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Isa 2d
anger is felt in the stomach
the core of our bodies.

it eats your heart
and feeds your body fire.

our rose colored world becomes red hot
and we see flames atop our enemies heads.

our words bite off heads
and cut through spears,
we seethe with danger.

we feel ultimate control
and power.
power to tear down the others.
power to eat them alive.
power to destroy the sun,
and become it with our burning heart
that turned to ash when we forgot our human innocence,
that we gave up to let out anger drive us.

forget not that the control and power
is an illusion.
a lie to keep yourself in check
when you're the most insecure person in the room.
let your anger humble you.

anger is felt in the core,
but is driven by the soul
and stems from betrayal.
anger is the emotion I struggle with most
F5, F5, F5...
Am I doing good?
F5, F5, F5...
Is she proud of me?
F5, F5, F5...
Where are my notifications?
F5, F5, F5...
Perhaps it's too soon.
julianna Apr 11
Don’t let me doubt.
If you let your doubt out,
I’ll never see the light of sun.
Not above not below
Not ever, not anymore.  
There are sparks in my eyes,
A flame that’s dim
Don’t let it go out
Don’t let it out.
The color of your blue sky interlaced
With the brights of my eyes.
It keeps me alive.
Letting me down,
Letting my doubt run free
Planting seeds to never see them sprout,
It still leaves these weeds inside of me.
See these weeds,
Something you’ve never heard
Words you’ll say again
Green grows out of my mouth
Faster faster
Harboring the in the arbor of my mind
My truth, your lies.
Is it your truth or is it mine?
I’m quiet.
It hurts.
Every breath of life feels worse
The doubt the doubt the doubt
It sprouts and grows
But none of this you’ll ever know.
I’m captured and I can’t be found.
Again I ask,
Don’t let your doubt out.
GrumpyTurtle Apr 6
stole a pretty black lace corset

from mothers walk in closet

just to keep tugging ******* the strings

im bruising my waist

just to look like a vase

but ill wait and see what it brings.
i hate my body
i hate my body
i hate my body
i hate my body
i hate my body
no matter the exercise
the diet
the anything
i never seem to lose weight
and it *****
cause i hate my reflection
more than anything tbh
Sabika H Apr 1
I will not run just overwhelm me
With the thoughts the thoughts the thoughts.
There’s a dark shadow underneath every bright surface.
Check and chase
Every nook and cranny
Track and trace
Every mistake and
Shove into my face the uncanny.

What’s this giddy feeling?
I hop, skip and prance because
Neurons are firing and I’m talking
To myself and reviewing what has just passed in such a quick speed that I cannot catch up.
Oh I know you’re not all so bad
And sometimes I need to learn so
I constantly look back to learn but
Don’t let the shadows make everything seem dark
And don’t let the light turn into an insignificant spark.
Give me the balance and the hope,
The humility that helps me to cope with the insecure anxieties and the ignorance of arrogance.

Yes but no
No but yes
What ifs and
Did you see the look in his eyes?
They said something to me
And they were quickly covered by a disguise.
Maybe, who knows?
Just do better
Next time.
What do you see?
when you look at me,
is it the same as what you say?
Tell me what you saw,
that made you love me,
or not,
Tell me,
girl of my dreams,
maybe it was true after all

What do they see,
when they look at me,
I wish I could hear what they said,
I just know it's not the same as hers,
I hear no love in their voices,
is the difference,
they are blinded by the evil,
but what is shrouded in mystery,
born from fear,
shall stay hidden,
I wish I knew what they saw,
It may be true after all.
Part 1. I always wonder what people really think of me. Is it the same as who they say I am. Am I who they think I am?
Ken Mar 20
Stars are giving light to us
Falling just to watch us have hope
Aren't they hidden in darkness too
How are they so amazing
To be in the dark
And still shine and be hope for us

Sometimes lost in darkness
They themselves disappear
Is it just that
Or are they hating is now
Is the love they have  for us fading away
Why do they love us from afar
When they know
All we need is
A hug and a shoulder to cry on

Why do they come out in dark
And leave every morning
For us to see
The beauty of the world
All by ourselves

Are they really so selfless
Or are they just too scared?
To see the ugliness the world carries
Once the night vanishes

Are they insecure
Just like us
That once we find
Someone better, we will
Leave them unloved forever.....
SomeOneElse Mar 4
Too insecure to just be me
Longing someday to be set free
A four, wing five I.N.F.P.
I am my own worst enemy
A prisoner trapped inside me
Wishing I could be happy
New poem on how I often feel
Lee Aaun Feb 28
if my wishing for myself makes you insecure,
then baby you need to fall in love
with yourself rather than chasing
someone else's 'the one'
choosing yourself should be a trend!
Liz Carlson Feb 28
Help me believe You're using this brokenness in me for a reason.
Help me see Your good ways and plans for my life.
You see my pain, it feels too much to bear many days.
It feels like an endless cycle, fighting it feels so hard.
Help me have hope in You.
Help me see myself more the way You see me, Lord.
I know You created me with amazing creativity and with good gifts.
Help me to honor that and see that more than the way I currently am seeing myself.
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