Ooh  the  short day light
The long deary dark winters nights.
The feeling  of  doom  & gloom
Can't  feel  lively
I just feel  so exhausted.
I  feel so low
I want to cry.
Go to sleep  until  the cold air lasps
until the  the summer sun comes  up again.
Ooh how I loath winter time.
Dull skies
Lack of  light  in  the skies above.
Doom and gloom.
Lack of  smiles on people's faces.
Let's all  disappear until
The freshness  of  cool  warm air.
Rain  beating  on the window plane
Said all.
As she slumped her body into  lumpy low down chair.
Drank her last breath of sorrows.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
I don’t feel comfortable in my skin,
Maybe that’s why I put permanent markings on it, but then I wonder if that’s a sin.
I feel ashamed when people look at me,
I feel this way because I don’t know what they are thinking, I don’t know what they see.
Many males have told me that I am beautiful, but I have to wonder if they meant it or they just wanted my underneath,
I get confused at times for these are the same males that tells me I am “******* ****”, “Bad Shaped” and that my *** is too flat, and I just have to move on in life with utter disbelief.
I have a fat tummy, and it’s not because I eat too much,
For I hardly eat, sometimes I don’t even eat at all, I guess it’s just my luck.
Usually, I didn’t have a problem with my body, but then people ruined that,
They ruined my peace with their bad comments both in front and behind my back.
I am black and black is beautiful, but why make me feel like I should stay hidden?
I know I shouldn’t listen to people and I know I should appreciate the flaws I’ve been given.
My low self-esteem issues allow me to feel like I am not good enough for anyone,
For men love fat *** and flat tummy, and I don’t have that, but what is done is done.
I can’t change how *** made me, and I definitely won’t make myself fake,
I guess I’ll just have to deal with my issues and peoples criticism and hate.
Yes, I have low self-esteem issues but I won’t allow you to tear me down,
Despite people’s negative comment, upon my face, I won’t wear a frown.
I accept myself the way I am,
For earlier, my mother told me “if you can’t accept yourself the way you are, then no one else can”
Everything's basically there....... I guess.
Piyush Gahlot Dec 2018
Today is not my day , I feel low,
Just not in mood, doing everything slow ,
Too tired to work in office, let me go,
Got a client call to attend though.

Its just one of those day,
when nothing goes your way,
people make fun of you and **** they say,
I feel lonely ,I feel stray.

Don't know the reason ,
May be it's her memories' prison,
May be it's that girl's AWKWARD situation,
Or may be it's just this chilly dry season.

Got some cold and some cough,
May be it's just in my mind stuff,
But yeah today life feels tough,
Whatever but yeah I feel low , I feel rough.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
So i am wondering what makes people
abandon me so quickly.
It’s not like I am
garbage or ****.
But why is it when I
Try to find
My other half
They ghost me.  

So I am wondering
How do I scare
People off
When it comes to
Is it the
Fact that I
Am mixed
Or is it
That I ain’t causasoid.  
Am I a freak.

So I am wondering
Why the only
People who love
Me are family
Why do I have no game
It’s not like
I got
taylor styles Dec 2018
to be
drunk and in love
is something i wish to share with you,
and only you for the rest of my days.
Lovely Dec 2018
They really like to test me.
But the way I like to see it is more material.
Feeling low.
Taking scraps from destruction.
Building me up again.
Sculpted with melodies carved in the crevices.
But I stand alone.
Only to admire.
Never to touch.
Reach out with my hands.
But it never connects.
I’m a complicated mess that I’ve come to accept.
So go ahead and disappoint me.
I’ll always feel isolated and lonely.
It’s part of being a showpiece.
I’m addicted to the artistry.
Allan Mzyece Dec 2018
I am tired of the world judging me
because of my petty weirdness
I am tired of making fake promises
I am tired of pretending like everything makes sense
I am tired of kissing the devil's face
and climbing up ****'s fence
I am tired of lying about being depressed
I am really super stressed and i have lost my faith
I feel like there's dynamite inside my chest!
with declining health
in peace I'll rest...
I want to be alone
in my zone-
i sing a song...
I want to be alone
as my inner personalites get along-
smoke a ****...
I want to be alone
Rolling stone-
There's nothing wrong...
I want to be alone
Screaming "I DONT NEED THE WORLD!" >_<
Kira Dec 2018
She doesn't know how her words make my day
She doesn't know why I'm begging to stay
She doesn't see it's about her and not me
She doesn't see that I can't let her leave

I'm fighting a battle I just won't let go
She's winning the war that brought me so low
I'm holding tight to all I have left
She's letting go, I'm just second best
Johnny walker Dec 2018
So people on this site experiencing so many
tragedies who struggle
so much In
And to whom deserve
a much better life, my heart goes out to you all
So cruel life at times can
At times we cannot see beyond the tragedy blinded by the pain of loss almost anger at losing someone you dearly
Myself I felt robbed cheated of time I could have spent with Helen
Questioning why did she have to suffer so much
Why was I not allowed to shoulder that pain, I have
a much higher pain threshold than poor Helen did
I would go to be bed when
she was asleep and pray to *** to give me the pain, free my wife from the pain I'll take the pain for her, but sadly my prayers went unanswered fallen on
death ear's
Helen deserved so much better she had very low pain threshold which any pain to her felt unbearable I pray please give the pain I'll take the pain but my prayers went unanswered
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