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OpenWorldView Jan 21
Spin a white cocoon
of lies and self-denial.
Slowly rot inside.
Seeing, knowing, but always taking the easy road.
Latifah Jan 8
You have to cut
a rotten love
from its roots
and leave no room
for it to grow again
and toxicate your heart
don’t let it bring death
upon your soul.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
Pulled apart
Candy floss
Sweet, broken thing

Sugar spun
Left for ants to eat
JJ Inda Dec 2018
feels like a re-run,
a cig you ***
when you’re down
on your luck.
something is about to break,
maybe it’s your day
or maybe
it’s just you.
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
The deception came easily
The yellow brick road and all its poets
She had them by the coat tails
Pulling them this way and that
Begging for mercy when she had done bad
Manican like motions
Soon followed
Plastered silly putty smile
Washed over
her veneers and pearly
White gates
Of tragedy poetically
Hallucinate through the glass
Rivers of red
Flowing like veins
Rivers of red
Your moaning of pains

Grey hair dyed
Tips and ends fried
Like your fingertips tapping
My messages kidnapping

My feelings rotten
And emotions forgotten
Your ****** mind
Deaf, insensitive and blind.
My classmates are horrible.
someguy Oct 2018
I scamp around trying to find myself,
All others say – you’re ******* lazy man,
I try to do something others don’t,
People say – oh, look at this child’s moan,
I want to be nothing like everyone else around,
They scream – so, you think you’re better than the rest of us and you want to fly off this ground?

I say – I want to, I try to, I dream no matter what
But in the end I realize, I’m just like everyone else in this ****** world
I’m rotten, sinful and full of ****,
And only with time I realize that I’ve been swallowed by others… and puked back into this dirt
Lost Oct 2018
It feels like
There’s a throbbing
Mass leaking like
A bruised rotten
Tomato in my

If you tilt me
To the side
The mushy
Rank guts in
My head
Trickle out
My ears

All green with
Yellow chunks
It slides and
Squeezes its
Way out and
Stains my

Crush me until
It all comes out
Until I am empty
And maybe then
Everything won’t
Feel so heavy
Autumn Lewis Sep 2018
The button glares it's hideous grin beckoning me to give it one good push
Start Over is plastered over it's red polish
Why is the button always red? I question
I am numbed my core rotten as I stick in my hands in to see if my heart still beats
Everything fades and my senses feel as though it is just an anesthetic
I try to see but all I know is this dream within my nightmare
The button grows further and further away
Will I be able to reach it in time?
I don't know...
This is my experience being high the first time and my general mind set right now
Ellison Sep 2018
As I read past scarred darkened lines
Of poems of yesterday that I could all call mine
But now I feel so rotten inside
And don't dare say I haven't yet tried.

A poem in June could tell a nice story
Unlike today's that are so miserably gory
I'll speak of a time that I once fell in love
But my feelings flew out my ears like doves.

A poem last year could tell of a horse
Creativity decreases; now I just have remorse
For the writing style of which had came through with ease
But it'll never come back even if I say "please".

And that time that I wrote an epic in the snow
But it is Autumn now; and I am a scarecrow
So leave me alone to be wasting away in the field
Who knows, maybe a good poem this time I'll yield

WHAT HAVE I DONE to shrivel away
Out in the night and on through the day
For I feel the child is dying in me
So you'd might as well prepare my grave under a tree.
I've been noticing that I haven't put as much care into my poems as I used to.

That'll change.
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