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You aren't born to please anyone, neither accepted by everybody.

But your purpose is to make sure you live good making better thangs, making thangs better.

Spreading love across to each and every one wisely. You're born to rule not ruled. Everyone is meant to live fee free. But it takes bravery to make a living, on the field of struggle, busting and jostling, in search for fortune, get yours, I'd get mine. living in dreams,

getting goals accomplished unyielding. Thinking of living again tomorrow,

when we hadn't none reaped ou'ta momentum.  Is there future promised to us at all.?

When we had spent perhaps even the half of our lifetime , achieving nothang.

Stagnated, disdained, and denounced crazy sage, labeled mad. Does it not mean we were plagued? God forbid! Sango in the altar.

History's mystery new testament era. Jesus is Lord a slain Saint sent from above.

Make a melody 🎶 sing to the world, lengthening fasting season.

Faithful journey  along with Supreme omniscient ghost. Awe! - C9fm
Achievement is a journey, not a prize
A path we all must travel, if we're wise
Every step we take, we develop and learn
And the more we strive, the further we'll go

It starts with a dream, a spark in the mind
A goal that we set, for all to find
We work and we labor, day and night
With each step, we get closer to the light

We stumble and fall, but we rise again
For every setback, is a chance to mend
We learn from our mistakes, and we grow stronger
For every failure, is a step closer

And when we reach the top, and our goal is in sight
We'll look back and see all the hard work and fight
We'll know that we've earned it, with blood, sweat and tears
And in that moment, we'll conquer our fears

So let's strive for greatness, and reach for the stars
For every achievement, is a victory in its own right.
So let's strive for greatness, and reach for the stars
For every achievement, is a victory in its own right.
Robert Ippaso Sep 2022
Legs pumping, muscles screaming
Eyes transfixed, seeing but not seeing,
Mind wandering sometimes dreaming
Heart thumping, loudly beating.
Body glistening, pace increasing,
No thought other than just breathing,
Inner voice gently pleading,
It's against me that you're competing.
Hardened gaze, resolve seeking
Any thought of slowing down but fleeting,
End in sight, goal achieving,
In determination solely now believing.
Then it’s done, smile cracking
Hands on thighs, tension fast releasing,
Time to rest, morning breeze fast cooling,
A sense of private purpose sweeping.
This day’s success a moment surely fleeting,
Yet little tops this burst of joyful feeling.
Just Grace Jan 2022
Lay rest your flashing glaze of wishes
Down received for a moment
Breathy bow lifts to hold
and waver across few measures
Sienna and topaz
Sienna and topaz
Singe and simmer
Shine and glimmer against
All the thoughts born and dead

What makes you eager to rise
If it is not sensing gone away stories
or nursing the aches that lunge through anywhere else but here
While you replay and delay all creation
the blossoming goes unseen

She, the maiden is reigning
Une palais à remplir
Une palais à remplir
where she is her own queen
Her oceans made of no time channel open mouths
flooding its spill

She waded into The archer
Downed in his own vessel he mistook himself the pilot of

He, marooned in the surrender of damp and fertile places
where in Death he is still recovering
Soldiering and sullen
Soldiering and sullen
He is choking, and can not stop to see or savor the blossoms rising from his own till
Lance May 2021
A mother's love
A father's warmth
A sister's support

3 things I wish to acquire
But never require
Yet wanting to transpire

A hug
A simple "congratulations"
A simple "I'm proud of you"

3 things a child only wishes to be received
Yet so far to be achieved.

An "I love you my child"
Is all I ask...

But they were never up to task...
The thing about the pandemic is that it exposes the harsh reality we aren't meant to figure out. A falling out of a family we thought was held together. Only to be broken from the inside. I wanted to have a good family. A family that was proud of what I had become only to receive such disdain and disappointment each time.
Alicia Moore May 2021
Loving you is my greatest achievement.
Who knew that a task so demanding
could be maintained so effortlessly?

My greatest achievement is loving you.
Who would have guessed that emotions so powerful
would eventually be so simple to convey?

Loving you isn’t easy,
loving anyone never is,
but it is my greatest achievement of all.
Johnson Oyeniran May 2021
Self reflecting skips not
A day without moving me
To revisit the works of
Mine fingers I bury in shame
With pride, seconds after my
Fragile mind gives
In to Intrusive thoughts
Repulsive unto my
Well being.
I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again

To what depth will I have to sleep
And dream again of the wondrous land
And to what height do I ascend
To behold your glorious deep

Oh you faraway land in keep
In my dream you are no more
To my reality I return, no more of you
A figment of thoughts, a dream in dream
The grass is greener here

You don't die until your visions  perished, and you never perished until your dreams dies. Successful life voyage the ocean of goal.

Before when I was a little lad I used to say in the future I'd achieve everythang I ever dreamt of becoming everythang I desired shall come for me.
But age made me realized that I been dwelling in the future,
Every moment
is a future, explore the adventure (s)

There's no future but moment, therefore cherish each and every moment of life, spending time on positive vibes which mothered a prosperous life of elation."
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