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Seven inches of good intentions
Half a cup of decent fears
A grain of luck, a pinch of faith
A teaspoon full of laughter’s tears

One sip of ruban tempered whisky
Half a pint of well placed bets
A piece of blue sky from the east
A small box labeled "No Regrets"

Does this hand you rhyme or reason
Does it really ease the pain
I don't know… oh I can't tell
If it will be boon or bane  

The forests’ seasonal changing colors
One single fateful step outside
A glassmade handle on the tailgate
Keep off from the road behind

Seven inches of clean conditions
Half a glass of deep red wine
A thimble guts, a pinch of glory
A small box labeled "Days of Shine"

Does this ease the pain
does it hand you a break
I can’t tell you - I don't know
If there’s a perfect mix and shake

Oh I don't know, I can't define
But the notion sounds quite tempting…
to a worried heart like mine
leechyna Dec 2021
At the end of the world😔😔...
let's take a picture like this...
save it on clouds ...
restore it later.....
on streets of heaven let's meet🤫🤫🤫....
we kiss for once,
for both of us and for eternity
A man is always looking
To get some free advice
So go and find the fellow
Drinking whiskey over ice

Your friends will tell you one thing
While you're both knocking back a beer
But really, I mean really
Is this the stuff you need to hear

Find a whiskey drinker
He'll tell you how to buy a car
He'll share his whiskey wisdom
About what's a good cigar

A man who drinks good whiskey
Whether neat or over ice
Is the best one you can turn to
When you're looking for advice

He's made it and he knows it
He's not drinking at the pub
He's sitting in a wing back
Drinking whiskey at the club

So, if you're looking for assistance
And you need some good advice
Go get some whiskey wisdom
Sharing whiskey over ice
Han Jin Feb 2021
He sat down
by the bar with a bottle of
And while the angels sang
he listened
to the preachings
of a crooked bartender
Whose days were filled with drunk forgotten nights,
and he knew
for first time
that he has
never felt more
close to God.
Naveen Kumar May 2020
She is making tea for her poet-husband.
Wondering what her husband is writing.
Once he wrote "Charm floats on her cheeks,
like a paper boat on the water.
Dipping and dancing."
Or maybe he is writing something ***** on her.
Like once he wrote -
"Between her thighs is the temple
where I belong."

She is making tea for her poet-husband
thinking he wants to impress her again.
She can hear his pen tapping his teeth.
But she can not see whisky on his table and
she can not see he is watching her sister
as he writes.
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LLillis Oct 2019
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
Sian Rogers Oct 2019
She found him
Darkness and despair surrounding
The colour gone from his cheeks
Nothing left for him to seek
Whisky on the table
A beer in his hand
She kissed him gently
And he buried his head in the sand
Sian Rogers Oct 2019
Whisky in his hand
A smile on his face
He beckoned me in
Pure sin

It could never last
Love came and went so fast
Left me with a hole
A broken soul

I've seen the new girl
Blonde and skinny
Of course she's pretty
Wearing that string of pearl

Whisky in his hand
A smile on his face
He beckoned me in
Pure sin
MayC Aug 2019
don't let them fool you
with their sweet chamomile gold,
perfumed coffee,
elegant and attractive champagne
or even sparkling, fun Cola.
for you are not tea,
their source of energy,
their party flavour
or their soda.
they will consume you in an instant.
because darling,
you are whisky in a crystal glass.
liquid fire,
unable to be understood by many,
but oh, so addictive.

-May Colde
Stay wild and free.
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