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Malia 1d
I see my life through plexiglass
Trying to bulletproof the past,
Nostalgia? No, but I recall
That rising up precedes the fall.
But the films I watch inside my mind
Are missing parts I cannot find
So I fill the blanks with what I see,
I fill it up with what I need.

Now is it truth, or is it lie?
I like to think that I am right,
But I’m not the well-oiled machine
I used to think I used to be.
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Mister J May 29
Staring into the midnight skyline
Underneath the faded starlight
Cold winds caressing my face
Wooly blanket warming my shoulders

My thoughts wandering in the abyss
Skipping among the wispy clouds
Trying to reach for the brightest stars
Only to fall back into the expansive void

My heart is in melancholia
My mind in aching nostalgia
My chest tightened in a knot
My eyes in a sleepless trance

Take me back to the olden days
The days filled with loving warmth
When I melt from your every kiss
And I succumb to your cozy embrace

Take me back to the bygone nights
The nights filled with untethered passion
When you touch stirs my broken soul
Mending its tangles, soothing its core

Oh how I pray every night
Pleading with the Powers that be
Asking Them for your return
Even if its only in my dreams

Oh God, please take me back
To the eyes that were my mirrors
To the arms that were my hearth
To the love that was my home

Please bring me back
Bring me back to my home
To my love that was taken away
To the missing half of my soul

Please bring me back
To the love that quenches my thirst
To the heart that yearns only for me
To you

I miss you

Haven't written in a while.
Feeling nostalgic

Here's a piece. For old times' sake.
Elle May 21
Nostalgia is
The laughter down the rec
As we poured beer
And did milk shots

Nostalgia is
The camp fires
The boys added hairspray to
And panicked

Nostalgia is
Your arm around my shoulder
Protective and proud
And very nervous

Nostalgia is
The Daisy chains
And gossip of
Who kissed who

Nostalgia is
The innocence of
Running wild in fields
Till the sun came up

Nostalgia is
Our beating hearts
Under the duvet
Hoping your brother didn’t hear

Nostalgia is
Knowing it’s just a memory
No longer to be

Nostalgia is
Looking at old photos
With a half smile
And chest ache
I remember when
You wrote me a poem

I was sitting on the window sill
It was morning
You held out a piece of paper
And you read it out loud
Your voice shaking
With such sincerity
You couldn’t hold it in

I remember the warm sun
that shone onto the city
And the room we were in
that held the words you spoke to me

Everything about that day
Is forever engraved in my memory
And thank god for that

Because I remember the night before
The lamp above the kitchen table
The night we both knew we had
Found each other from another  
Lifetime, in the way our hearts beat together
and our breaths had synched

I wish I still had your poem
Never thought I’d had to think about keeping it
It’s crazy the things pain makes you do
But now that I feel better
I wish I could remember you
Aynjul May 11
when I was in Japan,
I reached in my bag for yen,
I drew a coin with the Zia on it
given to me by a gem
as I stared at the cold breezy mountains of Japan holding this, I  was reminded of
The deep Roots of cracked hot concrete I would work out on
The smell of albondigas Nana would be making
The bright yellow and blue tile mismatched on the lining of the kitchen
The simpleness of living in a "this'll work" architecture
the tumbleweeds, the dry cacti landscape, vast dirt reaching to the dark amber mountains, painted with fading perfect blend from the sunset, homemade meals, la raza, tias and tios, the stray cats and dogs (and family pet names)

My Arizona desert was so hot that everything did its best to share being in the Cool casted shadows.

yet here I was in the complete opposite wishing for that sun
holding this coin brought be back to when you thought I would Judge where you were from
but your "Land of Enchantment" will always remind me of being one step closer to home...
Arizona > New Mexico > Japan
nostalgia through the lens of another home has never been so touching.

Zia symbol meaning:
North: the 4 directions
West: the 4 seasons
South: the 4 mountains of life: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, elderhood.
East: the 4 aspects of self: Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit.
"Dry Clean Linen Pants"

A note, a promise
a then-future, now-past version of someone I wanted
to be.
it all seems so silly now
dry cleaning and linen pants belong to generation I haven't grown
these things belong in the routine of my grandmother, muttering her to-do list as she wakes. A woman of rhythm.
a note on a whiteboard underneath the word "thursday"
it reads: *dry clean linen pants

more of a promise
to take care of yourself
or at the very least
maintain your
Ander Stone Apr 23
I miss the nights spent
Under warm candle light,
Writing poetry together
Under the sheets
Of stormy skies.

I miss the mornings
Slipping through the fingers
That play with strands
Of wine red hair
And porcelain skin.

I miss the days that
Could have been,
If only I would have been
Brave enough to see
Myself in your eyes.

I miss the evenings
Caressing the glow
Of your life-giving,
ever-beckoning lips.

I miss the moments
That never happened.
I miss what we've never shared.
I miss the love that might've...
else Apr 15
our surf together is done, we ride different waves now,
you said you split your time in pockets
while i slice my potatoes into tiny, little dice,
so maybe we’re not too different after all.

(i’m glad i said what i wanted to say for a while now,
and i want to let you know that i really meant when i said,
i’m really gonna miss you.)
outskirts of
in darkness
the road
is moving
at the perfect

like peaceful
blend into
the fog
of circling

an overnight
staring out
the window

entirely out
of the interstitial
that make
for a sort of
Haley Lana Mar 30
You find me.
In the church bells of a Hozier song,
the sheets that without you feel wrong,
you bind me.
You remind me,
of our sunny morning walks,
of our silly grinning talks,
when you find me.
You touch every thought,
my eternal leitmotif;
no such battle fought
as with you, my heart-thief.
And I want to write words,
tell you how strongly I yearn,
but my mind sees absurds:
so each letter I burn.
And I'm terrified, paralyzed with fear;
I dread your heart will cool,
that you won't love me, my dear -
that I've been but a fool.
Chasing dreams, all in vain,
as I wonder who warms your bed;
So far away, across the pain,
racing terrors in my head.
An ocean between us, worlds apart,
I crave desperately for your embrace.
Yet still I'm silent, intrepid heart -
a grave of sorrow, sans your grace.
(for G.)
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