Computers may well
be absorbing Mankind
without ever having a plan
to do so. Google is quickly
becoming our memory;
virtual reality, predominant
living space for billions.

There's a part of you that still grows,
within me
But you've been buried deep in soil,
beneath me
Every day, I encounter,
the thought of our possible future
But maybe that was the world's way
Of telling me you weren't meant to stay

Current book is about to put in safe keeping,

waiting the new book of a 365 pages,

a new beginning,

a new list of book of ages.

Plan must be planned beforehand,

claim must be claimed and –

Proof must be proved again,

do all you can, so much for what will you gain,

no more sad onomatopoeia, no more suffering in pain.

Possibilities are yet to come,

hope versus expectation – both will never promise the outcome,

A billion dollar started with a single penny,

A master once a newbie,

Walking in failure is part of recipe,

to reach a delightful biography.

TWO hands & two legs,

THOUSAND wrong steps,

AND almost time having a big mistakes,

EIGHTEEN years old’s dreams – current broken dreams closed the drape,

2018 is our sweet escape.

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Nessa dieR Dec 2017

My tactic is to look at you,
learn how you are.
Love you like you are

My tactic is to talk to you
And listen to you.
Build with words
An indestructible bridge

My tactic is
To stay in your memory.
I do not know how,
I do not know on what pretext,
but to stay inside you

My tactic is to be sincere
And know that you are sincere,
And that we do not sell simulacra
So that between the two
There exists no curtains or chasms

My strategy is,
Deeper and simpler

My strategy is
That one day,
I do not know how,
I do not know under what pretext,
At last,     you need me.

valentine Oct 2017

think big
think bigger
even bigger
you’re not getting this
your mind is so small
that it can’t hold my big thoughts
my masterplan
that will make you live forever
you say we all die
that’s just an excuse
to avoid doing any work
and anytime i try to tell you anything
you just cry your little heart out
i didn’t know i raised you
to be such a little pussy

Julia W Oct 2017

i used to make since
i used to have a plan
until the world blew up
and scatted dreams across the land


he used other human capital
to achieve his own ends
what kind of person would
be involved with these lends

beneath his exterior
a brain-washer lay
exploiting everyone else
to bring him handsome pay

credit in his dodgy account
came at a considerable fee
abusing and misusing
Bob and Mary's kindly spree

they had no understanding
of his predator plan
working them over so he'd
be the number one man

to-day the ones
I selected
rated well
the scale
which gave
a positive indication
my options
were hitting
the nail

upward of sixty five percent
and it continued to
without any worries
I would soon be
at the very top of
the stack

no one else can pick them
quite like
I can
I'm an ace
in the identifying

Sand Sep 2017

Quarter of a century;
How quickly the years go by
Still no life plans for me
Just more dreams to pass time
As I look on at the world racing ahead
While I,
I slow down to love

It's my birthday today, and I was thinking about how little of a plan I have for my future. I just really want to spread as much love around as I possibly can until I can't anymore
Belle Aug 2017

Not really quite sure where to go...
I could extend my hand to the right,
to the left
not at all.
I could take the path to the right,
to the left
or straight ahead.
I don't really know where I am going
I crave a known that I cannot get
A desire for a knowledge of where I will end up next.
I can never force the future,
nor really the next day.
Where do I go from here?
I don't really know?
I feel so vulnerable thinking about where to go,
but I feel even more vulnerable not having a plan.
Not really quite sure where to go...

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