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Recipe for making a ****
"The God of Unknown"

× Half a dozen of personalities 
× A spoonful of Unknown questions 
× 2/3 of darkness from Svalbard
× A Jar full of pain from the rain
× A whole book of poetries called Unlove
× Freshly hand-picked Metaphors
× A pinch of verses dipped in curses 

Even before starting the recipe, it could intoxicate you, to be safe until the end be patience and forget you have a heart to love.


Heat the cast iron pan on high flames,
Pour the pain boil it until you see bubbles,
then drop one by one all the personalities stir it well on low flames,
an ebullient aroma will start to fill the room
Now add a spoonful of Unknown questions, Questions that have souls attached to them be careful they might jump over you.
Now take the book cut through the pages,
book of poetries in a zig-zag pattern,
like the wrist of a lover who wrote poetries to hate her but couldn't Unlove her,
Now turn the flames to high and add 2/3 of the darkness from Svalbard an Ingredient that keeps the balance of the entity, stir until everything has been mixed well
Take a pinch of verses dipped in curses toss the pan and sprinkle the magic portion, an Ingredient that makes ripple in the timeline of every multiverse to relive the moments,
Finally, Garnish with freshly hand-picked Metaphors only for the ones persistence for the worthiness.

Your, **** has been created.

Kennedy Mar 8
do you know what i've done?
i did it.
i finished my shampoo and conditioner
at the same time.
i don't watch Doctor Who,
so for all i know,
it's been canceled.
my best pasta recipe?
bowties, olive oil,
spinach, lemon juice, garlic.
so, am i done yet?
Inspired by - Hannah Daines
GQ James Dec 2020
My tongue be rubbing all over your ****,
Then the rest of that ***** I kiss,
That morning bliss,
I wanna lick on her until she ****,
Where you going don't you run,
Your juices is what I want,
I wanna feel you and taste you,
Breakfast,lunch,dinner and dessert.
You're the only thing I have a appetite for,
You got the recipe for whatever I need,
No need to beg nor plead,
But you're the only thing I wanna eat,
My favorite thing to eat and please is you.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020
Two cups of happy
One cup of sad
A fair share of passion & caffeine
A whole lot of doodad
(You know what I mean?)
Even throw in a bit of the absurd
Now mix them all together
Shaken and stirred
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 12/2/2019

I miss these people: simple and direct,
the green and blue open gate of the lowlands,
the majesty of generations, a real chamber,
conversations around the table, what's new in the village:
that Johnny is doing well, that he was lucky,
even though he has never been a top student in geography,
that Mary has a husband who loves and respects her,
for he knows that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover,
that a kind heart is a real treasure.
It should be taught at home from an early age
that there's a place above the door where Christ on a wooden cross
is waiting suffering, patient - he doesn't complain
that every day he has to see that it's not easy here
- everyone shall get as much as in the will
all deeds weigh on the scale, and the clock
counts the days and hours and works evenly:
sometimes he would like to slow down the heart of the machinery,
but the big hand is constantly urging the small one
oh, how can a whole comprise in one life,
can you excuse yourself, divide into smaller pieces?
- you need to be a human and to be cheerful in your life.

Wieslaw Musialowski 08/12/2017
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Here is my famous recipe,
Ingredients for love, you see,
You need to slake your thirst,
Here are the elements: First,
Bring your patience kind,
Sense of humor springs to mind,
Laugh together through the years,
Sometimes there are days of tears,
But Cupid ever strings his bow,
Healing hands on his arrow,
Yes, this is Cupid's recipe,
Naughty little chap is he!
Feedback welcome.
Star BG Jun 2019
With recipe of life,
I colonize mind
setting up red flags
to recognize the ego ingredient that
doesn't blend well
to serve my highest good.

My recipes includes a dash of love,
a cup of swirling dreams and
plenty of seasoning from emotions.

Time to cook and baste my mind
with intention of thoughts.

The poem concoction is done.
Feast away readers, feast away
Started this a while ago. ITS RARE TO FIND ONE UNDONE AS I WRITE SO QUICKLY.  (oppsie caps on) Time to complete it with dancing fingers and a flick of wrist.
Porpor May 2019
150g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon caster sugar
225ml milk
1 egg
1 **** of butter, melted
butter or oil for frying

1. Sift together the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. Make a well in the centre. Pour in the milk, then add the egg and melted butter. Beat well till the pancake batter is smooth.
2. Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Lightly grease with butter or vegetable oil. To test to see if the pan is hot enough, flick a bit of water on the pan. If it sizzles, it is ready. Ladle the pancake batter into the pan.
3. Cook each pancake till bubbles appear on the surface and the edges have gone slightly dry. Flip each pancake and cook for a minute or two on the reverse side, till golden brown
4. Serve hot with your favourite toppings, such as maple syrup and fresh berries.

Stop reading this and eat!!!
So tasty
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