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Loving what is not meant to be

Is a lot more detrimental than holding

on to anything hurting you.

Spare yourself from the pain

That is undeserving of you and your moral character.

Why people remember what, make them feel a certain way?

Over what we, make them think?

If hatred could be consumed like nutrition
would you poison yourself?

To satisfy nerve-ending hunger or undying thirst?

Why must we endure the worse of times?
Testing a will under elements to be broken under merciless conditions

Just to have a taste of the pleasure we ultimately deserve!

What is love?

What is life?

How do we seek truth?
If the world uses spells
to spell our demise.
Looking into mirror
I see more than one face
and a story following multiple timelines
as our human eyes convert electronical text
using our brain to decipher encrypted codes and signs

What is there to me?
When I have been to places
that most eyes cannot even see
Never needed deep meditation
or any form of super drug as a pill.

In a world where reality and fiction stand still

If I am living my dreams. Then why must my
dreams question my living, therefore  is existence even real?

How can one connect to others emotionally?

If few of us, have emotions we have yet to feel?

It's too late to move forward.

Why you keep turning back?

If you never gave it a try in the first place?

Why complain about an outcome that is not even a possibility?  

Doing the same routine for the longest

have not changed the process of your decision making?

If you know your worth
Why you feel worthless?

Do you even know
what is the meaning behind your own purpose?

Why are you still questioning yourself?

When you have most of the answers?

Stop over thinking.
You ran away before I got a chance to say it to you.

You hid when I tried to show it to you.

You shouted when I tried to whisper it to you.

You let it fall when I tried to give it to you.

You left me in the dark when I tried to reach for your light.

You said that I lied when I tried to get you to hear the truth,

So I don't know what I should do

Because I still love you?

You became my only source of peace in this war;

Something Heavenly while I rot inside this Hell.

For like I said, I still love you;

But the question is, do you still love this man------this Fool?.........
Abby Feb 21
What am I so afraid of?
That I may change my fate?
Or maybe it’s already happened,
And maybe I’m too late.

Can I be forgiven?
Will I ever understand
Why all of this has happened?
Am I really here by chance?

Chasing phantom shadows in and out of dreams
Counting constellations and holding on to childish things
Afraid to take a chance, for fear that I may fall
Afraid that there’s no going back
That I’ll never know myself at all

The truth too overwhelming
The fear I hide behind
Fear that I hold onto
Fear behind these eyes

To chance is only to forget
The pain that binds me now defines me
Give in for good you’ve placed your bet
“Survive!” the voice inside me
A piece I wrote back in March 2007 as I was going through a divorce with so many questions and faced with the opportunity to reducing myself and my path.
Jeremy Rascon Feb 20
Who put me here
To suffer eternally
Temporary body
But the expanse of the mind
Stretches beyond reality
Time is constructed by society
When it crumbles
No change will be recorded.
But will thoughts go on
Or do they die with me.

How did I get here
Doubts of a creator
My ancestors swam
So why am I drowning right now
A product of millions of years of evolution
Yet my brain is still chemically imbalanced
If it's survival of the fittest
I am the weakest link
Darwin's finches can't explain the human brain
I was born to die like the rest of humanity.

Why am I here
Is it karma for a past life
Is death what I want truly or just to stop feeling for awhile
Is there a difference?
Because I don't feel like there is one
Who would miss me?
In the grand scheme of the universe..
No one.
I'm free of guilt
The stars tell me it's an earthly emotion anyways.
pnam Feb 14
My love you taught me how to love
Feeling of love, that this heart showed
How many colors you spill, of love?
Reason for my love, you then asked?

Without you this life is so incomplete
Now when I realize how far away love was
Sheltering me in your heart such a treat
As beads of  love strung tenderly in gauze

At times  self-love seeks love from a stranger
At times a few moment with a loving heart is enough
At times to feel a heart dearer one has to live farther
In serendipity we met in love, leave me never in a huff

Think and despair not my cherished beloved
Must I say your love was so wondrous
I promise to be with you now and always beloved
You asked, I say all your concerns are needless


Hindi LanguageTranslation

Mere Humdum..

Pyaar aapne hume karna jo siklaya
Pyaar ka ehsas is dil ko jo diklaya
Kitne pyaar ke rang chalkathe hain aap?
Phir Pyaar ki vajah poochate hain aap?

Yeh zindagi to aapke bina adhuri thi
Ab maalum hua pyaar thak kitni doori thi
Aashiyana aapne dil mein basa kar hume diya hai
Pyaar ke har lamahe chun ke is dil ko piroya hai

Khud ko chaahne ke liye kabhi gairon ka pyaar chahiye
Dil ki nazdhikyon ke liye kabhi dooriyon ka ehsas chahiye
Kabhi chand lamhay kaafi hain aap jaise dil walon ke saath
Ittifaaq se milay ** meharbaan kabhi na chodna mera haath

    Bus Itna ab na sochiye mere jane-mehboob
    Dekhiye pyar kiya aapne bhi bahut khoob
    Zindagi aapke saath vada hai mere hum-safar
    Har sawalon ka jawab diya humnay aap rahe  be-fikar
Emily Feb 14
Who are you? Who have you become?
Who are we? What have we ever done?
We Did It!
I Can Finally Talk To You
Innocent Sister and Darling Brother,
I Did Something Right
I Hope You Forgave Me
I Thought You Wouldn't Want To Talk To Me
We Can Finally Talk Now

But I'm Scared...
Will Everything Come To An End Finally?
Or Will We Still Stay Hiding Our Emotions?
Will "Mother" Relapse?
Will Innocent Sister's Dad Leave?

I Don't Want This To End
I Don't Want My Heart Broken Again
I Don't Want To Hurt You Again
I Don't Want To Here The Words "I Hate You Sister" Again

Loving Me Again May Happen
But Will You Ever Truly Forgive Me?
I Love You
Hopefully You Do Too
And Maybe It's Not Just Words...
Like She Did To Me...
I can finally talk to my siblings after a year but I'm kinda worried about my ****** bio mother trying to take them away again. Any advice to help with my anxiety would help.
To be here as I am
I had to be there as I was
a perpetual dreamer
sometimes a singer,
but often a screamer
my ever-fleeting memory
of past life
feels like pollen in the beehive,
was I always the same
or just another empty name?
maybe asking questions
just made me mad,
as there were
days I've been sad
days I've been glad,
living was always the grey area
between good and bad.
xjf Feb 3
Oh they're going to find out, how can they not
Without a singular doubt, I'm going to get caught
I even suspect a friend, who maybe thinks I'm sick
because I've lost the path of God. Oh it’s her, isn't it?
There's something greater at stake as well
not just missing out on the praise
But there's so much in name
it’s your well of glory
Will I regret it in the coming days
Is it worth it?
Does it add or take from the story?

Where’s the proof
where’s the undeniable proof
that I'm here and that it's all worth it?
What I am going to talk about
What rhyme will I remember
Do I really want to **** half of them this December?

Who do I brag to?
How much is it going to hurt?
If your friends and family don't know
Did you even do it?
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