A life is all about a thought,
A thought about the win before you start,
A start or a loss without the start?
Without the start it seems a mighty struggle,
Struggle that delivers you pain,
Pain that hurts and haunts you daily,
Daily haunted by the pain, until someday tolerance takes over
Tolerance takes over and you make it a way of living,
A way of living then meets your plan,
Plan you planned to build your masterpiece,
Your masterpiece that once was your dream,
Your dream that once was given a thought,
A thought you thought was hard enough,
Hard enough to make it a choice,
A choice you worked out in this life,
This life thus, is just that thought.
That thought
'Whether to start or not'!

AStarsHeartbeat Mar 19

I was meant to be so much more than I am,
I have long since learnt my weaknesses but they have not changed
I haven't even tried to face them.
Plans were made for me which did not include me losing my mind,
My mental struggles were never part of the picture but here we are,
Standing so far from the edge I know logically I should be safe
Yet I feel like I'm already drowning.
Hard work has never scared me, and I'll gladly put in the time
I know I can work non-stop to reach the end goal,
But every time I pick up the pen my hand cramps and my vision blurs
And it does not stop until I do
But, plans have been made.
I can't wander from the path set else I'll lose it
And if don't have a path then I have nothing

Julie Grenness Mar 17

Off to a distant planet,
In a spaceship with our best,
What would you take, Nasa?
What of our culture really matters?
Books of lit. and Maths,
Maybe faith, perhaps,
Music, art and maps,
Or a book of isms.
to start new religions,
or the history of the human race,
Send it all into outer space,
In a spaceship with our best,
Star trekkers one day, I guess,
Nasa's vast plan, no less......

Feedback welcome.
AD Fox Spirit Feb 21

Let me hold my breath,
Before you throw me away and let go of my hand,
Let me have a chance to prepare myself for your upcoming plan.

I should of known, but how was I supposed to know,
That our hearts were worn out and the red string was fading away?

Your plan was your own,
It was no longer made for two.
But it's still hurt dear as the stone was thrown,
Flying into my window and shattering all my innocents.

I try so hard to hold onto the edge,
But the shards did their job and dug way to deep.

Maybe if this plan had a fairness apart of it for both parties,
Than perhaps I could be able to pull things together;
Stitch up my flesh wounds, that now have become something far worse.

My dear loved one, I know your no longer mine.
But that is not the thing that stings so much; its not the problem.
Its no longer the cause of my numbness.

I just wish you had given me some kind of warning,
Or at least told me about your plan, because I'll still mourning.

Your plan was not meant for two though,
So now I am left with nothing,
But all these shatter pieces of who we used to be,
Or rather who I used to be.

You must
before you can
and you must
before you can

How many times
have these words been repeated?
How many times
have these words been written?
How many times
have I heard these words myself?
How many times
have these words become action?

In our collective evolution,
we have been crawling along
for so long.

At any time,
it could dawn on us;
an idea as bright as the sun;

the idea that we can walk.

We can all walk together.

Who knows what will happen
when we believe that we can

Perhaps we will find
that ever elusive

Perhaps we will find
that we are
that ever elusive

You must
before you can
and you must
before you can

We may have fallen,
into a pit of despair

but we are closer
than ever
to standing up

and jumping
just high enough
to grasp the edge
and pull ourselves out.

We have faced
the pit.
There have been many cloudy days.

Next we will face
the mountain,
as the Rainbow that we truly are.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

Dedicated to my new friend Paula, with infinite love in my heart, shining as bright than the sun.
Friends are a gift from God.
Together we will rise,
together as warriors
(not worriers),
onward and upward.
Arcassin B Jan 24

By Arcassin Burnham

Power of greed could consume and
Bring out the worst in you,
Putting down the hopes of people around you,
Terrifying the youngsters from their destinies
And destinations , mixed with fantasies and
Lust and occupation,
No law,
No code of conduct,
Just free spirits wandering in trees and places filled
With so much vegetation bringing forth communication
To nature and what it gave to us humans to survive
And let go all of the false information that we hear on
Or is that just me?
I take my hat off to the -people that brought us into
This life,
To live and learn and love to be precise.


The sight,
The smell,
The sound,
The thought of you,
I put together pieces of this virtue,
Darkness follows and your head is so cold,
Love I swear to you is not a fluke,
And my love for you has finally grew,
In search of color ,
we just brightened up the hue,
Evil lives here,  
it's just something you never knew,
Finding ways to please it,
Only in a muse,
no matter what happens we have to maintain our

Julie Grenness Jan 23

I gaze in wonder with a microscope,
A mosquito's wing I give a poke,
Such a perfect miniature,
Who designed this part of nature?
So intricate and tiny,
I gaze at a dawn so shiny,
Do you sense a grander plan,
Than any creature's short life span?

Feedback welcome.

I just can't get it together
Problems, including the weather
Plan and try
As time goes by
They can't hold me back forever

Plan something of which you know everything
Rules of the game still remain the same
of course it goes on,
all the time,
all the way at the back of mind,
since planning has always remained not only a part of the game that you play,
but also an indispensible part of everyday life in every possible way.

Frank DeRose Dec 2016

Lean in a little closer, my love,
And let me tell you my plan.

I have a plan, oh yes.
Don't you worry, I've got a plan.

I've got a plan to love you today,
To eternity.

I've got a plan to be there for you,
To hold you, to cherish you as my own.

I've got a plan to spend my life with you,
Grow old with you,
Grow a family, too.

I've got a plan to keep you by my side,
Ever happy,
Ever mine.

I've got a plan to make plans;
I've got a plan to plan a plan that will show you my love more true
Than I could ever do.

And so I write this to you,
My poem,
Your psalm,
My plan.

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