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Andreas Simic May 2022
once you take that first step down the path
the decision has been set upon and you cannot go back

now it is up to trust, that invisible demon or angel in waiting
right or wrong the pendulum will swing in either direction

time a curse or a blessing guided by a compass
beholden to no one it has its own destiny

for love once betrayed is a vengeful enemy
setting off a cornucopia of storms of anger

unleashing the torments only goddesses can bestow
their ire ****** forth like a thunderous lighting strike

wishing to smite those that have broken her heart
there is no hiding from the maelstrom your betrayal has unleashed

bringing embarrassment to those that inhabit castles
a dire misjudgment in a moment of voluptuous temptation

is there now regret to having succumbed to human wontedness
it would appear so, hands now tied striding towards the inevitable

step by step moving closer to the sentence handed down
the walled fortress now a corral with no escape

and then I am there, she and a legion of men in waiting
a gilded sword sharp as any in the kingdom prepared

her golden hair blowing in the wind, delicate features revealed
utter beauty astonishing in the backdrop of a scorching sun

how could I have traded this for a night of passion with another
now I am pushed down to kneel before her my heart racing wildly

she is judge and jury and as she draws back the sword
I wonder if there is one morsel of sympathy in her repertoire

so I close my eyes and ponder why has my lust brought me here
all the whilst listening for the whoosh that will end my days or not

Andreas Simic©
Madeleine Feb 2022
You are the needle
To my compass
Where you go
I will follow
Strying Nov 2021
you glisten in the sunlight,
and glow in the moonlight,
you're my compass,
my direction in life,
the beat in my heart,
and the sparkle in my eyes.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ love you☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
selina Jun 2021
like a compass that has lost north
spinning without pattern, without end
my heart races erratically, unmoored
by just the soft touch of your hand
Lu Wilson Apr 2021
In the end it was never the destination that mattered

It was our journey and memories that were the key

Instead of dreams it was glass ceilings shattered

No regrets are had by me

We did it all our way in the face of those who couldn’t see the vision

We put humans first and hearts make good choices

We fought through literal fire to accomplish our mission

And we never lost our guts or voices

I see now so clearly that we are the lucky ones

Looking back at so much more gained than lost

Living in the moment with you was the prize

Making our own rules was worth every ounce of the cost

It’s a little bit of everything that we get to hold dear

Sharing the experience with a precious few

We get to keep that compass in hearts forever near

If I had to do it all over again I would and I would choose you
Closing a chapter
Norman Crane Oct 2020
I've a clever little friend
who guides me to
a world of neverend
where all the twists of fate
are twine
wrapped around my compass mind
pointing north
or in
or through
an acute tangle of you
Studying the wrinkled lines
of elder poems
on the topic of
the Four Directions;

the poetics of
haunting bards
and mossy sage
to the
acorn of the heart

In this infinity;
a piney cabin
inside a bamboo

and Wonder,
sits cross-legged
below the
river rock hearth;
warming her palms
against the
irregular downbeat
of snapping flames

“North, South, West and East;
Trust the Wise Arrows
Aiming True
from Your Heart's
Pondering the Inner Compass; our Heart space and the infinite wise sage that resides within.
JDL Sep 2020
Intelligence is like a compass, in that it allows you to go a specific direction but is only useful in the context of the wilderness that you stand within. Without knowing where you are and where you need to go, a compass will only help you stay the course towards an unknown destination. Wisdom is the map upon which the compass lies. That which gives sustained direction the context it needs to ensure the intended destination is reached.
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
In the morning I rise
With a sun lit sky.
I turn my face to the east,
Oh holy Compass.
I take a moment to sit
In still silence.
As I listen within
For sacred knowledge.
This avenue of affirmations & prayer
Love and gratitude
Lead me there.
I take my sweet time
Learning the rhyme.
This message Divinity sent
Holy, holy, holy
Am I, and We, all One.
©KSS 3/2018
Rossyam Hadi Jul 2020
We get on the ride
without any maps
or compass to guide us,
we create our own ways
and start the journey.

It could be dangerous,
but I feel safe
sitting beside you
as you take the wheel
and bring us
to somewhere new.

We will watch
every sunrise and sunset
while I rest my head
on your shoulder
and be your permanent passenger.

I want to see
the world with you,
we can go places
that we have never been,
seeing seven wonders,
exploring exotic and historical cities,
capturing priceless moments.

After the long trip,
I will always come back
to your arms,
my comfort place
and waking up
to your face,
my favourite morning view.
#PermanentPassenger🗺 is about when found the one that you can do everything together with - you can travel the world together and at the same they are the person that will be waiting for you at home.
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