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Persephone Sep 1
They thought the magic was washed from their eyes
When they were told the true truth of time
They crumbled and screamed
Begging for it back
What they did not realize
All those delights and dreams
Were themselves
In disguise
Max Jun 30
Took a little trip down the garden of Eden

And it had the best fruit I've ever tasted.
Dominique R Apr 29
Rolling off of your forehead
Obstructing your vision
A burden so heavy
Weighing you down
You faced it all alone
Shaking hands and hair full of dirt
Chains and broken trusts
Utterly desolate
Abandoned and mocked
Beaten and ripped apart
With nothing but possibilities and a ravishing love keeping you alive
Keeping you here
Nailed to that piece of wood
The elder women walked
the dry land for twelve days
None of the sand-demons found them

The white garden
shall remain unseen
'till the angel's corpse
sprouts from the earth's belly

When will the golden hawks
be free again?
The walls of Jerusalem
had almost fallen down

In every crown
the lidless eye
is placed
First I was Mormon.
Then I was not.
Second I was agnostic.
Then I was not.
Third I was confused.
And then I am.
And so are all of the beautiful you

As I prepare for Easter
And Resurrection
I remember that before I can see
Her risen eyes
I first must allow
For death

Poem written on Good Friday 2019. The poem was inspired by the first photo you see when you google Kali.
They say evil strikes at the stroke of midnight
But they struck in clear daylight
After a decade of Peace
The bombs detonated

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Paradise bombarded
Peace flees.
50, 100, 200, 300....
The death toll kept rising.

Now we're left in the wake
Of pondering how
We can keep
Fractured at the seams
From shattering

Tears flooding at the thought
Of the lost
Ungracefully robbed of lives
Families torn
Six feet under

Politicians in parliament
Raging blame at one another
Throwing words
Our leaders graced homes with their respects for the Dead.
Hospitals flooded with patients
And cadavers.

7, 8.
It seems to have ended now.
The bombs have done.

Paradise may be thrown into terror,
But we've still got generations
Who've seen agony before
We've got people
Unified and knowledgeable
On the secrets of healing
Who've regrown peace.

3 minutes of quiet.
3 days of mourning.
3 hours to get back to work.

Paradise will stand taller.
Paradise will remember.
Paradise will.

And Paradise,
Will never let this happen, again.

-21.04.2019 Terror strikes Paradise. The Easter attack in Sri Lanka.
We will overcome. Together. No bomb can tear us apart.
Poetress2 Apr 23
Upon this Easter morning,
celebrate what it stands for;
Jesus rose up from the dead,
the Grave held Him no more.
The Devil watched the Tomb,
where Jesus' body was kept;
The first two nights he gloated,
sure of Jesus' death.
But when the third day came,
Satan knew Jesus arose;
He shook in utter terror,
from his head down to his toes.
Jesus was the Conquerer,
and Satan lost that day;
So please remember Easter,
and keep it in its' way.
Bo Marie Apr 22
Jesus has risen.
But what else?
The sea level, and it was already up to my chest.
My blood pressure, and the screaming just made it worse.
A desire to vanish, and in a more permanent way.
For a moment I envied being an absent God to people.
I would feel their love, and they would know that they are loved,
yet they wouldn't need to
hear me,
see me,
feel me,
smell me,
or taste me
to believe in the overflowing love I possess for everyone but myself.
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