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pilgrims Sep 19
When I say "bet"
life begins. I wager sweat and limbs.
The thrill is angelic hymns.

Until a hit is missed.
Why do I fear
love is duplicitous?

Courage will harness energy
from unfolding mystery.
I hold a chalice of compassion
with gentle filigree.
My hands hold perfectly.
Feeling trust, I sip then pour peacefully.

Worth is free.
Travis Dixon Mar 15
psst, bet on the game
bet on the game
big bet, big win
come on, bet on the game
(got a problem with
betting on games?)
hey, bet on the game!
hurry up, bet on the game
you know you can
bet on the game
(if you have a problem
with betting on games—)
get in here, we're
betting on the game
betting on the game
(call this number
in case you're having
trouble) it's almost
over, bet on the game
bet on the game
the odds are good
just bet on the game
(we support you)
you can bet on it
Khoi Nov 2021
Though the flight
goes down in slow motion
glitz of the flip
coincide with delusions of grandeur
retrospect it was oh so money
landed on the flip-side
left most hanging out
JJ Inda Oct 2021
marred in kindness
and wit.
with extra cards,
betting big.
Cashing out
or staying in
till the bitter end.
Either way
with a smile.
a poem inspired by the late Norm Macdonald
Thomas W Case Aug 2021
To get back
in the game,
I need one
good hit.
A horse with
early lick;
that has more
heart than
Joe Louis
and Jake
I need decent odds,
at least 8-1.
The racing
gods have to
smile on me
one more time.
At least for
6 furlongs,
and then baby,
I'm back in the
I've gone walking
In the midst
Of memories
And I lost myself

There's so much
To go through
Smiles, phrases, faces
Moments, people, places...

I've gone walking
Redeemed and tuned
There is nothing that we can do
Caged we pay the price,
And feel the spin of the dice
Tumbling in our own shoot.
Dave Robertson Feb 2021
Stuck on the actual prime meridian
where gambling and grown up shenanigans
are viewed all *****
hurting society, though I could legally go to the drain on my street
and drop a thousand twenty pees in it
nae bother
our equivalent bet
as high rollers we are surely not

I miss you Vegas
with your daft anti-reality cushions,
the strip with no history or heritage
but with goofy drunken dreams brimming alive

and I know vice, bad, horror, addiction yadda yadda

I miss you Vegas
Damien Jan 2021
When I sit down in front of the mirror,
deal a hand,
(once for me, once for me)
I find my opponent’s face to be unreadable.
And I win,
(I do every time we play)
And I throw my cards down in front of me
taking back the chips I’d raised.
Again, I face the loser
surprised by the bitterness on their face
(though I really should expect it by now)
And this time I wonder:
is it worth winning
if you always lose?
Anais Vionet Jan 2021
This is the viral solstice and I am liberty’s gambler.
What would I give to taste the fresh air of freedom?


Thaw-out that space-cold hope and puncture me – please.
God blesses the poets to write of such miracles.
is it gambling if you know you're going to win?
Sydney Hafner Sep 2020
It started in the kitchen
and the walls still hold the feeling of still existing troubles
you were worried about,
so I went out with just half a pack of smokes to fix it
Well I came home to you in the kitchen
and confessed I was now
3 paychecks down
and had been laid off four months ago
Although your tears made my knees weak
and I had to step outside,
I was still feeling pretty lucky
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