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Max Mar 2019
Working on a little book for my poems, good idea? And how can I spread it? Does anyone have tips?
Don't want to sound arrogant or like someone who uses this site for attention or something.  I just hoped you guys could help me out:) You can also message me privately!
Max Feb 2019
Max May 2019
My mind on autopilot,
Life just goes on.

But if it were up to me.
I'd put it on pause,
Life is useless
Max May 2019
Paint it, black.

Now I get the song.
Max Sep 2019
Apparently I'm a boy on a boat,
With high waves and an angry sea.
And on the lower deck people float.
They have been taken en have been brought back.
With high waves and an angry sea.

But at least I'm your boy on a boat.
Based on a dream of someone special
Max Aug 2019
A path uncharted.
Life's ahead.

Like a car, and I'm looking in it's headlights.
Max May 2019
I have a plan,
But no clue.
Max Mar 2019
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Max Aug 2019
I was still thinking about my past,

While she was already talking about the future.
Is there a correct way?
Max Mar 2020
There was a man with Corona,
And he walked through Barcelona.
When he coughed and sneezed
people stared displeased
At that pitiful man with Corona.
Ps. If you love this. Please read Edward Lear. He's a genius and brings a lot of nonsense and joy.
Max Mar 2019
Enjoy your dreams, reality is cruel enough.
Max May 2019
Het leven is onbewezen
Niemand voelt het aan
We weten het, maar wanneer zal jij gaan
Het leven is onbewezen

De bevraging van ons bestaan
Leven we door, als onze taak is gedaan?
Of sluit ons lichaam en zullen we vergaan?
Het leven is onbewezen.
Moest wat schrijven, dus deed ik dat.
Max Jun 2019
Took a little trip down the garden of Eden

And it had the best fruit I've ever tasted.
Max May 2019
Discover everything, especially if they say you shouldn't, because new things are mostly disapproved at first.

But just don't do anything that indeed is dumb and results in death.
That's just plain stupid.
It's me back in the classroom being bored.
Max Feb 2019
A drunken angel,

She, the one seeing the possiblity in every risk.
Max Feb 2019
Rather have 2 drunken angels on my shoulders
2 sober demons.
Max Dec 2018
Even your
Brain needs
Cleaning once in a
Because the bad memories will
Always shine,
While the best are left in
But sometimes
My vacuum cleaner
Breaks down.
More like a draft than a poem..
Max Jan 2019
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
Max Jun 2019
Reality unfocused,
Fantasy lingers in my mind.
Max Feb 2019
Life is the new black.
Short as hell
Max May 2020
I'm no superman...
Still invincible
Max Jun 2019
They lied to me.
Some people therefore died for me.
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

My hands are tied,
And there's nothing I have not tried
Oh why do they control me
Your fooling eyes.

My trust became bona fide
My hate so unjustified
Oh why did you enter my mind,
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

I feel so horrified,
And somehow satisfied,
By this continuous thought

The eyes of suicide.
*sings happily* I got suicide on my mind.
Max Sep 2019
What you doing?

I warned you, we both know you ****** it up.
****** up
Max Apr 2019
Is love the fuel of our hearts?
Because maybe we should switch fuel.
Because our hearts are polluted.
Having some difficulties with leaving bad people.
Max May 2019
Your words are like the tail of a scorpion,
Your deeds like the fangs of a snake,
Your touch like the sting of a bullet ant,
Your presence like being surrounded by hellfire.

You're satan's little helper.
Somebody is trying to sabotage something that's very precious to me.
Max Aug 2019
You lose some,
You win some.
Simple and true
Max Mar 2019
If I were a garbage man, then I had had a reason to pick you up again.
Meanie ******
Max Jan 2020
A universe so black and scarce of light, Might it be that light gleams in the immortality of

I'm trying to return, but
1) Creativity is missing
2) I can't even get to hello, like I can't even log in... Is there something wrong? I really find is scary because all my poems are on this site...

Hopefully somebody can tell me what's up.

Max Sep 2019
As the worlds gets smaller these days,
The distance grows.

As life is being made easier,
Why do the feelings get harder?

Why is it that when we look at each other,
That the the eyes are not the thing we look at?

What is progression if regression is it's consequence?
Thinking in a negative or realistic way, I can't tell the difference.
Max Apr 2019
I find the lack of respect and intelligence in this world disturbing.
So sad
Max Mar 2019
Went to my grandma for advice today.

She gave the best advice I could get. Even a therapist, doctor, officer of the law and a scientist can't beat granny's advice. She is just too kind for me and beloved by me.
Even though she's sick, when I need her help, she has the clearest mind. And for that I'm really grateful.

Personal and sorry for that. I just thought it waa word sharing such a gesture of love
Max Oct 2019
I'll pray to the devil,

as I'm living in purgatory.
Max Nov 2019
I need to write a song, all help is welcome!!!
You can put verses, chorus, hooks and etc. In the comments or send it privately. Everything is welcome. Let's make this work!!
Max Apr 2020
I was just wondering how's everbody doing? The introverts, the extroverts and people not included.

Hope y'all doing well and doing some fun things.

Keep yourself happy, loved and creative.

Cya lads.
Just looking out for some amazing people!
Max Jul 2019
Am I homesick?

Or just not able to let the stress and emotions fade.
Oh why do I have to feel this?
Why can't I just relax?
Why is my escape a memory of it all...
Homesickness is killing me, and I never had any trouble with it before...
Any tips?
Max Mar 2019
I don't have faith in myself, so I put mine in IT (whatever that may be). I just don't want to give myself the honor of being proud, because I shouldn't be.
I'm worthless

So I'll just give the honor to fate.
I'm where I wanted to be, but I don't want to say that I did it. Because I'm never proud of myself
Max Feb 2019
Your weakness feeds my strength.
And it tastes delicious
Max Oct 2019
Altough we say
That we are smart,
We are actually dumb,
And we always will be.

But how beautiful is it, that we can learn our whole life long?
It's something to accept and eventually helps you becoming an even better you.
Max Feb 2019
Life got me high,
Life got me low.
But when I dream, I fly.

And wheter I'm flying high or low,
I'll still be flying.
Because in my dreams,
I am in control.

So I never tend to miss a night, and so a dream.

Cause I don't want to lose control.
My hea made hella crazy dream last night.
Max Mar 2019
The last thing I want my enemies to see before they die is me smiling at them.
Cruel as hell, sorry :)
Max Mar 2019
Feel like the world is frozen, and I'm too hot for the ice to stand on and therefore I'm melting my way to the core of it all.
Max Feb 2019
I'd do everything for you,
I'd give my life.

I want everything for you,
I want you to be happy.

I like everyting about you,
I like that you're mine.

I have to say,

I love you.

Now, later and forever.
I'm in love I guess.
Max Feb 2019
A simple word was all what needed. The rest followed up like a chain reaction.
More of a quote than a poem.
Max Nov 2019
Slowly walking to the gates of white,
May it be soon, may it be tonight.
May it end my problems,
May it end my fight.
Max May 2019
I want to be with you,

Even though you're in heaven.
The tempation of joining you is only getting bigger.
I miss you so much.
Max Dec 2018
I wish my life was a gift,
because then I would not open it
And give it to someone that actually will be happy with it.

But sadly it's not,
And do I have to live with this thought.
Had the worse christmas in my life.
Max Apr 2019
I'm dreaming about being the king of many of my enemy's.
But I doubt someone can even be their king, because why would someone want to be responsible for their stupidity.
Cheers mate! Grab a beer and make it fun.
Max Jan 2019
Before I went to bed I drank a glas of lemonade
To make my bad dreams go away
Sadly it didn't seem to work as my dreams turned into a very unpleasant charade.
Dreaming my *** off
Max Aug 2019
What's a world without hatred,

What's a world without love?
It's both needed to create the happiness and peaks of life
Max Dec 2018
Just a little poet
Who's always afraid to
Show it.

But then I met you.
Sometimes I was scared to show my poems, but then I met her and she said she was proud of me, and I felt way better:)
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