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Your soul seems similarly.
We have not met before?
There have times before I met my wife to be I've lived outside In all kinds
of weather with just a sleeping bag folded on my back
Those days I exsprienced
what people would call freedom beholden to no one but myself free to travel where and when ever I wanted
Finding anywhere to lay my head at night that might be a hedgerow field or perhaps some sandy beach sitting watching the sun go down over the beautiful
Then to fall asleep under the vastness of the sky stars for all to see and gently drift to sleep with the sound of the sea that's what freedom Is all about living free no pressures that's what freedom
was to
Johnny walker Jul 14
Once I had a one time love
the sweetest love no other man could ask more she was all ever wished for and I was the one who won her
From day one we never were apart she gave to me love I'd and never known before this girl called Helen who had
turned my life
And the first time I look Into her eyes oh so pretty eyes that sure put a spell on me a
spell was cast from oh so pretty and a spell that was
Through life and death the cast would never be broken
and although she long since passed away that spell even to this day still works Its magic
Johnny walker Jun 26
When was a lad when
back In my schoolboys days always told I spent
to much time
Far to much time spent looking out of windows and not paying enough
attention to
my school
But as It turned out I was grateful for my time spent as a dreamer for It
wasn't for staring out of
the classroom
For I wouldn't have met  my wife In later years to be for this pretty young girl who would do cartwheels up our school
Didn't know It then this pretty girl who teased us boys by showing off her lovely legs would years latter become my
Johnny walker Jun 24
Since I've been going for my morning coffee In a local cafe I've met lady In passing the first time I saw she spoke and she
I Introduced myself she told her name she's very pretty but she seems alone but for her
I saw her today we spoke briefly she told me she'd been to the gym I've got to pluck the courage
to ask
If she's alone and If she would like a friend so I'll just have to wait and see
maybe I'll see her  tomorrow I do very much hopes
Seanathon May 16
Park bench sitting
Hands aching

As strangers ask
Quiet questions pass
Like cotton seeds

As an opportunity
The breeze
Passes us by

Your face, your smile, oh how sweet it is.
Meeting you put me in an everlasting bliss
Up until now you're still the one i miss
You filled my heart with joyful memories

Seeing your face makes me want to reminisce
Remembering the past; it puts me at ease
Making me happy and filling me with tears
You're still the one I want over the years

Don't worry tho, I won't force myself to you
Respecting your decision is the least i can do
Even if you left me out of the blue,
Just know that I don't regret meeting you.
Found this poem in my grade9 notebook. **** you jeston being dramatic asf.
After a while,
I start to forget.
From the last time I saw you,
to the moment we met.
you're just a blur;
and I don't want to remember
we once
The past is in the past.
Erian Apr 6
Without you
I'd be shattered
With you
I'd still be broken
If we hadn't met
The world would feel different
For me
And I don't know
How to change that
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