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pained 4h
“buti pa si ganyan”

“Talo ka”

“tignan mo si ano”

“Yan lang ba kaya mo?”

If I scream loud enough,
Can I unheard every word I just heard.

If I'll cry a river,
Will you stop comparing me to everybody else.

If I’ll **** myself in front of you,
Will that open your eyes of how much you’re killing me.

If I die
Will you finally see my worth?
because if it will,

I can **** myself now,
Just to be enough for you,

apiwe 5h
“Define me in one word”,
I said
Hope gleaming in my eyes and
an anxiety of the unknown
twisting, gripping, turning my gut.
You laughed lightly; beautifully flashing your perfect, perfect teeth
You ****** in a sharp breath,
Rolled your eyes back as if
the word was glued to the inner of your skull
A dry, humourless laugh croaked past through my lips
You said through your slightly smirking lips
And I bit back
the floods that welled my eyes
the bile that rose up my throat
as I realised the humiliation that I had reduced myself to.
And The silence
punctuated all the words unspoken.
Grace 3d
I don’t know what to write Anymore
I’m so tired of comparing myself
To writers and poets of talent I’ll never reach

I’ve run out of the want to impress
When I know my poetry will never
Be enough
I will never be enough
Just how I’m feeling
Today was the first time I came close
I almost ended it in a post
Left to right I feel the fright
My pain is aching
What comes next
Inch by inch I take the test
Reeling with guilt and sorrow
I hate myself
Why can’t I be someone else
My body is a Perfect example of what not to be
Limp here limp there
I am disgusting
I hate myself all the time
Not just today
I want to slice my eyes open
As they don’t even work right
I am a walking disaster with nothing going for myself
I am so over it all
I cannot have what I desire I cannot have what I want
Someone is constantly judging me
With the looks of judgement
I feel condemned
Where is the honor in that
No...not even loyalty wins here
Who the **** is loyal these days
I hate myself
Not just today
An older poem from the past I found and wanted to share. Not always okay I was suffering at this time...felt that way.
Bobcat Nov 6
Tell me baby who's on your mind?
Who do you see when your lips are on mine?

Is it the guy you kissed?
Or your friend you miss?
Or somebody that I completely dismissed?
Anyway, I guess I deserve all of this.
I put you through **** when I promised you bliss.

I know i'm getting fat,
And my habits are pretty bad,
I need to trim my nails,
And I'm just always ******* sad.

What a drag.

I wouldn't think about me either.
But I'll do anything I can just so I can keep her.
I can't imagine rolling over and not being able to feel her.

*** I need her.

But do I really think she needs me?
When I don't know if when we kiss it's me that she sees.
I'm begging you, please, I'm on my knees,
Tell me what I have to do so that it's me that you need.

Baby please.

I just want to feel like I'm enough.
I'm sorry for the way I am and making things so tough.
I feel so helpless, I'm even asking up above;
What can I do to keep you from falling out of love?
She Writes Nov 3
I’ve found my biggest enemy
Resides right between my ears
Poisoning my thoughts
Feeding on my insecurities
Killing my self worth
One negative thought at a time
Julie Oct 26
a ? means you're insecure
a ! means you're overdramatic
a , means you're not coming to the point
a . means...that you're coming to an end?
larni Oct 24
i’m just that girl with insecurities
with depression
with social anxiety

that girl who always cries
always has problems with her ex boyfriends
always looking for a new love
always trying to mend her broken heart

the girl that
can’t take a compliment
can’t play sports
can’t keep up with schoolwork

that girl who
no one looks at
no one smiles at
no one gets to know

but she’s also the girl with
a happy smile
a positive vibe
and a loving heart

just waiting for the guy who
will make her true smile come out
will make her laugh until she cries
and will love her endlessly with all his heart
Alissa Rogers Mar 2012
In moments of my life
I lie, I do admit.
I try and guard my heart
with my rancor and my wit.

In moments of my life
I gave a piece of myself,
for nothing in turn.
There's always another woman
for whom a man's heart will yearn.

In moments of my life
I doubt I will have a one and all;
one who understands me
when I cut and when I crawl.

In moments of my life
I try and run from my fate.
Yet as I've found,
with growing dread,
I'm already too late.
This is for all the lonely souls like me.
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