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Àŧùl Dec 2023
My cute young daughter named Shatakshi
Asks, "Daddy-daddy what's this thingy?"
I, the caring daddy, with a gasp,
Reply, "It is a fire ant that you grasp
And you hold where it has its stingy!"
A limerick for my future daughter, Shatakshi.

Another humorous poem. Another limerick.

HP Poem #1210
©Atul Kaushal
in my obliviousness
inadvertent and unintentional
some may say as usual
i disturbed a wasp nest
the heightened bombilation
an anger-pitched droning
unheard somehow
therefore unheeded
until that impolite *****
a warning sting
through t-shirt to torso
followed by a few more
in quick succession
set my legs moving
apologetically away
with hands raised
chastened and contrite
both in supplication
and in order to remove
the offending article
of clothing
the oversensitive wasp
having become trapped within
defensively stinging
as nature directs
to be honest
its overzealous instincts
began to feel
more like spite
than mere survival
Maria Mitea Sep 2022
i'm tied to you like to a pyre of wood,
another time, all i wanted was to be courted, begged,
but there's no time, darling
there is no time,
i need you in the kingdom of the night with all your weapons,
i  will make you a king over the waters of the desert,
only those who haven't died of thirst don't know what water is,
to feel your boldness
look how i tremble like a lost leaf in the wind,
gather me in your branches like the flowers of spring,
slip your soft hands under the nightgown,
touch my ear with your whisper
let the  lost kiss revive ones again, unhide the  eye of the sea,
with your warm lips spread the butterfly's wings,
do remember me forever, quench your thirst between white hips,
go deep like a sword,
let the whole earth moan with us on the lips of a man, of a woman
as serpents let us burn, and  the whole earth moan with us,
go deep, darling,
and smooth
a sword
Somewhatdamaged Aug 2022
Bloom as you have reached your time
Show your beauty as you're born for
Sting with thorns as it is what you need to
Wither as your time has come
Grandmaa used to love flowers, for her...
Maria Etre Mar 2021
I felt the sting of adulthood
tattoo my skin
with colors
S R Mats Dec 2020
In the garden of delight
At the eve of dusky-night
-Twilight holds no grudge

The brush had been light
You had seen him in his flight
-Lights dimmed, everything buzzed

Hoping that he'd soon light
You hoped he'd light on you
-Before a shark bite you get a nudge

Ah, tender kisses on the skin
Are just a prelude to the sting.
-Blood smudged
scrawny Jul 2020
Cutting my own arm
every other night
cause of what I am hearing
from the ones I trust
Meysa May 2020
you keep rubbing your thumb over the same old wound
and you wonder why it stings?
silly girl
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