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Jamie Jun 10
The words roll-off
your tongue
like you've been
in front of a mirror

Don't attempt
to humour me

Somehow I
want you
to wear my skin,
try it on
see how it

But at the
same time I
don't wish
such a thing
on my worst enemy

Your jokes
always hit home

You told
each one
with a straight face
how was I
supposed to know
whether you
meant it or

You find it
frustrating just
being my guardian
imagine the torment
I go through each
and every day
trapped in this
skin of mine

You can't blame
so you blame


Youth isn't
an excuse
it's a scapegoat

Please let me be, and grow up
putting pressure on someone to complete your dreams is not right.
Remember that what could be a simple task to you, is actually quite difficult for another.
An irreverent force
armed in localised wars
Flames of rage displayed in waves
Some strings attached
to bring about more force
Shattered glass and burnt bricks
won't fix what a voice is worth
But irrelevance when oppressed
blinded with contempt seeks to vent
So many mistakes are blamed to
create what is made of the states
Powers that be have a responsibility
to assist those in need without them bending the knee
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Torin Mar 27
We can stop and see the leaves
stretched out above our head
Our heads are not so high
And it's only ground we tread
My favorite part of life
Just to breathe
As I lay and watch the stars
I feel the ground beneath

Connecting me
We can stop and see the leaves
But what's connecting me
Like roots spread out in all directions
Our heads are not so high
It's the simple ground we tread
And in the soil
Our lives we toil

Yes our blood is in the soil
And I just breathe
I thank God for food to eat
I feel the ground beneath
As I lay and watch the stars
Stretched out above our heads
Our dreams are powerful
It's the simple ground we tread

My favorite part of life
Connecting me
The stars up high in heaven
The roots of mighty tree
And I just breathe
Our lives we toil
I thank God for food to eat
And in the soil
I don't know. Show the ground some love yo. We all stand on it.
Jupiter Mar 2019
I wish I could escape,
this awful life of mine,
shape a different fate,
in another time.

what's the point of god,
sitting upon his mighty spot?
if when he looks down,
he turns my pain up a notch.

so now I sit in silence,
upon this high up rock,
I wonder if I jumped,
would anyone be shocked?

I'm often pushed to the side,
i feel like I'm insane,
so when I take my leap,
the world should hang its head in shame.
Salmabanu Hatim Feb 2019
Valentine's  Day,
Wife was away,
Partied all night,
Morning, head was light.
Didn't know what took place,
Until month later came face to face,
With a blond girl,
Her words crashed my world,
With my child she was pregnant,
To marry her it was important,
So I took action,
I had medical check up and DNA test,
Doctor told me to relax and smiled his best,
Test showed I could never be a father,
More tension, more bother,
I had three kids at home,
They called me daddy and my wife mum.
If not mine, whose creation?
Max Jan 2019
I always want to say sorry,
Even when it's not my fault.
Because that's how it used to be,
That I'm getting blamed for everything.
So I'm sorry for being here at all.

I still try to do everything right.
I have to prove I can,
I just have to show that it wasn't always my fault.
I have to prove them wrong, even if I'll never see them again.
I just have to prove them wrong by proving my right.
I just can't fail, like the failure they think I am.
Something I had to write.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Cut the chase already.
It's not fun anymore.
You're just hurting yourself.
And honestly, I don't want to be blamed about it.
halfmoonprincess Jun 2018
Oh God,
If you are really there
Drive me away from others' sin
and fill me with your magic
Engulf me in your loving arms
Bless me for I deserve your
Oh God, Please grasp these hands
and enlighten me on why
all the blame hefts on me,
always making me cry.
Do you ever know what it feels like to consistently be lonely? Or have everyone suddenly withdraw from you in life? When everyone starts to suddenly hate you?
Nook Aug 2017
everybody telling me to chill

making a mountain outta molehill

but everything feels surreal

it’s like I’m underwater, need some gills

people say time will heal

all the pain that I feel

maybe they’ll care when I pop the pill.
Äŧül May 2017
Even the walls have their ears,
Although they are nonliving,
Virgin cries were overheard,
Easily by the walls themselves,
Sexy sounds of *******,
Deflowering the young wife,
Roping in spies for the purpose,
Opening the ***** so delicate,
People so enjoy overhearing,
Pretty sights shine right upfront,
In their addiction to **** time,
No secrets remain virtuously,
G**ood habits are hard to develop.
Defaming the non-living is so easy,
People eavesdrop often to later blame it on the walls,
They say that even the walls have ears.

My HP Poem #1564
©Atul Kaushal
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