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Kerdell Apr 2021
He love you because you listen, i love you because you learn...he loves you because your beautiful i love you because you're bold...he love you because you kept his secrets, i love you because you told. He loves the pain you accept, i give love till you unfold, he tears your heart apart, i collect the pieces and make them whole. He imprisons you with lies and promises, i remove loves' blindfold. I'd die before he---BANG....there goes another Hero, added to loves' death toll.
Just having  fun with my thoughts.
Anais Vionet Jan 2021
School uniforms
are the last, tired gasp of a
dying patriarchy.

You see a DARK bra
under my blouse? Oh, God! Who
knew girls wore those!

School uniforms, with
long sleeves, aren't made for
pandemic washing.

A guy told me that
girls in school uniforms are
a core **** motif.

I told him his grasp
of **** tropes must rival
that of our school board.

School uniforms are
meant to UNsex otherwise
provocative girls.

As if our entire
gender were attempting to
subvert algebra.
uniforms - even in virtual school.
Mose Oct 2020
The matrix is just another name for institutions.
The ones that own you.
Come here, number 258-65-4562.
Provides you social security in that you are only a number.
Tallies on what they can take.
A way to count you.
Devalue your spirit down to a decimal.
The monetary value of what you can contribute.
A worth they just can never seem to buy into.
Enslaving our people, cattle to which they devour.
Turning brothers to thieves with slightest taste of power.
Putting our sons into attires that strip them of their generations.
Giving them guns to spite our neighbors.
All for those who we are nameless.
An extra decimal.
Partial space to a means as an end.
Hanging off the sentence.
History rewritten in the favor of those who should be forgot.
Simon Sep 2020
Forever, isn't a contemplation for a girl's nature of "temptation" to be (now and forevermore)...become "tempted" itself! Don't be naive.... Because if it does go according to this very standard wish of one's very contemplation state... Then your again (now and forevermore) meant to be..."naive!" Wishes don't contemplate your desires into a wishful bottle full of unlimited possibilities. But instead take rapid possession of that very "bottle full of unlimited possibilities"... And suspects that very girl to commit (right away) towards the very situational desires that grow on that very contemplation state itself. (Like vines that are just willingly able to sprout itself as part of it's tempted nature to do so, among natures own contemplation state.)
Something this very girl would argue isn't the same (when and ONLY when)...they start to officially "doubt" that very contemplation state (first and foremost).
And this is when the very quote to this very passage weeps accordingly to that very contemplation state. When it (first and foremost) becomes "tempted" by that very nature (that's made to be this main ingredient...forever)!
Because when that happens... Then that very girl's "tempted" contemplation, is made too be (forever open) to the possibilities for more issues to start to arise more attraction to the girl's very temptation towards that very contemplation state. And it does this either (first or last). Since it now (forevermore) doesn't matter what implication first arises in whatever order or category, essentially speaking. Whatever exchanges that very trade for trust to be the beneficial reason for doubt to "taint" ALL for a single contemplation to meet it's end... Would then officially (more than ever)...become the last certified "lasting" impression for the girls very tempted self among a contemplation.
Then whatever comes next (before whatever had just "centered" itself first and foremost) will in fact bend to the will of the next sequence of events, essentially too follow.
PS... Remember, "forever" is made to reason the abstract will to a girl's more "primal" justification at heart!
Detesting full logic to the benefits of some untested angle here (without knowing of the entire implications ahead of time)... Would in fact spill out trouble for the (least likely too succeed), reasonably speaking.
Max Jan 2020
What is happening?
I socialism the strive?

Where is the resistance, the provocation?
Where is the different mind, the politically incorrect thoughts?

I'm a proud conservative, and I miss the different views of perspective.

I miss a real opinion...
Been seeing some changes that I don't agree on, which is fine. Because that's the beauty of freedom.

But I miss a lot of the provocative old mind.
And that not everyone goes with the flow.

I believe everyone should be able to speak their minds, but I'm frightened by the fact that a few people do people do....
Cana Dec 2018
Today I'm filled with muted optimism
Something not often seen skulking around my peripheral.
Some retail therapy and a ***** free day.

I write you blinded, literally, consumerism blaring,
shining RED in my eye. My new shoes and sparkly
chemical incentives sitting comfortably on my feet
and in the back of my skull respectively

you know? Just above my nape.

The weekend is over.
That person has left, incised from delicate parts
where hurt feels more justified than starving children and
diseased refugees, "oh so woe is me" avoided.

We shouldn't have gone skiing together, the snow was far from ready.
The passengers leapt from the derailing train, terrified of sludgy wet slopes.

This time around I won't let them come so close. Stiff arm, no more than three. No more poems for you, or freedom for me.
I felt like putting my rambling brain onto a screen. Its not meant to make sense, my brain rarely does.
We lay naked
in a blank room
unable to move
or speak
and yet

Vivid, brilliant colors
to sounds
only we can hear

The only source
is our inner most thoughts
and our deepest emotions

We are poets
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
I had never known
What I do not know
And I do not know
What I had never known
Is not something I know
I know
I know
I do not know
And I know the unknown
I do not know
I know

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