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Jeanmarie Feb 4
Sitting there, heart racing, time ticking,
You try to remember, but you just can't.
Everything you spent your night trying to memorize
Seems to be erased from memory,
Palms start sweating, hands start shaking,
You can’t make out the words typed
Boldly onto the paper,
Everything is becoming blurry,
You keep trying to replay last night
In your mind so you might
Be able to get a couple right,
But instead you are faced with only
Half a memory,
The answers are covered with blanks,
You can’t remember.
It is time to accept the destined fate.
A student’s living nightmare
Is not getting a passing grade.
mimi Jan 24
Good grades will get me into next year.
Then be able to graduate with a 4.0 GPA.
I wouldn’t have to worry about student debt
Because it’d be covered by a scholarship.
I could finally get into an Ivy League Law School,
Get the credentials for a high-paying job,
And have a family I’ve always dreamed about.

But does having good grades make me happy?
Do I find any joy on not getting to sleep,
Trying to figure out what x+y equals
Or writing essays on Abraham Lincoln?
We all know I’m never using this in real life.

So sorry I’ve failed you mamí,
But a 9-5 job isn’t the life for me.
Sometimes I feel like moms try to live their lives through us. I get they want us to do better than them but what if that's not the future for us?
Sophia Jan 1
Would any body like to adopt my grades?
Cuz I can't raise them myself.
karly codr Dec 2020
all my parents care about is my grades
i spent 13+ hours today working on my final project
so i am able to get a good grade in my class
and they get home and start screaming at me
for being on the computer to do my project
and they've been yelling at me for the past 5 hours
and i've been crying for the past 5 hours
my eyes are swollen
my tears are frozen to my face because I decided to get out of the house
and go for a walk
i was outside in the dark in under 32 degrees (F) crying for an hour
some kid was outside in his driveway when i was walking
he asked if i was okay
i said yeah and kept walking
isn't it funny how i hide myself from people who don't even know me

i was getting better too... and they just shot me down
i'm sorry...
Mansi Nov 2020
We need to stop
telling young children
that their worth comes
from the letters
on their report card

Too many children
are slowly
killing themselves
trying to measure up
to society's
unrealistic expectations
karly codr Nov 2020
I sometimes think
of how much better
my family would be without me.
They wouldn't be annoyed
with me constantly talking
about Taylor Swift.
They wouldn't be annoyed
with me always
playing piano to loud.
They wouldn't yell at me
about my grades
and they wouldn't threaten to
take away music
one of the only things i stay alive for.
Wouldn't they be better off without me?
Jay M Oct 2020
In a boat full of holes
Water entering
At first slow, subtle
Then overwhelming
The ship is sinking
Faster and faster
While the sailor is patching holes
Left and right
Hoping to make it through the night

- Jay M
October 30th, 2020
School is hard, I'm barely staying afloat.
Jay M May 2019
It's getting harder and harder to breath
Oh, so much pressure on me

I've got 2 days left...
(if you include today)

Then my fate is sealed
This is so real
I'll be the failure
They've always known me to be
I'll be the one...
Crawling under their skin

The oldest is supposed to be the boldest
But hey,
Is that really what we should say?
Will I be okay?
If i really do hit rock bottom,
What does that really say?
That I shouldn't have given up?
That I was the mistake?
Yeah, well,
I'll just
Show how
Purposeful a mistake
A failure
Can be

I deserve to have a chance
So I'll work
I'll try
Even as the sands of time
Every grain
Falls ever faster
Against me
Waiting to reclaim me
I'll make it wait
I'll make it wait.

- Jay M
May 30, 2019
I only have until tomorrow to get my grades up... It'll be nearly impossible, but here goes nothing and everything.
Jay M May 2020
Assignment after assignment
10, no 12, for math
2 lessons for English
2 movies and a sheet of questions for each for journalism
1 weekly question and 1 lesson for biology
A lesson and questions about textbook pages for Spanish
A workout log for P.E.
1 nonfiction piece and 10-15 poems for creative writing

All due when?
By the end of the week for math
By the end of the week for English
By the end of the week for journalism
By the end of the week for biology
By the end of the week for Spanish
By yesterday for the nonfiction piece for Creative Writing
And who knows when for those poems for Creative writing

Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what the cost
No matter what the pain
And get the chores done
At least 4 a day
Write down everything you do along the line
Timecards, what's next?

Shower, time it just right
Work around the other people
Don't mess around

Waste away
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what
Don't be dreamy and strut
Smack you to the ground
Get down from the clouds
Back to reality

Straight As only
Nothing less
Everything more
Or who knows what's going out the door
Maybe something you love
Maybe your sanity

Get the grades up
Keep your head up
Don't slip up
Keep your head up
Smile on, smiles on!

Don't argue, they always win
It creeps beneath your skin
Make it stay there
Bite your tongue
Until it bleeds
No matter what the cost

It's all in your head, of course,
Besides the grades,
There's no making a deal
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
Straight As and nothing less
Nothing left either, until you're a horrid mess
Just Scattered.

- Jay M
May 6th, 2020
The pressure is on, and I'm stressing out.
vonny Apr 2020
i've worked myself off since my birth
to get a simple letter determining my worth
it's hard to get all the things you want
when everyone is telling you that you should not
it's hard to succeed when you get a score
and everyone is telling you it should be more
it's so hard to try to no avail
when everyone is telling you that you'll fail
i wrote this about not only mine, but a lot of my friends' experiences with grades. especially when our parents tend to only look at that as a seal of approval, it hurts our self esteem a lot.
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