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dv8ed Sep 23
I’m touched by desire
my chest fills with fire

You’ll feel it burn your skin
As You start to Pull me in

Breathing in my flames
You’re drowning in my waves

now you can’t escape..
You’re trapped inside my gate

I held the key
to let you free
But it’s been tossed out at the sea
Isn’t it Funny how this happened ?
You claimed me as your sinking ship
But now
the captain

-S. Giselle
Anna Sep 9
I wonder what goes through that soldier's mind
What do you think, soldier?
Fighting in a war that is not yours
With bombs louder than your heart beats
Tanks going straight to the enemy territory
Indeed, to your city, your soil.

City of lost souls
Blood on the streets, did you enjoy it, soldier?
Earth of no one, chaos in the air
That feeling of denial coming right from your eyes
Exactly what I needed to know.

They tell you it's fair
And that you should fear the inverse
Your enemies would beat everything
But aren't you your own enemy
In this endless war
I see the grief and sorrow in your gaze
Your captain only has vapor and determination_
To **** more, to decimate hordes
Hordes of rebels or not, as your family.

Captain, oh captain
He would do whatever it takes
Old and glory hound
He brought the misery to his own people
To have power in his hands before dead
Seeker of the disgrace he had in his eyes.

This war was fought in two teams
The ones who wanted to fight and who really had brain
The captain had both, as well as power and lack of mercy
Never saw such an evil man in earth
I wonder if his skin burns
Like evil incarnate.

Oh my kind soldier
I know you can't give up of the fight
But could you come back safe and uninjured
Come back home, to me and your family?
Vision and Hard Work:
How Kids Saved Hidden Hollow

During the 1980s,
Hidden Hollow Preserve
Was a neglected


The garbage-strewn creek
Hindered commercial development
On the block, and plans were made
To cover it with a parking lot


In 1989
my birth year

Students at

Formed a problem
Solving club called

Captain Planet
Whit Howland Sep 6
I've got
many ways
to say no to you

but instead

as I slam
the door off
it's hinges

feel the vibration
that's no

moving on

let's find an image
a metaphor that says
I love you


a rose plucked
into oil

bottle broken
potion spilled
all over your finest

I love you

© Whit Howland 2019
An exploration of emotions with the fusion of language and images.
Did you all
Cast for the

PoserPersona Apr 30
The captain held the wheel against the sea
His sails were gashed, but maintained their integrity

And so the vessel found its weary peace
in swaying waves where the birds feel less wind than breeze

The splintered wood would hold its bobbing form
until the husk could be retooled in the home port

And though the repairs will handle new storms,
battle scars of yesterday shall remain stalwart

Lest the ocean deep claim one more casket
of sailor’s lives, goals, and dreams before the maggots
seta Mar 21
My feelings continuously made clear
Obviously you don't hold me dear
For actions speak louder than words
Yet you argue so your words can be heard

The noise I hear is *******
Everything surfacing is just the tip
The iceberg sinking this ship fast
Yet still you say to make it last?

I am not the captain of this boat
Nor do I have a position to gloat
The longer I stay the closer I am to demise
The longer I develop a sense of despise

Yet I feel utterly alone but its better for suffocation
To always feel a social dislocation
Lies told so many times
A truth I cannot find

So whatever web that you weave
I will always try to leave
For why would you stay on a boat that's sinking?
The captain staring without blinking

Is it change that I seem to fear?
Cold uncharted water yet crystal clear
Is the other coldness of being alone?
Is it because of not having a home?

Either way this cannot keep going
To die or leave knowing
That I have done all within me
And in the end treatment is all I need
whatever it takes,
good or evil, it doesn't matter anymore,
as long as it works,
as long as we meet one more time,
this time I promise,
it will work.
inspired by the captain
Juan Bot Feb 22
The dust blows forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

And the dust blows back,
Tumbling across the desert.

No eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose,
No fingers, no legs, no knees, no toes,
No brain, no lungs, no stomach, no heart.
Just the dust.

The dust blows forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

A cactus slices its body in half.

And the dusts blow back,
Tumbling across the desert.

They separate into tinier dusts.

The dusts blow forward,
Tumbling across the desert.

Another cactus slices their bodies in half.

And the dusts blow back,
Tumbling across the desert.

A repetition of madness,
A repetition of pain,
A repetition of destruction,
Tumbling across the desert.
Building, building, building,
Until alas,

The ground catches fire,
The sun hurls towards the earth,
Sand and stone turn to ash.
The earth wakes, and the ground is the sky.

The dust blows forward,
And the dust blows back.
In love of Captain Beefheart, my hero and inspiration.
Max Feb 17
If this world was a ship,
I don't want to be the captain.

I want to be the pirate.
Too much of the same.
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