

You are my heart
You are my part
You are my soul
You are my goal
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You're my morning
You're my evening
You are my noon
You are my boon
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You are my today
You're my morrow
You are my Ray
You're my Willow.
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

I would forget hurt so mile
If you give me sweet smile
I would gain deep sea gold
If you give me lead bold.

I would take away my pain
If you give me love again.

I would walk so ridgeway
If you give me a good day
I would see oh to do fly
If you give me vast sky

I would take away my pain
If you give me love again.

This is my story,
Full of riddles and rhymes .
This is my story,
Telling of happier times .
The words being spoken are mean,
But the voice telling them is sweet .
This is my story,
Listen and you might hear,
That wishing on dandelions takes you nowhere .
Listen and you might find,
Looking for shooting stars wastes your time .
A broken girl,
Going to battle with nothing but words .
This is my story,
And it's gross and gory .
But this is my story,
And I'm taking it with me .

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