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Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I aspire
to be calm
and reasonable
in every situation
to be most effective
at optimising my joy and happiness.
"You need a good education to live a full and happy life."
                  "You'll never make it without a degree."
                                 "Be reasonable."
                                          "Have a plan B."
                                                     "Be realistic."

What's realistic to me is different than what's realistic to you.
        I don't want a plan B, my heart is set on one thing.
               If being reasonable means working a dead end job,
                     consider me the contrary.
                            No degree means no me? What about Brian Adams,
                                Adele, David Bowe, Thomas Edison and even
                                    nine US presidents with no degree and
                                       amazing lives.
                                         Some people I know dropped out of high
                                          school, barely know how to sign their name
                                        and living their lives to the fullest.

So do not tell me what to do or who I am or who I have to be.
         I will be me, even if that means I am a starving artist at fifty-
                 Even if that means I am couch surfing half my life while
                     finding my dream job.
                         Even if that means I am unrealistically hopeful my
                             whole life.
                                At least I am not a pessimistic, discouraging, sad
                                    being. Like you want me to be.
Max Mar 2019
I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place
So oh please, I'm in need of grace.
I have to act grown up or I have to act the way I feel. But neither one seems reasonable
Lillian May Jul 2018
too strong she was.
dizzily on the edge.
Do not disturb the disheveled lady,
made cynical, tottering on the ledge.
"I can't manage tonight."
said poor miss polite and reasonable.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Is someone really
you the (Malocchio)
eye goodbye
The doubt eye? hum
Such irony but the music
opera I see an eye for an eye
Of the symphony

Talk relax and Muncha
Prego colorful array
of food "Amazon Rainbow"
Bow -Italians Arrow- Americans
Ride the Gondola
Rome, Venice, and
Florence at night
The art and ancient architecture

Ferrari red cars heart confidence
Doubtful eyes met Mr cappuccino
Stevie any wonder piano
player superstitious
The evil eye how
did it ever become the
forever, Dr. Love

He lies potbelly stomach
He acts like he's above
All of us the Monarch
Those after effects
Or before I doubted him
He became my subject

Let's really be reasonable
And if anyone thinks
they don't have a problem

Just go bob bobbin along
Like Robin_*
How much
Different red's of tape
I am swinging with
reasonable doubt
Monkey *** banana ape
swings to Havana
Unbearable banana peel
shes reasonable with her
face Spa peels
More discounts
50% off the 1/2 lip martini 1/2 eye
apple of my eyeglass 
Wait for him 75% off
After Christmas nightmare
To top things off
He's not the discount person

To Elope an obsession
everything he
touched blinking eye $$$
I feel like the plaid pants
pajama party doubtful event
The scotch tape
He loves to drink Scotch
Like sleeping eye patch

Just be flexible U-R never reasonable
Colorblind with red hearts, belts,
roses, glasses
Her red-danger lips can
we actually escape
Then all the yellow tape like
surveillance comes and passes
You define whats important

What you dedicate your time too
Eating the best icecream cherries
Whip cream vanilla fudge

Serendipity New York City
A different occupation
being a Judge
With any reasonable doubt
Not to judge anyone moves out
He's in his fifties style suit
acts conventional and
whistling Dixie

Change of words, Bowie
You only hear what you
want to hear the ambulance
bloodshed stranger on the
stretcher,  you never know
what you got until its gone

Not a movie Scarlet went
like twin parrot's eyeing the event
The third spiritual eye
He's waiting with his attache case
What a six sense no sense
The guy on the stretcher
would die
Like the saying, you
never know
who your relatives are
You felt like the

Unreasonable time
dark place ouija board
The concentration camp
No-one is ever on-board
Keep it peaceful and sonic
But you felt the atomic
a bomb hit unexpectedly
Just relax with
Gin and Tom-ic with the
watching eye
Let's be flexible, not many people are these days will maybe my writing will fix that are you near any black cats oh! please don't worry I'm not superstitious but people are what they see their eyes tell stories to take it from me
silvervi Feb 2017
Now you talk like that to me
All emotional and all impulsive
I am tempted to reply
In the same unreasonable way

But because of that
I will keep it back
Staying calm for a moment or two.

To find the right answer for you.
Pax Feb 2016
What's reasonable?
when you clearly don't know
what's enough
from too

The law has dual blades.
It can do bad as much
as it does good.

More often
when you
struck your
lawful blade
never forget
your safety
I'm not siding on anyone or anything, as much as possible i am neutral to each sides, know that every story has its duality.

I wrote this when my reason can't get pass to a friend of mine.
Here's the story:
A thief now in ICU because he was caught and was battered almost to death by the house owner of his Target. The debate was on the subject to why our government permits the thief to file a complain(possibly attempted ******) to the owner of the house. I argue on the defense to the thief, he's human rights was ruled out, I was probably wrong on that part or not, i dunno really... But my main reason that my friend perhaps didn't understand is the excessiveness of the owner's punishment. Then probably my friend thinks that I am siding on the fault of the thief that's why I lose the debate, because he deserves to be punished, and yes he deserves it, but clearly we needed to point out a clear line to what's enough from too much.

— The End —