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Pax Jan 11
as i am nearing the edge of our fading sun,
as our world is one big aquarium,
- full of life...
      me, surviving the best i can, alone...
i though i never long for that new life
born between my seeds,
all i knew is that i am okay, alone...
     no plan to plant,
just a fading list of the evading daydream...
     it's okay - everythings alright,
there's time, still,
   even if it never arrive,
     it's still alright
         for all the right
me trying to be positive in all things...
If there must be trouble now
Let this happen in my day
With my fight - a peace endow
So children live a better way

If there must be tyranny
I choose now to rise and stand
Resist a broken currency
With all the strength that I command

This reflection - well applied
Makes duty clear to choose the right
We can awaken - turn the tide
In the darkness - spread the light

If central planners choose control
And limit freedoms year by year
Liberty is Bitcoin’s goal
Join today - it has no peer

So if there must be troubling times
Bitcoin stands for freedom’s way
To overcome the theft and crimes
Yes - let this happen in my day
You can see this poem on a background here -
“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”

Thomas Paine, The Crisis
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Holding broken pieces of past in the palms of my outstretched hands
Reasons evade me
I sit here struggling to understand
The edges dig deep
Causing tender skin to seep scarlet drops
Taking Tylenol to pummel pain until it finally stops
I'm ready to give up life and dive headfirst into my grave
It is difficult for me but I must admit my soul is far too gone to save
The devil stole it from my bones and doesn't plan on giving it back
Without it polished surface falters and slowly begins to crack
Just a glimpse into my depressing life
Jia Ming Feb 2023
The scents of Illness fade again
As godly Schedules run—
Her victor's Streak will be obtained
To blaspheme selfly Funds—

Then She awaits the planning shared
Immutably discreet—
For only apt the Mammal pair
When Intellectually—
leeaaun Dec 2022
i prepare everything of
what to do
when i'm in pain
but when pain knocks
on the door
i forget every plan
can i not feel pain anymore?
She Writes Aug 2022
She made a five year plan
With a 3 year man
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2022
TUESDAY Aug 9 2022


(for you)

silent alarm trips me up into a dawning at with a five o’clock
wakefulness, (‘woke,’ cancelled) that comes with morning daylight,
this is the likely culprit~catalyst, for the sky is traced,
blending multi-palest shades of whitening blues,
crowned by toppings of baby orange + pinks of faun~sun arrays

an hour prior, my 1st day-view,
is of mine eyes popping corn open to Peconic bay waters,
waves moving actively, not yet rascal-frothy winded,
meanwhile the woman

an hour later deep dreams of what I know not,
but rumbling and mumbling
and noisy shuddering combinations course through her frame and
whatever turbulence she’s experiencing is plainly nothing good

my apriori
training kicks in and a tender embrace and the be-not-afraid caresses work quick, restore her own waves to a comparable calmer current

now, she sleeps peaceful, breathes in easy quiet as I, writing, memorializing the moment, all else can wait, and Tevye’s prayer~
memory comes pinging, re the powers of it who makes all via a

  “vast eternal plan,

crinkles my smiling eyes and my fingers begin to radio-receive the signal of dash dot dash of words you currently are reading/imbibing

something unknowable raised me up
amidst the all-quiet of the first watch,
thus I, was snap ready to ease her troubles, at the very first moment…


now I am cellular~level conscious of witnessing and feeling
each of the trillions upon trillions of minuscule defractions

of light bendings that will populate, articulate,
the entire world’s rolling day,
give them to me, please,
the causality source of millions of minor miracles that will go unobserved, unrecognized and unrecorded

I rise from the bed needy, urgently seeking them,
your adventures, their earthquake interactive tremors,
the raw minerals of what will be all the future poems of our lives,
but, first,



Shelter Island, N.Y.
Tevye of Fiddler on the Roof fame sings:
“Would it upset some vast eternal plan God,
if I were a wealthy man?”
Cledentine May 2022
That road I planned
Is merely a plan.
No dent, no mark,
No foot print of mine.
A clean canvass
With no acrylic colors,
An untouched paper
Without a sketch.

Sometimes I think
What road should it be.
Mine or theirs,
What should it be.

I go with mine,
I'll be happy
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
You live on "borrowed time"
At least that is the story you say
If that actually is true
Can you explain the delay?
Knowing how fake you are
Sure it's just a lie
Many of your words are *******
Surprised you are not covered in flies
Uncertain how you got to this point
Was a time where you once stood tall
What I mean;
You had a reason to
Still do with no reason at all
I guess along journey you changed
The person that I see
Became a perfect example
Example of who NOT to be
You tread upon backs of others
In order to get what you want
Even if that means inflicting pain
You do not mind being a ****
Not thinking about future
Solely focused on present thrill
Feeding on people's energy
Seem to never get your fill
I suspect you are miserable inside
That's why you tear others in two
Only way to ease your suffering  
Make everyone as unhappy as you
But never seem to shed a tear
Wear a permanent grin
I believe it's because you are striving so hard
Concealing the agony within
Broken so many ways
Have a house but it's not home
Without family to return to
Probably easier to roam
A steady rotation of bodies
Little boys avidly chasing your tail
Your company isn't free
Because *****'s for sale
Thrown like a football
Highest bidder gets the pass
You get bored-no problem
There is always greener grass
Your life rests in ruins
Lost so many parts
And reputation
Vanished like your heart
Falling apart a piece at a time
Pretending to keep together
We both know you can't maintain
Perfect charade forever
Your youthful beauty all but dead
Wear so much paint on your face
Entire cosmetics section of Walmart
Stuffed into your makeup case
I see beneath false advertisement
True colors bleed right through
Under skin is grey and black
Soul the ghastliest hue
Reflected in statements you make
Sound either insane or idiotic
Unsure if you are playing stupid
Or you are truly that psychotic
It appears you hurt those around you
Because you can
As if you don't have enough suitors
Steal another woman's man
Your cruelty clearly defined
At least it is from my point of view
Fool everyone else surrounding
A persona that isn't true
But karma will catch up in the end
Hope you're destined to be alone
I feel that is what you deserve
Frozen straight to bone
It's never too late to turn over a new leaf
Begin treating people right
You have to want improvement
Fear for you it's out of sight
Content with road you're walking
Not knowing where it leads
Flesh poked with needles
Uncaring it bleeds
Darkness swallowing you whole
Don't seem to be aware
It's strangling the last bit of goodness
Within remaining there
I do not understand how you can glance
In mirror and not feel disgust
All the disappointment you've caused
Lost a lot more than just trust
Next time you drag name through the mud
Make sure own hands are clean
You have more sins in your book
Than a ***** magazine
If expecting us to back down
In for quite a surprise
Soon as we go toe-to-toe
I will cut you down to size
So better watch your mouth
If the plan is to avoid confrontation
Free to do and say whatever you please
I warn you - there will be retaliation
This was written about this ***** who was talking **** about my family behind our backs. Sorry to anyone who is offended. The to title comes from a text she sent a friend of ours saying she wanted to beat her to a ****** pulp and then skull **** her, and her name is Charlie.
No single point of failure
In the worldwide Bitcoin net
No access for the hacker
To see what they can get

No single point to regulate
When governments oppress
No governmental overreach
No thank you - we’ll take less

No single point for dominance
For a group to change the plan
The core code is immutable
Set in place when it began

No single point of weakness
No inflating to gain power
Like Ulysses - we plan ahead
To stay safe in the siren’s hour

No point where we discriminate
Or allow the “favored few”
To gain the wealth of Bitcoin
It’s for all - including YOU

“No single point” brings benefits
And freedoms - in its wake
So let’s promote “no single point”
For us, and our children’s sake
This is Bitcoin Poem 014 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
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