Dannia Brown Dec 6

You stand before the mirror;
bare as the day you were born.
Examining yourself closely,
becoming familiar with the curves
and blemishes that make you who you are,
trying to be content,
to be comfortable with
what makes you different.
Your mother is the perfect reflection
of what a woman should be,
she is beautiful and you admire her,
her strength is one that this world knows
all too well as it tries its
best to break her.
You don’t know the act of self-hatred
until the day the boy you like
doesn’t like you back
because he finds someone else
prettier than you.
You start to question yourself,
looking at yourself with hatred
and not with love.
Picking and pulling at your skin
as if that would help with the poison
of your insecure mind.
You start comparing yourself to her;
thinking that there’s something wrong with you
solely because of the rejection
of just one boy.
You lose your identity trying to be
someone else, dressing to impress,
speaking to get a reaction.
That innocent light in you dies,
as you start to know the world a little too well.
Stop and enjoy the feeling of being young,
the feeling of an innocence
that the world has not yet touched.

Do not rush to grow up. The world is not going anywhere.

It’s those words that I’m afraid of the most
The ones you haven’t yet spoken
Latching onto me like the veins that run through me
Circulating through me again and again
Sucking both my time and emotions out of me
Sooner than I can process, one grows into a swarm
Making it impossible to resist the current
But once I seem to be drowned by the flood
Once I’m on my last few breaths
Everything drains
Left with not even a drop

Vacuous Dec 3

I don't know.
I mean,
I do know.
How I feel about you atleast.
What about you?
Because to be brusque,
I can't tell.
You say one thing,
but act another.
I'm over thinking aren't I.
Am I?
I am.
What's holding you back?
Am I jumping the gun?
If so,
just shoot me down.
I want to be patient,
I really do.
It's none of my business really,
who you date that is,
but I can't help the envy I feel.
I'm distancing myself,
but I don't want to.
I wish I didn't have to.
I know what I want.
I want to be with you.
You aren't sure though,
and I guess that's fine,
the balls on your court,
take the shot or don't,
It's okay,
but i'd rather live an eternity in hell,
than to never get the answer.

You should go,
all you are dealing with,
is an insecure mess.

Utterly lost.
Higgs Boson Dec 1

Why do my dreams succumb to these redundant thoughts?

Leaving me in sempiternal dismay.

Although, the perks of being in my shoes are largely prominent,

I still find myself self loathing umpteen number of times.

I cannot be satiated with who I am and what I’ve become.

I beg you to find me a way out of this labyrinth of hatred.

Blake Nov 30

Beautiful someone
Don't you find  
A mirror
That isn't coated
In false
Incorrect insecurities
Do you choose
To melt into the words of those who don't know
They're destroying you
Don't you listen to what those who do
Are saying
To tell you
To clean
The mirror
Why don't you
Blow the dust away
Of the surface?
You look in the mirror
And don't see beauty
Because you can't see clearly
When there's dirt in the way
Don't you wipe
It away
Why don't you
The mirror
Don't you listen
To those whose words
Aren't filled
With dust
Why don't you?

Why don't you?

I wrote this for my best friend.

I love girls
I love how they twirl
I love their silky long hair
I love their graceful air

I love how social they are
I love how they look from afar
I love the cute frilly dresses they wear
I love how much for each other they care

I love their petite frames
I love their cutesy names
I love how their maturity
I love how they give a sense of security

I want to be like them
I want to be one of them
I want to feel loved
I want to be cutely dressed

I am a boy however
I am unable to change myself
I am actually able to, but
I am unable to return if I do

I feel indignant that 'boys never grow up'
I feel wrong for wanting to be a girl
I feel disgusted whenever I put on a dress
I feel like, I belong yet I don't

I'm (a) trap[ped]

I will remain as my original self
I will dress up on occasion
I will always not want to fully change
I will always do, whatever the hell I want

I wish I was a girl sometimes, but I don't want to give up what I already have forever...  Also subtle anime reference with 'traps'
Anjelica Nov 27

Being a girl is hard
But being a black girl...
Let me tell you about being a black girl
Leave Out
Pick your poison
Or falling for " European Beauty Standards"

" Why are you so quiet?"
Do you expect me to be aggressive
And snap my fingers in an A-Z formation

Light Skin is the best skin
Or so they say
I'm jealous of my brother, for his caramel skin
Oh what I'd do for that caramel skin

You think that's the worst of it but have you see porn?
Cute girl makes love to -insert famous porn star here

Ebony b-itch gets banged till she squirts

Which would you rather watch?

If you ever turned on a TV you'd see reality shows with the perfect blue eyed blond hair cast and the one black kid who doesn't get enough attention

Ever since Rachel was the Bachelorette I too prayed one day I'll find the man of my dreams

Have you ever had a crush on someone and ever think if they even like girls your skin color?

Being a girl is hard
But being a black girl
Oh let me tell you about being a black girl

A spew of thought about being a black girl in todays society not feeling "good enough" or loved.
Laura Khuleya Nov 27

I looked in the mirror more than 10 times today
Fortunately i was still more or less the same.
I took a breath
"You are not ugly. You are not disfigured."
The voices have soon since been silenced by my persistence and repeated statement
"You look pretty just believe it."

Taking you back
Back to a time when time was not time
but merely seconds and hours
And lets not forget minutes
When the only reason i tracked it
Was so i could estimate how long it took
The blade to slide across my skin
The skin to open like flesh off of a peach
The blood to seep up to the surface and drip
The dripping to stop and that crimson substance to dry

Bringing you back to the present
When i track time so i know how long i can lie to myself for
Lie to myself before the real me shows up
Before the ugly rears its sightly face

In my head there's a masquerade ball
The masks are not fancy and embroidered
The masks are simply smiling faces
Laughing faces
Any and every face that to me
Is beautiful
However underneath them is the same
'Hunchback of Notre dame' situation facially and otherwise

Remember that time when you thought you were ugly
If ever you did
But someone made you beautiful
Forever that is

I still wait for that moment like a widowing wife waiting
Waiting to hear that her lover isn't gone forever.

Caleb Stevens Nov 26

Don't tell me no,
Of course unless you want to.

Come hold my hand,
Unless you don't want to.

Please don't leave me alone,
Of course unless you want to.

Xaviera Allan Nov 18

Remind me how
I am ignored
I am usually hidden
How I live unseen
I am important, at least 
In some grand scheme
But to a casual person
I am but in passing
This I need to remember.
Tell me how
I am not a star
Bring me down
And humble me
Not my pride, it's my insecurity
I am not so important
Not everybody notices me
This I need to remember.
Inspire my thoughts
About how I am a mouse
And mice may poison millions
But it is still a mouse
Cover my eyes
So I can feel my path in sight
Open my heart
Because I'm not omnipotent
Nor will I ever be
This I need to remember.

Paranoid and anxious. Criticism appreciated, though I didn't try for any specific form.
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