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Anastasia 18h
i can't remember
when i knew
an entire group of people
who were pure
i'm not talking about
people saying ***** jokes
those ones are the best
i'm talking about the cruel people
the ones who hurt
who cause pain
for fun
the world is cruel
or maybe
i'm just easy
to hurt
***** why are you so cruel
Why are you so cruel to the ones we love
If Only the good die young
I would rather be a Judas to life

Funny how the good die young
And the bad are destroyed
In the lake that beams with furnace
Funny how death made us think
There's no reward for being kind hearted

Instead we'll became
A victim to our fears and pains
A thousand died yesterday,
And more are yet to go
You don't know who's next
Why hid in a nest?

The poets pen is full of dark edges and thought
I was left to write the mystery of live alone,
But then i heard death interrupted
But ***** why???
I'm dedicating this poetry to a late friend, Adaku, She might not be a legend to be remembered but i will forever remember her for being a happy girl and for d smile she puts in everyone's face...
Sylph Oct 6
They come and go
could possibly go wrong
If they just

You said you were my Guardian Angel
That you would come back
10 years time
Im so naive

I dont need you
I know i dont
But i sure as hell want you

Why are people so cruel? And why am i so naive? Why cant i grow up?
Amy Oct 5
i met an old lady on the street one chilly morning,
she asked if i cared for my mum
i pondered over why she would ask me this
i looked at her directly in the eye and saw:
but glistening in her knowing eyes there was also:
And i wondered why the world left her pretty soul aching
Unfortunately, in the modern world this is how parents are being treated when they become weak and old. They become forgotten souls, just like the rest of us will be one day.
In the grey fogs of the cities -
Like mushrooms in the moist,
There grow beggars in the corners,
"Just a penny, sir!" - voiced.

You may find them in any genre;
Old men next to a jar,
Sad blokes without roof nor goods,
Lads playing a guitar.

All they want is only a coin-
Giving them needs morals;
Only God knows, you may be there,
Begging with them for alms.


Every time, I bypass by one,
My throat knots in a ball;
I feel an urge to seek coppers,
Always giving them all.

However, once it happened that-
I ran out of changes,
When an old gypsy woman was
Looking for my wages.

She blocked the entry of the shop:
"A coin, may God bless you!";
I excused: Now, I'm short of posh
While trying to get through.


She grabbed my arm and hugged my waist:
"My dear, my kids need food!"
Get out of my way, you witch! - thought,
"Witch?! You'll pay for b'ing rude!"

I was shocked: What, she read my mind?!
She spat between my eyes,
Hugged me harder than a python-
While murmuring weird rhymes.

"Pale face - hard heart, now you will pay,
Pale heart - hard face, you'll own!"
I fear'd if there were watching crowds,
But none, I've seen none, none.


The witch's gone as if never been,
Leaving my eyes in pain;
Taking my sight away, to say:
Oh my God! Am I sane?!

No doctor could cure my blindness:
"Nah, you must pretend it."
Then, a charlatan informed me:
"You're cursed, I'm sure of it".

Knowing being cursed let me sick;
"You'll need her to be cleansed",
But how to find her in Paris?
Been blinded and uneased.


I digged through the darkest quarters,
Meeting gypsy kings and hags;
Though, they were all laughing at me:
"A witch-beldam who begs?!"

My dispair led me to the shop:
Maybe, I'll find her here;
Time has strained my face and my heart,
Begging there year to year.

"All I want is only a coin-
Giving me needs morals;
Only God knows, you may be here,
Begging with me for alms."
Published in Constantine the Bridge Poem Collection.

Written in 2017, Oktober 11, Algeria.
tinnnafish Sep 19
I made it clear
I wasn’t looking for anything besides your friendship.
I confided in you and told you my deepest fears and insecurities.
I was vulnerable,weak, and intoxicated
You used this to your advantage
As I stumbled, pushing you way, I tried to say no. Please stop.
You continued running your hands along my body ******* me like it was a game
As I stumbled, pushing you away, I tried to say no. Please stop.
Your grip tightened on me to the point that I have a physical reminder of what you did
As I stumbled, pushing you away, I tried to say no. Please stop.
You saw me only as an object. Something for your pleasure
I stopped stumbling and stopped pushing you away. My no turned into tears as I realized you weren’t who you said you were.
I’m scared to see you again because I know we both think differently about that night.
You were sober. I was not. You said yes. I said no.
You had the choice to walk away and you didn’t
floW Sep 5
breathe in,
breathe out

let the gust of air brush against your lips,
as you contemplate how
it all is.

breathe in,
breathe out

let the world melt away,
because it all means nothing

breathe in,
breathe out

let the thoughts take control,
cause you were never really,
in charge.

breathe in,
breathe out

death is cruel,
but i guess...
so is life.

breathe in.
Trout Aug 30
Not anyone who makes a fool of me
Can make me a searing crown

My soul is hardened
Go to the brow
Pedantic and cry without a smile
Go to mans or hands
With a squirrel environment
And a couple rings
For a god in ******* land
Never once had a second chance

I’m a civil ensue
A piece of beluga
A ****** without ****** ale
The findest of truths
The point of my sorrow
There’s no better telling it’s you
My suit is a core
I’m missing a secret to tell you that we are not here
This suit
My gender and neutral and carving a bub with no ail-
-ment too
It’s singing in higher octaves than a court from the sun
But wise are the ones who respect you and me
The pagans and flattery

Can a man be wiser
Than those who pray?
The lipstick is not a mental state
You’re a kind of world
With the eyes of cartilage
Cartridge melting hands
Pornographic documents
But I wish I knew
How to fill the atom bomb
Without being too
Strange reflections on the phone
Can I save you with just a tone?

Will you give me some time
No man is a wizard
Departments of you in dis-spine
Fill rule
A garden of hoses and rubber paints everywhere
Saint Jude
A willful illusion of knowing what’s not really there
Car tool
A pinning of car down of soup pool and ******* the dog
Last rule
I’m thicker than fool
Same tears are the ones who reflect documents
Align to the ones who spend
Pin to the eyes of rejecting a kiss
On purpose, they will not split
My soul is bleeding
Above the sky
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