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Never to speak your words again (again, again, again...)
Punished for transgressions of Hera's man (man, man, man...)
So cruel is the heaven's queen (queen, queen, queen...)
jealous wife sure can be mean (mean, mean, mean...)

Poor Echo sentenced without jury (jury, jury, jury...)
An innocent victim of divine fury (fury, fury, fury...)
Deprived of voice, cruel price to pay (pay, pay, pay...)
Tortured by things that she cannot say (say, say, say…)
aisha Jun 10
Where do I begin?
it aches my being, struggling to remember you the way you were
     when I
let myself abandon your throne undusted, unvisited, unloved; I
let myself forget the pages from the time I tried to memorialize you
in ink so dark, it swallowed me whole and spitted me out in pieces
am I right to keep the essence of your past only when
midnight arrives, only on the day you were born?

Do I linger still when I am perfectly aware of the seams I had sewn
     around us are coming
undone, bit by bit since you took the needle and I am left with only
     the fragile thread?

Time was cruel to us, my love
or maybe it had nothing to do with time at all; maybe
it was you trying to get away from the start, and me
trying to catch the star that is you.
Happy birthday, Will. Wherever you are.
Isabella May 17
Life has a cruel way about it.

The moment I get a breath of fresh air,
My lungs are ripped out all over again.
haven't been here in a while.
Kim Essary Apr 13
My heart hurts today for all that’s involved
Our community won’t stop until the cruel crimes you have committed are rightfully solved.
Our furbabies may not can tell all that they know or what you may have put them through
But rest assured for all the evil you have showed your plea of not guilty makes you look like a fool.
We all saw the terrible sick things you inflicted on a living breathing beautiful cat
So claim what you will but at the end of the day a fact is a fact.
You need so much Prayer and to put God in your heart
Givin your current situation now would be a good time to start
I Pray that that ban you from all animals and take your license away
This community of Ozark will never accept you for anything so why don’t you just pack up and go away
For our furbabies we are their voice and in case you couldn’t tell
They are wagging their tales and thanking their humans for never allowing you to again put them through hell.
We are their humans they are our family and deserve to be treated with Love
May God forgive you for all you have put them through and may He show you mercy when He hands down your punishment from the heavens above
Close his doors shut him down
Why am I trying to catch this light,
When it runs away
Just as the last.

Why can't I understand,
That to touch it
Is impossible once passed?

But it's beauty I am left
Entranced, wishing for it
To hold in my hands,

But trying is a frailty better left
In the bottomless pit
I found it in.

For the fly cannot be caught,
Only forgotten to be left alone,
Or swatted after the annoyance.

The light cast before me,
Was not a light,
Just another caught up in their own image,

Gathering a flock of bleating men
Who would swear, each of them,
That the light chose them.

A light only passing by to turn heads,
Is a light better left forsaken,
Never to be admired again.

This game I will not play,
But no worries, little cruelty,
Beyond me await many more to ensnare.
35 lines, 285 days left.
Dee Feb 5
I go to kiss you,
Your head turns,
You cheek mocks me,
From where your lips once were.

I look into your eyes,
Pools so expressive and deep,
That start to over fill,
Like a waterfall trickling down.

"It's over."
"You were near perfect."
The words echo in the silence,
Why must you torment me,
With your cruel acts?
KAE Jan 5
“If you are mean with me, I’ll be meaner with you”
When you do something “wrong” or the evilest thing towards someone, they take revenge of that
Instead of take advantage of that situation and person and trying to be better than those, than them.
They need, they have the desire to be more devilish.

It’s pathetic. Mediocre.

People seem to be angels, the purest souls. Even the ones who are good human beings.
But we all have a demon burning inside of us, yelling to escape, to be free.
But that chaos which people have is major.
They sell you an angelical aura, the best moral, and the darkness inside of them is unexpected.
Even the one who can be “an angel” is and could be the malevolent ******.
Kellin Dec 2020
My love was as cruel as the cities I lived in

Everyone looked worse in the light
Alex Dec 2020
Life; what is it but a cruel teacher that smothers you with brutal lessons
That regardless the degree or how deep the burn, you forget the lesson. May it be you just didn’t care, maybe you had nothing to lose but unlike any teacher that tests you fairly wanting you to go far, Life has no mercy, it doesn’t care whether it’s fair or if you achieve a single goal you made on your 19th birthday. Life will have you kneeling as it takes all that you once had, it will laugh at you as you make yet another  mistake that could’ve been avoided if only you payed the slightest bit of attention. So I sit here writing and dreaming of the future too scared to act too afraid of the next lesson.
Life’s been hard
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Today, the world was cold.
It's people mostly cruel.
So it's time to say goodbye. Good night.
May tonight be the night
The world begins again.
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