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I'm sick of being tired,
Tired of being sick.
I create this negative atmosphere,
The air is polluting and thick.

I can't help but see the negatives,
In everything I seem to contact,
Relationships, friendships,
Its like their only here under contract.

I feel like no one wants me,
To be around, even for a chat,
"Get the f*k away from me,
You ****, hairy, fat, tw

I know its all in my head,
But reality distorts in there,
I know people love me,
And people truly care.

But the wave of darkness,
Surrounds my skull,
I'm scared I'm loosing this battle,
The void might swollow me whole.

I try to be the light,
That makes people smile,
But I'm hidden behind this light,
I've been hiding for quite a while.

The face is a broken image,
But broken on the inside,
I don't want people to see this,
Thats why I hide.

Please, if you know me,
Just talk as if we're fine,
Ignore any insecurities,
They're not yours to deal with, they're mine.
What happened to your eyes?
Blankness was residing in them
A force field built around your perimeter
Their protection of you my condemn

I kept hoping for approval
Some sign of validation
Yet you had nothing for me
Only a serving of rejection

Gluing your eyes to an animated screen
Shutting out the action around you
I being caught in the mix
My insecurities coming to a brew

So now I'm the invisible woman
Transported to a state of sullen
My feel goods suddenly taken
Hopes for your love disheartened
Zoie Marie Sep 22
On repeat

I'm over it
I don't care what state it take me to
maybe i'll run into you

I'll probably be to fat
for you you to take a second look

"i won't be a skinny guy with a fat girl"
Those words still taunt me

Don't eat
You're to fat

195 the scale hits me
I'll never be what you want

I'm worth it right?
All my effort
It isn't in spite?

I just wanna be beautiful
I'll never be beautiful
to you
To a poem,
I can say whatever I want,
but often with regret,
for its something I don’t
say in a previous moment.
You are so secure, and you take
Advantage of that security, making me
Even more insecure. You aren't scared that
Maybe I’lll realize how well off I
Could be without you… because you
Know how utterly and entirely I have fallen
For your stupid smile and your pretty eyes
You pretend, but don't feel it
And I could easily just leave, making it easier on myself
But I won’t
I ******* love you
Alas… i am broken
I am insecure
I am clingy and needy
I am self destructive
I lack a will to live
I am damaged goods…
And one person is to blame
-i blame you-
B D Caissie Sep 9
Your devious gossip purely insecure driven. Whats worse is people actually listen.

Your mouth spews forth a relentless chatter. Friend or foe, I’m quite certain the latter.

You believe that your inside my head. But I’ve faced the monsters under my bed.

You know I’ve dealt with your kind before. I’ll scrape you off and leave your **** at the door.

Axel Sep 8
It's midnight and I'm really high,
just got back from anxiety's party
and now I'm full of insecurities
and I'm really scared to fly.
stressful week
jasmine Aug 26
thinking of you
thinking of me
thinking of what we could be
thinking of us;
of our lack of trust
and those nights all alone i spent weary
thinking of love and cheer,
thinking of you my dear...
my mind collapses: caves in with fear
doubts of what you saw in me
thinking of my insecurities....
but do you ever think of me?
cause im thinking of you, always.
thought it was cute, might delete later
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