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Philomena Apr 17
This classroom was full at the beginning of the semester
And it didn't happen all at once
One by one students not understanding
One by one failing tests
Realizing they won't make it
And don't get me wrong
I might not too
But at least I'm still here trying
Max Mar 18
I want to say it out loud:
I'm finally really proud.

Proud of you and proud of myself, proud of humanity, Proud of education, proud of my grades. And most of all:
Proud to know what it takes.
Just because I'm happy
Haylin Feb 4
the number you wanted
you got it
so just smile and be thankful
you thought it would make you happy
but you find yourself striving even harder still
more or less
If I was supposed to
be defined by grades on
a paper, or by words in
a dictionary

I wouldn’t have
been born human.

If I was supposed to
be confined by margins
on an essay, or by stars
on a flag.

I wouldn’t have
the ability to create.

If I was supposed to
be defined by hatred
to my name or by my
disgraceful past.

I wouldn’t have
been born me.
Troy Jan 24
Negative B plus or minus the square root of Y are we
toiling ceaselessly at a moving metric held to a key?
Cant they see we long for ludicrous dreams of what has yet to be?
Please feel free to cautiously calculate lives on your PC.

I simply want to take an altogether frivolous jaunt
Through the gaunt valley only in search of a singular croissant
I wish to flaunt my flag high, over the skyscraper’s pristine font.
I will taunt the authority of all of boredom’s confidants.

I am inundated with risks and dangers understated
To a concentrated masses that are always obligated
To be unsated by the life they are designated.
Translated and transcribed as numbers so shortly graduated
I am terrified of the chance that I am miscalculated.
this is a new attempt at meter. trochaic octameter is quite complicated but pretty fun.
Mohannie Jan 8
I want to live in a life
Where grades don't cut like a knife.

I want to not live in a place
Where only the smartest win the race

I want to not have a number define who I am
And to be compared or cry over an exam.

I want to be equal, despite all my flaws
Than to feel ripped apart by your hurtful claws

I want you to listen, and your attention you will give.
I am not defined by my grades so please just



newpoetica Dec 2018
what do you do when you're ashamed?
do you cower with fear because you're the only one to be blamed?
the hardest part of admitting failure is knowing you're going to have to restart.
you finally realize that this time you have to play the part.
it means you must be responsible and willing,
instead of not studying, and staring at your bedroom ceiling.
i've learned this now, it only took two years.
but i swear this time around i'm all ears.
if i don't keep this promise to myself, then who am i.
because everything i say will be a lie.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
i watched the letters drop
melt into eulogies
and bleed red pen

welcome to
the School of Funerals
Remember the time when we danced because we had to?
You chose me as your partner.
I have no right to put interpretation to it.
We had to dance for grades.

Remember during practices?
It wasn't easy for me because you weren't a good dancer.
Remember that time when you couldn't get a simple step?
I couldn't breathe that time.
You made me laugh like there is no tomorrow.

Because of that, I forgot all the pain I had just for once.
I was tired mentally and physically.
I was having a hard time.
But because of you, I forgot them all.
Especially when you interwined your hands with mine.
Bunny. We chose each other because we had no choice. But thank you for making me forget my problems. Even if we argue sometimes, I still love you. I hope feelings will be gone soon, it's too unhealthy haha.
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