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I hear the piano playing softly
pulling me from these rutted plains
into a moist green meadow
a vision of a flowing brook down the hill
makes me believe the words of the Prophet:
“Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”
yes, I am old, but I see and feel the rising gentle treble notes
lighten my leaded limbs
awaken my spirit
and ****** me into the realms.
It is the touch and glide of the pianist’s fingers
across the ivory skin of the keys
that transports me
in the waning hours of this day.
How sweet it is!
I started out this day in the dark valley, but this is the way I end it. Joy!
Mahal Nang ikaw ay mapagmasdan,mata’y nais ka laging masilayan.
Araw-araw kang laging inaabangan,para Lamang  makipag kwentuhan.
Mahal,puso’y hindi nakonteNto na ikaw lang ay makakulitan.
Puso’y nag iisip Ng paraan kung paano ba ang puso mo ay makamtan.
Lumipas pa ang mga araw at Tila-baga ang puso mo’y napapaamo ko na.
Hindi nag tagal matamis na Oo sa mensahe mo nakita ko na.
Oh anong sayang nadarama sa puso ay nagpasigla.
Pinapangarap na pagmamahal sayo lang nakamtam.
Marami ng dumating at lumisan pero sayo’y ayaw kang mamaalam.
Tila Mahal ikaw na ang Pinakahihintay para Puso’y tuluyan ng lumigaya.
Mga araw na nagdaan lalo ka pang minamahal.
Ang isang tulad mo itinuturing kong  Kristal.
Kristal na laging iingatan para puso mo’y hindi masaktan.
Lahat ay iaalay sa abot ng makakaya.
Puso ko’y walang ibang pakay kundi ikaw ay mapaglingkuran.
Dahil para sa Puso ko ang kaligayahan mo ay kaligayahan din nito.
Mahal sana’y hindi magsawang ang Puso ko rin ay Pagsilbihan.
Pagsilbihan ng tinawag nating Pagmamahal.
I dedicate my art  to my Girlfriend
Baby i love you so much
kim Jul 27
You see me as me
You love me as I am
You make my heart soar and nearly burst
You care for me as I do you
I don't know what else to say except,
You're wonderful, Lennin.
I love you, Lennin.
2 years with you <3
JCabanilla Jun 22
Miracle happened not only once but twice,
He let us meet again after so many tries.
Meeting you again brought me into tears,
Thoughts of losing you make me shiver in fear.

I am moved by your sweetness.
I am mesmerized by your kindness.
Do I deserve someone like you?
Am I worthy of having you?

I want to be better,
But you said me being weak doesn't really matter.
Unintentionally you became my knight,
You came and you lessen my fright.

If my words is your energy,
I'll give it to you wholeheartedly.
If my words are enough for you,
Then it's all yours, it will always be true.

You're the guy who deserve every praises.
You are worthy of all those respectful gazes.
You were the gift not me,
You were created perfectly.

How can you hit my heart so effortless?
How can you do nothing and still look your best?
How can you put a smile in my face that easy?
How can your words makes me feel so free?

Boy, unintended you fixed my heart.
My pieces were empty until you became my art.
It may sound crazy and lame,
But you inspired me the moment that you came.

I don't care about their compliments,
Your compliment is enough to leave it permanent.
You're nice, sweet, hardworking and a workaholic guy,
And so I wish never lose your smile.

Can I take your words seriously?
I will never let you go free.
I don't want to see you feeling blue,
So yes, I'm willing and I'll be happy to take you.
So this is my poem answering his poem for me ❣️ Chibi is his nickname for me since he's taller than me and he says I'm cute and small just like a Chibi in anime 😣
JCabanilla Jun 22
The day is looking great,
So start your day with a smile away from hate.
The wind says don't forget to feel him,
He wishes you a day full of glim.

A dreamy night would be nice,
When you close your eyes I wish you paradise.
I pray God not to give you nightmares,
So you can sleep well because you're in God's care.
Day 2 Guys! A poem for him again. June 19, 2020. Oh btw he sometimes answer my poem 😅 he even made a sweet poem for me. I don't know if I should post it here but let me know if you want to read the poem he made for me hahahha
rk May 21
your lips meet mine
and i reach such a high
life is sweeter
than summer lemonade
voilets in full bloom,
now that my hands
have held you.
- your lips will always taste the sweetest.
rk Apr 24
i spend most nights at home
falling in love all over again
with my memories of you
and your silken fingertips
slowly dancing their way
along my spine,
leaving a trail of stardust
in their wake.
- sweeter than honey.
Amna Khan Apr 23
The sweetness of this poison
offers its condolences.
What it doesn't known is
its strength is
what I ached
to acquire,
not its pity.
by Michael R. Burch

When I was closest to love, it did not seem
real at all, but a thing of such tenuous sweetness
it might dissolve in my mouth
like a lozenge of sugar.

When I held you in my arms, I did not feel
our lack of completeness,
knowing how easy it was
for us to cling to each other.

And there were nights when the clouds
sped across the moon’s face,
exposing such rarified brightness
we did not witness

so much as embrace
love’s human appearance.

Keywords/Tags: Love, sweet, sweetness, sugar, melt, melting, dissolve, dissolving, candy, lozenge, confection, tablet, pill, cough drop, capsule, confit, bonbon, honey, sweetie, chocolate
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