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Ken Pepiton Apr 10
The shooter seems willing to speak…
- I was lied to. I was good for nothin'
sure, as a young rapscallion's apprentice, why
who would not be mad, upon learning of the ways
bank's means support the boys being used as mercenaries,
- and yeah,
what a wonderful thing compounded confounding interests
seem, gee, America was great,
for some people, all the time,
sorted ones, picked for preparation,
smart kid, we can use such, prepared,
liberally educated and earnestly able,
to make a plan, write a thesis, daily table,
to change a plan into a scheme, ability
imbued with a curious charisma, they say,

so full of his personality, like Donald,
Goofy and Minnie both nod, ****,
did you vote for Al Smith, back then,
when America was great, and fortunes
was made selling Bridges in Brooklyn,
time and again, its like we was there,
East end, West end, all around the town,
but, at the movies,
in little dark structures serving ancient needs,
hands could be held, and, dare we, yes, yes,
all the way, America wins the America's Cup,
a true, real deal feel we are in that Spirit,
riding wind under the Oracle banner,
winning America's cup, for spreadsheet people.
- everyday folks who watch old movies on TV.
- And the folks who make those movies for you.

Those are the teams, eh, the people versus the people.
Spy vs. Spy, yes … Mad, Al Smith, and Alfred E. Neuman,
Barak, atar adonai ai ai ai, did I not
warn you,
allusions to Jeopardy questions evoke immediate inssi-der
we won. Not ironically, sublimely subtleeeeeeeeeee

Something t's me off, I swing. Killer instinct. Gut reacts.
Spirituality is gaseous, mystical, like swamp gas,
but in your belly, burning, below the bosum.
Political fodder sent me, into a tizzy, tis the last straw, nobody is that stupid twice. Then I look into the mirror...this was October, now is April
GQ James Dec 2020
Them thoughts I been having lately crazy,
Life can get deadly when you don't expect it,
Our lives can change quicker than you realize,
Everything that has taken placed is a surprise,
I can't worry or stress,
Life could be much worse,
I continue to keep pushing,
I won't give up,
Just keep putting in that work.

I knew the risks of my choices,
I knew it wasn't gonna be easy,
God has a plan for me,
I can feel something good coming,
Nothing good comes easy,
If you want something good,
You gotta take a lost to get the big win,
You can't succeed if you don't fail,
Can't experience success without failure.

Before you can walk you gotta crawl,
Before you talk you gotta listen,
Lessons are learned by paying attention,
How can we do better if we don't know our mistakes?
Know what you did wrong,
Before you can make it right,
What's wrong can be made right.
Asominate May 2020
Good luck and good riddance
I hope you find your rhythm
Either you're in or out
Look at who's laughing now
Best wishes, sweet dreams
Hope you'll soon be redeem
You chose out over in
At the crossroads no one wins
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