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Nyakisa Beth May 10
the fairer *** she is
she is the cradle of humanity
she gives life and its entity
she gives meaning to beauty
graced and enthroned with integrity
she is but nobly planned to comfort
for the very life she gives she is the epitome
nobly planned to command she is "madam"
being a mother has love to the very quantum
she graces us with innocence
she graces us with her benevolence
she cares about our future with prudence
she calmly appreciates our skills with silence
to human life she is the smith
her integrity to the nation is strength
our first days of life in her  warmth
to our gone men and brothers she is seth
agent of national transformation with home setting
all our livelihood in her making
at the mother's knees education is leading
humans to what is good and a good ending
she  gives me command
she is a hero and a legend
Dedication to my mother and  the girls that will be mothers of our nation one day
Anon May 8
Just take me for what I am
Useless qualities and all
Don't decide how I should be.
Get to know every part of me.
Escape from negative thoughts,
Expectations from society.
No one but you can decide
To see beauty instead of imperfections.

Don't let yourself become a bully
All of us should stand together.
Yesterday is gone but we can try to be better tomorrow.
Jaemy May 4
You are not
a product of what the public eye
wants to see
You are not
a slave of the community
Always in doubt whether they will
with how you think and act
You are an individual
part of the pack but not
a full-time follower of the flow
Remember that
I'll only follow myself
I walk a line
between sanity
and crazy
A balancing act
As loneliness sets in
I tilt to the edge

Because of this
No one can tell me right from wrong
without hearing a question
that stops them from forming a solid opinion
on what to do with the world

"What about the ones who benefit from the bad and the ones who suffer from the good?"
Maja Apr 12
I wrote this for myself,
not for its appeal,

you can say what you want,
but so can I feel

Freedom of speech,
that is written in ink

you can say what you want
and I can think what I think

Yell your opinion,
try to change my mind

try, try
to make me as blind

It’s my decision,
right to decide,

You can say what you want,
but so can I

Write what you want,
sing your choice of song

you can believe that you're right,
but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong
Just because you have the right to an opinion, doesn't mean I don't.
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Flynn Apr 5
Some say sad eyes
which they surmise
must have arised
and been incised
by pain

Some say kind eyes
I prefer what this implies
Yet it still decries
What's inside
Yet again

I'm sure they may both be right...
But these are the eyes
I cannot disguise
These are the eyes
In which my soul is contained

So please don't see wise
To see them and apprise
me of my character, and theorise
on what underlies
For it is inane

If the judgement is a guise
and simply improvised
A means to advertise
interest or curiosity, replies
you can ascertain

if conversation you catalyse
conducive to exorcise
unjust judgements implied
by what you have spied (it wasn't just my eyes)
and arraigned...
I have been prejudged a lot before and it feels like everyone sees something different... I take issue with this culture.
Read the book not the cover
Flynn Apr 3
A ******* relief
A way to set free the pain
Deep inside of me
Before I met her
I used to dress myself.
Donned in paisley,
I had class and style.
She cut out my Calvin Klein heart
and now I look like
my grandpa.
Oversized golf shirts,
and slacks to match.

I used to dress myself.
It sounds absurd
but it's true.
I was dangerous, I lived
on the edge.
She said,
"You're not a gangster,
so quit dressing like one.
Here, put this on.
It's really cute."

I used to dress myself.
And now I'm
safe and sound in
cardigans and corduroy.
Max Mar 4
There was a man with Corona,
And he walked through Barcelona.
When he coughed and sneezed
people stared displeased
At that pitiful man with Corona.
Sorry not sorry, bit of a satire towards the fear of a disease that's not that deadly

Ps. If you love this. Please read Edward Lear. He's a genius and brings a lot of nonsense and joy.
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