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Genre: Observational
Theme: Connection
LaDawn Oct 2018
Hey guys! If there are any of you out there. I just wanted to say I sorry. I know I've been MIA for awhile but im working on coming back! Just have a lot with school, also my computer is being weird I have to get it checked out, but ill be back as soon as I can. Have fun and know you are amazing!
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well,
if by well I mean I haven't cried at work yet.

I came pretty close though when a lady asked to do a return for her
see, I've never done a return,
let alone touch a register before noon,
and now there's a line of people all waiting with their dog food and tiny overpriced sweaters,
all waiting for me to get my **** together and figure this out
figure this out. figure this out. figure this out.

but I don't figure it out, and this lady is so patient it almost makes it worse,
and I can feel a swarm of bees building in my throat,
threatening to spill forth from my lips and even though I try to hold them in
with a pleasant smile and clenched teeth, it's not enough
it's not enough. it's not enough. it's not enough.

it was my coworker that saved me from the bubbling panic attack,
when she swooped in like superman, but with ******* instead of bullet proof skin,
then the lady left with a smile of her face, a few dollars richer,
while mine burned with shame and my coworker, bless her soul, told me it's okay to ask for help

I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well
if by well I mean I didn't completely lose my **** yet
Mak Sep 2018
When I was younger I experienced emetophobia, an intense fear of *****. I would sit and wonder to myself, “What if I threw up right now?” and sent myself into a spinning cycle of worry, making me feel perpetually nauseous and no doubt making the situation worse overall. During one of my routine check ups at my pediatrician, I worked up the courage to ask my doctor about it. I told her I felt nauseous almost constantly and I’m terrified of throwing up. She told me that fear can be a powerful thing. I was probably just experiencing anxiety that I caused myself. A self-fulfilling prophecy almost.
Both of my wonderful parents have Multiple Sclerosis. I can’t help but wonder if somehow it’s part of a bigger plan. The truth of the matter is, I have nightmares about it. Will I get sick? How will I work a normal job? Will I still be able to pay my bills? Will I be cursed with this setback before my life has really even begun?
I’ve been sick the past couple days. Nausea, physical weakness, tingles in my legs and hands, shaking fingers and a crazy case of the spins. My logical side tells me it’s probably nothing. A vitamin imbalance or my dosage of Lithium is too high. This has only happened once before and it went away in a few days. Regardless of how many times I try to reassure myself, I keep jumping back to the same basic anxiety that fueled my fear of vomiting. The brain’s ability to persuade is a powerful thing. Is it possible my anxiety is just manifesting itself? Is that even possible? I’ve heard of cases where the body mimics symptoms of pregnancy, down to the swollen belly and milk production. If the body is capable of tricking someone into thinking they’re creating life, what makes me think this misery I’m going through now isn’t just some cruel trick my brain is playing on me? Is it really worth spending a thousand bucks I don’t have just to find out I’m just an anxious person? I already knew that.
I’m finding myself at a crossroads here. My new life in Wichita Falls isn’t all I thought it would be. I’ve made no friends, I’m not doing well at work. The only thing I have going for me is my GPA, and I’m scared that if this anxiety keeps up, I won’t even have that. Here I am, rambling to a Google document that can’t do anything to fix me. Am I losing it? Am I just too deep into my own head? I have a tendency to sabotage myself out of success due to fear of failure. Maybe that’s what’s going on.  
If there really is something going on with my health, I’m not sure how I’ll tackle that mentally. It’s like my worst fears are coming to life in front of me. I’m far away from the people that care about me and it seems as though I’m headed toward the worst possible scenario I had cooked up in my head before moving here. I’m not sure if people really do dislike me or if I’m just so socially anxious that I’ve convinced myself to expect the worst. There are some days I think about giving up and moving back home, but I don’t want to be seen as the girl who chickened out of independence because she wasn’t cut out for the success she sought after. I’m scared of failing, but even more so of disappointing those around me. Perhaps I’m scared of not being as good as everyone thinks I am. I don’t know.
If anyone has any advice, that would be highly appreciated.
Olivia Daniels May 2018
It's still me
though I had to change
the name I've had my whole life.

Not legally of course,
but poetically

While I wish my name remembered
as one with written art.
I can't risk possibly losing
those who have my heart.

With time I've come to realize
that people can't be trusted.
They take the good and make it bad
or let it leave them rusted.
They never understand

So I remain anonymous
With simple pseudonyms
To protect myself and others
from pure and raw emotion
in case they can’t withstand
I changed my name on HePo because I was afraid of people in my life finding the stuff I've written about them. I use it and my poetry as a diary, it's usually raw unbridled emotion and I've learned from experience that a lot of people can't handle it. I've had people find stuff like this before and it ruined a lot. I really want my poetry to be out there for people to lean on, and for my own stability but I can't risk the wrong people finding it. Hopefully, some day, I can change it back to my real name. Thanks for understanding guys. If you're not sure who this is, please look at my profile. My poems are still the same, as is my description, and they will remain so and hopefully it can clear up any confusion. If you have questions, DM me! Thanks again, I love you guys
Damien Carmer Mar 2018
I haven't been able to post cause I have been occupied with other matters. I will post more as soon as I can. BTW if you haven't noticed my poems are deeper or darker than most/some. K THANX BYE!
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Isn't it so easy to hate?
Forgive them before it's too late!

Lemme tell you something straight!
Holding grudges isn't so great!!

Take it as an update!
It may not change your fate!!

How long will you wait?
Forgiving someone isn't a bait!
we tend to hate easily than forgiving someone. No matter what happened it's better to let go hate and be kind to all
cursed Jul 2017
i wonder if it ever occur to you that i was truly hurt,
or did it ever occur to me that you were hurt too?
or was it that love wasn't the case,
just loneliness
filling voids

you've hurt me
i was scared
i fear you.
Submissions to the Annual Musical Torture Experiment for 2017 are officially open!

Submit your five songs by emailing them to


Well me, I'm glad you asked.
The Musical Torture Experiment was started in 2013 by yours truely, Nicholas R Coulombe.
Where I asked everyone I knew, met, or saw on the street, to hand me 5 songs that I would add to one playlist,
listen to that playlist on a loop
for an entire month.

I have continued this tradition each year
recruiting Willing victims & voulenteers
to listen along with me.

These victims have many different lives, interests, and genre preferences,
but there is one thing they all have in common.

The blissfull escapism of living in their headphones.

This gaggle of Tune-heads who use their music as a fundamental life resource, a coping mechanism, an escapist fantasy or meditation.
These people offer their body and spirit to music.

Now, for a whole month, they are relinquishing control of their music.

Shotgun no longer shuts their piehole.

For an entire month.
Listeners will not be able to skip or select any music other than

This is the perfect opportunity to force someone to really find whats so amazing about those artists we culturally hate.
Or maybe theirs an oldy that your grandkids Refuse to consider music because there is static or twangy voices instead of bass drops.

Maybe you talk about your love of skrillex and a hipster spits their kombucha in your face.

If you have songs that DESERVE the light of day.
This is your chance to indulge in their exhibition.

want to voulenteer yourself as tribute to listen along with these crazy *******?
keep tabs on what is being added cause you think its kinda interesting?
Or contribute YOUR five songs?

Send an email to
by the end of August to participate!

Go check out the playlist itself here:
Go check out the playlist itself here:
K G Apr 2017
This day was fused with difficulty and a newer sun
The only note this night can end on, is a bad one
In the rush I fell further from life, poor fortune seemed impaled
The crude white's new and improved hypocrisy had been scaled
A restless heart burns beneath these bones with a trembling sigh
As I'm identified, it hits like vesta when these loaned emblems tie
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