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Brother Jimmy Sep 2021
Happy Anniversary
My sorrow cannot bear
Your new adopted tone
Your hollow smiling stare

I cringe at the thought
The thought that kills my sleep
This thing that you have wrought
How he goes in so deep

His character exalt!
His back muscles so rare
It never was your fault
How could you help but stare?

Poseidon in his glory
A tool for you to use
I hope you get your thrills
Not more damage and abuse

You can drive him toward your will
Not like your former “love”
Whose callousness you loathed
Like the late “God above”

So congrats for eluding
The trap you’d been in
Twenty two years is a long time
To keep this crazy spin

Away you go; you win.
Happy 22nd (and final) anniversary to Diane Jean
I am grieving for the death of who you were.
My mourning comes in waves


The woman I knew wouldn’t have said something so belittling of my feelings, so casually cruel. That woman has died.  That facade that you presented for years and years and years… has evaporated.   The thing that is left in her place is cold, unrecognizable, off-putting, sick.  I am glad truth is coming to light even if it upsets my stomach… I am glad for myself - that it makes it easier to walk away.    But there’s a part that still grieves.   A part that imagines the old you is still underneath this gross monstrous skin… and a part that fears that you’ll awake from this haze… the dark magic will be lifted… and you’ll fall apart.   And it will be too late.  It already is too late.  I can do nothing to soothe or comfort… I can only move on, putting your memory to rest.  

We had good times that I will never forget.  

Au revoir
Shea Apr 2019
And as the room begins to brighten
I'm enlightened by a soft touch
of bones easily dislocatable
And sensitive to touch
And even though those bones slip
From their holes
The floor holds them before me
So delicate and worn
I've sworn that I'll swallow my disease
Digest it, spit it up before you have
To see it acting up
But today was different
You watched my ears close and head shake
With blood down my nose
Sweat on my clothes
From holding it back.
I'm sorry you had to see it
See it act up.
Max Apr 2019
I love you like
You make me happy
Like the colours
Of the trees that
Your smile
Makes my flowers

And therefore I only plant roses,
Just to give them to you.
I love you
Tash Mckay Feb 2018
Our footprints stays in the no
Our footprint stays in the snow
Our footprints stay on the earth
Our footprint is individually defined
Individual is our footprint.
Remember where you tread
Don't be mislead
Don't stand on no one's toes
Our footprint stays on the earth
Our footprint then in the past
Our footprint x
Just we all leave this earth but even when where gone we leave our print behind our message our footprint x thankyou if you read ** and get it x
Commuter Poet Nov 2015
First frost
Clings to tufts of winter green grass.
I am running
Running to feel
Something else.
I awoke sweating at 2.30am
On this Sunday morning
My mind in over driven panic
Just because
I have to face my future
My mind groans
Will I be this way for ever?
Will I ever break through?
I coax myself back towards the respite of sleep
And then I wake, knowing I cannot lie alone with my thoughts
They are not my friends.
So I get up
Wash up
Go running.
I meet people
Collect my daughter
Run errands
All, to stop the waterfall of my fear
As night time once more, draws near
And another week looms.
I occupy myself
Once again with things to stem
The tide of my subtext.
First frost
And a bird sings
So beautifully.
First frost

— The End —