One year ago you left me shocked
When you were gone and I was blocked
Now everything is starting again
With April, May and June
Days of spring
The most despair and hope they bring
New Resolutions, a new look and songs
And a plan to come back really strong

Written at the beginning of spring when everything happened again...
These are the months that bring the worst news and the biggest change in a positive way.
Brianna Jul 13

I like to speak in riddles when you're around.
I like to bring you up just to pull you down.
I am afraid to commit to someone at the current moment.
But I'm even more afraid of letting this guy in when we just met.

I found love in the back of a pick up truck in a small country town.
He picked me up, tore my dress off, and laid me down.
He spoke in a pretty country accent and told me I was the best he ever seen.
I remember thinking learn to speak properly- but that would have been mean.

You left me running from town to town and bed to bed.
I can't let go of the awful things you once said.
I try to race time by running as far away as I can.
But all this running is leaving me cold and without a back up plan.

Naomi Hurley Jul 13

I like to change the color of my hair
Every few weeks
My five year plan gets crossed through
Before one tally can leave the queue
Routine is a bore
Monotony is a slow death
The Naomi Doldrums
Strike again.

I've lived in three different states
In three different years
Across the country and back around
I've never been one for
"Settling down"

Yet somehow...

I trusted you
To put on this ring
To make a plan
Involving more than just me
Being tied down was a fear
But I've never felt more free

Routine isn't so bad
Monotony is a dream
If I get to love you like this
In a way before unseen

What a new style of living
Of which I was so unaware
But I cannot promise you consistency...
                        with the color of my hair.

James Rhine is the love of my life, and that will never change.
Julie C Smith Jul 12

I am the only real one under a bunch of plastic dolls
I don't have dreams, only goals
Still you treat me like plastic
And lock me up in the attic

Where did I lose my mind?
It's stuck in the past and nearly as blind
As you when you leave your future behind
Ain't life unkind?

With a familiar plan I have to start once again
This closed circle won't let me back in
Breaking the waves of the rising flood
Don't let them turn red by the colour of blood

Guess this was all part of the plan
Leonila Jun 21

God's Child
Child uniquely loved
Astonishing in His eyes
Made without a thought
Still you are not a mistake
God's child a part of God's plan.

Copyright©Leonila 2015

The Master’s Hand does craft me so
The Master Plan I do not know
The meaning of this Grand Design
Remains a Figment in my mind

Written in a moment befuddlement. There's not been a lot of time for writing these past few days.

Tomorrow , there's plan ,
Tomorrow, there'll be the end ,
Wait till tomorrow,
it will always follow
                           today .

Nylee Apr 29

Start unplanning the plans you planned
Maybe that plan might go as planned

A life is all about a thought,
A thought about the win before you start,
A start or a loss without the start?
Without the start it seems a mighty struggle,
Struggle that delivers you pain,
Pain that hurts and haunts you daily,
Daily haunted by the pain, until someday tolerance takes over
Tolerance takes over and you make it a way of living,
A way of living then meets your plan,
Plan you planned to build your masterpiece,
Your masterpiece that once was your dream,
Your dream that once was given a thought,
A thought you thought was hard enough,
Hard enough to make it a choice,
A choice you worked out in this life,
This life thus, is just that thought.
That thought
'Whether to start or not'!

I was meant to be so much more than I am,
I have long since learnt my weaknesses but they have not changed
I haven't even tried to face them.
Plans were made for me which did not include me losing my mind,
My mental struggles were never part of the picture but here we are,
Standing so far from the edge I know logically I should be safe
Yet I feel like I'm already drowning.
Hard work has never scared me, and I'll gladly put in the time
I know I can work non-stop to reach the end goal,
But every time I pick up the pen my hand cramps and my vision blurs
And it does not stop until I do
But, plans have been made.
I can't wander from the path set else I'll lose it
And if don't have a path then I have nothing

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