The numerals II Sir I to another
ABC* confession
DEF feared_***
My bowl spilled my
heart soup

Have Merci Beau-coup
The S was left alone my survival
Do you love my eyes primal
He points widely- tribal his
marriage finger my editorial
Be kinder strawberry sugar high
Do you want me to bite down
on my wafers
-I for the Ivy League his polo loafers

He's my (Lifesavers)
The bow and arrow I met my
dark sparrow what a rainbow
So intrigued my mystery arrival

Why on earth do you want me down?

To focus staying upright but kinda
Tight-Net gown

I am not a falling we have eyes
The face to face prize to be eyed
The Carribean
That Native American
Johnny Depp
When I make my first movie wish

The pirate birdseye rash
Al Dente ziti  Eggplant Parmigiana
The headless horse Dante always neighs
kills me on
Valentine day hearts lucky horseshoe

Eyes have frozen bird's eye
They thought I was
the sweet pea
He knocked me off
My Twitter tweets
I am the writer don't flood
My words everything is shaking
This is the Godly earth

So confused we feel-tightly squeezed
The earthquake head over heels down to our knees

She is sipping her tears down
In her chamomile tea thumbs up
The world is evaporating
like the dead sea
Bring everything alive I am
counting to 1*2*3*4*5

Down to my last words
I'm staying alive my life is more than
A Saturday Night Fever
But feeling down to my sunrise
Your heart deeply graved
I will betcha life has
more downs downward

Even when you wake -up upward

No way out of expensive
price tags we need to save
The give or take to remake
We need to finish not at
the end of the line

Where we were left off
Whats yours is mine

Sometimes you think
you are down
But life has you
well planted

To say I do
With his mind enchanted
Let me go up---++

The spirit is a complicated thing
I got wits to carry on anything

I need more guts
Now Bill said I do
Oh! No love me to please
me as I do

My Bill is always waiting
at the upside down table
Like the will-hunting
For God sake who is on first
Going up with the bucket list
Feeling down to adore me
You're going down Oh! Christ
Don't push my buttons
the elevator
I saw your Realtor
going to
The Skyline Hilton

I-O-U trillion hearts that were
down and wasted

Falling eyelashes no surprise
That stock exchange stars fault

Money lip up and honey
eyes down
Do you want this in singing
or shall we both go down

I'm going to wash that
man right out
? And sent him on
the way he's gone
The brainwashing Scientology
misery loves religious company
Like Humpty dump me
His "snoop dog so sad eating
like Pig whistle steak
Peeping Tom sales week
Anthony Perkins down to seek

The sprinkler shower
Hitchcock scene French Tickler
At Tiffany's Audrey
breakfast jewels Ruby
Hanky Panky pancakes

Like the Amazon in Prime
With fruit slashed smile
Love to love you baby at
Perkins eggs are dreamy
The shoot of ringlets hair screaming
Niagara fall and action roll fall down

You're a shade too hurtful
The red-brown chair or orange perk me
up the crown the Gala gown me

Life is so unkind why
do people smile
Going in and out the door
The rush the high like you could
mop her curls up but your hand down

Feeling inside the apple of the core

The teapot all fenced in pretending
The downspout- you're up-sprout
He's the roundabout -handle
A stranger is routing someone
is always cursing
You're going down

The game sports ball out
And your always looking
down at me when you
talk me out

Like a ring fight
falling black eye
Where is our coffee down
to nothing, she got a pink eye

Her words spilled over
upside down
pineapple printed dress

Having a breakdown
Do you want me down
I am the New York City girl
A clap of party hands

A figure of speech when you get
lonely go downtown
To my number
address 13
what a lowdown
In the Wizard of Oz,
the  cowardly lion
crashed the window
My only lip Solo so low

My computer froze my red
rose wilted
I couldn't bring my smile
back to suit you

They were jumping for joy
Do you really want to
love a tomboy
Almond eyes of candy
Grease me down
My pretty pink illegally
Blonde pill
Google on down with Bill

Joining the falling down crowd
But no one had a clue my face was
falling down all-stars feeling blue
When we're down and about or feeling all over the place the roundabout we cannot get over something that we go more down and down but be pulling our weight going up but who will fill our heart when you just about had enough
melancholy sits on the
pavement, on a cold autumn day.
enjoying the music of a
thunderstorm, and screaming.

dreaming about the winter
yet to come, become grey.

submerged in the tunes
of a dark morning that is seeding,
beyond what any words can
convey or design.

watching the elements
of the sky growing and leaving.

how silently this picturesque
of almost nothing,
captures the lonely corners of my
unfathomable inflammable mind.
aviisevil Jul 2
avi died a painful death
last autumn.

he used to talk about
it often.

never saying a word
but his words-
well they were rotten.

nobody cares though
nobody cried
nobody died;
and he was forgotten.

he was here though
and he did grow
for a minute or two
that once-

into a forest
that was boughten
his only begotten.

he died in vain
his veins, he shot them.

took out his eyes and smile-
he had just got them.

i remember watching him
drink his sins and scars
from afar,

the world filling with howls
and his insides with cotton.

sun going down and the naked
trees, the leaves and him

all of them.

hitting the rock fucking bottom.

avi died a painful death
last autumn.

and. i am. still. alive.
Amanda Jun 28
Know you'd be better without me here
Make it harder for you to adhere
To goals, one thing is clear
The "us" we are sober is what we fear
Hold you dear, love who you are
Treat you bad, keep you far
Further than the most distant star
Scared to hurt you and leave a scar
Hurt you and I don't know why
It doesn't matter how hard I try
Only make things worse for you and I
When will you call it quits and say goodbye?

Try to make it right but I always do you wrong
Say I will change but taking far too long
You're sick of hearing me sing the same song
Can we turn this back around, or are you already gone?

Most of the time wish I was someone else
Try my best to be happy, it never seems to help
You always tell me to be myself
I'm not good enough, that is easy to tell
I will never understand what you see in me
You think I am amazing, I disagree
I am drowning, dragging you into my sea
My life a mess dark and ugly
Two words I shout sometimes "Go away!"
Off-guard, you can't find the right words to say
The same day, ask you please stay
Must be hard to love a girl who never is okay
When this ends will you miss me like you said?
Travel across oceans to be by my side again?
I touch you in all the right spots in my bed
But could never let you see inside my head


Your soul is inspiring, balanced, real
I left old pain behind, wanted to heal
Your trembling hands decided to steal
Aching thoughts and unease I no longer feel
Just like a magician you put my pieces back into place
Anticipation filling the gaps and leftover space
I am starting to think I'll win this race
Is this only a dream? Will I wake with no trace?
If we are really here right now let me know
Leave me with a reminder to hold when you go
Lately my mind likes to bounce to and fro
One second feeling high, the next feeling low

You only know youve been high when you're feeling low
tortilla Jun 4
This thing you see
You said it was in me
You called it beauty
I have one simple plea
Please pull it free
Please help it flee
I live too chaotically
I'll help you find a key
It's too good for reality
Take it to the sea
It is pure and full of glee
The rest of me I can't garuntee
Don't call me sweet pea
Don't wonder what could be
There will never be a we
Just take that small rarity
That abnormality
Someday  you will agree
In dark waters it's the only buoy
The rest of who I am is debris
Aa Harvey May 18
A new low.

Depression is in session in the black hole of my head;
It drags the misery deep inside me and I wish I was dead.
I no longer want to live in a world so cold;
I shiver.
I never forget the emptiness within my heart
And the solitary of my soul.

Love no longer lives here, for I now live alone;
Oh my God how I do detest the silence of my phone.
No more calls of happiness are made;
A new low to be found.

Just sadness and hurt are all I can see,
In the mirror reflecting my face,
Because you are no longer around.

It’s a new kind of low I’m experiencing now,
But it’s a low I like living in, for it can no longer bring me down.
I have hit rock bottom and I live here alone;
But I am happy in the darkness, it has become my home.

A life without love is hard but it is manageable;
I no longer need the light of loves burning candle,
To keep me alive; I find solace in solitude.
My only desire is to see her nude.

But when you look up at every one, who you think you are below,
You find comfort in your misery, because you have hit a new low.
It’s a new low to cherish because it’s a new low I have
And this new low is mine to manage, so I will struggle on with the show.

Another human being stands in front of me smiling
And all I can think about is how I am still dying.
Their happiness makes me laugh because soon they will fall
And I shall have to feel absolutely nothing at all.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Haleigh May 1
You don't hate yourself
because of the
shape of your nose,
angle of your eyes,
length of your arms,
or size of your waist.

Your self hatred
runs so much deeper
than those things.
Your self worth
runs even deeper.
Flame Apr 25
I am not okay,
I really am not.
But I have to act like I am,
Because it's embarrassing.
People judge me,
And I start to judge myself,
How can I still feel this way?

I've tried everything.
At this point,
It wasn't fucking worth it.
Even the good parts,
They weren't worth it.
Nothing was.

It's a game,
I feel okay for a few days,
Like I've made progress,
And then right back to shit.

I thought time was supposed to make things better.
It's not.
Each low feels lower and lower.

I was beautiful,
The only person who had ever had my heart was me.

And now?
It's you,
All day everyday.
And you don't even care about me.

Why didn't you just leave me alone?
I didn't even like you.
I hated you.
Now I hate you too,
But in a different way,
In a way that only hurts me.

Every smile is fake,
Every laugh is fake,
Every joke is fake,
Every eye roll is fake,
Every hair flip is fake,
Because right now I feel worthless,
Like there is no end in sight.

I wish I could sleep forever,
Because that's the only peace I have,
But then,
Even before my eyes open,
My heart reminds me of where I am.

I wish I never gave myself to you,
Because now you're satisfied,
You broke what everyone thought couldn't be broken.

Now I'm weak,
I'm sad,
I'm constantly in pain.
I just want my life back,
Please just give me my life back.
Angel Turner Apr 23
What do you mean,
you're low on space?
Your want me to
delete some of the thing
on your memory
and intentionally give you
technological amnesia?
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