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Max Sep 5
As the shadows crawl behind me in broad daylight,

I'll haunt them at night.
Better not be that shadow
Bhill Aug 1
As we go on our journey
We      Crawl
Through what we call life
There are things we must do
There are things we must avoid
There are things we must finish
When we arrive here we have no clue
As we get there we will learn
We will
               Make Mistakes
                Fall in love
                 Get a job
                  Lose a job
                   Find a mate
                    Learn what it takes
                     Get older
And then it's over....
Have some fun while doing all of this

Brian Hill - 2019 # 192
Are you having fun yet?
Rajinder Feb 15
How can one enter a story?
Like gaps in words,
emptiness between breaks.
How can one crawl out of a plot
stealing a character?
Savannah Jan 25
I now see why there are so many stories,
of artists going into a craze.

I feel the skin at my fingertips crawl.
I sit here in the middle of my room, a wooden easel stands tall by the open window. Dim lamp light falls over me like a sheet of silk, I can hear them thinking of me. I stare out the window, the moon doesn't dare shine upon my trembling form.
In a world of imperfections
When she was supposed to walk
She decided to stop listening
And she said
“I will just crawl.”

Nobody understood her motives
Not a soul wanted to ask
She felt safe in her habitat
Surrounded by her dreams
Embracing her own thoughts

Who could understand her?
Who could make her grow?
A boy with a face of an angel
Met her and felt in love
Her heart started beating
She wanted to run

It was then she started walking
The love she felt made her stronger
The boy, by her side, was hoping
She would run and follow him
To another place... no wonder!

Love is so magical
Love is miraculous
She started to run,
Reaching the boy’s hand
Feeling their heart becoming one

In this world of imperfections
She found a boy she wasn’t looking for
Crawling and running for love
No one could believe it,
She was missing her true love

As a new day approaches
They decided to fly away
Because the world they made together
It was perfect in every way.
A HelloPoetry participant gave me those three words. This is the result.
misha Nov 2018
prickly roses
quick to touch

don't you weep
let's keep this a hush

sing my song
when you fall

or else watch
your demons as
they crawl
BoringBoy Sep 2018
May I trip on purpose,
Fall into strength,
Get back up into confidence,
And stride on my glory.

There's a mirror I look into that's as black as my pupils,
I can only look as far as my eyes can squint...
before they close.

I come to realize that I see nothing. Just darkness. I can't see cracks, or colors, or hopes, or dreams, or anything.

Even in the dark of the mirror, nothing reflects back on me...
Maybe it's all just me...
In my head...

Or maybe, I can see...
yet this entire time I've been blinded by me.

What if I have only seen what I think people see when all I see are the weapons that can be used to hurt me...

Trying to protect me by hurting myself first never really worked anyway.

So when I trip on my shame,
and I fall because I've been cursed lame,
And I can't get up cause I'm weighted by the chains,
Let me crawling tell you something...
Never stop crawling if you can't walk.
M Solav Sep 2018
In the Melting of Days
We were Swept like the Fog
While a Sunshine of Rays
Made us Crawl in the Mud.
Written in February 2017.
Dorian Jul 2018
Be afraid
Be very afraid
If you fear
Do it scared

I'll crawl to you
With my knees bent back
I'll make my way
Covered in grass

Beneath the ground
Spouting about
I'll get to you
Without a doubt
look at the thorn. but the rose too. look at the night. and see the dawn. and crawl to the light.
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