Who am I...really? What about me is special enough to have a result in the world? I could sit on this bench day by day, month by month and nothing would ever change...for me that is. I've come to realize that it's not how you were as a human being, but rather the gift you were able to share across the world so to speak. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but nothing really makes sense to me other than the fact that will always remain, I will never be missed...for that matter, I will never be noticed. The trash that just lies on the ground in front of me even goes noticed, for one by the wind that carries it away, and two by the janitor that picks it up to put it in the garbage can...which just gives me this mentality that I'm lower than trash. The funny thing is though, I believe in God. I believe that Jesus died for our sins so that we can be forgiven and make it to heaven when our time on Earth has passed, what I don't understand is what I did to him for this to be my life. I ask myself if before I was sent to be a baby to this world did I upset him while I was an angel...what could I possibly have done to have this life?
Pradeep Mar 6
That time, so strange.
Feelings shallow,
like an empty grave.
Emotions blunt,
like an old knife.
Facing a fierce dagger,
named life.

When did it escape,  
the hearty laughter,
and the racing heart,
racing to a fast song,
and a tasty novel long.

It was no breakdown,
just a tiny crack,
and a lazy lag,
of flesh, of spirit.
And a thin cloak
on my daily sunshine.

Unnoticed, unfettered,
the cracks smiled wide,
the lags stayed longer,
the cloak got thick,
as did the plot.

The warmth and the light,
not seen in plain sight.
I forgot what it was,
to feel sunshine.

That time. So strange.
P Jan 30
In a four wall room
She feel so small
She feel out of place
Cant walk alone inside and roam

Everytime she's alone
Sitting and prentending is all she can do
She sits like no one's there
Pretending that she is okay

Her mind overthinks oftenly
slowly being eaten by all her insecurities
Insecurities that she is so small
And compare to others that she is too low
When you’re depressed, you have to take yourself by surprise,
Whether it’s to sleep or eat or rise,
Cause if you think on it for too long,
You’ll convince yourself that you’re wrong,
That the effort is not worth the reward,
Even when your body and brain are sure,
That it’s too much to open a bag of chips,
Or if not that then to raise them to your lips,
Talking to people takes too much thought,
And whatever they want you to be you’re not,
And you can’t kill yourself that’d be too sad,
So you sit glassy eyed at whatever you have,
But the doc told me that I wasn’t, so,
I’m glad that I don’t have depression I’m just feeling low
Tyler Jan 21
Maybe parents
Never accuse
Never hate
Never ignores
Little kids
Because when
We are older
We are already
Who we are
But little kids
Can still grow
And parents
Can still think
That they will
What never became
Of us
I don't really know. As someone who as been given high expectations just because I'm older and then having to let them all down it can get hard. But what part of life isn't, right?
mjad Jan 20
Gates of heaven are locked
I checked em before I ran next door and knocked
welcomed in before my hand even hit the door
make yourself at home you've been here before
ain't that how it always goes
take what you can get when the other doors are closed
had a fair share of all time lows ya know
but how do you know when it's the ultimate low
hell's always open, gotta find the key to the other place
because they don't let in just any pretty face
It's a mess meh
Kaylee Jan 9
I am
A bloated carcass
Meat shredded
Putrefying and

I am a pig
Devoured by the bear

I am a bloated carcass
Meat falls
Off my bones
Grisly and blackened

I am a rotten apple
Maggots crawl under my skin

I am a bloated carcass of a girl
Gutted out by big hands
My gums are black
My bones are bleached
My heart is pus
My eyes are cream
Hot Dark Mocha with Hazelnut
I wanted to say something but I forgot
I’ve done all my papers but wasn’t satisfied
Don’t look for me now; from myself I want to hide

Reviewed some of my notes
Sudden thought of sinking boats
Check the time, it is half after nine
Why does this coffee taste like a wine?

Recounting my pens, they’re seventeen
I drew a line, but it was so thin
An old friend came in, I said hi
After some while I also said goodbye

Been sitting for an hour, it’s already cold
What do you think will I be when I’m old?
Took the last sip
Caffeine makes me want to sleep

Seven feet away is a bin, it’s empty
Wow, an analogy of me
Empty and trash
Save me now; rush, hush… crash
There are times that we suffer inspirational drought. We feel low. Sometimes we actually feel nothing.
Me Dec 2017
The moment you walk in my heart becomes weak. The lights down low. We begin to start off real slow. A gentle whimper followed by a kiss. A wondering thought. An endless bliss. You lay under the same sheets I myself lay. At first I ran, but now I stay. Your hand wonders up my hips. You softly invade my lips.  The once cold room is now scorching. The blankets are kicked off. There's no more forcing. Our bare skin touches. Our lips lock, Yours; Oh so Luscious. The pure child I once was now ruined. Lust fills my eyes, suddenly everything is real; disillusion. Your warmth is my everything, my first, my last, my forever fling. The ice that once froze me is now melted. The mark you leave on me now welted. Once I have finished you're still wanting more. Exhausted I am I show you the door. Until you kiss my lips again, you lead me back for more. Insatiable is what I envision never satisfied not even for a minute, never more.
Lin Dec 2017
They say
That Icarus flew too high
That he fell from the sky
But don’t they know
What would’ve happened
If he flew too low?
His wings would rust
Next to the ocean below
That is cause
If you fly too low
You may break your soul
For those that don’t know, Icarus and his dad were trapped in a locked room in a maze. His father made them both a pair of wings made of metal and wax. His father warned Icarus not to fly too high or his wings would melt. He also warned Icarus not to fly too low or his wings would rust from the spray of the ocean below. Icarus flew too high and the wax melted. The only times I hear people use it is when they are trying to say they should fly under the radar. I say if you fly too low under the radar, you can’t flap your wings and will crash.
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