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CADE Dec 2021
i always knew you guys were meant to be
i'm happy for you both
it's good that you moved on from me
i was a bad friend (and a bad person ultimately)
selfish and unhealthy
i can't make up for what i did
but i offer my apologies

here is my final goodbye to an old life
and i mean that with a lot of certainty
i was too wrapped up in my own spiral and i just expected someone to be able to save me and take care of me. i was scared of helping myself and scared of who i would be without projecting my problems; i don't say this to excuse how i mistreated everyone i'm saying it to be honest. i'm glad that we're all moving on.
i hope that things get better for max and roman, i doubt you'll check back to see this and that's okay. i want to stay out of your guys' way and i think that our pathes aren't meant to cross again.
i loved you both dearly and i hurt you both excessively, i don't expect to be forgiven for that and i hope to be forgotten
R Dec 2021
underneath the layers
of scar tissues and tunnels of
i feel your vines grow from my back
to my core
you reside in my organs
you are my air
inhale the blue light to absorb
the unknown
i'll always find him there
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
The all-gender bathroom
Is where I feel safest

I sneak around to get there

Just for some separation from what gender wants me to be
I don’t get to do this for free

They have a sign about ****** harassment
Some people came in and tore it down
Way to make sure we’re feeling safe
They were arrogant

Trying to **** our confidence.

Although a meaningful gesture
A hate crime
They let their anger sit and fester
Why do you think I’m done with this semester?

My college claims equality and I guess they’re right
But I believe in equity
The peoples rights fulfilled
True liberty

Stop telling
Start listening
Lend a hand to those who don’t have one
I’m doing it and I’m glistening

I may be an advocate
But that doesn’t make it tireless

I feel it too,
behind my eyes is a child
Wishing to make the world
Better for her younger self

Does that make me wild?

Maybe I am.

I’m Max
The king of the wild things
The leader of the misfit toys
Kinda like Lord of the rings?
A metaphor based on the book The Starless Sea
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
This is my coming out poem
Listen before I go

I didn’t write this to be told ‘no’
It’s not a choice and I'm not asking

It’s up to you whether you accept me

Im gay and gender-queer,

Sometimes I wish I could just be a tree

This is way more difficult for me

Don’t push your beliefs on an independent
If you don’t agree I can leave

If you don’t want me in your life I won’t force it
But real love understands
That’s the hook, line, and sinker

If you try and push it down
You push me away
So that’s up to you
But I can’t help that I’m gay

You’re the ones who made me who I am
Whether by blood or not you’re my family
I hope this doesn’t change that

This was hard for me to say
Right now I’m in finals week but soon I’ll be back
I’ll read this to you
Maybe I’ll cry

But either way

I want you to know
I only share this with those who deserve it
Remember that as you walk away

Before you yell at me take a step back
Think about life without a Sophie
Is it fun?
Or is it dreary?

He wants to be in your life
They just are asking you to open your mind
Give her a hug
And heal her strife.

Planning on reading this to my family
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
the dog eats my flesh
i wake up angry to max
we are close friends now
max Sep 2020
I like showing off
1% of what I am
But then
I feel like I gave them too much of me
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
When he cried on the cross
he made me believe in Jesus.

When he blessed a devil child
he made me believe in His Word.

When he mated death
he made me believe in the light.

When he ate a wild strawberry
he made me know love.

When he held his son in a new land
he made me feel the wisdom of fathers.

When he showed the hidden Kroners
he made me feel total shame

When he held his dead child in his arms
he made me understand the resurrection of grief.

Max you made me forever hunger
for the million lights illuminating the dark
upon which I build my celluloid church.

The Max von Sydow films referenced in order of appearance:  
The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Exorcist
The Seventh Seal
Wild Strawberries
Pelle the Conqueror
The ****** Spring
Max Feb 2019
I'm seeing someone often lately, someone I have not seen in a very long time.

It's me.
Finally, my life is back on the track of which it derailed many years ago.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
There are poor neighborhoods
that are tucked into towns,
where the less educated,
where the lesser of means,
find in the dregs, the ability
to coexist with higher society.

Society is grown to the point of disease,
killing the feeble, disabling the lost,
in the name of and for some ease.
So here comes the city, meaning so well.
They said, "Let's add a train line
to a town that has none!"

Well, there goes the block.
There go the people who
barely have homes.

The Council wants to drop a line
where they see shoes bounce power lines.
What's the harm in displacing
the part of the community already dead?
The town now seems to be just fine
now that the poor are paying fines.
Why not double down and just
gentrify when history tells the story best?

Expand Portland, rid Tigard of blemish,
trade your rug for cement and track.
Beautify Tigard, please your ill desire,
don't be surprised when your eyesore
comes back.

Go ahead, pave your poverty.
Go ahead, clean your streets.
You're thinking, "Lines for dimes."
What do you think a new line means?
What do you think the traffic brings?
The sweet guillotine repeats.
Simon Leake Dec 2017
Sky: a repository of adjectives
―land's fast mirror
―stripped of uniform
―thought to body.

Greece: a repository of alternatives
―Civilisation’s fast mirror
―never fully constituted
―thought to Europe’s body.

And all this water between us
―greasing the dialogue
―speeding up the dissolution

Isn’t it always cooperative?
After all, the trickster
is nothing without prey;
the entrepreneur nothing
without an audience.
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