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Michael Apr 16
Not a fantasy.
It's reality.
Is it really
as we think it to be?
To me, what I see
and perceive,
isn't enough to
make me believe,
there's somethin' else
that's happening.
In my own world.
My own everything.
It's my own fantasy,
in my reality.
It was all the rage
in the food industry
or so they implied

It was easier to
go down the bakery aisle
or so they justified

It was how so many men
preferred to see dessert
or so they specified

But to her way of thinking
it just never looked right
no matter how she tried
Chad Young Feb 4
I am the power of literacy,
The power of the written word,
The power of the tongue.
I am not the color of my skin, but the content of my mind.

I prefer silence to news.
I prefer to vote for the party of lesser evil than write-ins.
I prefer religion to politics.
I prefer oneness to distinction.
I prefer coffee to alcohol.
I prefer cigarettes to refer.
I prefer nutmeg to LSD.
If I could give all these up except one, I would prefer oneness.
Who am I?
You antagonise me in your warped story
Taking piety from people
you feel validation and glory

Politician with no shame
pulling the strings
Not your partner, not your lover
I am just your plaything
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Willpower has a certain weight
your effort is valued...tenfold
an action to reciprocate
glorious to behold

Hands as gentle as sunlight
"This is basic affection"
How are right
ours is not standard connection
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Betty Jan 12
Opinion is the fuel
that lights the paper
beneath the words
that set the world alight
Of five
Four may be of same opinion
And I am not
That doesn't prove
I am wrong
As is human wont
They herd around a school
Oft created by a hoon
Time may prove them wrong
And then they may know
Where did I come from
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
In their opinion
I am mad
Please read my poem 'MAD'
In their opinion
I am bad
Those who know me
Would know
Their opinion is bad
In their opinion
I am arrogant
Please deal with me with due respect
Would know
I am humble and decent
In their opinion
I am a hard nut to crack
Please come on track
Would know
I am soft inside
Bhill Oct 2020
the reactions we've had to this year's differences are a predicament
they will have an effect for year's to come
friendships lost because of opinions
opinions established by the social dependencies we retain
the dumbing down of real news
as we come to the end, be one to pause and reflect
look back and determine where you fit in, in this spectacle

Brian Hill - 2020 # 292
Kitty Oct 2020
free course
change your life
look prettier
make everyone like you
Start saying YES
it's really that simple
just follow this ONE STEP
let me hear you say it
be careful bossy
don't tell them what you really think
yes thats right
you agree with me
end of course
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