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It seems that I'm running in circles...
Realizing something should be changed,
Making efforts I think I've got progress,
But, in fact, I'm trapped in a cage.

No matter how hard I try to reach balance,
I fool myself every time:
Once it feels like I'm getting better,
I come back again to the startline..
Terra Levez Aug 19
When you are up
     you don't realize the pain
of coming down
Because the higher you are
     the prettier the view
and the longer the fall
I was reading a part of the story of how Lucifer got pitched down from Heaven from John Milton's Paradise Lost.
I would like to mention a famous, beautiful quote from it:
"Aghast, the Devil stood,
And felt how awful Goodness was..."
Tryniti Aug 9
Stricken, sudden realization
My sense of worth so breakable, so frayed
Your approval, my salvation
Washes over me like a wave.
It's unfair to me, to you
Dependence on your word
Breath held, between us two
As though it's the last we've ever heard.
In and out, up and down
Never quite quick enough
Falling, tripping, to the ground
I never did like it rough.
Water's edge, beautiful and deadly
Peeking at my toes
I always knew you were too friendly
Now it's got me, now it knows.
Knows the tide of my heart
Ebbs and flows
Never could keep up
With those highs and lows.
Kimmie Jul 31
It happens again
Please tell me how will this end?
It's hard to pretend

When I get so high
Will suddenly gets left behind
But tell them I'm fine

Oh what did they do?
Am I that easy to fool
Tell me where's your soul

I got overwhelmed
I can't even function well
Oh how can I dwell?
sleep tastes
like milk tea and cinnamon,
for maybe fifteen minutes
drowning in sugar
so that your tongue is sweet and numb.

I used to wonder
why you slept so long
plaid covers up to your nose
pillow imprinted
with your crown.

now I know
that dawn often tastes bitter
and the remains of the day
sticky like pomegranate rot
when dusk arrives
like a cool drink in summer
I can finally slake
this thirst for something different.
Bee Burnett Jun 4
Sinking low
To the ground
Is where
I’ll be found
Carpet prints
On my skin

Sinking low
Till I spin
In my chest
Soft and slow
A dull thud
Begins to grow

Sinking low
Here I’ll stay
Pinned by pressure
Here I’ll lay
And sweetly ache

Sinking low
Limbs heavy
Shallow breaths
Mind unsteady

Sinking low
Here I’ll lay
Breathing dust
Fade away
Low moods get the better of you
Bee Burnett Jun 4
In my bed you see
swallowing mattress leaves
An outline of me
Based on Tracy Emins bed and my lows with depression
old willow May 18
clang. clang.
The metal sung joyfully each strikes.
Passion is a dancing flame.
The greatest passion can churn
the sea.
Yet it can also fade like flickering embers.
A passion, can leave behind lasting debris.
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