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Rhea Oct 13
Internal standards drive and shape.
We all must try to maintain
The self image of wearing the hero’s cape
So we scurry, scuttle and strain to obtain
The many titles to follow our name

Individual achievement prized over all
Has led to never becoming enough.
Never proud of our value, heads tall!
We must be diligent, empathetic and tough
To earn respect or become a heeded voice

We stack responsibilities, jump the hurdles
Rush to service, stress grades, run the mile.
Too many doing too much--my stomach curdles.
Everything done for the sake of doing
Never adding to development of ourselves

Such a paradox are individual achievements
The more you do the less pride you feel
Running ragged your empathy caves and relents
To the exhaustion that corrodes at your steel
The internal words, “Someone else could”
Jeni Oct 12
I wish to experience sober the bravery of drunk
I wish to experience adult the immediacy of childhood
I wish to experience the unconstrained love of the innocent and unbroken
I wish to emerge myself in the hope of he who has never suffered disappointment
We all get the possibility to live life at its fullest
Why do we aim for satisfaction and settle for even less?
Mediocracy is a principle of averageness, but ought never to be a goal in itself
Unique. Human. Individuals.
Do not forget your pride
Do not underestimate the value of true joy
I do believe in charity
Do I believe in Me?
Your love my identity
Your love my sanctity
It's my indemnity
Against all calamities
Your love no fantasy
Your love my reality
It's my indemnity
Against all fragilities
Your love my poetry's signature
Your love my literature
It's my indemnity
Against vis major
Your love my wealth
Your love my strength
It's my indemnity
Against fractious developments
Your love my achievement
I don't grow even
An inch taller
Yet I stand
Taller and taller
Alex Sep 12
Achievement; You've managed to post a selfie!
Somebody might think its funny considering it as one of your goals,
Somebody refers it a piece of cake,
Like every morning til afternoon,
A quick snap wont bite them,
But for you?
There's nothing greater than you're proudest moments,
Building you're self - confidence,
Positivity, throwing off anxiety out of your roof,
After somebody already ruined it for you,
But congratulations!
You're step ahead of becoming yourself,
You've been on a deep snooze,
Living in you're comfort zone,
And now you've managed to showed a self portrait,
Without hesitations,
Or doubts,
Just a bold smile,
And a bravery of not giving a f*ck.
A thud sound
Of me falling?
From the sky height
Into the deep sea.
This internal unfamiliar silence  of the waters below,
Is eating me up.
Can you hear me?
I scream with my throat dry,
I dream with my hopes high,
The shallow waters Don’t echo my voice,
So I'm letting go a deeper dive.
This external familiar voice of everything above the sea –
my success or failure?
Makes me bury myself into the truth more deep
Makes me worried of the soul which never came to me
So, I shut my eyes
See a bright yellow light
Run toward it to seize a whole new sight
Calmness of  the internals
Don't excite my bored old soul.
But I still am worried about my past above the sea.
A swish sound
Of me rising.
Back from the deep sea into the high sky
Never thought I will give up of being shy
With a motive to live,
With wings to fly,
With a hope to dream,
Which my failure had taught me.
My life is
A mirage
Amidst on ocean
An oasis
Amidst sand dunes
A miracle
That I believe
Not just flow of thoughts
But something to achieve!
Storm Aug 3
I wish I was a pencil
So that when I do commit mistakes
I can always try to undo

But I realized
I'd preferably be a pen
It cant be erased
but I can always thrive...

to correct it
Dont let urself be defined by ur mistakes. Always remember to make use of it as an avenue to grow and correct it. I know its hard to do but someday u'll realize that what im saying is true. DONT LET UR MISTAKE DEFINE YOU. Grow little seed
Dr zik Jul 24
Dr Zik Poetry
'Zinet' is the shortest modern genre in English poetry (rhythm or un-rhythm).  This poetic form is developed in the second decade of 21st century.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 28
We are dealt with cards as we go
through the hardships of life.
As it falls to us, it is our choice to play
them the best we can.
That's where true greatness lies, playing the game of life the very best you can and achieving success.
I pray that all you dream of being in this life,
all you dreams come into fruition 😁🙏
Be back soon with more!
(It certainly does feel wonderful to be back at it again!)
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14
Striving to be the best so loud and proudly may work for some
But for me it is through silence that I achieve more
Work in silence, your success will make the noise.
Besides, I find the appeal of keeping people guessing, haha!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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