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Jay M May 7
Assignment after assignment
10, no 12, for math
2 lessons for English
2 movies and a sheet of questions for each for journalism
1 weekly question and 1 lesson for biology
A lesson and questions about textbook pages for Spanish
A workout log for P.E.
1 nonfiction piece and 10-15 poems for creative writing

All due when?
By the end of the week for math
By the end of the week for English
By the end of the week for journalism
By the end of the week for biology
By the end of the week for Spanish
By yesterday for the nonfiction piece for Creative Writing
And who knows when for those poems for Creative writing

Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what the cost
No matter what the pain
And get the chores done
At least 4 a day
Write down everything you do along the line
Timecards, what's next?

Shower, time it just right
Work around the other people
Don't mess around

Waste away
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what
Don't be dreamy and strut
Smack you to the ground
Get down from the clouds
Back to reality

Straight As only
Nothing less
Everything more
Or who knows what's going out the door
Maybe something you love
Maybe your sanity

Get the grades up
Keep your head up
Don't slip up
Keep your head up
Smile on, smiles on!

Don't argue, they always win
It creeps beneath your skin
Make it stay there
Bite your tongue
Until it bleeds
No matter what the cost

It's all in your head, of course,
Besides the grades,
There's no making a deal
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
Straight As and nothing less
Nothing left either, until you're a horrid mess
Just Scattered.

- Jay M
May 6th, 2020
The pressure to get straight As is on - I'm expected to get straight As and no less, no matter what. If I don't, I don't know what's going to happen - grounded for a month or longer, something I love being taken away (hah, like I have much left), or some other thing I haven't thought of yet. Either way - the pressure is on, and I'm stressing out.
vonny Apr 16
i've worked myself off since my birth
to get a simple letter determining my worth
it's hard to get all the things you want
when everyone is telling you that you should not
it's hard to succeed when you get a score
and everyone is telling you it should be more
it's so hard to try to no avail
when everyone is telling you that you'll fail
i wrote this about not only mine, but a lot of my friends' experiences with grades. especially when our parents tend to only look at that as a seal of approval, it hurts our self esteem a lot.
Jay M Mar 11
I try and I try
To prove I'm more than
Numbers and letters on a computer screen
But so far
I'm still a small fry
Still, I'm not a fan
Of those numbers and letters and their sickening sheen
Commanding my life around
My hopes tossed to the ground
Of everything I had dreamed of
I'm no dove
And my love?
Those letters and numbers took that too
Nothing's as easy as two plus two.

- Jay M
March 10th, 2020
It's funny how your grades can control your life..
I'm just not going to make it
It's sad, and depressing
Even though I could've changed it
If I so desperatly tried
A poem every day

It's test week so imma tone the "poetry" down a little :')
I've decided I can ******* nail this school year.
I ****** up and I'm ****** up,
But this postitivity lasted longer than 4 days.
Imma cry a **** ton,
But I can do it.
It's gonna be hard next year,
But if I can do this year, the next one can too.

A poem every day.

me? being positive? that's new? :)
Roses are red ...
All hope is dead...
Violets are blue..
My grades have me *******..
Just something I said in English class at the end of the first quarter ...
I'm wearing my earbuds in my t-shirt
to listen music in class,
and text or change the music.
Play flappy bird or Pac-man
Because you downloaded it on your calculator,
Or on your E-reader.
Writing on everything,
And teaching people how to shoot
Crunched pieces of paper,
With a hair tie or an elastic band.
Talking, Laughing.
Throwing shade at the teacher.
Regretting not studying,
But you were smoking crack instead,
So it's okay I guess.
Eating in class.
A full competition
of who can spin the most rounds,
behing the back of the teacher.
(I was 3rd of the whole class :)
And laughing when you get an F
Stealing the answer keys to the homework,
And sending it in the group chat.
4 cups of coffee every morning.
Switching laptops with your friend,
Who studied for the test.
So you both get an A,
And pass the class.

Just another day of school.
Even my will to live is bigger than my grades...
That was the worst pun every sorry.
Philomena Apr 2019
This classroom was full at the beginning of the semester
And it didn't happen all at once
One by one students not understanding
One by one failing tests
Realizing they won't make it
And don't get me wrong
I might not too
But at least I'm still here trying
Max Mar 2019
I want to say it out loud:
I'm finally really proud.

Proud of you and proud of myself, proud of humanity, Proud of education, proud of my grades. And most of all:
Proud to know what it takes.
Just because I'm happy
Haylin Feb 2019
the number you wanted
you got it
so just smile and be thankful
you thought it would make you happy
but you find yourself striving even harder still
more or less
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