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He lathered me up so well
I didn't know the soap was lies
So even though I felt clean
It was all a cruel disguise
lathered in lies
Stella 1d
In a world of misery
Where do you relax?
In a place of sorrow and grief
How do you sit back?

Why do people do this?
Constant ridicule and shame,
Why are human hearts so cruel,
Always finding something to blame?

Why are we all expected,
To fit into strict social norms?
Some people preach uniqueness,
But it’s all pushed out the door.

In a world of extroverts,
Where do I fit in?
In a world where everything is loud,
Do I belong hidden from them?

I know that rhymes are stupid,
I know nobody cares.
I know that I have been taught desperate lies
About humanity and the despair

I’m not doing this to please you,
I don’t want to make a point.
You’re entitled to your own thoughts,
But why, why aren’t I?

Why aren't my questions answered,
Why can't I learn when I'm young?
You always save it 'for when I'm older,'
Like it's some dumb secret.

What is there to hide?
I'll find out eventually.
Why is ignorance suddenly bliss,
When we cry out to know more?
Paul Idiaghe Sep 24
I await the calm, the bleach
of night, that chapter

when my ribs
unbreak, crawl back

around my cageless heart. eyelids
weigh like lead in this cruel gravity--

they swell faster than tears. tears
that fail to surge me out of this flooded

shell; they close
like every marble door

that stands straight between my dreams
and I,

           and you-- I await
you, draped in downpours & monsoon

tempests; maybe, this time, our wildest
winds would fade out in their collision.
LWZ Sep 23
A pawn and not a rook
Out of my mind and heading home
I could have changed my mind and headed by your side
So unnecessary and cruel
I won the Bet
And took what was left

See what’s next.
Try your best.
Until I finally put this to rest
tia Sep 22
it's delightful
the harsh autumn movement
and the angelic snowfall
with wings so beautiful
though my body grows numb
I still open my heart warmly
to these cold seasons

I think of him fondly
even though he was wrong
I cried for him, cared for him
and he hardly thought of me at all
I was always holding on to something
that was never
really there
Moonchild Sep 8
The realms of life seems dark, my child
You might never know what it takes to be blind
In a cruel association
Where everyone loves blood of humiliation

Some say, don't fear
But who knows of what an innocent face can hear
If thy had been killed
By a worldly madness of chaos; he drowned in beguiled
Nobody Sep 7
You never make anyone smile,
you laugh if they cry.
You bring out my anger,
and all of my sighs.
You’re nothing I admire,
and everything I despise.
You’re all stupid and simple,
but think you’re so wise.
You mock the gentle,
then brag about being cruel.
Act like you’re so clever,
but you’re the biggest fools.  
I really can’t stand
such common tools.
You’re all basic ugly rocks,
who think they're jewels.
Eniola Aug 21
What is that playing in your head,
that clip suffering that has captured your reality,
and plays them like a broken track record.
If its' not that then it's your fantasy,
that's trying to break free and become reality.

But fear of judgment from the world,
retracts us back to this cruel shell of a mindset
that has been made known by our ancestors.
All those hopes, wild imaginations, and our fantasy,
that is being rejected by those same ancestors,
who vowed to guide us,
but now from their hands do they destroy us.

We who are present history should learn to break free,
to carve and crave our hopes, dreams, and fantasy,
that has been bottled and then turn it to passion.
dreams are our future and present because the more dreams you bottle up the more pain you feel, so, therefore, learn to express them the right time because at that right is the only time you will feel alive.
alexis Aug 5
love is, perhaps, the cruelest mistress.
5. août 2020
16:07 pm
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