Dreams are reminders to remind us
that we don’t pull the strings:
we don’t know why
a sunset makes the heart sing
nor why so many people lie
and lead dreadful double lives
and when we die, where do we even go?
Will we deem that final, fatal blow
we’re dealt worthy of being felt?
Or like snowmen maybe
we’ll just unknowingly melt
in a daydream?
at the darkest night in sought to find
the missing piece of my hollow mind
the questions that came and I couldn't answer
yet those questions repeat again and again
who am I supposed to be?
in a world of chaos and serenity
what am I supposed to do? and how am I supposed to do it?
I am lost in a maze of thoughts
the thoughts of my purpose, yet I know the truth is already there
planted within me since the day I was brought to the earth
I know the answers to those questions
I know the missing piece of my hollow mind
the real question is, am I prepared to live up the expectations of the truth?
why do your sins choose to come back for me? I lay broken in the bath tub unable to feel alive. I'm not alive. I'm empty, you extracted my heart and crushed it with your bare hands, you extracted my lungs, I can't breathe. I can no longer function on my own. I pray you're happy.
Jessica 3d
What is freedom?
The feeling of being free
From the fear?

What is freedom?
The ablity to reach out
And someone reaches in return?

What is freedom?
The thirst for the sky?
And it dosent come
From sucide?
Polaris 3d
A question people ask all the time,
A true sincerity without a remedy.

Generations have asked before,
Yet the answer they seek requires more.

More as a person, more so than, an endless search to be better than.

A true question who's answer is worth more than gold, a true answer that's never been sold.

One with a passion and hunger for power, of which makes one desperate, more so by the hour.

Is this conquest really worth it's treasure? A search that could last longer than forever.

All for what? A simple truth, one that wastes away their youth.

Come on! Stop dodging my lines! Why isn't that hard to find!

That's what they say, they always do, though none ever consider the best why for you.

Don't listen, keep pushing, ignore the pain. But don't push too hard for your mind will be sane.

Sanity, clarity, light through the tunnel, but limited perspectives like looking through a funnel.

Ask this my brothers, sisters, friends. Would you be happy for sure in the end?

Thus do not hinder from your treacherous path, unless the answer is worth it to ask.
Every day I walked past the graveyard
on my way to the supermarket.
I had a premonition that those laying there
were watching me or wondering,
who is he, what is he doing in our place?
Meanwhile, I too had multiple questions
of my own ''who are they, what happened
to them during their times?
Do they know
that the world has become a global village
and we going LIVE nowadays,
courtesy of the internet?
As I continued my journey to or from home
each day thinking of those people,
who once walked this earth before us, wondering
what their lives were back then.
Back when there was no FB
or social network to supplement
their times and enhance the social propinquity those days.


The road by the graveyard gives me a new perspective on my mortality...
How many bullets will it take?
How much blood will be shed?
How many more lives will be taken,
before any action is taken?

When will we learn?
As a country,
When will we fight?
When is enough,

Protect kids,
Not guns.
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