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Jack Radbourne Aug 2020
It’s actually quite fun
throwing mud,
if you can accept it
sticks sometimes
to your own slow fingers,
staining them.

But gather it all up
in handfuls,
dirt, wet for preference,
as missiles targeted
away there:

At the dark heart hated
by us all
and by all means repeat
the treatment,
until the target becomes
the victim.

There. Hopefully you feel
better now.
Max Jul 2019
Writing my life

With the blood of those who tried to change my story.
And I'm gonna get there.
Max Jan 2019
I'm not standing next to you,
Because I'm busy back-stabbing you.

Thought it was sweet, might delete later...
Max Dec 2018
Recipe for a good night:

-Half a cup of sweetness
-Half a cup of imagination
-Teaspoon of love
-Just a pinch of vindication
-Tablespoon of memories

Mix well for a good
Reality evasion.
Just something I thought of real quick!
Devin Lawrence Apr 2016
Whether the rain pours,
hail falls,
and mud seeps inside my shoes,
I always walk.

Whether there's a better,
easier way
to reach where I'm trying to go,
I always walk.

Whether there are hands extended
or faceless shame,
ever since the age of three
I always walk.

Whether you care,
whether the wind is at my back,
I've never been carried,
I always walk.

Even when my mother cries,
even if my father dies,
if my children are my own,
they will walk
close behind.

Whether love
or pollen
pollutes the air
and my red eyes can no longer see,
I will always walk.

Whether the song I sing
is one that you know,
or one that you don't care to hear,
I always walk.

Cars go rushing by,
people pass in silence.
Like the potholes you swerve to avoid,
I persist.

I fell once;
I crawled and begged for a hand,
but I was held down and convinced
I would never walk again.

Then I stood;
On that day,
with vindication in the breath I exhaled,
I swore to always walk -
and even God took note.
On misty recalled mornings
  'pon a haze of vindication's wake
  you can still hear their whispers
    echoing through distressed treetops,
they were lovingly planted midst
         meadow's wildflower embrace
    gazing into the depths of surmise,
         planning their rendezvous to forever*

when her husband abruptly surprised them
      with a double blunderbuss shotgun blast,
            right between their cheating hearts

   ~ *if you listen intently, their spirits
               linger still amid bluff's bluster
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2014
Point** the finger
As 3 point back at you
Notice the speck in my eye
As sawdust clouds your view
Blame me for all your troubles
We will see just where that leads to
"To thine own self, be true"
I screamed at my mother
until my voice hurt 
I knew I was crazy
but I was so scared
she looked at me 
like I was
her cup of coffee 
that had spilled
I’m afraid
I can get in trouble 
for being afraid
following the dog days 
when you dogged me 
in all ways 
nothing kept me grounded
I forgot about the earth
heart was electrified
need for sleep unrecognized
I walked towards 
who I left for you 
hoping that if 
I slept with him 
you'd hear about it 
you’d be jealous
when you called me
you were really saying 
you couldn’t join two parts 
without my help
now you can only
text me when 
you’re alone 
unlike when
you needed me 
to keep your hole 
from tearing
The day I realized that it was okay to be upset at my ex and a fight between the only person I have left, my mother, ensued.
I know deep inside,
That this vindication,
was an indication of my hate,
and it came around pretty late.

It was built up rage,
let loose from its cage,
and I put it up on a stage.

I could've avoided it all,
had I remained calm.

I could've avoided this disaster,
Had I not drove on,
Especially when my minds red light was on.

I guess I am to blame,
for your claim and things will never be the same,
I guess I am to blame.
I was inspired after reading this......'Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. and the harm we do, we do to ourselves.' An excerpt from The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

— The End —