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I want to show you some beauty,
Before the damage is done.
Could be too big of an ask,
To give yourself away,
To this weight of love.
The music was never sad
But now it is
And I can’t quite put my finger on the reason
The wind has quieted down
And the birds are sleeping in the nest
There is a sinking in my stomach
A bug crawls across the screen
Maybe it’s just the night, the wind says
But I don’t think that’s why
No, that’s not the reason why
Summer 6d
shadows, lonely figures
yellowed pages, splotched ink
broken promises littering nostalgic
lanes down the river of green and grey.
Reduced to these pile of letters some drizzle later
dusty, wet, and so so bitter.
Alexis 7d
I remember being a young girl at the pool
Playing this game with myself
Where I would float on my back
Belly, face, and palms to the sun
I’d see how still I could be
And once I was as still as I felt was possible
I’d exhale and feel myself sink
Almost close enough to where my nose was underwater
Just before the moment where air meets water
I’d breathe in as deep as I could manage
And feel myself rise again
Back to the surface
Back to safety
Sometimes I still do that
Maybe you do too
Just in a different way
Summer Oct 16
distant is the faerie light and bar music,
quiet is the soft thrumming of your heart
against my fingertips —
speaking a language of old dreams
and poignant powder scent
sweet is the viscaria tinted in innocent pink,
twirling in the cup of my palm, asking —
"would you dance with me?"
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
berk Oct 16
it was one of those hot summer nights,
those nights where you can feel the heat
in every cell of your body, every bone dripping
with sweat. you thrash around on your mattress, desperate… begging… pleading for an ounce of a chill.

it was one of those nights where the heat dragged
you to your knees and said,
“i’m here now, what are you gonna do about it.”
even the animals could feel it. the cicadas stopped
their song and dance, the cattle lapped up
whatever water they could find,
dogs and cats not much farther behind.

you sit under the stars, feet dangling in
a kiddie pool and reclined in an old foldable
chair your not quite sure where you bought it
from, but you've had it for years and your too
attached to throw it away.

you lean back and stare up at the stars and
the constellations above, thinking about all that's come
before and what's left.

you've come to an understanding with
the universe that you're here for a limited time only,
and knowing the best way to handle it, the good...
the bad... and the ugly... is to remember a simple
but timeless message.

because at the end of the line, all that matter's
is what you want to matter.
remember to stay groovy yall
Jaden Allen Oct 14
I saw you

In a pale blue

Familiar face, but confused

Translucent heart

And dried tears

I could count, all your fears
Strange that you already knew

Vaguely what we had to do

In a search to find the truth

It scared me, more than you
You held my hand

We count to ten

I was wary

We jumped over the crooked bend
Suddenly, the fear washed over

And we fell in love again.
My first post.
Carlo C Gomez Oct 12
a glimpse of
what might have been:
the candle
and the blow

pacing the floor
mind filled with nighthawks
stomach with bitter pills

snow on the window sill
--the long winter
of our love

it comes out of the blue
like dead reckoning

thoughts of us

a hand withdrawn
the final wager on goodbye
Nova Oct 11
I miss the good days but I
Can’t remember when they were.
I miss the feeling I got
But how I got it, I’m not sure.

I don’t know why I feel sad
But I know this feeling’s new.
The old days were much better
But why they were, I have no clue.
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