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Dennisk Jul 8
A beam of devastation brave as an arrow
through the vibrance of my heart
through the overflow of a love that never seemed to add up
I stood feeble in the sting of her words
and sank fifty feet beneath the feel of a raw war
Maruko San Jul 2
Cutting my own arm
every other night
cause of what I am hearing
from the ones I trust
Meysa May 2
you keep rubbing your thumb over the same old wound
and you wonder why it stings?
silly girl
by michael r. burch

love was a little treble thing—
prone to sing
and (sometimes) to sting

Keywords/Tags: love, bee, honeybee, treble, song, sing, singer, sting, stinger, barb, poison
N Aug 2019
is the glowing flame,
and you melt
as it approaches

be careful
with that flame,
or it’ll burn you
when that love
starts to sting

They’ll decide to leave you,
and you’ll remain with nothing,
but the fading ashes of that love  

You’ll lose the passing-by warmth
that once visited your frigid heart

So light up a cigarette,
and put out the ongoing fire
inside your chest with smoke
Winter Winds stinging
bringing hot tears to my eyes
pleasantly painful?
Written November 9th 2018 inspired by the cold wind blowing through the wind tunnel alley that I used to have to walk through to get to work. The building that formed one side of the alley isn't there anymore oh well...
Don’t be mad...hate not,
when works are badly thought of;
you have your own mind,

diff’rent...from the rest;
you think, you create diff’rent
as diff’rent...

your style manifests
your values and opinions,
your words mirror them...

your free verses and
haikus...earn their own sparkle,
draw their own audience...

tinged with black humor,
or mild's YOU!
your style defines.....YOU!

we’re a world of poets
diff’rent folks with diff’rent strokes
we sting......stoke..........we touch...


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Decmber 12, 2019
I memorized

Smell of your skin

Blazing emotions in

Hazel quinns,

Yet, you never questioned

my existence

Lingering around your peripheral


Maybe being invisible

A thing

One sided

Love always sting.
A honeybee stings hard.
It draws back its sword and speeds;
Did it harm itself?
-elise- Dec 2019
sometimes, when I kiss you
I swear I can hear the    a  i  r
~~~~between us~~~~

it's the sound of hornets when their
q u e e n
orders them to
K  i  l  l .
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