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Feed's love ...

let me feed you ...
with my love ...
as i feel for you ...
let my fingers  ...
draw and run ...
at your sweet cheeks ...
to put a love smiles ...
to runs with you ...
all your day ...
to feed your heart ...
with my love ...
all your life ...

let me sweetheart do ...
as i did ...
with every dream ...
i get you there ...
to create a happiness ...
only for you ...

let me sweetheart ...
run deeply now ...
within your soul...
while you sip your coffee ...
to feed you love ...
as i'm feeding now ...
my heart ...
from yours ...

hazem al ...
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
And when
You are asked
"How old are you?"

My soul is
Much older
Your blood line
Just reply

Just reply
If you don't want to
Still you have to
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Carbon dating
Max Feb 2019
Your weakness feeds my strength.
And it tastes delicious
I try to forget her
But she never leaves
It's to much to bear
Just let me breathe

She feeds on my misery
She drinks my emotions
Just let this be history
Please stop this commotion
Beau Grey Apr 2017
My father always told my sister and I
not to bite the hand that feeds.
But I look down at my hands
and see scars where my own teeth
have drawn blood.
Demicci May 2016
A world without love,
it is the world of the unknown,
It will be a world of food,
and we will not survive this run.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
He was an emotional blackmailer
He'll always makes you feel like a failure
He lives off of emotion
He tosses you around like the ocean

He craves attention and pity
He's feelings are always gritty
He'll toss words around
He just loves his own sound
He is so ******* vain
And he loves to get inside your brain

He says he loves you then causes nothing but pain
The emotions he puts you through is so inhumane

He makes you feel sympathy because he's so sad
If you don't show enough empathy he gets very mad

He says he'll commit suicide
And you'll be sorry he died
Because it would be all of your fault
It's all just a part of his emotional assault
He loves to hear your plea
"Please don't do it babe" it fills him with glee

Emotional assault by every degree
He'll only love you if with him you agree
In every situation it's all about him
To think any diffrent would be the cardinal sin

With him by your side
It's a very bumpy ride
Love, hate, and pain
To him it's all the same
As long as he is the center of attention
None of your feelings can even be mentioned

A rollercoaster of feelings
Is what he is dealing
He's an emotional blackmailer because he has none of his own
He's empty and hollow just like a drone

So he lives off of yours
He'll break you till your on all fours
He just loves to see you broken on the floor
He'll pick you back up, just to knock you back down
In his little circus, you are his clown

And if you really love him
Your future is most grim
Poetic T May 2015
In the woods where light never penetrates
Where only the dark oak grows. Permeating
The air does the barks sap seep unto the
Surrounding never letting lights magnificence
Pierce its veil darkness in this place grows.

Black leaves as dark and rigid as coal, all
That land upon their veins where the light
Of life flourished was drank, Like an
Autumn leaf does this empty husk now
Cursed grey, gently slump greeting the floor.

In this darkened place of soulless sap,
Where leaves are black and veins feast
upon life. A glimmer of light floated
Above the canopy, a single breath of
Sunlight touching the core of a young
Sapling showing it the light banishing
The influence of darkness away.

As the little one grew where blades
Of raven tried to cut it down, shards
Now turned supple and green. Spreading
Life where only darkness loomed, The
Green leaves did reflect light unto the
Dark piercing into this  mournful place.

It was but one in a crowd of many, but
That ray of sunlight every morning widening
Its energies, as grass grew greener in glazed
Darkened place. it was a beacon of life growing
Stronger everyday, and when all the leaves of
Raven black had fed their last, and life was in
Its place then this would be a day when sunlight
Shone banishing the darkness  every single day.
Poetic T Mar 2015
"We walk upon the brown"*
Giver of life,
"We walk upon the brown"
Fertile mother earth,
"We walk upon the brown"
She feeds upon us when gone,
"We walk upon the brown"
We strolled on deaths mattress
So many below, for soon we will
Be one of those, while others
"Walk upon the brown"
Mother earth  feasts on death below.
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