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A world of wonder and possibility
illuminated by the light of uncertainty.
The adrenaline rush of taking a chance
only to lose it all by the cards in your hands.
It's a dangerous game to play if you choose;
to roll the dice, to win or lose.

Place everything on the table.
The higher the stakes, the more exciting it gets.
Your mental health entirely unstable
until the others call their bets.

The roll of the die, the shuffle of cards capturing your attention.
Debt fluctuating by a single move; silence strangled by tension.
Fancy beverages surround everyone
enlightening the experience more every time you finish one.
A simple game based entirely on luck,
and when you are losing, you don't give a ****.

But it only takes a little for your luck to run fully dry
and for you to lose everything in a silly game.
With no money left for the chips you need to buy,
nothing will ever be the same.
Max Jan 26
Some people are like snakes
A poker game with high stakes.
This is by far not my best piece, but I felt this way about some people for a while now.
Addi Anderson Nov 2018
There was a time I told you,
Of all that ached inside;
The things I held so scared,
To all the world I’d hide.

But they became your weapons,
And slowly I have learnt,
The less that is said the better,
The lesser I’ll be hurt.

Of all you’ve used against me,
The worst has been my words.

There are things I’ll never tell you,
And it is sad to think it so;
The more you come to know me-
The lesser you will know.
-Lang Leav
This isn´t mine!! I just love it.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Games on,
and a lot of players are playing games,
but the jokes on you if your card’s the Fool,
don’t be read can’t blame the player blame the game,

so spin the wheel pick a number,
act it out name that tune,
but don’t debate what the haters say,
because love will conquer all,

because at the end of the day,
that’s all that really matters,
so show me what’s real now,
or see you later…

∆ LaLux ∆
aih Aug 2018
A chip, a chance
Same deck of cards
All in with a poker face
I saw through you
Now you lost me
You didn’t even have me at all
You got it all twisted from the start
Thinking I’d fall for your game
Pulling the same exact card on everyone
But I’m not just anyone—
I’m someone—
Who couldn’t and wouldn’t be played the Joker.
I’m a Queen waiting for my King.
Tarik Aug 2018
To strum this guitar is for naught. Strumming the strum of the guitar of the guitar. The the guitar is for naught. For naught is the strum. Strumming strum strummy in the strum of the of the guitar.

Would she be enticed? She would be strumming. Would she be be strumming the strum of the guitar?          She would not be the the strum. I strum the D and the A strums the B and it all comes to the G string. Would I not if I did strum the G if I strummed it so?

Maybe yes.
Maybe yes.
Maybe maybe maybe no.

Shall I have a glass of jack and coke? If I should not should I strum the G of the jack of the jack and the coke? Should she be she be not? Do I dare to         entice? If I should dare to not should should I find the jack?

I should call should I call if I do if I don’t? What have I to do but strum and strum and drink and drink and think of the flat note? I will call. Will it pickup?

The taste of Jack is acquired it is. It is acquired and acquired      and not for her. She’s a rosé and what can it be that a cheap whisky can amount to a fine wine? It cannot and I cannot. I cannot and will I call will I again?

Will I strum strum the gun of the sun? Will I find the gun will it find the sun and will it it will not find her?

How about a game of poker? I play a mean game a game I play. Please please do play with me. If you would please then please oblige. If not then please do. If do it would make all of it worth it.

2 of a kind.
Full House
Royal flush.


It is midnight I should be off. Off I shall just strum and never bother. Never shall I bother and never shall I be bothered.
I wasn't on drugs when I wrote this, but I sure felt like I was.

I made this poem in the style of Gertrude Stein. It was for an extra credit assignment in my Humanities class.
Mary Frances Aug 2018
That's the funny thing about falling in love though.
It's like playing poker.
The lesser you show emotions,
the more effective your bluff will be.
And the bet?
Solitude Man Jun 2018
He put his heart on the poker table
‘he’s all in’ his face grim and unquavering, he thinks he’s able
but the cards are stacked against him
he plays all moves
but the joker beleaguers his fingers
they use his mind as a bullet practice board
wearing their bullet proof vest so they’re well protected
He’d been on a scorching quest for disaster
was given a tepid glass of love in return

They said his heart was a Rubik’s cube in a Swiss bank
so he pulled the funds out took the risk rather than being a *******
He spends his heart on love,
he realises its like a cigarette loaded with regret rather than nicotine  
so he took a cue,
formed his heart back to a Rubik’s cube
and put in a Swiss bank in the maze house
Harry Kelly Jun 2018
We used to play cards on Tuesday nights
in the small office of a used car lot.
I would look at the old beaters as they came in.
Wonder what their stories were.
Who drove them.
Where they had travelled and what they had seen.
“All rust and dust” my friend used to say.
As they age their value goes down.
Which is what some folks think about people.
But really, the opposite is true.
My friend would ask
why I played cards
with those old geezers.
He didn’t get it.
Many people don’t.
I just told him I always win.
It was true.
Not in terms of money.
But in everything else I got from those guys.
One old guy used to cheat like a *******.
I let him get away with it.
I hope when I get old
somebody cuts me some slack.
Merry Mar 2018
Rock’n’roll radio died
Between gasoline riffs
I love Texan poker
She smiled with classic liquors
Realise that I want your lips
Gamble success where strangers bleed
Roadside taboo
Lay bare, please,
I want to give you one hot date
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