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I'm neither - not either!

"Not left, not right
Not black, not white

"Not red, not blue
Not the many, nor the few

"No, neither you
nor any other political tribe
will bribe my alliegence.
No one can expect
my adherence or compliant silence!

"I've no tribe but kin
and my kin can come in any skin
and will come and go again
this close to the rim.

"So, no -
I'll not promise to sing
from only one sheet of hymns.
I'll not sign up to this week's
with-the-tide swim.

"You can't assign me
based on a tick-box whim.
I'm no man's synonym.
I'm no easy pseudonym.

"My vote has never been
and never will be
ANYBODY'S easy win."

She stood at the door poised with her pen.
'Okaay... Is that an 'Undecided' then?'
Theres a lot of strong feelings out there.
دema Oct 5
i’ve taught myself
to be silent when
i shouldn’t,
and now i’m not
when i should,

there i go,
obliviously, relentlessly
and uncontrollably making
my voice worthless and worth less.
Nina Sep 26
We hug
We kiss
We cuddle
In bed

We were just friends
We made out
To him
We were having ***
To me
We were making love
I was his friends with benefits
But he was my lover
Mari Sep 21
This is why I don't
share my opinions-
They won't listen.
They think I'm strange.
They think that they're always right.
They make me feel guilty
even though I didn't do anything wrong.
But still,
I won't stop.
Starry Sep 10
Hey do you know
That sh*t will **** yoi
Or make you
Misareble from the rest of your life
Like tantric ***
Will get you
In prison
elish Sep 8
i am a grass.

i get cut out,
whenever i grow up.
society tells the youth to shut up because we dont know anything yet, since we are young. but when we grow up and we are learning, they cut us out and say that we are pointless.
I have a voice
behind this tongue
that is quiet and sky
and knotted in my throat.

I have a voice
that whispers to me
but i fear to amplify,
for you see it reflects on who am I.

I fear of what they might think,
as it is not an attempt at speaking
but an insight to my perspective,
and thoughts
allowing them to know and judge.
It's a fear I dread to face,
that consumes me everyday,
I don't face.

I have a voice,
its mine
and I don't want it to be
muted by people
and neither fear.

I have voice,
that it is all mine,
that I will amplify.

For it is a part of
who I am, my opinions
my thoughts,
I choose for it not to be taken away,
neither suppressed.

I give it a platform,
a channel,
and courage
to let it speak
its very own language.

Liberating me
with every syllable it lets slip.
kaitlyn Jul 23
Life is made out to be something so beautiful and precious.
But what happens when a human begins to wake up everyday and doesn't see it that way.
All they want is to let go and find somewhere else to be.
They'd do anything to be anywhere but here.
"They will never truly see our world as what God set it out to be."
How can you deem something around you beautiful when all you want to do is leave it?
Life is what you make it,
Not what someone else tells you it should be.
Philomena Jun 24
Went all these years without having an opinion worth sharing
Why would it change now?
To speak up is to be shut up
And to stand out is to be cut down.
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