Madison 38m
Just when I think

I've known the world

I come to the realization

That I've only seen it

Through my own two eyes.

It eats at me

Though I shouldn't be bothered

And yet

I can't help but wonder why.

What do strangers see

When they watch my favorite film

And what do they hear

In their favorite songs?

What do others girl feel

When they knowingly fall in love

With someone

Who's stringing them along?

What do my parents know

When they look at the roads

They've walked down

Many more times than I?

What do babies think

When the world's so unknown

And they can only use their voices

To cry?

Where is the truth

In others' opinions

So very different from mine?

Where lies the inspiration

Of other writers

As they steadily type

Each line?

In the end

There's not much of a point

Unless reincarnation exists.

But frustration prevails

Knowing my eye's the limit

And my curiosity

You see

That bartender poured my bourbon
and took an interest in my life.
'What's wrong, pal?
You can tell me.
I have all the answers.'
'Great,' I said. 'I don't know
any of the questions.'
For the rest of the night,
he left me with my typer
and silently refilled
the bourbon.

-Ron Gavalik
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RBWhite 1d
Have you heard about the news?
A glow of light is bursting out of my scalp,
Did you read the new story?
About a little pain so great that very few can tell it well,
Is it tempting to reach a black and red bottom?
As infinite as it is, I keep on falling apart,
If you can't reach out to answer,may I at least have one more question?
The desperation of a killer in love with his victim.
I think you will break me
But first I have to let you
The thing is once I break, so will you
I drag down the ones I care about most
There is no use in lying, pretending
I am not alright
Let me write with blood instead of ink
Emotions are motivation for goodbye
I am made up of nothing but anxiety
Build from fear and confusion
Love me right
Just understand
Some things are broken
And should be left that way
I think I understand you better now that I have felt the same way. I am glad I never listened though, I think loving you was a gift.
nikolà 4d
Whatever I say to you

Did not come of the blue.

From each word that tumbles from my lips,

are totally valid.

It's no lie,

I'm not trying to deceive you.

It's the means by which I feel,

profound inside.

Inside this chest of mine,

consumes a ceaseless fire.

My intentions are genuine

it is purer than more than you could've ever envision

Why are you so scared of falling for me

Can't you just let yourself be?

why don't we try? why can't it be me? won't you tell me that you love me back?
All of my life I’ve been known by my name,
And yet as I’ve grown I’ve not been the same.
Hoped my identity would be clearer,
No answer when I look in the mirror—
Who am I?

Born in a world of infinite places,
Encounters with these infinite faces,
My restless spirit seems destined to roam,
Wondering still when I think I’m at home—
Where am I?

Not accidental that I came to be,
But may have missed out on my destiny.
And though I’ve done things of which I am proud,
None of them stop me from asking out loud—
Why am I?

Each moment I age life’s completion nears,
And I regret I might run out of years.
I’m meant for something I need to make so,
But all of this time and I still don’t know—
When will I?
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miss salmon salami - raw and real,
on a train with your head
high up and flamingo
pen this down
what do you fear most,
the endless expanse of the sky
or the expiry date on your heart?
grab a pen and paper
now write at the top of the paper, "things I  want"
list all of the things you desire. Money aside, reality aside, what is it that you truly want.
next write " things I need"
and list the things that keep your heart beating. the things that make you get up every morning. your hopes and dreams, your ambition.

now compare.

are the things you need lining up with the things you want?
does what make you want to be better also want you want to be?
ask yourself, "is this how i want to live"
I keep getting asked "are you okay?"
Good question.
When will I finally be pretty?
Good question
I'll cut my hair and fake a smile
Hoping someone will stay a while
Why am I such a crybaby?
Good question
they say a broken heart is one that's been loved
But I guess nothing's perfect.
Who am I?
Good question
The best questions are the ones without answers.
I've been gone for a while please forgive me
Tim 7d
If you have all the money in the world, are you really the richest person in the world?

It doesn’t take a wise person to understand wise concepts, but a wise person to create understandably wise ideas.
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