From failure
New birth;
Out of ashes
We rise
Fists raised
Hope held
new year
new beginnings
it's supposed to be a fresh start
but what if it's just
the same
on repeat?
we still bleed,
a new year but it's bittersweet.
I hope finally some things change in 2019.
Justyn Huang Jan 11
You never know how green
A leaf may be
Until you turn it over.
Turning a new leaf
Jo Barber Jan 10
Write of lost people,
Of times gone by,
So that you might know,
So that you might remember
The hellos in my goodbyes.
And the goodbyes
In every hello.
Fleetingly and forever,
We stand apart together.
you've come so far
from battling
tender titans
shifting serpents
now rest
among the stars
to repent
to remember
how far you've come

- katrina ******
i'm glad 2018 is finally over.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Tadios Yeab Jan 10
Remember that time I bet on you and you left me hanging,
By then I've learned to think before I do the things I do,
Instead of counting on you,
Yet again, I went right back on counting on you,
Still, you were not there to back me up,
Took me a while to figure out where I went wrong,
But now I know...
It's when I took you for the second time,
After all you're just a "chance",
Today I met someone,
With first name New and last name Beginning,
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
Shut down.
Shut up.

If strength is dominion,
women are just beginning.
Chris Jan 4
I found a pretty apple tree and dug myself a grave,
In it I've left my body, words and a sad mind,
All those things in life to whom I were a *****,
All will in the end be gladly left behind.

On every face I see, the same old tired smile,
That always hides a riddle, a story or a myth,
Always full of secrets, always full of lies,
That turn around the smoke o'er the fire pits.

Through rainy eyes I see the dawning of the day,
I admire sun in its morning glory,
I feel its healing beams carrying me away,
And the final darkness- the end of my story.

I picked a snow white flower, and saw in it my death,
In every petal written the end to my pain,
I've crossed this cursed field the path to my last breath,
My soul thus has left me in the light of day.
I found a pretty apple tree and dug myself a grave.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
True Romance Is what Helen and I had In every sense of the word with Helen I miss her so
such a big part of me went with her that sad day I'm like an empty
left behind but going be strong and carry on and  I'll face this now life on my
True romance Is what Helen and I had fairy tale beginning
but sadly no fairy tale ending
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