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In their enthusiasm
To prove they were
genius and wise
Rest fighting corona
Motivational speakers
Spiritual leaders
Deranged doctors
Often showed stats
Corona virus conspiracy political and pharmaceutical
More people die of
Heart disease, cancer etc.
Than due to Covid 19
These nincompoops failed appreciate
Unlike heart disease, cancer etc.
Corona contagious
With no proven medical cure
May send you
To crematorium or
Burial ground
In a little time
It's precautions
That kept stats down
Otherwise it would
Make cities and towns
Burial grounds
When aware enemy is around
You cannot close your eyes
Akin pigeons when the cat is around
Heart disease, cancer may take you unaware
If diagnosed in time
Chances great to survive
These diseases don't catch
People around
Pro corona stats highlighters
Great disservice you're doing
You shouldn't go unpunished
You made the public complacent
julianna Apr 11
Don’t let me doubt.
If you let your doubt out,
I’ll never see the light of sun.
Not above not below
Not ever, not anymore.  
There are sparks in my eyes,
A flame that’s dim
Don’t let it go out
Don’t let it out.
The color of your blue sky interlaced
With the brights of my eyes.
It keeps me alive.
Letting me down,
Letting my doubt run free
Planting seeds to never see them sprout,
It still leaves these weeds inside of me.
See these weeds,
Something you’ve never heard
Words you’ll say again
Green grows out of my mouth
Faster faster
Harboring the in the arbor of my mind
My truth, your lies.
Is it your truth or is it mine?
I’m quiet.
It hurts.
Every breath of life feels worse
The doubt the doubt the doubt
It sprouts and grows
But none of this you’ll ever know.
I’m captured and I can’t be found.
Again I ask,
Don’t let your doubt out.
chang cosido Feb 22
You know, the sun
could burn so hot,
but it never tells you
how it hurts when it
burns so low instead.
Once, you've said,
I'm like a bottle of sunshine
you sip on cloudy days.
That my smile
parallels a sun
for how it could
light up a room
or warm a heart.
But you could not
tear open a sun
and touch something cold inside.
I have known millions
of smiles similar to mine.
Under cloudy skies,
just millions of burning suns.
Ash Jan 31
When things ain't right ,
Fix it at the moment.
Don't wait for your schedule to favor.
Rollercoaster Jan 28
I have been to the mountains where I have cried.
I climb hills not for the vista.
I climb for falling down the rabbit hole.
Then, I plummet down the icy gully.

I have drowned in bathtubs where I have smiled.
I swim in cold bathtubs not due to recklessness.
I swim to delude my presence.
Then, I hitch-hike upto the peak.

I do these things I cannot understand.
Reality slips away,
like fresh snow and water slip from my bare hands.
I climb to the mountain and fall to the bathtub.
Evan Stephens Jan 21
Rude, infant cloud,
stamping east -
will you carry
something for me?
Bleachy lump, shroud,
linen's careless crease
in bloodless aerie,
trawl a lyric to quay.
White-headed, bowed
beneath high fleece,
insolent taffy, ferry
over salt-rutted sea:
Take them, these words -
before I ask the birds.
Cobear Dec 2020
I live a life of mild highs and extreme lows
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