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Karen M 4d
They were laid in the road and ****** to death.
Seemingly innocent sins of yesterday yanked
Them from the pedestal stacked high
With promise. Stolen glances stuck
To eyes so warm, so soft, so quick
To deny. Quick to forgive his fault
Of the heart for carving Scarlet
Letters into the skin of young girls.
MawaLin Jan 17
I was blinded by a veil of innocence
captured by an emanating light
when people kept warning me
of the fire in your eyes
the poison which lingers on your tongue
they said rocks are softer than your heart.
But I was so blind
and once the veil had lifted
I saw a light so dim.
"Love is not blind-It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less." Will Moss
When people judge you harshly
Never judge them back
For the degree and measurement they have used to judge you by
Shall be the degree and measurement
Which shall be used when their judgement time arrives
Therefore don't worry about what people think or say
Why tire yourself about something you have no control over
Their words are likened to leaves blowing in the wind
Such people shall be trapped by their own words
And they have determined their own fate
The more stones such people throw
The more stones they shall reap
A harvest of stones
You reap what you throw
Written by Sean Achilleos 08 January 2019©
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I saw the story of creation unfold before my face,
voices of masses screaming vows before the lord.

like the last meal, this is how the end began.

With words like stones exchanged between families in a divorce court.
Seanathon Dec 2018
Like a piston in an engine
Like a jet in the sky
Like a trebuchet once, twice, always described
Like a whip uncurling
Like a stone once rolled
I am always tossing, always turning
Life itself into the unknown

Always throwing stones
Moksha Dec 2018
I stand solid, the fabric flows against the folds of my marble skin
I watch the fires of angst burn this beauty away so -
Now I am a black, burnt crust from forces that force my feet into the floor and,
As I sink against the fluid tiles and the trippy nightmare of reality
I ask, have you ever seen a statue cry?

Sophia Dec 2018
sticks and stones
may hurt my bones
but words
b   r   e   a   k
m   e
de Negre Sep 2018
this verse arrived when in my mind did you
i know the voice sings clear but the heart speaks true,
a crippled old man, that heart tells tales
of the self and the journey, that gripping your sails:

losing to winds which chill our bones
the ***** in my hull, boat sinking as stones
like ones in the river, which we threw when in love,
our lips have been sewn, but that's push come to shove,

upon the river banks comes that song we had sung,
washing up with the stones, and the remains of my lung.
in a hurry written in math class, bur(ry)ial of love.
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