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ranveer joshua Dec 2023
A resonant gratitude streams through my veins,
Consecrated to my middle school heroines, deflecting
The whispers of shame.
But they taught me that I do not have the luxury of shame;
I have a voice, and I must amplify it––that’s what my mother said.

Elles m’ont protégée, blossoming my oneness.
I am here now because of them, I harness their divine feminine

Standing on the bones of my aunties, their anguish travels up,
Their histories following suit.
Beneath my feet, to my knuckles; charging my inner being
My spine is rigid, fortified with the duty––
To liberate, to reform, and to love.
“But my love,” she tells me earnestly, “this love, has been assumed,
Taken for granted, blended into the background of the White man’s portrait.”

My dun skin lives in the ambiguity of praise and prejudice,
And my sisters are dead. Exploited, first––then dead.
As were my mother’s grandmothers, when the Britons drew the line.
The assembly line, however, was an American invention––
Where the American Dream came to fruition. Commodified neatly,
‘Cheaply’ produced, and easy to swallow: fine [Black*] American craftmanship!

Her tomb
Stone, will be mined by her brothers.
He is unearthing the buried history, but forced to push coal into the fire,
Cremating the legacies of his own kin.

“So what are you going to say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me?”
Her lasts words, found amongst the ashes.
racial capitalism, intertwined with colonial and imperial histories.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2019
If life gives you lemons
just be thankful it’s not a lime,
and when squeezing it
avoid getting the juice in your eye this time.
Hollie Jun 2023
Don't make lemonade
Lemons aren't enough
To turn something sour to sweet
If it was enough
We would not contrast and compare
To one another, alone or crowded
Oh sweet nothing,
When life gives you lemons
Squeeze them with sugar and water
Only then can life be sweet
It's not about lemonade
The frequencies produced by our thoughts resonate with different aspects of our physical environment. Liquids, solids, gases, and plasma. When you combine two elements they may, or not, produce a reaction. A measure that can assure that no reaction occurs is too contain it. In a lab, in order for the observer to see the contents of the container, glass is utilized. Only rarely in case of highly volatile substances is a tinted or otherwise opaque container used. Boundaries. They prevent any of the substances from altering their resting state. Randy and I are highly volatile together. I wonder what a gas and a plasma can create through their union. I wonder if they can achieve fusion.
I keep looking for a way to work on my marriage. I’m trying to think about it in terms of creation. Creation is so volatile, so messy, often painful. Cookies don’t start out sweet and delicious, they become cookies with love, and folding, and pressing, and kneading, and time, and heat.
Michael Oct 2022
I want Lemonade.  Fresh squeezed Lemonade.
I don't want Minute Maid!
I only want real Lemonade!
Oh sweet Lemonade, I'll sit right here and serenade!
And sing songs all day of Lemonade.
Only songs of Lemonade!
And one day I might even trade
this song for fresh squeezed Lemonade.
There'll even be a big parade,
for the ice cold drink I always crave!
The sour sweet kick in the cooling shade.
I only want real Lemonade.
I don't want soda.  I don't want tea.
I only want my very own grown up tall lemon tree.
Ah sweet fresh squeezed Lemonade.  Pucker up!
Syd Jul 2021
I love you like lemonade.
You're so bitter
but I-I crave
the sweet taste
you give to everything.
And when I'm with you
my mind goes blank
like I can't explain.
I hate when you're away,
so don't leave me.
Only stay.
Jaicob May 2021
Lemons into lemonade...
That's what they tell me.
It's so hard to make lemonade
When your wrists want to bleed.
The juice stings my flesh
And I just want to end.
The scars remain on my flesh
A reminder of my friend.
Pain is the only one I can tell
Nothing else is real.
Other people will spill and tell
The secret of how I feel.

Lemons into lamentation
That's all I have today-
Nothing but hopeless lamentation-
Until life stops dumping lemons on my tray.
Tess M Dec 2020
don't know what to feel
hate you; love you
lost in the confusion

I get what I want
yet I'm left
when you leave

dynamic is changing
you no longer chase me,
was it only ever a hope
for More?

you hurt me
but I hurt me too
for trusting so
Bhill Oct 2020
when life serves you lemons, you make lemonade
when life performs cycles of crazy patterns, you listen
you listen to the science of reality and truth
you stand up to the certainties that can be validated
you survive the onslaught of the cycle and wait for lemons
you make lemonade...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 271
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