This is an American Poem.
Do you like it?
Do you think it's too long
Or too short?
Is it sexy enough?
Should it show more cleavage
Or should it become more conservative....
Accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Is the language appropriate or inappropriate?
Would it be unacceptable
If I added a profane word?
Which direction should this poem go?
North, South, East or West?
Or should it go Up into Space
Or down into the Ground?
Which words are missing from this poem?
Which words in this poem don't you like?
Can you please fill out my survey?
I want to know if I should pursue a career as a poet
Or if I should commit suicide
With Heroin or Crack?
This poem was made possible by Wakacon, distributors of Fine Fijian Kava, based in Salt Lake City, Utah....the only way to make sense out of the United States.
Julia Apr 13
Our firsts are not our lasts;
nor are they all
beside us at the end.
Instead, they’re the compass needle
pointing North to where
our bodies must go
to heal.
ML Detwiler Feb 26
Needles seeking north with
cursed magnets in the way.
Some call it stupid;
But I say brave

And wish that I was one.

The driver stops
To watch me leave his whirring chair.
I nod and say goodbye.

Sparkles fill the air
Where fly the remnants of my broken dreams,
Shattered by the hardness of my cold and quaking heart.

And then he drives away.

I'm faltering
Just on the edge
Leaning out above the flow
Of time and space and whispers in the dark.
Happy is the man whose heart is one
Whose heart is won.

And I?

I'll be okay.
In time.
The driver will come back to me
and find a wholly different flower
In the pocket of my coat.
He'll smile when he sees me
Like he always does.

Feathers aren't weightless,
but they sure help you fly.
Heartache, too, gives wings to
your sigh.

Someday, I'll build a new boat.
Someday, I'll try.
Someday, I'll laugh and it won't be a lie

But now? Who am I kidding, really.
could you
teach me
teach me

learn from me

jas Feb 8
your heart marks x
on this map of mine
its been a journey
took long to find

sure led me straight to you
over unbearable nights
I searched the clues

at the end of this journey
finding you is well deserving
this is feb.5
Amanda Jan 29
Like a wave,
You crash over me,
Open my eyes with,
The calm of the sea.

Like a book,
Your pages read clear,
Sentences true,
Chapters sincere.

Like a wagon,
You carry the weight,
Of love, hold it up,
As your wheels rotate.

Like a compass,
I use you to guide,
My direction
I let you decide.
Another old one I edited. Much better now. I would love any critique or compliments.
Katarina Nov 2017
You broke my compass.
Don't just stand there,
Pretending you didn't leave
My arrow a mess.

Like you didn't push
Your magnet closer and closer
Until it spun out of control,
Like an ambush.

Like you didn't grind
Your knife into it,
And watch me scream
As we would forever be entwined.

Every time I look down at my compass, you see;
The lost arrow,
And your wicked smile,
Are staring back at me.
you know who you are
Rebecca Cerrone Nov 2017
Sweet Adventure,
You are wild and brave.
I cherish the way you don't try to tame me, cage me,
And I love the way you flow with me,
Roam with me,
I dont know where we are going, but I know you're my current location,
And I don't need a compass to tell me where to go,
My heart always knows the way home.
Thomas EG Nov 2017
I feel like nothing but a broken toy that's been left in the attic to become forgotten, covered in webs of disinterest and potential nostalgia.

Although, in this scenario, I appear to be magnetic and you appear to be the strongest, rarest form of metal known to mankind, to my kind.

I am drawn to you constantly, mindlessly, and I cannot control it. I don't always notice anymore.

It shoots straight over my head as I soar across the high skies to reach you... Following my heart, my ultimate compass.

North Pole... South Pole... How long until I'm yours again? I can't stay still, I can't stay far.

I love you. No matter how broken I may feel, I still feel immense love as my heart's parts restart, for you. You have given me life yet again.

I exist to tend to your heart's needs and join you on your life's adventures. I'm eternally yours and you are just as much mine.

So, wind me up and burn me out, I beg of you... By the end of the day, we'll both be smiling and we will remain. I could never stay away in the first place.
She's good.
Star BG Oct 2017
Wind on back
road comes to fork.
Which way do I go?
Indecision until I check in to
compass of heart.

The sounds of birds
become resonating key
to open senses.

Breath of intention
becomes path
for heart to unfurl.

Air surrounds
with fragrance of
“I can,”
sweet and tantalizing.

And then I take step aligned
in crossroads leading to dreams,
with sacred compass of heart
at helm.
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