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Max Aug 2019
A path uncharted.
Life's ahead.

Like a car, and I'm looking in it's headlights.
Connor Armenti Aug 2019
Sitting lonesome at the wheel
By my side the only one
Who ever tried to understand,
So many thoughts afloat,
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

Picking of strings float to my ears,
I can hear it but I'm not listening,
Thoughts drifting from place to place,
How I long to let it fall away
And be cleansed from what I have to say,
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

Before me is only what is lit
Behind is the dark that flows past
Not sure if I should say anything
There would not be much point anyway
Too many thoughts to say at once
The burden is great, near unbearable
Who is to know if that should ever change?
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

What is in front is all I can see
Nothing more and nothing less
It all comes to an end eventually
I before it, most likely
Always moving though the view never changes
A pair of lights approach and disappear
They always say the journey, not the destination
This journey is one what never ends
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

A soft glow form the corner of my w\eye
Renders the rest a dull grey
All the things that pass by
Once seen, never again
That's the way it is for everything
Here once, then gone forever
They do so little yet there are so many
Is there much point to it at all?
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

So now I am here in the dark
No longer moving and all is quiet
Sound that once was is now no more
Gives me clearance to ponder further
The seat to my side still feels warm
Where there was once compassion
Never will the words ever be heard
With me now they go, forever more
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words
Just to clarify, this was my first attempt, unedited, at this kind of thing many years ago sat in a car in the middle of the night. Which is why it is like this.
Stark May 2019
the red light bores into my eyes
--hypnotizing me--

before bright rays slide through the dust
warming my skin

I see the blue melting with the yellow
to form a vibrant green
signals for me

my foot releases
from the brake

my momentum move me
away from

and then I see the headlights
slowly fading to black

everything is silent

death feels like a mother's embrace
Doesn't it?

what was forgotten comes
flashing back
only now

in sepia
inspired by dean's dayfly
Poetress2 Apr 2019
A Deer stands frozen,
when it sees my bright headlights.
The Deer can not move.
abigail j s Feb 2019
following my headlights
down a rainy street at midnight.
street signs illuminated:
warnings of curvy roads ahead
and mentions of a city that is to come.

head lights-
lights in my head.
I don't mean a car,
I mean the laser beams
shining in the darkest recesses
of my head.
pinpricks of tune in
an abyss of dissonance,
stringing together into a song
of faith.
of hope in the future and
focus in the present.
I will follow these head lights
down every rainy street.
headlights + the Lights in my head. written October 17, 2018.
Dani Dec 2018
You drew me in, in that special way you do
Pulled into your space without resistance
A deer in headlights in total awe of you
Frozen and nervous, between us there is zero distance
Crashed into each other slowly like waves in the ocean
Beautiful and harsh, full of passion
Water to sand, meshing together in slow motion
Fierce with lust, and an undeniable connection
The sweet taste of your lips on mine
Makes butterflies swarm my whole body
Hidden nerves, corner kisses, crossing the line
We don’t mind, and it’s fun being naughty

So to you I raise my glass
Cheers for bringing me intoxication
A toast for every slap of my ***
A smile, for every bit of our infatuation
Jikai Zheng Jan 2018
New start in a small town
Pulled apart by foreign eyes
Not like when I disappeared
Into the chaos of crowds

Grew intimate with a tease
Underneath a microscope
All being introduced too soon
Bore the promises of deceit

Paused the mainstream music
Needed to get out of this party
Didn’t need a ******* to leave with
Not drunk enough to lose myself

Drove home silently along lit roads
Careful to turn off headlights
Before approaching driveway
Turned off my buzzing phone
Irene Poole Nov 2017
Passing headlights paint-
ing highways down shuttle aisles,
Whitney wants to dance.
This came to me when I was on the bus to the mall tonight and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was playing on the radio. Even the littlest moments in life can be poetic.
KKM Mar 2017
-iced coffees and knife tattoos couldn't justify the broken glass glinting off your back, so water down the orange sadness in your grey eyes and start pulling apart the summer nights' convenient secrets
- the gas station 6 minutes from home can teach you a thing or two about energy and mileage but no matter how far you go, the moon will always being its stars along to remind you of brand new ideas and bright eyes; don't blink or you'll miss a gunning thought
- with the loose thread on your hat's embroidery, stitch together 24 dandelions and swallow the ink that runs from the moments that you put you on a golden high; speeding down the highway on the road to a fresh, green burst of adrenaline on the coast is one that turned into silver
- your walk to the white laundromat down the street required a soft cold slurpee that would quench more than just your summer vibe but you picked up a medium iced hazelnut coffee instead and called it 'starting over' so your best friend would be proud of the way you handle new beginnings and stale cookies
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