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Tired of his pirates life
He flew off to the stars
And found joy
In the arms of a supernova.
love this
jdmaraccini Aug 2021
Infested, impaled, slaughtered meat, and brimstone candy—
slumped on a throne with a pirate's dagger under a skeleton key.
Drowning children in a gaping gutter of godless servitude,
putrid streams dripping puddles under the disemboweled.
Drink the fornicating disease, backmasking a kaleidoscope clown,
forget me not as my ship docks, I will surely help you drown.
zxndrew Jul 2021
So I can sail my way to you
I’ll sail across the seven seas if that is what it takes to see
you, and I’ve been thinkin lately
out here in this ocean, the stars are so much brighter baby
I hope I’ll see you soon
I’m lost somewhere beneath the moon
My heart, an island long deserted
But there’s some vacancy for you
selina Jun 2021
stranded at sea, and i am
surrounded by a lonely blue
with thoughts as my only companions
and guilt for my fallen crew

i bear colors of war against pale blue
sangria red and dirtied white
torn fabric and stained innocence
from choosing myself as the sacrifice

there was a golden age when
i was once hailed as a hero
but those days have ended now
delusions shattered by war's arrow

all i am now is a captain without a crew
a pirate with sinking treasures and ship
slivers of the person i once was
i have taken one too many hits

all i have is this broken, grey compass
the needle spins wildly, unpredictable, like the sea
i have finally lost sight of true north, or
perhaps it is time the world has finally lost me

change sweeps me through the sea
rinse, scrub, dry so, and repeat
gone the stains of another life
reborn again as a simple someone, just me

crimson blood washes into the sea
and a makeshift white flag flutters under the sky
this tattered shirt is all that is left of my fight
i am just another sailor, lost at sea tonight
Brendann Apr 2021
The creaking boards, leading to the endless fog

The smell of salt

The crack of the waves, seem like a distant memory

The only noise comes from the boards and the birds

The smoke, white as snow, consumes me as I near the end of the peer

I could only stand and stare
I wrote this in 2019. It was really smokey from the forest fires and I took my motorcycle on a ride to the beach. I walked down the pier, sat down in the smoke, and wrote this. It was so peaceful.
Shannon Jan 2021
I'll tell you a story, listen to me
About a man who sailed on the high seas
This man talked me onto his great big boat
I hoped on the waves and crashes it floats
Oh Won't you come on this trip with me please?
The captain told me, I thought about it

He agreed to pay me if I did it.
You don't know how happy you have made me!
I can have a good crewmate over these seas!
Now, do you know how to use this sail boat?
There is a round object that seems to float.
Oh, If you know how to sail, tell me please.

Captain didn't like how i couldn't sail a boat,
Well then, i wonder how well you can float.
'cause I am the captain you want to please.
So you better learn how to sail in it.
Or else you will have to entertain me.
By walking the plank into the vast sea.

The captain said to me one day, not pleased,
Have you learned the ropes, how to use it
It would be a great surprise to give me
I thought you'd be more useful on the sea
But now I see you're useless on a boat
Perhaps you're useful for a root beer float?

He ordered me to make a rootbeer float
And no he did not ask with a nice, "please"
More like "I'm the Captain, I command it.
Now bring me my root beer, bring it to me!
I need something to distract from the sea."
That was the words  the captain of the boat.

Turns out I am not cut out for the sea
I should never have gotten on that boat
Instead, i should've gone on a parade float.
But the man got me on by asking please!
Frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of it.
Says the tiny crewmate, that would be me!

In the end, we sailed the seas, all of it.
Just me, and the captain I had to please
I'm done with this boat, I'll see if he floats
This is my first time trying a Sestina, Tell me what you think!  on't hold back, I am an aspiring Poet.
Anemone Nov 2020
Aye well let me tell you here
Bout a man to me so dear
When ever after seemed
Like it was simply meant to be

I wish I was a maiden fair
But eyes did stray to blonder hair
So secrets in the dark did keep
And my devotions left to weep

Bowing low before the throne
And pleading never to have known
The last of men to which I bowed
Before I left the solid ground

Now I sail the ocean blue
And the only men here are my crew
So pop the cork and drink away
The sea is where I'll always stay

Now tyrant monarchs may rule the lands
But they cannot stop our merry band
So call us scoundrels and call us thieves
We live on the water and sing to the breeze

So if you are lost, listen to our sound
The wind on the water tells ya you've been found
The compass will guide us so hoist up the sail
The Last Chance is our vessel for which we prevail
Tricia K Aug 2020
A thousand stars,
none as precious as you.
My darling, my love.

The forbidden fruit of our love,
despised by the Land and the Sea.
Our future, non-existent.

My muse, my dear mermaid,
years may have passed –
but nonetheless, you are by my side,
Following my every move
from up there in the sky.

When my heart broke,
yours broke.
Bitter love, bitter death.

If only you were human,
you'd still be by my side –
holding my hand, holding my heart.
I wrote this poem for my best friend's pirate king fanart, and I fell in love with it as soon as I finished it. It was made on a dark starry night, while I was looking through my window, thinking about my lost friendships.
basil Jul 2020
when you look in the mirror
i hope you see more than a reflection

i hope you see
hair tangled into nets that trap more than life
deep eyes that sailors are lured to until they drown
soft lips that can calm a hurricane
sloping shoulders that carry the weight of the sea
winding curves that even the finest navigators become lost in
a strong build that intimidates the sharks
and a spirit that can capture the horizon

because that's what i see
everytime i look at you,

my siren
my blue eyed siren, i love you endlessly.

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