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Almost every where we go,
Many crosses, we do see,
Reminding us of, the true friend we have,
Jesus Christ, who gave his life, for you and me,
We have not met him, so far,
In the future, we will see, if you believe,
He gave his life,
Before, we were born to see.
On that wooden cross my life was changed forever
Hell was my refuge
And hopelessness lingered through my life like a foul stench
But the nailed scared hands and stripes on his back
Says " my child I would go through hell if that's what it takes to have you back"

And to hell he went and took back every key and said " Satan you can't have this one because he belongs to me"
I love you,
For thy love stands firm
Upon the summit of grace
Unbent to fickle nature, burning
In vain to defile that which makes
Altogether ideal I Instinctively,
Fall short to mirror.

While I was drowning in
Mine sins you stretched
Out thy right hand unto me,
Unbinding her age-old grip
Over me, for good.
Thank you.

Her scent is forgotten,
Mine flesh made clean,
How warming to
He deems me family.
Zack Ripley Apr 4
A day of fun and sun
In a world of doom and gloom
Is a nice change of pace.
Happy Easter 2021 everyone!
dear basil,

happy easter :))
just one more year
dealing with your parent's
religious *******

don't get too mad
it's like that hypnosis said
"if it is anything negative
you will physically and emotionally feel nothing
it will be like watching a movie
and if it is effecting you in this life
you will be able to see it, and let it go"

of course, he was talking about
past life regression

but this is really just a past life waiting to happen

important note!! i don't hate religion or religious ppl, you guys can be great :)) however, my parents are a little,,, stricter abt it and it's caused a lot of tension uwu

but happy easter !! have fun and don't stay mad <3
also water **

when we sit in the shade
from the burning sun on the
autumn afternoon, listening
to the children hunt for eggs,
all i can think is that you all
belong here.

i am the imposter, i can feel that they know. your jokes are all funny and i can't find the energy to laugh.

i don't want to be here, i hate 'family lunch'es, i hate pretending to be alright when i just want to sit in my room, alone.

family is always priority for me,
but i cannot place them in my life.
so we sit, laughing with all your loved ones,
and i pretend not to feel alone.
i dont think i'll see 2022 if things carry on this way.
He is risen,
stone rolled away from tomb
He is risen,
death no had longer it's rule
He is risen,
above it all, above the doom

The Lord Jesus is risen.
Seven Things Spoken

Seven things spoken,
three words for completion,
silence, then a cracking earth
and a temple veil torn in two.
James E. Roethlein ©2021
Jim is the author of two books of poetry "Musing on the Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1/2" and "An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing" both available on Amazon
Tony Tweedy Apr 3
In a foreign land over two thousand years ago,
there lived a man,
whom the world would come to know.

Raised out of Nazareth his humble place of birth,
tasked with spreading words of love,
and of peace throughout the Earth.

Many were his deeds and so timeless and true his word,
that he changed the shape of the world,
for those who saw and heard.

He challenged the authority of those who then held sway,
by telling common people that through his Father,
there lay a better way.

Challenged by his word and fearing influence on the wane,
by deceit and lie,
they sought to take back control again.

Despite his deeds and the truth evident in what he taught,
by deception, lies and betrayal,
he was rounded up and caught.

In a trial that found no arguement to undermine what he had said,
he was sentenced to crucifixion,
nailed on a cross until he was dead.

I am sure you know the rest of how on the third day he did rise,
and you have seen our world still battling,
against the hate and all the lies.

On this very weekend, remember this man from long ago I beg,
for there is much more to this remembrance,
than the chocolate in your egg.
Enjoy you Easter everyone.
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