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Bardo Aug 2022
Feelings are funny things
I used think feelings were the sweet feelings you felt when you were very young
When you were little
(Before the emptiness came)
These were what feelings were... to me.

So it used to baffle me when I got older
After I'd gone through some traumas of my own in life
And suddenly I found much to my dismay
That I no longer felt anything inside myself anymore
Only an emptiness, a numbness, a nothingness... a void
Those lovely early feelings had now all gone
I knew...I knew there was something wrong

But then I'd hear some people say
"Oh, I feel this way or I feel that way... I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel...
And I'd think to myself What! you still feel something inside yourself
Y'know Me! I don't feel anything anymore
All my old feelings that made me who I was they'veΒ Β all gone
And I have no idea how to get them back again.

But then I'd think
Y'know when you say you feel...say you feel lonely or depressed or calm and confident
Overwhelmed or in control... whatever!
all these different emotions/ so calledΒ feelings
But these aren't.... these aren't the real feelings are they
Not like the feelings you had when you were a little child
Their just... aren't they just words describing mental states where/how you find yourself during the day
You feel sad probably because you're thinking sad thoughts
Or you feel happy because you're thinking happy thoughts
But sure I could do that
Yea! I could say well I feel... I feel hungry
Or I feel a bit apprehensive about something that's coming up
Or maybe I feel excited because I'm going out to a show somewhere
But these... these aren't the real feelings are they though
Not the lovely sweet feelings you had as a little child
No! Their not the same.

Y'know when a child comes into the world they start as a clean slate
They have no words at all to begin with
Yet even then they have these incredible sweet feelings inside that make them feel so happy and so special
It makes them feel like they own the whole world
Maybe... maybe their a symptom of the Divine. I...I don't know.

And I'd say this to someone sometimes and it's like they'd look at me kind of strangely
As if to say "What do you mean... when you say... the real feelings!
It's hard to write something about the aloneness from whence you come, trying to articulate your own experience, something that's very subjective. I've written quite a few poems now about the emptiness within and the sweetness long ago. And the Quest to return to that Paradise of old LoL.
maria Aug 2022
I found him in the dim-lighting of a meadow.
His skin, his breath, his kisses
were dreams and berries to me.
Poisonous and plucked from nature's own *****,
I crushed him between my teeth,
felt his sugary rush in my mouth,
and spat him out for fear that his essence was dangerous.
Oh, poisonous berries, strip me of life,
place me in the deepest slumber,
so that I may continue to dream of this infidelity forever.
My Dear Poet May 2022
Nothing is as sweet as you
but you case the hardest pip
Losing you
is a bitter taste
on my lips.
And I was a child
who had to learn
to know
there was a taste
other than
Indonesia, 9th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
I may have loved you too much,
A part of me still loves you to this day

Your sweetness allures me so,
Like honeyed days we’d stare without shame
You were irresistible to my heart and I knew trouble cornered me

I’d shoo away the laughable thoughts,
Aiming to mail you a letter of love
To which you’d open it fresh with a scented kiss

Flower petals would descend from your heart
Your cheeks adopted a sunflower
The stars entertained you that night

You told me you always dreamed of late evenings
Informing me of the curtain of constellations
That you’d like to sleep soundly in

Of course I’d be willing to offer you anything in return of your smile
And the night we escaped, you gasped softly at the surprise
Your simple happiness was all one romantic would need

No matter where we dreamed,
Together we are one
Standing besides one anotherΒ 

Fate draws near, echoing our future
Your bleakness eats me devastatingly
Tomorrow we are being

But overseas, I send you my farewells
So that you are found in perfect health
And that we consume truly divine harmonies

Made only for the sweetened couples
Whose stories fade ever so forlornly in the past
I love you brightly as the sun

You illuminate my pathways
But one kiss erases my existence
Continue to please those around you;

Without me, the world withers

Please remember my love,
And be gentle with it
For it is delicate as the world

My eyes see a star
But yours fail to see within that darkness
The gloom that retreats before you arrive

I am part of that campaign
An honorable being among the troops
Yet your continuous ignorance saddens me so

See me now,
Find me wanderlust in this world
And somewhere, we can swiftly enrapture ourselves

Whether it be in the meadows of glistening rays
Or the places that calmly send the earth into slumber
Wherever we are destined, I’ll always be there for you

Even if tonight’s curtain unsheathes
And you are no longer the image of love,
But rather, a friend I could love with silliness on languid days and somber nights.
365 word count.
Poet ancient dear
Stay with me ink lover
I take the heart not just a hat"
The sweetness you given me,
poems ink more mystery
takes my breath away
stay with me.
Timeless hour glass.
Where you hold meΒ tightΒ 
In your arms deep in the nightΒ Β 
you enchant me with your charms
all of the night I hear your heart
beating against my own
you paint my gloomy sky with
each one of your sighs
wrapped around me
many lifetimes can't suffice
I crave to see the me in you
silver E.T mine melt my gold
I live under your willow's
dream spell, stay with me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
@ Karijinbba
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
Sweetness wine ...

Pour your wine ...
at all of me ...
drown me...
don't get hesitate...
nothing is better ...
than madness ...
and making love ...
with a crazy ...
in all ways ..

be brave sweetheart ...
with more rebellious ...
i adore mutiny...
and your braveness ...
it's all crazy ...
to excite me more ...
with every seconds ...
we meet ...
to be always ...
as it our ritual of love ...
that we used to be in ...

Pour your wine ...
sweetheart ...
let me sip you ...
as i always sip ...
my coffee ...
with every morning ...

good morning ...
my sweet wine ...

hazem al ...
Robert meacham Jul 2021
Dearest Julie,
I hope this letter finds you safe and warm in your bed.
The frigid winds blow against my cheeks as I lay in this bunker
I look to the skies to find the star I know you must be
because I have seen it in your eyes.
I can barely write as my fingers burn and tremble
but I can imagine my hands caressing your soft warm body.
I want so to come home but in the distance, guns fire rapidly
and the nearer they come to us, the louder they become.
I miss you so and I call upon your strength of love to carry me
through this hell.
Heaven is feeling your warm breath just as our lips touch
and your scent flows to my senses and all is well.
Do not worry sweetheart. There will be a time that we will embrace again and the love we share will still the heavens that stares down upon us. I love you Julie, a word that just begins to define us.

All my love
I want to write,
About my family, friends and relations.
I want to write,
About my thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

I want to write the fragrance,
Of every flower that I smell.
I want to write the sweetness,
Of every fruit that I consume.
I want to write the bitterness,
Of every challenge that I face.
I want to write my experiences,
On every single moment of my life.

I want to write the emotions,
By the pen of my nerves.
I want to paint the nature,
On the canvas of my mind.
I want to capture the beauty,
Through the lens of my eyes.

Every minute, new thoughts knock my brain,
And I hold my pen to carve words.
But I put down my pen again and again,
Because, I'm not getting any inspiration to write!
L Oct 2022
𝔗π”₯𝔒 π”π”žπ”ͺπ”Ÿ π”Ÿπ”’π” π”¬π”ͺ𝔒 𝔱π”₯𝔒 π”šπ”¬π”©π”£Β Β 
𝔅𝔲𝔱 𝔒,
𝔗π”₯𝔒 𝔰𝔬𝔣𝔱𝔫𝔒𝔰𝔰 𝔦𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔑𝔒 π”₯𝔦π”ͺ.
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