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ChinHooi Ng May 27
I never lack an audience
even if it's just one person
i have
the cranium of poetry
humbly poised to be placed high
nirvana in a verse
is not to be flaunted
just like the distant incident of snow
remains far and illusive
only the wind knows
the interstice between the heaven and the ocean
the interstices amidst the words
only time knows
i never lack an audience
even if all the readers
who have come from all bearings
have gone
well, i knew that sooner or later
they will leave too
i just hope that when they do
they don't forget it all like a hangover
that'd be a cinch
i never need an audience
time is always by my side
the one true
"What will people say" killed some dreams

"What will people say" quenched some burning desires

The reason some turned down people they like's proposal only to later regret

"What will people say" is the reason some poeple are dying in slence

That four word sentence is mostly the reason some **** themselves

It is the scarecrow that draws shiver down the spine of even a pastor


Will what people say matter if it does not matter to the one who is in the middle of the matter?
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Salience, jumps out, some pundit says it,
Salience, literally leaps from the

either thin air, or signals in or through, yeah
science, tune in,
think it may as well be thin air,
- morphic resonance- if you think
- so it is,
drop out, turn on,
think lightly never too late to recall
the after all,
when ever was begun to reach today,
just now,
with me and you meandering diametrically,
through in tensioning attention span stretching,
measurable worth of value
for value, and a pinch, to grow on…

old ways to make the difference jump
with out being a parsimonious pedants *****.
Angry first line, leads past the pundits salience test of my worth spent listening.
JAM Oct 2022
"My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty."

i get it, there's nothing to me
but you don't need to grind it in either
i see nothing in me already

"You hear that? I swear, there's something out there. In the dark."

and I look good in person
but i think nothing of my shimmer
i don't expect people to like me
it's all opposite

"Only burglars and vampires creep around after dark.
So which are you?"

I've expected people to beat me
It's what i've known
and have to watch for

"Gotta keep my eyes open.
**** dragons could swoop down at any time."

so no, i'm not what you seem to think
i am
or yes, I don't know
you'll listen to your own opinions about me
over anything I have to say:

"Watch the skies, traveler.”

Title: twoo thoughste who've'nt found me hear

"My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty."

i get'it, theyire's knowthing twoo me
but yea'don't knead to grind it heithere
i scene gnomething oin mean owlready

"You hear that? I swear, there's something out there. In the dark."

and ire looks gold in pearsin
but i thinks knot-keen of my shimmer
i done't acspect peep'les to too light-key me
it's hall'opposite

"Only burglars and vampires creep around after dark. So which are you?"

hi've acspected spleenpoles twoo b-eats me
it's what i've no'n
and halves tune watsch fuohrer

"Gotta keep my eyes open. **** dragons could swoop down at any time."

sew know, i'm naught which'ya seam toon thunk
or yea, i no'n't, naughts
u 'le glisten to your ownpunions' bouts me
over antsynthing i chavsed to say

"Watch the skies, traveler.”
as they
shuffled by
she told her friend
“i always look
forward to this
time of year
when the first
tinge of yellow
touches the leaves
with the contrast
between shade
and sunshine
a comparison
of polar opposites
where a gentle breeze
can chill
or relieve
one making you
appreciate the other
once it has gone”
i couldn’t help
but take note
of her poetic words
as i surveyed
those same trees
glad to see
swaying hues
of green against
shadow-dappled green
feeling fingers
of sunlight
still breaching
filigree tree-shadows
to warm the skin
of passers-by
while overhead
a pastel blue sky
mottled with only
staccato wisps
of gentle stratus
paint the vista
leaving thoughts
of the days to come
when this spectrum
will shift
and these colours
must change
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2022
Light the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way they were

Scattered pictures
Of the ***** we left behind
More bounce to the ounce
In the way they were

If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we?
Could we?
God-given vs. Store bought?
I'll take the Lord's work
Every time

Anais Vionet Aug 2021
Thanks for saying “no offense” before insulting me
- that really cleared things up.
Just tell me what you think - I can take it.
Lune Quiller Aug 2021
You sow seeds of your life,

By your own self.

You wish that they survive,

Without others' help.

You put some water of affection,

And desire for a vibrant leaves collection.

You anticipate it show the true inner reflection.

You wish the plant to grow soon,

It peaks out and sees the brutality.

You take care of it in the blazing afternoon,

So that it doesn't adapts to the causality.

You wish it to grow into a sturdy brawny tree,

Which gives fruits and blooms flowers,

Which can be set free,

And is full of vie and power.

Once it's usual to the surroundings,

People come and go.

And say bad words cursily

The tree- it's morals go low.

The imaginations and expectations

All are failed.

Full of scars and suctions

You now sailed.

Back to - from where you came.

No guilt, no regret, no shame.

You think to earn more fame,

Making your life truly lame.

The tree without you died,

Because it had no hope.

Are you still capable to say "it's mine"

It is long gone.
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