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Tayler 3h
at what cost will I follow through with the plans they have for me?
if my heart longs for more, what will my choices be?
could I go against their wishes or would I be ungrateful?
should I speak my mind or watch my mouth as we gather at the table?
Faith 1d
how am i to know if i love you?
how am i to know if i want to?
how am i to know if you want me?
how am i i to know if you love me?
these questions swarm in my head,
but all i want is you in my bed,
i know that for sure,
don't make me use a lure
come on home to me,
then i'll let you go and let you be.
do i truly love you?
i was once asked,
"why is your poems so simple?"
with that i pondered
and went in circles

then there was another—
"your words aren't so deep just like the others, why is that?"
it then had put me in deep thought
why is it like that?

those two circled my head
left my heart and soul in dread
the passion and enthusiasm
was slowly fading

the fire burning
into ash was slowly turning
the pen stopped flowing
eagerness depleting

but then i have remembered
why i wanted to write
may it be with words
common to the people's eye

it is simple—
because that's how i want it to be
for i want the message to be clearly
as i can, be ***** in front of anyone— anybody

so pardon me
if my verses aren't deep
but i assure you this
someday in your soul it would seep
wrote this out of pure frustration for two people asked me these questions early this morning. instead of slapping them i just wrote this one.
Max 3d
If I stayed,
Would it be the same
As when I ran?
If I gave up,
Where would I be?
If I love,
Will it last?

I feel numb,
Everytime I doubt myself.

But what's the use of all these
I don't know the answer.
what if?!
"What if" is the question I ask myself.
What if somebody reads this and hates it?
I wouldn't know the answer.
I just ask myself too many questions!
why do our parents compare us to their life back then?
why do they compare us to others?
why are we trying everyday to be like others?
why can't we be just enough to our parents?
why do we have to be someone else?
why are some kids seperated from their parents?
why are some parents being too ******* us?
why do they make us feel that we're not enough?
Why mom?
Why dad?
Why did I turned myself into a monster?

it's all is my fault.
questions. Sighs, im sorry
aj 5d
I think that maybe
you mean more to me than I'd like to think

I'd like to think that it hit me
but I don't
(I really don't)
think it did
staysha 5d
Whats so cool about ***
Why do people want it so bad
Is it because we talk about it so much
Why does it drive people mad
It has the power to make a good person perverse
It can make a man ****
But all for what
For a duty to fulfill
To repopulate
Is it simply what we are made to do
Or is it something totally exempt from all dimensions of knowledge
It does not make sense if im being true
I dont understand the need for *** the unending desire and craving i have for it and i truthfully dont believe many people do.
AiR 5d
One day when life was full of peace
My mentor told me something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What’s your purpose in life, my dear?
Are you going to float till you die?
Or are you going to find out why?
Are you the body? Are you the mind?
Go on a quest the truth to find.

Questions made me start my search
I went to a temple, mosque and church
Who was *** and where was he?
Where could heaven and **** be?
How was I born? What caused this I?
What will happen after I die?
I started my quest to find the truth
I would not stop till I get to the root

Every religion said the truth is mine
Each scripture boasted that its version was fine
Don’t ******, don’t steal, don’t have wine
Rituals were plenty to live and dine
But nobody talking of the truth
Nobody had found out the real brute
The enemy was none else than our mind
Where it is you cannot find

Although you know, you do not know
Whatever you see, you cannot see
The truth is staring at your face
But you are busy in the world’s race
Who am I, you do not know
The ego seems to steal the show
We are slaves of desire and ****
What is the myth, we do not bust

We live, we die, don’t find out why
And we just cry when we see someone die
Who made this earth? Who made this sky?
Who made you and them and I?
We believe in the lie
We don’t ask why
Whatever we are told
We just buy
We fret and fume through life and sigh
The truth passes us by, we let it fly

We come and go but we don’t know
The world is nothing but a cosmic show
With empty hands, we all come
And nothing is ours when all is done
But still, we live and die and cry
We don’t ask questions, who and why
Ignorance fills our life’s sky
And instead of laughing we just cry

Those who realize the whole truth
Those who get to the bottom root
Those who put everything to test
Those who go on a search and quest
Those who question who and why
Those who know they will never die
They are the ones who live in bliss,
Joy and peace, they do not miss

What is the purpose of life on earth?
Why do we die and why this birth?
Who made this earth, who made this sky?
Who causes things to walk and fly?
If you don’t find out who am I
And you just cry until you die
Then you’ll just run, you won’t have fun
And in a flash life will be done.
Ever wondered who you are, why you here or what the purpose of life really is? Well, read on for some eye-opening answers.
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