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We are all evolved from the same microbe;
A microbe which evolved into every known species, using a few dozen ingredients; drawn from the same chemical soup.
(We are related to every living thing)

Each species is evolving at the correct, specific survival rate, yet the more we humans progress, the more distance we choose to put between us and our family, often choosing to hinder their progress, not for survival; but for childish prestige.
Anais Vionet Jun 13
I've grown rusty and unused to summoning words from a blank page - but FINALLY - there's something new to describe. School (11th grade) is over - at last - and... more.

There's a party tonight - a REAL, honest-to-God, in person, PARTY - for about 30 of us. Yes, vaccinations are documented. Life seems to be beginning again.

I'm eager, like a boxer before the bell or a racehorse at the starting gate. I'm an animal, long constrained, who knows it's about to be set free.

I'm as disorientated as an awakened dreamer and I find myself laughing, drunk with possibilities as I try on clothes for preliminary impressions.

It's hard to quash tremors of impatience.

I'm sick of helpless, indifferent, pandemic necessity.

I'm SO tired of boredom, circling me like a vulture, in my panopticon palace - that I opted for a respite of pure terror - I'm SO clever.

I'm skipping my senior year of high school and heading off to university. I'd rather die than risk spending another year in my room(s) - I almost went crazy.

There's a paper on my desk, white as a bride. It says "ACCEPTED for fall term 2021."

I’m trying not to let on that I’m afraid. Is desire always a tangle of impossible, contradictory impulses?

I've decided that my life is my only real possession - my own, small, life-or-death riddle to solve.

I want to live with intent, like I'm aimed at something and I'm going to chase happiness like it could be caught.

My luggage is open - like alligator jaws. I stare into those tan, Ghurka depths - rigid with anxiety.

My sister (home on vacation from her surgical residency) sees me eyeing the empty bags.
"Are you worried?” She says, “You look worried."

I normally find the sister-teacher-coach vibe irritating, but now, somehow, it seems reassuring.

"No," I lie - then - "A bit," I admit, close-lipped.

But that's a later worry =]
There are some changes in my world - at last
Maria Jun 3
What have we become, as the years have drawn on
At the hands of ourselves and our fate
Unmoving in the pillars we rested our lives upon
What have we become

Convincing ourselves we were but a moment too late
Biding time ‘till we could fly on the wings of a swan
As our minds rotted at an ever-quickening rate

Dismissing our stumble as an unlikely phenomenon
Our thundering heartbeats left to reverberate
The mirage of our advance now shattered and gone
What have we become
I tried to write something with a more defined structure, let me know if you have any suggestions. It's been a strange week with some mixed news, so I feel like I'm starting over again. I hope this poem got that message across, I hate it when structure comes at the expense of the meaning. Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well :)
Allesha Eman May 14
You hold pain in your palms
Like water lilies it floats around
You guard it with your fingers
But as time tells tales of broken pasts
Nothing can stop the rain
From washing the lilies away
Gabriel Apr 15
Take four
and make mistakes,
wake in the morning
to check
that your fingers are attached
to the undeniable spot
where your hands end.
Watch the clock
in case it stops;
Dislodge the plaque
behind your gums
and scream in silence
at reflection-you.
Tick tock.
Script the helix
and watch it spiral,
dipped in mothers’ milk,
everyone, gather round
for the epiphany
T-minus twelve days.
Creation calls.
Victor Frankenstein here?
Making something other than history,
constriction in the surgical instruments.
The fate you are going to meet
is going to be so beautiful
for everyone else.
You are going to scream.
You know,
a lot of this is about birth.
Through these broken walls
I hope you realise
that everything here
is supposed to create life.
Even the mistakes.
Someday I’ll write a love letter
to Rosalind Elsie Franklin, like the ones
strewn about my bedroom,
where I tell her about my day
and ask if she would like to stir sugar
into tea with me
and call it a case study into romantics.
Now, pick your metaphor
and run with it, show me
how exactly you’re supposed
to be reading this.
And when you find the answer,
let me know.
Welcome to the beginning.
From a collection of poetry I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in second year of university, titled 'Spiral'.
Janna B Apr 12
You’re paying homage to me
with your touch along my curves and edges.
With your golden, intense eyes.
With your kiss, your adoration.

This paid homage stirs me,
shakes out hidden grief,
reopens closed space,
unlocks dammed love.
Starts a new journey of ‘we’.

You’re paying homage to me,
aiming to reach me.
Intentionally, joyfully,
breaking down my
alupa Apr 8
Suddenly, everything changed
The universe I knew was supposed to be black
But never had I seen all these tones of grey
Dark figures emerged
And the sky was full of blood
Drowning millions of lights beneath its greedy waves
And I thought the world was going to end
As everything I used to know started to change
Fire appeared on the horizon
And I was blinded by it
Everything went from black to white
But once my eyes had adjusted
I saw that the world didn't end
It was full of colours
No, it rather seemed like it had just been born
a sunrise
Sanidhya Rai Apr 5
Mysterious freckles of icy snow, brings in the fest of joyous rites.

Gust of winds as they pass you by, sheds away the frosty life.

Warmth of heart is all one need, to welcome the spring by thawing that ice.
Akta Agarwal Apr 4
This world is changing a lot and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today
But it's wrong to always blame the youth ,
how can we blame the future only when without present we can't blame future.
Youth is the beginning of future and they can be the end of future if they didn't get guide of right way,
They have the only power to construct and destruct the world as per the guidance,
Youth are now living a virtual world on facebook, instagram or twitter ,they no longer need to speak face to face.
If they only knew the value of time and a lost childhood which is the one thing that no one could ever replace.
All the youngster want to cause riot but they also hide their faces in the hoodies,
The girls desperate to become thin and that's why they through their breakfast, lunch and tea at the toilet.
Each of us is born with a hidden gift but our future children have just forgotten how to find it.
Older generation demand respect but it's one way traffic as respect back is something they sometimes forget to show.
Instead of teaching our future generations how to fly we tied them down in the fear of if they fly high above us.
Bullies and racist still torture their victims leaving them to cry on their own because they are afraid of open up.
Sometimes they want to open up but we just ignore them and that tend them to choose the wrong path i.e .,destruction.
And then again present becomes the main or hidden reasons of destruction.
Because of our negligence their beautiful and bright dreams fades away and then their dreams captured by darkness .
The dawn of a new generation will begin and no doubt people will still blames the youth and will forget their deeds and negligence.
And the main point is blaming is nothing the ultimate solution if it's truly is then the presents itself have to be blamed not the future generations because they are only the key toy in the hands of their parents and they are the main culprit.
So lastly it is to be said our youth or we can say future generations is not only responsible for the destruction if they will have got the right guide then they were surely the proud reasons of constructions of the world.
So that's why Youth can be the beginning of destruction means end of the world.
Youth is not the main culprit
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