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Don't answer someone's question
When you suspect that he won't like your answer
It only causes discord
Therefore it's better to change the subject
Or to pretend you didn't hear the question
Eventually he will forget that he had asked you anything
Beware of a man who asks for your opinion
He might know in his heart that he's not truly worthy of flattery
He might be testing you
And knows that you're telling lies
Singing him praises will lead you into a trap
Everybody knows that a corpse is not a beautiful sight
So why fabricate words
It's better to keep quiet than to say something you don't mean
Thus choosing your words carefully shall lead to abundance
The less words you use
The more you're actually saying
And by saying nothing
You're actually saying everything
Never take for granted that everyone is as honest as you are
There's always a vulture in the surrounding
Waiting for you to stumble
And when you do
He will make it his mission to ensure that everybody gets to know about it
A fool will reveal his innermost secrets while intoxicated
Then hang his head in shame the following day
Every man was born with intuition
But in a modern world full of noise pollution
That inner voice could easily be drowned out
Too many distractions
Too many choices
And if you're not strong in who you are
You will most likely always end up making the wrong choice
Therefore seek for inner silence
Like a man diligently digging for gold
He never gives up until he strikes it lucky
Give your inner voice time to speak
And you shall find the answers you've been looking for
Written by Sean Achilleos 14 January 2019©
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Dess Ander Dec 2018
Illusions are the new reality
Victimhood the chosen mentality
Opinions lead to fatality
Common sense is the new insanity
Austin Draper Dec 2018
Honestly, know what you want to
Facts can’t be forgotten
Your opinions can be what they are  
Evidence is why we are unrotten

Humans have such angst
Everyone has their own opinion
So much change that is too far
Personal preference makes us not a minion

Uniformity is unrealized inner chaos
Don’t fix what ain’t broke
Personal expression makes you shine like a star
Alternate facts make our race choke

The system is only ruled by few and those who speak otherwise are false
Don’t blow issues out of proportion
Those who rule just make us at the bottom scar
Don’t make it so that tradition is viewed distortion

Honestly, know what you want to
Facts can’t be forgotten
Your opinions can be what they are
Evidence is why we are unrotten
Know yourself, Humans are terrible things.
I'm just so grateful I have some great people who read my poems! I'm so humbled, and glad I can make someones day better. This poem is about Opinions, and how they clash. (/r* =R2r*+Ax1> R2r*+A/17^21} C D A D}x2>+1 +1 A +1<}\ \)
Johnny walker Nov 2018
This ever-changing world to which we live so very different from childhood days that I remember very few technologies did we have
But we were happy children, today to much pressure at the early
days of life don't get time to be children play as we
did when
I was born 1953 so had that wonderful experience of moving Into the 1960
all of a sudden everything bright colourful
Just my opinion, but maybe we all would have been better of not moving on from the 1960s ?
Just while passing the time of a thought, those who no of the 1960s maybe we might have better not moving on from there
The bird can fly
, Crossing any boundary
From any land
Not being frisked
, not being prevented
, not being asked
To get any permit
And not being asked,
"What is your nationality?
What is your religion?
You can't be prevented
As your skin's color appeared
You can eat from any land
You own all the world
You drink from clean downed
Rain or river is felt by your heart
Downs and has a nest
Over building, solid and vibrated branch
You can see the downed world
You may see its worst
It may be ******
As it had great fault
You can opposite
And had your look
Against the leader
Without being killed
Or exposing to the saw
That will be the terrorist
If it may be happened
All birds will be gathered
Rich and poor
Weak and strong
Having purposes towards the guilt
And judge the case with evident
And tell the result
The killer must be killed
Or be living wide
Live away as being Fired
****** over changing the right
To make a worth
Over bleeding blood
Gaining by telling the truth
That may not be accepted
By the man who is the head
the birds has great freedom, most of people have not it
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
In the midst of
Many powerful
And loud voices
You suddenly
That your soft
And tranquil voice
Was worthy of
Being heard
And capable enough
To form
A sound opinion
Anya Sep 2018

For more appreciation
From society

Till society forgets you
And you just

Love yourself for who you are,
Not what others think of you
Marilina Sep 2018
You can't just assume
Things about someone
Just because they act
Just the way they do.
Just because they're different
And are not like you.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Do you think the crowd
Might think better of you?
Rowan Sep 2018
Someone told me in English 254
"We don't give anything value without disaster"
and I found it to be true.
In American Society we label disaster
with monuments of metal and stone.
and then forget about the spaces between
            and the wild open ranges.
And in class,
                         we moved on,
to talking about                                     fish and enjambment.
Randy Johnson Sep 2018
There is something that I hate, and it's something I won't deny.
I hate the new Doctor Who TV show, I'd rather watch paint dry.
I even complained to the BBC, and told them that I hate their show.
If you're wondering if I'll ever watch it again, the answer is **** no.
I've written several poems about Doctor Who, and you may wonder why.
It's because I hate it with all of my heart and soul, I'd rather watch paint dry.
I hate it because the BBC uses it to cram political correctness down people's throats.
I'd rather watch a show about a man who is married to a goat.
I loved the classic Doctor Who TV show, but I hate the new, and that's not a lie.
I wish they would cancel the new Doctor Who because I'd rather watch paint dry.
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