You stepped in and
Out of my life like an old photo booth
Took a couple pictures, our first and last photo shoot
First the smile, then saying cheese
Then a kiss, then crying, and sweating with fear
How could my love corrupt you
It's just as simple and sweet as the flesh of a peach

In the middle of writing this I got interrupted but I'm feelin what I got so far ~(^-^)~

When you read these words that I write
You are literally entering my mind
The thoughts that I go through
The things that I experience
The feelings that I felt
Welcome to my life


Walk Tall..

Walk Tall my child walk tall,
The vultures will soon be gone..walk tall,
This razed land knows its blood in the fall,
As it imbibed the pious juice in its bosom afterall,
The tears that roll down from your aspen eyes,
Will nourish many a thristy soul that silently cries,
How will we forget the enemy that came,
And our own brethern of doubious fame,
That tore our home and stole our land,
And backed us to our last stand..
The time will come when it will be over,
And the sun will shine in the morning hour,
So be ready my little one,
Thou are sure the chosen one,
You have to rule these meadows and all,
So walk Tall..walk tall walk tall.

"This poem was written on the spur when going through an article in VoxKashmir and mailed them  but as usual was not published. I made some corrections  and put it here.
(Ba Khan)

I want to ask you to be more meteorite than devoted
I want to ask of second tries when the first was pointless
I want your flesh in flames, defeated by the fire inside
I want you momentary

Time on Earth is short so I raise my lowered eyes,
Cast them at one lucky star and liberate my lowly heart
With a below breath, whispered wish:

I want to ask you to be more like me than yourself
I want to ask the impossible and punish your failure
I want your utter burnout to match my speed of entry,
Air to ground, apparently

I have not ever considered myself of worth
I never adapted to the loneliness of adult life

Time on Earth is short so I raise my lowered eyes,
Cast them at one lucky star and liberate my lowly heart
With a below breath, whispered wish:

Let me know it's truly you when I see your face on Mars.

Better be careful with this one. I feel so powerfully, that there's high potential I'll get pinned.

El cuadro en la pared
Tiene un paisaje bello,
Hay un hombre sentado
Y un auto viejo.

En el cuadro de al lado
Hay una casa al fondo,
Con 3 ventanas
Y puedo ver la luz encendida.

En el cuadro de al lado
hay sombras por la ventana,
son de una mujer sentada
Y presiento que me mira.

En el cuadro de al lado
Hay arboles marrones
Y tras el auto viejo
Hay un hombre extraño
Y siento que me observa.

En el cuadro de al lado
Las luces se han apagado
Y la silueta de la mujer
Se a esfumado.

En el cuadro de al lado
¡Suena un timbre!
Creo que me han encontrado.

I want you in all of my life
From the extraordinary
To the extra-ordinary

Just thought of this on the fly and I went with it, nothing to grand.
aa 5d

Be honest.

You love him.
Can't imagine life without him.
He's your best friend,
the person you always run to...


He doesn't' make you happy.
You've never felt sustained happiness in this relationship.

And moving to DC,
getting married,
having kids,

Isn't going to change that.

Look, I'm not telling you what to do,
because fuck if I know myself,
but at least be honest with yourself.

He's never going to be the guy who calls the cable company to dispute his bill.

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