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Luka Sep 9
Choose me, even When im blind folded and my back turned without awareness.
Adhere to me, when i seem to be turning sour and everything else blooming.
Pick me, Loudly, As though other options are irrelevant.
Settle for me.
Show me im not a fool for having Settled for You.
island poet Aug 26
pick a word, let it lead you astray, then (soil)

a poem to exclaim, refracting the sun rays emerging
from the curves of your chested heart, the waggle of
ten fingers conducting your inner song, the baton first
waved swipe to earth pointing, let us commence there:

think of yourself, entirety, as soil, you the potter,
what has been planted by others, nourished by others,
along sides of your ingestions, you the grower, seeded
anew, each word, hybrid edging with existing vocabularies

the sun from without, the sun from within, the rivulets
of water, the arterial pathways, feed the treasure chest,
and you, farmer, planter, grower, picker, plucker of the
produce, serve us, baskets grown on the fruited plain of

poems’ soil consisting of the writings grown in the
unique you,
all of you,
body & soul
Poetic T Jun 14
She never cared what I pulled up in,
                we ad a date, 911..
on the side of our ride.

We were late blue lights
             shining bright like her eyes.

Getting  there on time, left the blue
    shining after we left,.
      Temporarily leaving the cam on..

Smile ******* this is us,
                  eyes and a  camo only seen :)

               But underneath
we smiling,
                        catch us if you can,

prints wiped..

                   Were not a bonny & clide,
The new generation,
tip-toing on the lines that blur
                                            with everyday.

I don't have a car but I'll pick you up,
            it doesn't  matter if your down,

I'll always pick you up.

            Turning that frown from

a negative to a flashing,
            whoops we have to ditch

                     before were arrested lol.
idiosyncrasy May 9
it's hard to know
that people
keep walking
when i

it's always hard
when you keep walking.
i wish you'd offer me a hand. even if it's not mine to take anymore. even if it's connected to hers, i don't ******* care. i just need you to pick me up.

Bea Aguilar Apr 30
When she asked me,
“What triggers you?”
I couldn’t pick one.
Alfa Mar 28
what's wrong with me?
is it my sun kissed skin that you don't want to associate your soft pale touch with?
is it my hearty laugh that you're scared will turn heads? booming inside me like my ancestors screamed.
is it my past that haunts you, is the ghost creeping besides you? do you see my dark side, and reject me too?
is it my crooked smile, that makes you think im still a child? i could never have the time or money to fixed my abnormal smile.
is it cause im three times your size? you want someone who cares if they live or die? someone who isn't in survival mode? someone who wants to be 90 years old?
did you hear how disgusting i am? how i pick my nose in the shower? how i dont shave cause of feminist power? how i say **** too many times? or that i move every couple of years? am i too inconsistent cause i change the color of my hair?
is it because i dont love myself, that you cant love me?
am i a project that you dont want to complete?
am i a puzzle that you dont want to piece together?
is that it? is there more?
am i too hot tongued? too foreign? too much?
why am i never enough?

ill compare me to the girl you picked, always wondering, why am I never it?
Amanda Feb 28
It is not what I wanted

How could it be?

It doesn't go the way you have planned

Out in your mind

You want to have faith

In fantasy

But reality will never be a movie screen you get

To play delusions on

Being broken
Is not how I wished

It would end

And you might be able to pick your battles

But you will never decide who wins
An old one written 6/14/15
Poetic T Feb 15
We are godless
and yet more moral
                       than those who
                               cherry pick.

                    And yet never
able to swallow the
Marri Nov 2019
I pick & pick & pick.
I peel the layers off, satisfyingly.
I watch the blood ooze out.
Slowly running down arms and legs.

I pick & pick & pick again.
I tear the skin off, contently.
I watch the skin reveal pink flesh.
Slowly, I feel alive.

I keep thinking of you;
I pick the scab.

I keep remembering everything;
I pick the scab.

Flashes of your face invoke my memories;
The blood runs.

The sound of your laugh enters my mind;
The blood drips.

I go to places that were special to us;
I smile.

I pretend you’re there with me;
I laugh.

I sit in silence--
I talk in my head.
I even scream sometimes.
All while I pick & pick & pick some more.

The same cycle occurs over and over again:
I pick, bleed, then heal.

Healthy,     isn’t it?
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Jack and Neil, Ran up to the hill
To get some fruit for breakfast

Jack climbed up a tree
Started plucking apples

Neil stood on the ground
Waiting for Jack and apples

An Apple Fell Down
Hit straight on Ground

And Jack also fallen after.
Both ran to pick the Apple

The Apple was found
Picked from the Ground

Both Jack and Neil
Changed their Mind

They took the single Apple
And came home thereafter

They Ate the Fallen Apple
And both smiled with laughter
Let's Cherish Childhood
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