I talk a lot because
I have been through a lot
Seen a lot
Heard a lot
Experienced a lot
Been rejected a lot
Slapped a lot
Misused a lot
Abused a lot
Refused a lot
Lied to a lot
Worked a lot
Partied a lot.
Smoked some pot
Laughed a lot
Danced a lot
And spent a lot.

I know a lot because
Traveled a lot
I met some ladies
Rubbed their bellies
Some were hot
And few were not
I have done a lot
Been to a lot of places
Saw some pretty faces
I had some passionate kisses
Got in some crisis
Had few challenges
Had couple of chases
And had some near misses.

So as you can see
I have been through a lot
Messed up a lot a lot
So it's a lot!

It's a lot
Thomas King Dec 2017

I asked a question
Onto the night
How is it love
Has not found me today?

Alas the night did answer
My question of love
And these are the words
Onto me it did say

If you open your eyes
And heart you will find
You have walked right by it
And left it behind

Love does not seek
Or make an effort to find
Or even to reveal it self
To eyes that are blind….

Nylee Dec 2017

All the pieces fall
right out of their places
So life could mock more
on every sore spots
so that it could hurt proper
where it actually does hurt.

hazem al jaber Nov 2017

Place's lovers ...

two souls now ...
dancing together ...
diving one in the other ...
hugging so deep ...
to feel more each others ...
two souls ...
with no stop ...
with no tires ...
flying right now ...
to reach each others ...
together ...
side by side ...
to give it's happiness ...
one to the other ...
and nothing to do than ...
only it's duty to do ...
to love each others ...
by all ways ...
and it's madly desires ...
they diving now ...
into their theater ...
theater's passion ...
where they create ...
the real love ...
which it born ...
with every meet ...
and every second ...
as a new bud ...
gives a new flower ...
with smelly aroma ...
named by their souls ...
to rub their bodies ..
all over bodies ...
by the love ...

two souls ...
right now ...
living together ...
into their place ...
the place's lovers ...
to water their hearts ...
and to irrigate each others ...

hazem al ...

stefaniaSi Nov 2017

we always return
to the places where
there was freedom
learned to live the ocean
skin was glowing
the soul bloomed
traveled and returned
fell in love with the sky
kissed the sun
we all go back
I go back
to you

Kody dibble Nov 2017

Breathing chastity,
Remind me of the frozen coward
You'll understand

Where were you born?
Somewhere in Kentucky she moans,
Always placid like driven grey schemes,
Or meticulous spiders,

For what ever it is worth,
Time speeds up next to you,
Having fun is an understatement,

Only thing is,
Your not real,
I may not be either, I'm waiting for that answer,
Maybe it is time to find out?
Or at-least inquire,
Who should I ask?
The trees?

Abraham Oct 2017

Like your orange bowl
of sweets and sweet love
    It’s part of me now

              No way Jose, No way.

Like the place we first met
that begins with B
    Let’s go back tonight

              No way Jose, No way.

Because all the dogs down in here
smell your disdain
    And say

              No way Jose, No way.

This boat’s going to sink
so let’s get drunk
    and love

              On this day Jose, On this day.

Or Drunk Love.
aphotic blue Oct 2017

i roam around dirty brains
thinking that they aren't clean
i soak them horrifying imaginations
brought them to my scary world

they're frightened but i never spared
they need punishment 'cause they weren't scared
all they did was to distract humanity
those shitty hypothesis that brought them to theory

i am a ghost travelling your brain
reading all your thoughts, cleaning all the stain
all the conscience remain
i will make it blank, i will make it plain

for i am the midnight phantom,
i am scary and filled with gloom
but why human your infamy of the earth?
i prayed for the gods, that you'll never be rebirth

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