Daniel 2h
the touch of your hand
light was dancing in the room
a breeze of wind through your hair
when love was still in bloom.
she was like the sunshine on the brightest day the world has never seen; she was immaculate and divine; her words were like honey

I catch myself thinking of her from time to time; I would hide behind the tree if she ever happened to cross my path again; the sight of her would bring serious nerves

her kisses were like velvet and there was that one time where I almost got to experience the pinnacle of all things love with her; with her, that would have been completion

her virtual kisses (there was no such thing as a face to face meeting; we were only talking online; I never heard her voice and I only saw stills of her face a few times; somehow I still fell in love so badly that losing her took two years to fully recover)

I still think of her
she still roves in my mind
I wonder when she will leave my mind

I wish she would leave me alone
because I have left her alone already
my heart has become cold and crippled through years of self-abuse

the only things I can feel now are mere remnants of my deep love
shattered by addiction and self-destructive, malicious behaviors
upon others and through their anger, upon myself even further
rendering my heart frozen to love, kindness, and contentment

my heart has kissed the concrete hundreds of times
being kicked over, trampled on, and misused
not only by the hands of others, but myself
misusing people and leaving them to rot
I left my own heart to rot in the process
growing colder and distant, full of despair
feeling the hope of intimacy drain from my eyes
until I became a mere shell of my previous self
possessing the same body but not the same spirit
choking on my own emptiness day after day
wondering why I have not died of a broken heart

maybe I am destined to live out my self-wrought curse
Through years of playing with girls' hearts and trolling, I have become a husk of my former self. I have seemingly locked myself away from ever being open to others, the past burden having become too great to handle.
Near you were.
Days of Nostalgia...
Now that you’re gone
With the music melancholia
Of the River Bohemia;
Waves rise and swell,
Scatter and fall,
Waves lash out and break 
On darkened shores
Of the River Bohemia.

Lonely dreams
Frozen in time,
A thousand nights, alone.
Vow unaccomplished -  
In your arms, wrapped around
Above the horizon –
Shattered promise!

Near you were;
The woods were green;
Days of yore.
Clouds floatin’
Carryin’ rain
As you’re now –
Caught in the corner of my eyes.

Near you were;
Now that you're gone;
Moonshine drops dead.
Sorrows swell against
Darkened shores
Of Heartland.
How does the poem fare out of 10? English is my second language, and critique and feedback, particularly from native English speakers would be greatly appreciated!
miki 1d
how wonderful it was to walk through life
thinking everything was flowers and daisies
when in reality it was not
everything was thunderstorms and poisoned rain

and it still is.
JAC 1d
For a moment I
heard a small laugh

trickle down the quiet
stretch of crumbling street

across the rusted bicycles
broken down garage doors

overgrown sections of grass
scattered with sun-worn toys

and there I finally found it,
all the riches in the world.
Nostalgic for a life I never lived.
These False memories keep me sane.
A rapturous child with so much potential.
I want to be small again.
I beheld the sky;
Soaked in thoughts of nature and rain; yet
The green paddy fields kept moving distant -
Out of sight.

Out of sight, out of mind –
Narcissus comes to reside
At pastures of life;
My mulberry tree sinks
Into the quicksand of time; and
The green paddy field keeps moving distant.

I kept looking for the colour Green
In leaves of trees;
I kept looking for the colour green
In silence;
I kept looking for the colour Green
At aimless hours of noon;
I kept looking for the colour Green
In sun-basked tales of love; yet
Narcissus came to reside
At pastures of life, and
The green paddy fields disappeared
Into the distant horizon.
How does the poem fare out of 10? English is my second language, and critique and feedback, particularly from native English speakers would be greatly appreciated!
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