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Dawn Jan 14
the leaves have entered the house
more are thriving and not wilting.
the vibrance ever so strong
Amongst the flowers carried by its fat stems.

our steel founded doors
do not stand a chance.
All are persistent enough to fill half of this home with wild ferns, curling perpetually.

All grew faster than the strands of my hair thats already been boosted by the magic of human calibre.
It pushed me to a side,
a small space, and sooner
it will just be one tile
In this checkered flooring

I am surrounded,
my toes to touch the silky forest capsuled in this house.
The vines slithering around my legs

I wilt at the touch.
Wynn H Oct 2018
It feels as though…
As though the Poet inside
Has dropped the pen
And for the life of me,
I just cannot seem
To find it...
[searching, searching
  Constantly searching…]

So here I sit
Trying to formulate words,
Force them out onto paper
To try and string cohesive
Sentences together

& yet…
Yet there is a feeling
Like something is lost,
Like something is missing.
Something invaluable
A hole in my soul…
Just how do I get it back
& close the hole
If I just don’t get it..?

Feels like I’m in the clouds
But I’m not…
Somethings off
& I cannot find the switch
To turn it back on

Taking pills to sleep
while grogginess pursues
but when I wake,
has seen the morning…
& now it wants to spend
the day
aquis Sep 2018
too many light bulbs
full of dreams and hopes
in a sleepless loop
what a shiny lamp, look
it doesn’t have any buttons
to switch if off
Some days its just so hard to switch off - sleeping becomes a dream!
Blake Jul 2018
My fire cracks and sizzles,
The wind growls and hisses,
Sounds of her naive frenzied movements coat my sticks in liquid.

I crackle warning signs,
The spitting of banishment,
One day like a switch i will flick
leaving only black and blue behind.

Fire burns only for so long,
You dread and prolong my end,
But I invision peace in the hearts ice age of surrendering to the breeze.

Be gone mother,
This is my war and I choose to fight or retreat so please...move
Let the wind take me.

Mum please go back inside with the rest,
Don't let them find you among my ashes,
Don’t stay around to choke on my smoke and please don’t make this your bed.

Listen to their words,
Dont double the price of one life,
You need to say your goodbyes.
Pyrrha Jul 2018
Be happy they say
As if its a command, a switch, a lever
So simple to them
They do not see
How intangible it is for us

The ones who refuse to pretend
To lie to ourselves
To lie to everyone

Be happy they say,
Be happy
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Kingfisher at rest,
Aggression’s switch still twitch;
Uncertain balance!
Brent Kincaid May 2018
He’s the kind that likes to swindle
He’s always got some deal cooking,
(His bait and switch game doesn’t dwindle,)
When he doesn’t think we’re looking

You went to school with a **** like this,
He always claimed others were cheats.
He showed up early only if and when
They were serving food and sweets.
But never showed up for the work
Or did playground games honestly.
He claimed twice the victories he had
And lied to everyone constantly.

All the deals he makes are scams
He pulls the rug out from under.
(Were his steaks really just spam?)
And leaves giggling at his plunder.

When he got older, he took his dad’s gold
And parlayed it into a lifetime game
Of promises not kept, and half-truths
And, as usual, never once took the blame
He preferred never to pay his bills
And then bragged about how gullible
The creditors were, and how they all
Should really have charged him double.

Hey, **, he thinks we don’t know
Just what kind of game he’s playing.
Just listen to his promises online
It’s the opposite of what he’s saying.

But that’s how snake oil salesmen are;
They cook up a batch of ***** and herbs
And sell it as a cure-all and hurt folks
Then laugh and claim it’s what they deserve.
And, when his books turn out to be cooked
He lies about it way before you start.
When asked how he could be so crooked
He says, “That’s because I’m so smart!”

He’s the kind that likes to swindle
He’s always got some deal cooking.
(His bait and switch game doesn’t dwindle)
When he doesn’t think we’re looking
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