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Pyrrha Jan 31
Your lips tasted like sweet nothings
They'd slip from my lips
And you'd consume that sweetness
Leaving me with the taste
Of bitter Nothing
Euphie Jan 10
I want you to read me like a book.

Study my pages
from beginning
to end.
Max Dec 2018
Recipe for a good night:

-Half a cup of sweetness
-Half a cup of imagination
-Teaspoon of love
-Just a pinch of vindication
-Tablespoon of memories

Mix well for a good
Reality evasion.
Just something I thought of real quick!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
The moment I first looked Into Helen's eye's I was
hooked, beautiful blue eye's but Helen had that kind of
always smiling, take you to bed eye's, she had this way of widening her eyes quickly so
would mean she fancied me make me want to melt Into her Helen had a very wicked laugh
everybody loved her she was naughty but nice
but she had a sweetness
loveliness about her
couldn't help but wanted to
be with her, sometimes It's
just little things I miss about her I know I'll never stop missing her, but realise I have to learn to live with the loss In order to make something of
what left of my
Helen was an Incredibly **** real naughty wicked laugh but also a genuine sweetness about her almost like a schoolgirl Innocents
Grace Dec 2018
I like my coffee like I like myself
Bitter and full of fake sweetness
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018
Whether it is poetry
or even prose,
the orchestra of words
differ musically
In sound
In space
And even in rhythm
But never in meaning
Never in sweetness
The music of words has a myriad of meanings. I fall in love with words over and over again.
My body is feeling rather weak but I'm gonna try and write some of the Masked Bard. Its not as bad as yesterday, thankfully.
Again, everyone, thank you very much for your out-pour of kindness.
Truly, I'm humbled and touched. I know I may sound like a broken record but I just want you guys to know how much it means to me.
It's really helping me feel better.
Hugs and love to you all! ^^
Lyn ***
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