i'm a remote control
with batteries running low.
i still work
as long as you press
my keys hard.

TheseRoots Sep 15

I watch the numbers
I worry about the numbers
I don't think I'm good enough if I don't see the numbers
Low numbers- I'm crying
Big numbers- I'm smiling
I'm not good enough
Not good enough
Not good..

I struggle when the likes and the views on my poems are low.. it makes me feel like my poems aren't good.
Jack tierney Aug 18

I need a friend
Or a helping hand
Someone to lead me
To feed me
Otherwise this addiction will soon take control

they always tell me life
is a roller coaster,
but I feel like I was
denied tickets at the front gate,
and have been forced to
enjoy the ride from outside
ever since.

Carly Aug 9

If I could grow to be 10 feet tall
I would be feared rather than listened too
It don't matter the size of me, my heart or my brain
But the amount of words, love and life I choose to emit
No one can tell you the answers
You have to find your love or loves in life
Your heart will glow and fill
Remember that wonderful feeling when you become so low


I wrote this like a lot time ago. It was a draft I thought I should just post...

back and forth
high and low
but how high can a Pendulum go?

how high can its cold steel float?
and just how low
will my Pendulum slow
to a gentle end.

No regard to wind,
only to the momentum within
a single steel shine
of the Pendulum's frigid, orderly chime.

Observing the profane sky in yellow
And the utter mountains arising alike fountains below
Why I'm nothing but another fellow
 What the best of oneness' able to bestow
Beneath the heart of earth, upside down, wheresoever's low

When words sprout limbs
And grow as trees in the summertime
Steadily until they bare their fruit
Then my thoughts will be hanging within reach
Would you pluck them as you'd pluck some fruit?
And take a tiny bite of me
At least my thoughts?
Would you, would you?

Would you, would you?
Paul Jones Dec 2015

In the hem and haw     of hesitation,
a lull of cloud hangs     low and lingering.

alasia Jul 14

I should apologize for the days I am withdrawn. This is not what you signed up for. I should apologize for when I don't want to speak or communicate with touch or when I want to be without you but also do not. My indecisiveness is appalling: and I should apologize for that. But today I do not want words. I do not want to be felt because I feel you grabbing and pulling instead of caressing and comforting. You have not done anything wrong. I am just mean. I am just inside myself today and when you want to know what is up I want you to accept that I say the sky instead of pressing for more. My thoughts are poison right now. You shake me like a magic eight ball and I keep thinking try again later but saying not likely. I have the capacity to be kind but my words are pinpricks in your chest and every time I claw you with my numbness I inwardly cringe because I don't mean it, I am sorry, and I should apologize. But I can't. I can not bring myself to vocalize that I am not okay because you'll want to help and I don't want to be okay. Not yet. I want to hide in my closet and cry without company. I want time to myself today. But I don't want to hurt you. I am sorry. You are no burden. I am withdrawing. Not from you, but from me. I don't want to be kind, or resilient, or strong today. I just want to fold into myself, I want to be small and insignificant. I am tired of being fun and happy, it's tiring work. I need time to be low without an interrogation. I just want to be empty for a moment. And I should apologize.

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