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seta 5d
My feelings continuously made clear
Obviously you don't hold me dear
For actions speak louder than words
Yet you argue so your words can be heard

The noise I hear is *******
Everything surfacing is just the tip
The iceberg sinking this ship fast
Yet still you say to make it last?

I am not the captain of this boat
Nor do I have a position to gloat
The longer I stay the closer I am to demise
The longer I develop a sense of despise

Yet I feel utterly alone but its better for suffocation
To always feel a social dislocation
Lies told so many times
A truth I cannot find

So whatever web that you weave
I will always try to leave
For why would you stay on a boat that's sinking?
The captain staring without blinking

Is it change that I seem to fear?
Cold uncharted water yet crystal clear
Is the other coldness of being alone?
Is it because of not having a home?

Either way this cannot keep going
To die or leave knowing
That I have done all within me
And in the end treatment is all I need
whatever it takes,
good or evil, it doesn't matter anymore,
as long as it works,
as long as we meet one more time,
this time I promise,
it will work.
inspired by the captain
Juan Bot Feb 22
The dust blows forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

And the dust blows back,
Tumbling across the desert.

No eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose,
No fingers, no legs, no knees, no toes,
No brain, no lungs, no stomach, no heart.
Just the dust.

The dust blows forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

A cactus slices its body in half.

And the dusts blow back,
Tumbling across the desert.

They separate into tinier dusts.

The dusts blow forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

Another cactus slices their bodies in half.

And the dusts blow back,
Tumbling across the desert.

A repetition of madness,
A repetition of pain,
A repetition of destruction,
Tumbling across the desert.
Building, building, building,
Until alas,

The ground catches fire,
The sun hurls towards the earth,
Sand and stone turn to ash.
The earth wakes, and the ground is the sky.

The dust blows forward,
And the dust blows back.
In love of Captain Beefheart, my hero and inspiration.
Max Feb 17
If this world was a ship,
I don't want to be the captain.

I want to be the pirate.
Too much of the same.
Chi Dec 2018
I was once in love with a Captain
And I never thought he would caused me pain
Since he promised me a happy ever after
Then set aside my fear

He was always ready to leave me
For a treasure chest across the sea
Every day that will passed
I longed that we will last

I was once in love with the ocean
Even if I live in the kingdom
Now, I wander my emotion
And plead for my freedom

I stop hoping for a fairytale
Even if I met a prince along the way
He was as I expected him to be
Very charming yet free

He made me laugh and cry
And never knew how to lie
He was the ideal of every human
And I wasnt an exception woman

The Captain came back with hope of another chance
And as the naive princess I can be
I was willing to give him a glance
Yet he couldnt take the risk to stay for me

Now, the princess living in the kingdom
Finally met the prince to give her freedom
For I was once imprisoned
With my love to the Captain

The prince never heard of my Captain
And didnt know about the pain
But he did lit up my heart
As he pointed out my worth

And as the prince set my heart free
I wish that my used to be Captain
Find the best treasure across the sea
For I am now happy, that I found my own King
it was you i was in love with, but you made me feel worthless
Josiah Israel Nov 2018
We wander, we wander,
By moonlight, I ponder,
Whilst sailing my ship towards that shimmering star!
How we who are pirates, so willingly wander, both hither and yonder, no matter how far…

Methinks to myself, “Not a bad life to lead, no longer a ***** to the land like before…
The wind at my back, so utterly freed, to seek out adventures, on any fair shore!”

“Why do it?” Methinks, as I stand on the prou, the breeze on my face, lightly tossing my locks,
For any a man would be called crazy now, for braving the sharks, and starvation, and pox!

Is it the gold, that calls me to sea? Where hurricanes howl, and sturdy  sails rend!
Or is it the freedom that calls out to me, and gold is not more than a means to an end?

For me, ti’s the freedom, to do what I love, to sail by the light of the stars up above, And stand on my deck, under moonlight, to ponder, how we are those pirates who willingly wander…

My ship, a fine lady, a handsome thing too, a good set of guns with a competent crew, her holds full of treasures, and finest apperal, and row upon row of *** by the barrel!

So drink in the morning, and drink in the evening, and I would be lying if I didn’t say, We guzzle the *** from dusk until dawn, and me-thinks I’ll be sipping it all through the day!

Then we dance on the deck, for the music is playin, the chilly night breeze has our ship gently swayin,

And off once again, for we willingly wander, “But why?”  Says I, as by moonlight I ponder…

Wouldn’t we like to at some place belong? Would dropping our anchor for ever be wrong?

Perhaps there’s a place with a temperate climate, and someone to care for a salty old pirate?

But till that day comes, I shal willingly wander, and whilst I’m the captain, by moonlight I’ll ponder…
I borrowed this poem from my friend, Captain Herraldo, who is in fact a pirate. I took out some of the more gruesome bits —all true accounts— but tried my best to communicate his over arching ideas. He’s a good guy for a pirate!
Camryn Oct 2018
I find it so hard to understand you
With all your great secrets and mystery,
but  how can one truly understand you,
As I am the Captain and you the sea.

You’re mesmerizing with the life you hold,
And there is nothing to compare to your beauty,
So I ignore all the tales I was told,
That it is dangerous to befriend the sea.

But so quickly do your winds turn and roar,
And as your deep, warm waters start to turn cold,
You start to fight me in another war,
But I did not listen to the tales we were told.

And tomorrow, will your waters be warm,
Warm as they are before the second storm.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Whatever happened to the common man who sits in the shadows and listens to the pillowed breeze of merchant ships sailing on ancient seas?
Cos Lib Jul 2018
My breath is quite intense and raw, I shout, I scream; Alèe!
This was not how it was supposed to go, my Dear Alèe!
Oh God, what dreadful, vile disaster!
My one and Only; Dearest Master!
Lying there with eyes all clear
but pale, these dark membranes
do no more reflect those thoughts
of wisdom once conveyed.

What now, what now, what now?! I scream: what more is now to come?
all of the things we fought for – in a blink of eye is gone!
Oh God, he’s lifeless, Dearest Master!
Our work is silenced – vile disaster!  
All we worked for, all we did
for Earth, for our future worth
this was answers for us all
but now it lies in dirt.

Alèe! Alèe! My Dear Alèe! I shout, I scream, I cry:
How could they break their saviour’s jar! I sob, I weep, I wry.
My Dearest Master! Dearest Soul Friend!
How could this day be our tragic end!
While humans dance for freedom
a broken heart remarks
they’ve only ruined for themselves!
They’ve killed their inner sparks!
Alice Lovey Jul 2018
Even if I waited, as I would,
On the harbor of the sea from which you've drifted,
You are the Captain of your driftwood.
I am a Lighthouse.
Standing on its own, but beckoning a safe return.
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