may 2d
Right place, wrong time.
The tender closing everyone gives.
It seems to be a theme in my life.
It sends me down the path of never-ending what if's and self shaming for things that maybe could have been.
If I worked harder.
If I tried to be better.
If I changed.
Always coming back to certainty the root of the problem is me.
If I was worth it to make the wrong time right.
But what if it wasn't me? What if it was just the timing?
A Bryan 3d
I am under construction
Out of order

You can't make a house into a home before the foundation is built
I could show you the blueprint, but it wouldn't grasp the attention of a man who's not well versed in architecture
It wouldn't make sense to a man who doesn't understand the importance of balance and structure
A man with no vision couldn't see what I see
He couldn't fathom what the end result will be

I am undone and unfinished
I am building but I am lacking
I am trying my best to stay focused without surrendering the strife
I work all day, everyday with minimal progress and even less reward and quite frankly I'm growing tired of my life

I've spent years gathering my supplies and laying bricks but no amount of progress has made me presentable
No amount of hard work has made my incompleteness comprehensible
I've laid brick after brick but still I haven't turned into anything remotely livable

I work tirelessly and though the bricks keep piling up and the structure becomes more and more fully formed each day, still I am useless

I am fed up and I want to give up but instead I get up and lay even more bricks instead of making excuses.
Nobody is perfect, because perfect doesn't exist.
I have many flaws and I am trying to embrace them.
Trying to ignore the haters and turn around and face them.
They aren't better than you or Me, I just needed to open my eyes to see.
I am stronger than all the things I have overcome and in that sense i have already won.
They say that insecurities are loud and that is true.
Yet all my insecurities were always down to you.
So watch me bring you to your knees it's only me I need to learn to please.
Amanda 7d
I have never wanted anything so bad
I've never felt this before
I would throw away everything else
If you would take me back once more

I promise I will make you happy
I swear I'll try my best
I will do whatever you say as long
As you let me rest my head on your chest

If you wrap your arms around me
I believe fear I can confront
No matter what it takes, I will be the girl
you need instead of one you don't want

The worst type of pain is the kind
that whispers "you'll never be the same."
Keeps you wide awake at night
Convinces you that you are to blame

If I could be more like you
Maybe you would love me like you did
See me for the person I am
Instead of a little kid

Part of me will always be
In love with who you were
My arms are open in case
You discover it's me you would prefer

I hope someday you realize
There are a lot of bitches out there
I'm not like other girls here
And you're going to find out that's rare

Right now I might be "immature",
Insecure, too easily upset
At least I don't give up on people
I love if they're not perfect yet.
It gives me chills to read this poem I wrote back in 2012 after my first serious boyfriend dumped me because now I am the person dishing out the hurt and it brings me pain to know I'm making someone I love feel the same way I felt.
Emi Mar 8
No, don’t put that chip in your mouth
You know it’s not good for you
And don’t even think about buying that chocolate
You know what it’ll do
Emily, why can’t you just be normal
Eat broccoli and spinach like the rest of us
Not fast food plus sizes

Why can’t you live in our universe
Nothing tastes better than skinny feels
So shape us those meals
Don’t act like you’re a size zero
When you stuff your face with honey nut cheerios
Don’t make your eating habits a lie
The truth shows in your thighs

Why can't you live in our universe
Where our legs are straw thin
And our arms consist of only bone and skin
Our wrists as small as our singular chin

Why can’t you live in our universe
Where we’re all skinny
And we’re all perfect twigs
Where we look down on the non-existent pigs

Emily, why can’t you be skinny?

Because being skinny makes me feel like dirt
I mean, what is it worth
All I can conclude is that
Skinny hurts
Arlyah Mar 7
Everyone loves me not
My skin is starting to rot
Potions from the city
will soon make me pretty
Cause pretty is all that you’ve got
Sophia Lynne Mar 6
people laugh when they hear i write poetry little do they know their insecurity is my inspiration i think you're beautiful without hesitation yes I’m talking to you I know the frustration of not knowing who you are and having all these limitations but open your eyes you’ll see yourself in it and once you give in there is no limit of how far you’ll go I just want you to know that you’re special.  

Ash Mar 5

That's all I have to say,


As perfectionism hosts my eye,
All I see is imperfection.


I know what I should see,
But I do not.
I feel blind... Blind to see me.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my conscience;
how many rights have i wronged?
it echoed through my skull.
tonight i am restless.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my insecurities;
again, i am rattled by a question,
will i ever be enough?
tonight i lie awake.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my anxiety;
it grabbed my heart in its hands,
and told me:
so many things are wrong.
tonight i could not breathe.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my guilt;
it had no query, but it kept me up:
i have wronged many people.
tonight no sleep came.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with loneliness;
hearing the pitter-patter of footsteps,
sonder seeping in my bones,
tonight i rest in echoing silence.
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