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wacky butterfly,
with a whimsical flight plan!
joking with movements.
Wait, take any poses,
Record the celebration,
Solve, envy, this threat,
Take it by the throat, frown.

Stay ahead of any gossip,
Endure wishlist big mouths,
As if this day is the last,
It's like he's already nobody's.

Don't hesitate too long,
Leave tomorrow on someone's nonsense,
Get tired, pretend, get even,
I understand where the "yes", I understand where the "no".
A foolproof plan
is only as foolproof as the fool
that came up with the plan
Maria Etre Feb 11
The thing about
not planning
is that you're
planning on it

Life is like
Being in a
Dark tunnel,
With no light –
No end –
In sight

But, sometimes,

A light finally
And comes
Into view,
And hope

But, sometimes,

That light is
With a rumble
And a whistle;
And it’s
A train

But, sometimes,

Hope returns,
As that train
Veers off on
Another track
At the last

And then, sometimes,

The tunnel is
Dark again,
With no light –
No end –
In sight…
…but, at least you’re alive.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Whats their plan
Is it a scam
Will we even know what their up to
If we dont we aught to
Was guy fawks right
Crush the parliament
A poem to make people think
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
We are building New Babylon
out of carcasses and bones,
repeating the design flaws
of ancestors,
undoing our future,
sealing the destiny
for generations to come,
We are the very stones
built into these walls,
the same ones we throw
when we turn on our own.
And these stones
are what our hearts are made of.
Our thoughts are but paper
forgotten tomes, decaying pages.
Redundant and irrelevant
is what we have become.
Behold the great construction
of our ultimate destruction.
...just dug up this oldie from back when I used to write like this...
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
i don't have a plan
i can't find the time
i don't have the skills

i can't seem to start it
i don't want to touch it
i can't think about it

i want to do it
i want to finish
i just want it done
try reading it reverse.
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
Wandering aimlessly with stormy souls
As the sprout of a plan, golden
Strikes lightning into departed holes
Flare hopes piercing the sands of Eden

Till confusion knows no home

For 'tis we've brightened eyes
And faces
For that that graces our gentle hopes

The fire in everyone of us
With this sword
Gentle hope

Of what we will be
Man I **** at writing poetry now. You can see how bad cuz I look up to my 14-year old self.
'The only person you need to be better than
Is the person you were yesterday'
I either nailed it, or failed it. I'm thinking the latter.

Anyway, through the poem I was implying the fierce hope and certainty (of the fact that we actually have a plan) that you know, we feel when we get an idea and place our fingers upon a good-looking plan.

I have a plan and I'm just over the moon cuz my plan is that I'm gonna be RIZNA just the way I want me to be!
(Just be yourself, don't care what ppl say)
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Are you free tonight?

May be
Yet undecided
Whether to join you or not

Let me first be sure
What I need

A silent moment
A soulful music
A serious chat or
A sound sleep

Still I am not sure
Whether I need,
A cold beer
A hot lemon
An exotic coffee
Or Just
The delighting thirst
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Friday Air
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