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I still don't know what went wrong!
I still don't know when change began a difficult task in my life
I still don't know how my dreams stayed as a dream

As a baby I had access to just a little knowledge about the world but I made sure to utilize it.
Mother's milk,
O how pleasing was its taste
I enjoyed every bit of it
And when baby food was introduced,
At first it's taste was new and different
But I got used it with time.

A year after birth, I only enjoyed being in the hands of people when I was sick or scared
I loved to be independent
The joy I derived when I felt the warmth and coldness of earth
Even though I once loved been carried by people

So I ask again,
What went wrong?
When did change suddenly become scary
When did rain become scary to a snail

As a young child, it was very easy to play so many roles
A mother yesterday, a sick child today and a doctor tomorrow
Mother's scolding wasn't enough to make me sit or stay away from sand

What exactly went wrong!!!!
The world brings forth new things everyday
But why does it seem like am going in circles
Why does progress seem so far from me

Right now I have made it
I have been promoted , but where is the celebration?
What went wrong???

After so many thinking
I found an answer that humanity avoids
See humanity is sick
It's diagnosed with a cancer
Cancer of Comfort
That's what it's called
And that's what went wrong!!!

It steals our dreams
Stunts our growth and keeps us in Disney world
But doesn't take us to Wonder land
It limits our vision and makes us only enjoy Today
And writes our vision at the river bank

So now that you know what went wrong?
And what was behind it?
Find a rescue or endure
Like lemonade, my insides are melting.
Sweet and sour, love made on demand.
Wasn’t long ‘til I started sweating.
You had me in the palm of your hand.
I’ve possibly spilled, I’m sorry for the mess.
ALesiach Jul 2019
Rocking on the front porch
Watching the stars in heaven play
Rocking back and forth
Sipping from my lemonade
Melting all my cares away

ALesiach © 08/05/2017
ALesiach Jul 2019
Warm days
Heavy nights
Mosquito bites

Dancing bees
Delicious honey
Sweet tea,
Yummy, yummy

Swimming pools
Shade trees
Staying cool
Ice cream

Summer showers
Juicy peaches
Budding flowers
Warm beaches

Vacation's over
School begins
Time's slower
Summer ends

ALesiach © 8/2016
Dovey Jul 2019
My whole mood is pink lemonade
One minute, melancholy,
next got me swayed
into sweet besitos, my love sugar-free
I'll dilute this taste with cold iced tea
Excited to get back into writing
Decra Kerubo May 2019
Tell me,
How does it feel to write?
How does it feel to twist phrases,
How do poets feel?
How do writers hold their pens,
And I will know how to Hello a poetry.

I am not Harry Potter,
I wasn't born holding a pen,
I wasn't bought for pens till three
I am told, Harry wasn't born with a pen either
I know, he writes so perfectly
And now I know, I can hello my poetry

My fingers are too feeble to write
My focus  isn't in rhyming my scheme
My prowess is above the rule of poetry
My wonder is, why my pen makes such patterns.
My prayer, tell me how I hold my pen
And you will hello my poetry.
This poem is based on the organization title,
"Hello Poetry" and creativity in style where the pen is being held differently with regard to the holder. Then, other poets, recomend and the persona recomends theirs too.
Max Jan 2019
Before I went to bed I drank a glas of lemonade
To make my bad dreams go away
Sadly it didn't seem to work as my dreams turned into a very unpleasant charade.
Dreaming my *** off
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Man I have no time,
for slow minds,
so I stay in my own mind,
while they show crime,

to sew paranoia,
and lessen our faith in fellow Man,
Lennon wanted to give peace a chance,
but the Shadow Hand had other plans,

oh the humanity of our humanity,
full steam ahead even though we don’t know where we’re goin’,
it’s all awkward whether on stage with the spotlight ablaze,
or in the bandstands with a bag of popcorn and a program,

and I’m anxious as heck and want to get out ASAP,
but she’s got her eye on my and wants us to slow dance,
and I don’t want to but can’t think of an excuse not to,
because I’ve got no plans and it feels so good this bad romance,

so I step forward take her hand and take a chance,
nothing else left to do but pick out a spot with a good view,
to watch the fireworks from our collective apocalypse,
as the night sky lights up and we start to dance as if on queen,

because if all we’ve got is lemons,
then baby we’re making lemonade,
and if all we’ve got is each other,
then baby we’re making love until a new day is made,

as they watch in awe,
thoroughly entertained,
keeping up with the gossip,
but not with the current pace of our mental state,

and that’s why man I have no time,
for slow minds,
and why I stay in my own mind,
while they show crime,

to sew paranoia,
and lessen our faith in fellow Man,
Lennon wanted to give peace a chance,
but the Shadow Hand had other plans…

∆ LaLux ∆

Venice, CA.
October 8th, 2018
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