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Park bench sitting
Hands aching

As strangers ask
Quiet questions pass
Like cotton seeds

As an opportunity
The breeze
Passes us by

Your face, your smile, oh how sweet it is.
Meeting you put me in an everlasting bliss
Up until now you're still the one i miss
You filled my heart with joyful memories

Seeing your face makes me want to reminisce
Remembering the past; it puts me at ease
Making me happy and filling me with tears
You're still the one I want over the years

Don't worry tho, I won't force myself to you
Respecting your decision is the least i can do
Even if you left me out of the blue,
Just know that I don't regret meeting you.
Found this poem in my grade9 notebook. **** you jeston being dramatic asf.
After a while,
I start to forget.
From the last time I saw you,
to the moment we met.
you're just a blur;
and I don't want to remember
we once
The past is in the past.
Erian Apr 6
Without you
I'd be shattered
With you
I'd still be broken
If we hadn't met
The world would feel different
For me
And I don't know
How to change that
Johnny walker Mar 24
I was a stranger when I met her but when kissed and held her I became a stranger no more before I met was a loner
everybody around me I a was stranger to them lived life on the streets sleeping with an eye open an ear to the ground for
lived dangerously In shop doors and alleyways anywhere I could find to shelter from the rain sleepless nights under stars
a stranger to everyone who passed me by but I rescued by a girl that
I knew whilst growing up as a kid
when kissed and I held her no more loner or a stranger would I be and the loner who was a stranger would never be no
Was stranger when I met her till kissed and held then I was stranger no more
Johnny walker Mar 17
With nowhere to go and nothing left for me now to go back to for I've burned all bridges a long time ago nothing
or waiting on me for what had that of true love Is all over now and no amount of tears cried will ever bring her
For I burned all my bridges
such a long time ago for when I met my wife to be and all I had done before
I met
all was forgotten as If It never existed for I
burned all
there's no going back burned along with them was memories of my past
For I started living life for real the day I met my wife to be so when she
passed on there
on or turning back for I burnt all my bridges a long time ago the day Helen she became my
The day I met Helen I burnt all my bridges to my past so life for me began the day I married
Helen, I no longer had a past
Purely by chance, It was that we did meet though I had known her many years ago destiny had decided It was too early to
so both went off our separate ways me to life as a loner
for I was to shy to ever take her out so Helen moved
And got married to a guy In the Air Force but he knew not how to treat her Helen had two children but he divorced her after making
But despite all this Helen still won custody of her children
He did all of this to make her poorly so he could have Is
He got Helen sectioned under Mental Health act every time she came home to see her children and her
He would have an ambulance outside ready to take her straight back but I took responsibility to care for Helen
I signed her release papers with the promise of taking care off her and that's exactly what I did until the day she sadly died but had the of life of life with
Helen and I met purely by chance having known her when we were kids but had drifted apart gone our separate ways
CM Lee Jan 14
It’s okay that you’ve forgotten
I know you and I had to end
It’s better we never see each other again
We’re too broken for anyone to mend

It’s okay that you’ve left
When I think of you, I’ve no regrets
I’m actually glad that you and I had met
I wish nothing for you but the best

It’s okay you’re happier than me
I’ve always been a lonely person, you see
But I’ll always wonder what you’re doing
How you’ve been and who you’re seeing

People ask me what happened
Why you left and where you went
Why my heart was closed and not open
I tell them things would’ve been worse if it wasn’t

No day will pass that I won’t miss
You’re perfect eyes and your kiss
But one day the clouds will turn to mist
And that’s when I’ll know I am at peace
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