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SilvarumDea Oct 2
I just open myself to the pain
Like a rotten wound that never heals
And my cursed soul can never rest,
Consuming itself from within.

My tired eyes have cried so much,
But my silent scream was never heard.
How could I ever think that I could win
On this unfair battlefield which I call life?

The Universe laughs at my stubbornness,
While throwing me back to the ground.
My rotten soul surrenders with a pity song
Searching for what's left of it.
Brian Payamps Aug 21
LOVE so deep
But love....
LOVE'S not free

LOVE like a circus clown
Frowns turned upside down

Every day I died
But love...
LOVE kept me Alive


For Love we hide
We hide our damaged parts
But the stench
The Stench of SULPHUR
Can't be covered by cologne nor perfume

LOVE so deep
But love....
LOVE'S not free

LOVE needs to eat
But how you let it feed when you rot from with in
Mari Aug 19
Let the rotting
sadnspicy0 Aug 17
Sometimes it seems like my heart is rotten,
it can't feel anything but the pain,
and I can't touch it, 'cause wounds are open...
I am my calm and my hurricane.

Sometimes I think I've concurred the monster.
But then, again, the image starts clouding.
They say the human body is 60% water...
Well, that explains why it feels like I'm drowning.
I deeply apologize for the amount of I-s and my-s put into this poem.
basil Jun 26
the way i clean my teeth
before i taste your tongue
seems obsolete
because your lips are
muddy with unsaid lies
the words you hold on to make me feel rotten

Heyaless May 5
I've been sick for almost a week .
Everything around me seem so inverted .

This bed and my body started to stink of rotten flesh .
And thoughts disappointments made me more miserable .

YES ! I am disappointed
And this disappointment is like a illness
This time it sits inside me .
I didn't get it by my expectations .
I had buried them long ago .

Why did you tainted that beautiful
Fragrance we had .
You've failed in every area to keep my emotions treasured .

At the end ,it is what it is .
And I am getting my pockets full of disappointments without even expecting .

Just because we smile together ,  doesn't mean I am happy .
Everytime i try to get closer ,
Feel that feeling of pisthurism ...
Do you know what I smell ?
Burning faith .
When you lose faith , that quality from your beloved ..What remains ?
Jace Joseph Jan 4
Run though the alleys in my mind, running from these distorted thoughts. Should be careful to what you might find, for I am a misleading bright red gleaming apple. Polished on the outside, but slowly decaying on the inside. Never be too certain when you bite a gleaming gilded fruit
Between the shadows of our minds comes the answers to all of our questions
aviisevil Sep 2019
nor a fox not wise
with claws and pipes

a forests breath
with death ripe

just a day in paradise,
that's all i pray.

no fool for a price
nor a herd for a prize

malfunctioning slight
chocked with parasites

just a day in paradise,
if it wasn't for today.

spoiled thoughts
and foiled spite

caught then boxed
with no air to bite

lost and left,
kept for the nights

in transparent red
herein painted quiet

just a day in paradise,
for the one who pays.

in a stranger's head
with debt of dice

where heaven lays
and the dead shall rise

seven solemn days
that'll never come twice

mourning for prey
by a mornings pride

just a day in paradise,
for a day in paradise

if it wasn't for today.

kissed by the fire
shut with wire

no word nor desire
and made in ice

broken prism's charm
in arms of a lover
born away and in white

doused in hope
and not a dime to pay
no dream nor life

just a day in paradise,
and it'll never go away.

where beauty slays
and inferno hides

dante's meal
and a mountains might

where a valley bleeds
from a pelters diet

melting the stones
and people alike

just a day in paradise,
that's all there's to say.

whence scars bleed
opened far wide

and the hour sleeps
in fear and fright

where words fail
to tell and describe

rotten and stale
fighting the lights

just a day in paradise,
for the one who stayed.

nor a fox not wise
with claws and pipes

a forest's breath
with death ripe

just a day in paradise,
and that's all i pray.
what shall you be in paradise?
Anastasia Aug 2019
Cherry on top
Cherry on bottom
My heart is sinking
Straight to the bottom
The crickets say
They are ashamed of me
And the mosquitos take their aim at me
Cherries are crushed
No longer sweet
Rotten and bitter
False retreat
Writing at night
Gives me strange thoughts
Cherry on bottom
Cherry on top
At night
Is messing
With my mind
Devin Ortiz Aug 2019
I set upon the Grotto,
where the hanged men dangled, dear.
Those desecrated corpses,
no longer held their fear.

I fashioned up an axe,
To **** the living, certainly not the dead.
See I’m taking out the demons,
and nightmares inside my head.

Through dusk and dawn again,
I hack away with glee.
Happy little madness,
please end this ****** tree.
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